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by tisma juett , nssf manager inclusion & outreach

What Does It All Mean? Definitions of diversity can vary


hen we try to define “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “outreach,” why is it we each come up with a different definition? Shouldn’t these things be and mean the same for everyone? How can we hope to understand one another if we can’t agree on what it is we’re trying to understand?

NSSF recently formed an Inclusion & Outreach Working Group tasked with defining inclusion, outreach, and diversity. Not surprisingly, when our group of industry veterans first gathered, we discovered that we had different definitions of these words but also ideas we had in common. What follows are some the definitions individual members of our group decided on during our meetings. Give them a read, and then take some time to define these terms as they relate to you, your family, your business, your friends, your neighbors, the new customer who comes in to do business with you, or the stranger you meet at the mall. DIVERSITY

Diversity is having variety. In shooting, diversity is bringing everyone to the range. Men, women, and kids of all colors, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and disabilities need to be at the range. We achieve this by inviting friends to the range. We also need to ensure that the range experience for new shooters is safe and relaxing (e.g., don’t have someone’s first range experience be at a loud, busy indoor range or hand them a firearm that is too powerful).—Trevor Baucom, Ruger Shooting Team Member In addition to demographics like LGBTQ, race, and



nicity, gender, etc.—Gabby Franco, Olympian Shooter and Firearms Instructor OUTREACH

gender, diversity also includes diversity in thought and work experience. We can benefit from a rich set of perspectives from both inside and outside the firearms industry. Regarding diversity in thought, we need people not only with institutional knowledge, but also fresh perspectives from younger and newer people who are entrepreneurs and who can look at our challenges with a fresh set of eyes.—Chris Cheng, “Top Shot” Champion Diversity is a variety. In relation to people, it is an assortment of people with different ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, opinions, etc. Being diverse means you are able to understand others’ feelings, thoughts, and points of view.— Alyssa Holdorff, The Heritage Guild, Manager of


Marketing and Events INCLUSION

To foster a relationship with individuals of differing races, religions, gender, and socioeconomic status.—Amanda Stroud, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Creating a space or situation where all differences are welcomed and celebrated— there’s a seat for everyone at the table. Differences are looked at as strengths and assets.—Jessica Delos Reyes, USA Shooting, Assistant Director of Communications “Come and play,” says a well-known board game. As players in the shooting sports, we all have the same opportunity to win, to express ourselves, and to have fun regardless of our skin color, our eth-

Reaching out to those that otherwise probably won’t come to us to look for the resource!—Alix Pedraza, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Outreach is the effort to lengthen the reach of a message, to gain as much exposure across the largest footprint possible. In a sense, reaching out to as many people as possible with your communications.—Alyssa Holdorff, The Heritage Guild, Manager of Marketing and Events Outreach is taking meaningful action to communicate with and include diverse groups to a defined activity or way of life. This requires a commitment to learning “how” to listen, understand commonalities, and effectively integrate the various groups otherwise segregated and excluded.—Matt Allbritton, Daniel Defense, Inc., Director of E-Commerce & Marketing We would like to know your thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and outreach. Please reach out to me at with some of your definitions. As we come together to understand our varying viewpoints, we come closer to understanding one another.

NSSF SHOT Business -- October/November, 2018  

NSSF SHOT Business -- October/November, 2018

NSSF SHOT Business -- October/November, 2018  

NSSF SHOT Business -- October/November, 2018