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usually identified as an age group. Who are Indian youth according to an age group.No consensus.

is it a difference of opinion or differences as facts/evidence

is there a young vote in India? What does it look like? Is voting preference of young voter difft from voters of other age groups what is the level of interest in politics of Indian youth?

But larger questions are: Difference of opinion regarding who are Indian Youth.

do young candidates motivate young people in India to participate in electoral politics what is their participation in protest movements, election rallies, campaigns for voting

Who are Indian youth? How are they identified?

as a category of Indian voters, seized attention only in 2009. not of political interest until 2009 increased media coverage of youth in print and elec media since 2009 media created a story based on beliefs?

belief that large number of them got voted in 2009. Not in evidence - same number as in 14th Lok Sabha .

Youth sizeable proportion of popn and of voters in India

Preface. Map 1. Youth and Politics.Their attitude, perception and behaviour towards Indian electoral

For a fact, Indian Youth are different according to social characteristics mentioned here.

also related to location, gender, caste, region, economic class etc

Which are the Indian organizations working with young people?

Can we work to get Indian Youth change their perceptions on Indian get a whole generation to vote differently. To move from behaviour to awareness

that young people voted for younger candidates that young people were mobilized more in 2009 elections due to Rahul Gandhi's campaign

Different characteristics mean that difft perceptions, attitudes and behaviour about social issues and issues related to politics and various aspects of electoral participation What do Sanjay's newspaper articles say?

Who should hear this?

What are the core ideas, concepts, arguments around Indian Youth and Politics.

There is a National Youth Policy in India Does this study have any policy implications?

CSDS research synthesis map  
CSDS research synthesis map  

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