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2 Age alone is not a useful central idea to understand youth in India. The diversity of perception, behaviour and attitudes among youth in India can be seen when they are understood as behaving from the effect of various demographic factors.



Indian youth are a

large demographic category

due to sheer size and the . This reality cannot be ignored for a while.[1]

median age

Gender Matters. The evidence is different for men and women. Far less women compared to men participate in movements,

demonstrations or in any election activities.

Beliefs versus Evidence. The beliefs after . What did the evidence say There appears to be an emerging engagement of youth with politics at an ideation level. The title of the book. However there is a gap between ideas, opinions and action.

2009 elections

Young people in India are


with politics. They are interested in political matters. BUT. There is a gap between ideas, opinions and action.

3 Insight:

Locality has a stronger influence than education for attaining and

political knowledge political awareness



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