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-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐     So,   sometimes   we   are   forced,   as   women,   to   deal   with   some   unpleasant   things,   right?   Well,   I   realized   when   I   was   pregnant   with   my   first   child   that   life   wasn't   always  going  to  be  pleasant.  My  body  was  about  to  undergo  some  changes  that   I'd  never  expected  but  luckily,  rebounded  from.  It  wasn't  until  I  started  losing  my   hair   that   I   thought   I   may   never   come   back   to   the   land   of   the   normal.   Hair   regrowth   treatment   is   not   a   subject   I'd   expected   to   be   talking   about,   especially   not  at  the  age  of  37.     About  two  years  ago,  I  realized  that  something  was  going  on  and  it  wasn't  very   pleasant.   I   suddenly   realized   when   I   changed   our   bedroom   from   light   to   dark   colors   and   started   using   dark   colored   bedding   that   I   was   shedding.   I   thought   I   was   shedding-­‐that's   what   my   husband   and   I   said,   jokingly,   at   first.   Then   it   stopped  being  funny  after  I  realized  that  I  wasn't  just  losing  hair  on  my  pillow.  I   was  finding  gobs  of  my  hair,  all  over  the  house.     That  stuff  in  the  drain,  apparently  my  spouse  was  not  the  cause  of  it.  Boy  didn't   that   make   me   feel   attractive?   It's   hard,   I   know   it's   hard,   ladies,   that's   why   I'm   here,  that's  why  I'm  being  brave  enough  to  tell  you  that  you're  not  alone.  Trying   to  find  a  hair  regrowth  treatment  requires  you  to  admit  to  yourself  and  to  others   that  you've  got  an  issue.  It's  not  easy  and  it's  not  a  painless  thing.     When  I  looked  in  the  mirror  and  allowed  myself  to  really  notice  just  how  much   hair   I   was   losing,   I   was   furious.   I   was   also   sad.   I   cried,   I   threw   a   few   things   including  a  mirror  and  let  me  tell  you,  that  got  me  nowhere.  You  may  be  feeling   angry   and   scared,   too.   Possibly,   you're   feeling   like   you've   lost   a   part   of   what   makes  you  who  you  are.     This  fact  has  sent  me  fleeing  to  stores,  trying  to  find  a  hair  regrowth  treatment.   Unfortunately,   the   only   things   that   I   found   at   my   local   drugstore   were   some   foams   that   cost   a   ridiculous   amount   and   basically   let   me   know   that   if   my   hair   loss   wasn't   because   of   alopecia,   their   product   may   or   may   not   work   for   me.   It   also   went   so   far   as   to   say   that   if   you   did   get   relief   from   the   product,   you'd   be   using  it  for  life  unless  you  wanted  the  effects  to  go  away  completely.     I'm  sure  that  if  you're  anything  like  me,  you  don't  have  time  or  money  to  waste.   That's  why  I'm  glad  I  can  be  here,  telling  you  that  there  is  hope.     Hair   regrowth   treatments   can   vary   from   prescription   drugs,   over   the   counter   treatments  like  midoxidil,  all  the  way  to  hair  implants  done  by  a  doctor.  For  me,  I   had   luck   using   midoxidil   and   some   vitamins   specifically   formulated   to   help   regrow   hair.   I   don't   know   if   it   was   just   the   midoxidil,   but   I   sure   was   thankful  

when I   noticed   the   areas   that   had   been   thinning   in   the   past   get   a   lot   less   noticeable.     Before   finding   the   right   hair   regrowth   treatment,   I   also   paid   a   visit   to   my   hairstylist   and   whined   "look   at   this!   my   hair   is   falling   out!".   She   helped   by   giving   me  a  really  cute,  shorter  style  with  bangs  that  accentuated  my  cheekbones  (and   at  the  same  time  drew  attention  away  from  the  top  of  my  head).     Try   to   avoid   dying   your   hair.   This   doesn't   cause   it   to   thin   exactly,   but   it   can   damage   the   hair   that   you   do   have   left.   and   cause   it   to   become   less   healthy   and   break  off.  This  doesn't  help  the  appearance  of  your  hair.     I   hope   that   you   got   something   from   my   trial   and   error   with   hair   regrowth   treatments.  I  assure  you,  there  is  hope.     -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐     For  an  efficient,  fast,  durable  and  natural  method  visit

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For an efficient, fast, durable and natural method visit

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