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-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐     Have  you  ever  noticed  your  hair  getting  thinner  and  thinner?  If  so,  then  you  are   just   one   of   the   millions   of   men   across   the   globe   who   is   suffering   the   same   problem:  male  baldness.     Many  men  these  days  are  starting  to  be  alarmed  with  this  condition.  But  thanks   to  the  latest  invention  and  technologies,  we  can  find  different  methods  when  it   comes  to  hair  regrowth  for  men.     However,  before  you  consider  looking  for  that  best  medication  for  hair  regrowth   for   men,   it   is   important   that   you   should   understand   first   just   what   baldness   really  is.     What  is  Baldness?     Baldness   is   actually   that   state   wherein   you   start   to   lack   hairs   where   they   normally   grow.   Male   pattern   baldness,   or   scientifically   called   androgenic   alopecia   is   perhaps   the   most   common   type   of   baldness.   This   normally   occurs   among   adult   male   humans.   Baldness   actually   comes   in   varied   forms.   Next   to   androgenic   alopecia   is   alopecia   areata   wherein   you   only   get   to   lose   some   hairs   from   your   head.   There   is   also   what   is   called   the   alopecia   totalis   where   you   actually  lose  all  the  hairs  on  your  head.  But  the  most  extreme  form  of  baldness  is   called   alopecia   universalis,   involving   the   loss   of   all   your   hair   from   your   head   right  down  to  your  body.     The  Effects  of  Baldness     Before   hair   regrowth   for   men   treatments   were   introduced,   the   effects   of   baldness  have  been  surprisingly  very  alarming,  most  of  which  are  psychological   effects.  There  are  some  men  that  easily  adapt  to  the  situation.  But  there  are  also   some  who  are  deeply  affected  with  their  baldness  and  eventually  lead  to  anxiety,   social   phobia,   depression,   and   in   some   extreme   cases,   identity   change.   Furthermore,   men   who   suffer   alopecia   brought   about   by   cancer   chemotherapy   can  cause  major  changes  to  one's  body  image  and  self-­‐concept.     Treatments  of  Baldness     Finding   effective   hair   regrowth   for   men   treatments   for   alopecia   areata   are   somewhat   limited   and   have   varied   success.   There   are   men   suffering   from   hair   loss   that   really   take   their   time   to   finding   out   the   right   hair   regrowth   for   men   solution.   The   most  common   and   highly   effective   treatments   for  baldness  include   finasteride  and  minoxidil.  These  treatments  are  designed  not  only  to  regrow  hair  

but also  to  prevent  further  loss.  Generally,  experts  say  it  is  easier  to  just  maintain   remaining   hair   than   to   regrow   them.   Minoxidil   and   finateride   can   actually   prevent  hair  loss  especially  in  androgenic  alopecia.  But  today,  some  men  opt  to   have  the  latest  in  technology  when  it  comes  to  dealing  with  hair  loss  by  cosmetic   transplant   surgery.   With   this   dermatologic   procedure,   one's   baldness   can   be   completely  reversed  without  any  being  noticeable  at  all.     What  happens  after  a  hair  regrowth  for  men  treatment  has  been  considered?     After  you  seek  treatment  (whether  topically  or  surgically)  for  your  hair  loss,  be   sure   you   continue   taking   care   of   your   crowning   glory   by   doing   regular   aerobic   exercise.   Doing   so   can   actually   help   you   keep   your   androgen   levels.   In   effect,   your   over   all   health   is   maintained,   thus   gradually   lowering   stress   and   at   the   same  time  increasing  your  SHBG.     Also,  try  to  avoid  stressing  yourself  since  this  could  help  slowing  your  hair  loss.   Applying   immuno-­‐suppressants   to   your   scalp   can   also   help   reduce   alopecia   areata.  Saw  palmetto  extracts  have  also  been  proven  to  inhibit  alpha  5  reductase   and  isoforms  that  help  lessen  further  hair  loss.     -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐   For  an  efficient,  fast,  durable  and  natural  method  visit

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For an efficient, fast, durable and natural method visit

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