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DENNIS From Strand 1 - Brisbane Theatre By Homunculus Theatre Company & Vamos Theatre Company Written by Clint Bolster Directed by Rachael Savage Performed by Clint Bolster Photography by Barbara Lowing

SAY YES From Strand 7 - Gold Coast Theatre By Red Tangerine Productions Written, Directed & Performed by Geena Schwartz Performed by Geena Schwartz & Kat Tait

HERO + LEANDER From Strand 1 - Brisbane Theatre Directed & Performed by Jamie Kendall & Gina Limpus

WASTED From Strand 5 - Gold Coast Theatre By Backspace Theatre Written, Directed & Performed by Jace Fleming & Joel Berechree

QUIETUS From Strand 3 - Brisbane Theatre Presented & Performed by Caitlin Strongarm

INVENTION NO.45.B VOLUME 9, THE REMIX From Strand 7 - Gold Coast Theatre By Labeija Productions Written & Directed by Patrick Mu’a Performed by Sim Lovett, Patrick Mu’a & Jayne Robertson

MURDER IN THE MANSION From Strand 3 - Brisbane Theatre By Flowers Theatre Company Written by Gabriella Flowers Directed by Samantha Bull Assistant Direction by Amy Randall Costume & Set Design by Jaymee Richards Performed by Gabriella Flowers, Emily Vascotto, Ben Warren & Levi Wilcox


ROCK PIGS From Strand 4 - Brisbane Cabaret By ImproMafia Directed by Luke Rimmelzwaan Performed by Drew Lochrie, Robert Zosars & Luke Rimmelzwaan

GRANDMA From Strand 6 - Gold Coast Cabaret Written by Shannon Maugham Performed by Shannon Maugham & Kana Nakano

SONGS FOR SARAH CONNOR (A LOVE STORY, TERMINATED!) From Strand 2 - Brisbane Cabaret Written by Alastair Tomkins Performed by Alastair Tomkins & Dominic Woodhead

THIS COULD BE YOU! From Strand 4 - Brisbane Cabaret Written by Sophie Banister Performed by Sophie Banister & Lauren Rodgers Assistant Choreography by Holly Rooth

SHOES WISELY From Strand 2 - Brisbane Cabaret Written & Directed by Geordie McGrath Music & Choreography by Geordie McGrath Performed by Geordie McGrath & Olivia Brand

Executive Producer Sean Dennehy

Welcome to the Short+Sweet QLD Gala Finals!

Festival Manager Brodie Peace

This is our ninth year in Queensland and every year this little play festival just keeps getting bigger and bigger! This year, we’ve worked with over 200 artists to present more than 60 new works of theatre and cabaret - each less than ten minutes long.

Production Manager Nicola Jones Lighting Designer Christine Felmingham Stage Manager Domi Prince

Tonight we’re here for a good time not a long time. We’re thrilled to present the twelve most popular works of both theatre and cabaret from Brisbane and Gold Coast. Works have been carefully chosen by anonymous judges and audience votes.

Assistant Production/Stage Managers Angela Goh Charlie Macfarlane Lauren O’Neill Alyssa Bebbington Jordan Wilkinson Digital Marketing Coordinator Dave D’Arcy

At the conclusion of the Sunday 3 Sep performance, we’ll be taking the opportunity to celebrate our artists with a range of awards and prizes which are decided by you (people’s choice) and anonymous judges.

Assistant Festival Manager Alycia Warner Publicist Emmaly Langridge

Thank you for joining us on this closing weekend of the festival. We are extremely proud to present this tasting platter of Queensland’s brightest performancemarkers. We hope you fall in love with something on the stage tonight and we hope you come to agree with our two core philosophies: local artists matter; and a lot can happen in ten minutes... -Sean, Brodie & Nicola

The Awards The Short+Sweet Award

Best New Talent

Presented to the best overall production, whether theatre or cabaret – taking into consideration performance, directing and script.

Presented to an emerging writer, director or performer who performed outstandingly either at the Gala Final or during the festival.

Best Production - Theatre

Best Script

Presented to the team behind the best play, excluding the winner of the Short+Sweet Award.

Presented to the writer of the most outstanding script performed at the festival.

Best Production - Cabaret Presented to the team behind the best cabaret, excluding the winner of the Short+Sweet Award.

Best Director Presented to the best director of a play or cabaret act, by discernment of the judges.

Government Partner

Best Actor Venue Partners



Presented to the performer who gave the most outstanding performance in a play.

Best Cabaret Artist Presented to the performer who gave the most outstanding performance in a cabaret.

Best Original Score or Song Presented to the composer or writer of the best original music performed in a cabaret.

People’s Choice Award For the most popular play or cabaret act as voted by audiences throughout the festival.

Best Poster Award Presented to the production team that supplied the most outstanding poster art from any production presented throughout the festival.

Gala Finals 2017  
Gala Finals 2017