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Champions Devon County “A” Team

Making Histor y - England Ladies Select squad

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SPRING 2012 ISSN 1456 - 0606




BRITISH ISLES CHAMPIONSHIPS England win several titles

The Editor’s ramblings.


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A report from Colin Timms

A roundup from Selwyn Goldsmith Devon win the County “A” team event


The latest news from Nick Truscott

20 THE BRITISH ISLES TOP TEAM Cheshire win by Brandon Whittaker

22 NORTHWICH INDOOR BOWLS A report from John Downs

24 CORK COMPETITION RESULTS From Michael O’Shaughnessy in the South

26 ENGLAND LADIES SELECT TEAM Making History by Carol Hawkins

28 BROADCLYST & MORWENSTOW Two reports from charity events

30 BLUE BOWLING CARPETS Or other colours - why not ?

31 HOT SHOT AWARDS Both 6’s and 8’s

32 St. JOHNS COMMUNITY HALL A thank you report for donations


County Comp winners by Geoff Lane



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SHORT MAT CHAT Sorry about the delay as the mag should have been out earlier but I had to wait for several promised reports to come in but it did result in 8 more pages making this a 40 page issue. Having worked out all the costs I think I could stretch to a 48 page magazine, provided of course I had enough copy and I kept the same advertisers. Also, my move to Devon is still incomplete with so much bowls equipment and “stuff” to bring down and I will not be fully right until next year. Nevertheless I finally got this issue out but as usual I’m still struggling for news and I have some way to go before everything else in my life is fully sorted. Having restarted bowling in Devon and found just how differently games are played locally. I’m used to two bowls in all events other than the Singles and 18 end 3 bowl triples is beyond my level of concentration but that’s the way afternoon bowls is played in North Devon or two bowl rinks in the evening. When in Rome of course! The magazine finances took quite a blow recently. I lost one advertiser and the post office banged on 18p for each and every copy of the magazine I send out. It does not sound a lot but it all adds up! Both factors mean I am quite a bit

down every year but we will see how things work out. Each magazine now costs about £1.20 to post out, so that’s £4.80 out of every £9.95 subscription for postage alone. In total the magazine costs about £15 or more per year to produce and send out, so you can see how really important advertising revenue is. At this point I must say a huge and very sincere thanks you to everyone who added a donation to their subscription, these certainly make a difference, so if you feel like adding a couple of quid, don’t let me stop you! I used to list donors with a thanks but some do not want be listed and I was faced with the dilemma of listing some but not all, so rightly or wrongly I now just publish this very sincere and heartfelt thanks, especially to those who are exceedingly and amazingly generous. Now I’m back to playing, I am able to cover some tournament news in Devon, especially as my partner loves tournament play. However, I’m sure that in other counties other bowlers do the same and could send me reports and photos etc., assuming they wish to volunteer, so how about it? Give me a call on 0121 - 286 - 9449 and have a chat PLEASE! After some local success in Devon, I rediscovered that the secret of doing well was to play with good players and no matter how I struggled, they made up for me. My phone number has confused some as it looks like a Birmingham number. However, it is a Skype number that operates through the internet, so it follows me wherever I go. Over the years regular readers

will notice that from 3 time to time I have made the odd English Gaff but that seems to be a growing problem with professionals. How many remember the sentence from school, “King Charles the first walked and talked 10 days after his head was cut off”? A great feat to do but all that was missing to make sense was a comma between walked and 10 days. It then reads right. I have heard this sort of thing on the radio many times, usually during the news. You can often see this in print. e.g. “Permission has been granted to film the judge's sentencing of David Gilroy for the murder of Suzanne Pilley at the High Court in Edinburgh next week.” The way this reads it would appear that he committed the alleged murder at the court. “Permission has been granted to film the judge's sentencing of David Gilroy at the High Court in Edinburgh next week, for the murder of Suzanne Pilley”. This then reads better. So, if you spot the odd gaff from either me or anyone else in SMI, remember we are in good company along with the BBC and the press. In the next issue I shall report on the World Championships and will also have a report from Seamus Kyne on the Irish National Championships and from Chris Hopkins on the English Nationals. How about your end of season reports and roundups? Who won what in your club or county? Surely they deserve their moment of glory?


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The British Isles Championships AT LAST! ENGLAND WIN THE  TEAM TITLE AFTER AN 19 YEAR GAP! Dumfries  in  Scotland  was  the setting  for  the  British  Isles Championships.  Many  had  arrived  full  of  aspirations  to achieve  the  ultimate  goal  of  a British Isles title.  England  manager  Keith Smith was taking charge in his second year of running the England squad and what an event it turned out to be. The Championships are split into two parts, individual championship events for  Singles,  Pairs,  Triples  and Fours and then the much cov-

eted team event in which four rinks represent each Nation.  This is called the International event, although those who compete in any of the events are true internationals as they play all the other Nations taking part. The event was as usual spread over a two-day weekend and Scottish President Bob Barr was very ably helped by Helen & Alex Muirhead who operated the competition desk throughout the weekend and had the patience to deal with everybody (and me), and a number of scorecards marked incorrectly. The astonishment I found in compiling this report was the number of cards marked wrongly. Some cards were marked as though both teams had won and was very confusing trying to sort out who did what. From the photos I took I worked out who had won and who was second but the cards did not always agree with this. Very surprising for players at this level and perhaps clearer cards and especially some card marking training would help?  The opening round of the team championships saw  England  pitched  against  the  Isle-of-Man  and Wales v Scotland. The most stunning game for England came from the Rink of Chris Shakeshaft, Craig Burgess, Jason McLean & Skip Chris Williams with an astonishing 35 - 0 scoreline over their IOM opponents. Dominic Read’s rink won 19 - 3, Lee Toleman Scottish President Bob Barr with 19 - 4 and Danny Wiggins rink 17 - 2. These results Provost Jack Groom bowling out gave England a 90 - 9 victory and proved absolutely the ceremonial first bowl vital at the end of the weekend. 

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The match between Wales & Scotland saw Wales record a 40 - 29 win. Best for Wales 5 was the rink of Andrew & Paul Hudson with Andrew Jones & Luke Haddon, who won 13 3. Scotland’s best reply was a 13 - 7 win from Stella Clyne, Billy Moffat, Helen Collins and Lawrence Moffatt.

The second round of the team event saw favourites Ireland stepping into the fray for the first time, playing Wales, with Scotland facing the Isle-of-Man. Whilst Ireland had a comfortable win by 47 shots to 21, they didn’t have matters all their way in every game. Paul Duff, Gordon Stubbs, Gerard Conroy and skip Raymond Stubbs weighed in with a 17 - 4 score, followed by a 14 - 3 by Patrick Hanlon, Leigh Harrison, Kevin Conroy and Skip John Quinn. Best for wales was the 7 - 5 win by Mike John, Cory Williams, Tom Jones and the vastly experienced Skip Stephen Williams. The other match saw Scotland surprisingly pushed all the way by the Isle-ofMan, winning by just seven shots 34 - 27. The damage was done by the Scottish rink of Fred Wyness, Kenny McPherson, Jill MacKinnon and skip Chris Mackinnon, who won 15 - 6, finishing off with four on the last end. For the IOM John Jauncey, Peter Coward, Jill Quayle and skip Stephen Gale, who won by 9 shots to 4. The third round saw England playing Scotland and Ireland playing the Isle-of-Man. England had Chris Shakeshaft, Craig Burgess, Jason McLean and Chris Williams to thank for their 47 31 victory, as the other three rinks finished 27 shots each, including a draw and a 12 - 11 win for Stuart & Jock Hiddleston, Jim Marchbank and Jimmy Broach and a 7 - 6 win for Fred Wyness, Kenny McPherson, Jill MacKinnon and skip Chris Mackinnon. Meanwhile, Ireland duly despatched the Isle-of-Man by 66 shots to 19, including two 19 - 3 wins from Bridget Davidson, Patrick J. McCrossan, Gerry McCabe & Gary Burke and Alan Paul, Ryan O’Neill, Uel McKeeman & Colum McHugh. The fourth round saw England playing Wales and Ireland playing Scotland. The England v Wales match was an absolute humdinger and went right to the wire with the last bowl of the last game. In the end Wales, who always seem to lift their game against England edged a 37 - 35 victory. For England John Manley, Ben Pay, Stephen Proctor & skip Dominic Reed won 14 - 6 but that was not England Management Team enough as Wales won all the other three rinks, inof Assistant Brandon Whittaker and cluding an 11 - 5 from Andrew & Paul Hudson, AnManager Keith Smith with the team drew Jones & Luke Haddon. Tropy and the McDermott Trophy

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Ireland continued on their winning way with a 57 - 26 victory over Scotland. Paul Duff, Gerard Conroy, Gordon & Raymond Stubbs recorded a 19 6 victory and a 17 - 7 came from Alan Paul, Ryan O’Neill, Uel McKeeman & Colum McHugh. Going into the last round the Irish team held the advantage, as they were unbeaten with 6 points and a shots plus of 109. England meanwhile had 4 points and a shots plus of 95. Wales also had 4 points but a disadvantage of minus 13 shots. the final battle was between Ireland and England, whilst Wales faced the Isle-of-Man. Wales duly beat the IOM by 72 shots to 23, with Mike John, Cory Williams, Tom Jones and Stephen Williams winning 28 - 11. Dale Gorman, Arwel Nicholas, Robert Hughes Scottish President Bob Barr & Alan Slattery also weighed in with a 21 - 5. The presents the McDermott trophy England v Ireland match started slowly but bit by bit to England Manager Keith Smith England’s experience on the faster mats began to tell and in the end they won three of the four rinks and drew the other for a superb 43 - 22 victory. Chris Shakeshaft, Craig Burgess, Jason McLean & Chris Williams made a great contribution to the England scoreline with a 16 - 3 victory that included a 5 and finished off with a 4, as did Michael Ivings, Bronagh Malone, James Trott & Lee Toleman, who won 12 - 6. With both teams on 6 points it came down to shots, with England having a shots plus of 116 to Ireland’s 83. Thus ended an 18 year wait for an English victory in the team event but sadly, not one ESMBA official attended the event and were not present to enjoy the victory. There was also a new trophy to play for the McDermott Trophy, donated by Irish President Ronnie McDermott. This is a winner takes all trophy presented for overall success on all the weekend’s events, including the individual championships. 5 points are awarded to the winners of each event and 4 points for second place, down to 1 point for last place. When all the points were added up, England came out on top with 21 points; Wales had 20 points and Ireland 19.


Singles Champion Dominic Reed with May Barr the President of the British Isles Short Mat Bowling Council

The opening round of the Singles saw England’s Dominic Reed being pushed very hard by The Isle-of-Man’s Stuart Gale. After 12 ends of the 15 end game the match stood at 11 all but Dominic struck with a three only to see Stuart reply with a two leaving the Englishman 14 - 13 up going into the last end but despite all his efforts Stuart gale could not prevent Dominic from taking a two for a 16 - 13 victory. The other game saw Scotland’s Lawrence Moffat scoring a solid 14 - 8 victory over his Welsh opponent. Lawrence then repeated his winning feat with a 15 - 12 victory over Stuart Gale, with Stuart once again pushing his opponent hard. Dominic Reeds second game against the very experienced Dessie Hamilton was again close up to 12 ends with Dominic just a single shot ahead at 11 - 10 but a 3 - 1 - 1 finish ensured a 16 - 10 victory for England over Ireland.

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Singles runner-up Ceri Jones

In the third round Dessie bounced back with a 16 7 13 success over Scotland’s Lawrence Moffat, with Dessie taking a three on the last end. Against Wales’ Ceri Jones, Stuart Gale could not find his previous form and lost out by 21 - 9, conceding three full house fours along the way. In the fourth round Stuart fared little better against Dessie Hamilton, with the Irishman winning 16 - 9 but only after scoring 6 shots over the closing three ends. Dominic read meanwhile continued on his merry way with a 14 - 7 win over Ceri Jones. In the fifth and final round Ceri was obviously stung into action, completing an amazing 31 - 5 demolition of Dessie Hamilton. For England, Dominic Reed completed his undefeated run of games with a 15 - 7 victory over Lawrence Moffat, although at one stage Lawrence was only down 7 - 8 with four ends to go.

HUMPHREYS AND EVANS TAKE THE PAIRS FOR WALES Wales’ Aled Humphreys & Nick Evans PAIRS CHAMPIONS dropped a four on the last end of their WALES opening match against Scotland but easily won 18 - 12 to get them off to a confident winning start, which they were to continue throughout the tournament. Eddie Curran & John Quinn started their run for Ireland with a romping 25 - 3 result over the Isle-of-man, with a 19 shot 10 end unbeaten winning sequence from 6 - 3. The second round again saw them in good form with a very comfortable 15 - 8 victory over England. Completing the round, the Isle-of-Man went down for the second time, losing 18 - 7 to Scotland’s Jamie Watt & Willie McGinn. Round three then completed the first day’s play and saw the Isle-of-Man suffering another defeat, this time by 15 - 8 to England’s Allan Williams & Warwick France, who bounced back from their previous loss. Ireland’s Eddie Curran & John Quinn Finished the day with a 13 - 9 victory over Scotland. In round four the Irish duo hit a brick wall PAIRS FINALISTS against Wales and were resoundingly beaten IRELAND by 19 - 9 to Wales’ Aled Humphreys & Nick Evans. At the same time, Allan Williams & Warwick France had a clear 15 - 5 success over Scotland. In the final round the English pair had to record a big win over Ireland to give themselves a glimmer of hope for the Pairs title and for Wales to lose to the Isle-of-Man. The Irish pair needed exactly the same. In the end England lost out by 14 - 10, thus ensuring Eddie Curran & John Quinn took second place. Wales however were in no mood to be beaten and Aled Humphreys & Nick Evans were duly crowned Pairs Champions with a stunning 19 - 5 result over the Isle-of-Man, remaining unbeaten throughout the event.

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England’s Darren Beardmore, Alan Jones & Nick Tideswell opened their account with a superb 25 - 8 victory over Scotland after having raced to a 17 - 2 lead over the first five ends of  their  twelve  end  game.  The Welsh  trio  of  Andrew  Evans, Jonathan  Gladstone  &  Robert Hughes started with a 13 - 7 victory over the Isle-of-Man. In the second round the Welsh triple came upon the very good Irish trio and this ended with a 19 - 3 demolition of Wales at the hands of Richard Martin, Derek J. Wilson & Jonathan Wilson. In the other game of second round, the Scottish triple of Jock Black, Wattie McTier & Yvonne Hiddleston bounced back from their opening defeat with a 17 - 4 win over the Isle-of-Man. The third round saw the Irish triple in great form again speeding away from 6 across with 13 shots over the closing four end for a 19 - 6 victory over Scotland. The English triple also sped away from 6 across against the Isle-of-Man, taking six shots over the last three ends for a 12 6 win. The fourth round threw up a cracking match between England and Wales that ended up as a nine shots apiece draw. Wales led 7 - 3 after 7 ends but a four and two singles gave England a 9 - 7 lead with two ends to go but the Welsh trio fought back with two singles to level the match and share the points, although the Welsh trio actually won seven of the twelve ends. In the other match of the round the Isle-of-Man came up with one of the shocks of the tournament, clipping the wings of a good Irish trio. The IOM triple of Jayne Smith, Seamus Whelan & Josh French surprised their Irish opponents by taking TRIPLES FINALISTS a 6 - 0 lead after three ends but the Irish WALES team fought back to level the match at 6 all. Back came the IOM with a three for a 9 - 6 lead. The Irish then struck with two two’s for a 10 - 9 lead but another three gave the IOM a 12 - 10 lead. The Irish trio fought hard but could only score a single and thus suffered a huge shock defeat by 12 shots to 11. In the final round of triples event, Ireland faced England next round. This was a winner takes all match. If Ireland beat England they would be the champions, if they failed then England would win. A titanic match ensued and by end nine of the twelve end Ireland led 9 - 6. The English then scored a two and a four for a 12 - 9 lead going into the last end and try as they might, Ireland could only score two and went down 12 - 11 for the second successive match and England were the champions. Wales the ensured their second place with a romping 32 - 2 victory over Scotland, having taken a 32 - 0 lead at one point. This was a special tournament for English Skip Darren Beardmore, who was a member of the winning championship teams in 1992 and was glad he saw English winning again after such a long time. Darren also won the Pairs event in 1997.   

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Throwing down the gauntlet from the beginning, the Irish four of Tom, William, Andrew & David Morrison conceded four shots in the opening two ends but only conceded one more as they raced to a 17 - 5 victory over the Isle-of-Man. The Welsh four of Martin Rideout-Hutchings, Chris Martin, Tom Jones & Stephen Williams also got off to a winning start against Scotland but only after 3 - 1 finish took them from 5 across to a 9 - 5 victory. In the next round Scotland bounced back from their loss with Bob Burt, Bill Robertson, Dennis & Alan Eddie beating the Isle-of-Man by 13 - 7. England’s first game was against Ireland and it was a tremendous tussle by Roger Wiggins, Lee Woodward, Michael Keevil & Julian Bradbury who emerge as 8 - 5 victors in a very tight game. However, in round three the wheels came off the English Wagon as they very surprisingly went down 13 - 8 to Scotland’s Bob Burt, Bill Robertson, Dennis & Alan Eddie. At one stage a spurt put the English 8 - 5 up but eight shots over the next five ends ensured a memorable Scots victory over the “Auld Enemy”. Wales meanwhile notched up their second win with 12 - 3 win over the Isle-of-Man and were the only unbeaten side. This However was not to be as the opening round of the next day saw them go down to an 8 - 13 defeat to FOURS FINALISTS Ireland. At 2 - 8 things look bleak for WALES Wales but a four and a two put them level only for the Irish to strike back with a four and a single on the last end for their five shot win. This threw the fours event wide open and England returned to winning ways with a very comfortable 16 - 5 victory over the Isle-of-Man. The last round set up an intriguing prospect with England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all on four points. On shots England had +9, Ireland +14, Scotland +7 and Wales +8. With England playing Wales and Ireland playing Scotland, it was possible depending on the shots scored for any of the four teams to win. England suffered an opening blast by the Welsh and were 9 - 0 down after just two ends. This became 13 - 1 after four ends but England gave themselves a glimmer of hope by scoring five on the next end but this was answered by a three giving Wales a 16 - 6 lead. An exchange of singles over the next saw Wales emerging clear victors at 17 - 9, with an overall shots plus of 16. The Irish however had started with a six shot advantage and it quickly emerged that they were very unlikely to lose to Scotland and finally won 15 - 4. This gave Ireland a clear nine shot advantage giving them the Fours title, with Wales in second place.

HOW NOT TO MARK CARDS AT ANY LEVEL Returning the problems that Helen & Alex Muirhead had at the competition desk, I was astonished when working through the cards for this report, on just how many were marked incorrectly the first couple I came across I thought were exceptions but then I found several more. The examples I have scanned are not intended to embarrass anybody and I have deleted the names on the cards as they were not the people marking them.

British Isles 7:Layout 1 16/05/2012 09:24 Page 1

Hopefully this will be taken not as a complaint but a plea for players to mark correct cards correctly at any level and think about how difficult it must be for the organisers of the event you are playing in. The cards on the left show both cards with no opponents scores but the overall score when the two cards are put together is correct. However, the object of having two signed cards is to ensure that the scores are agreed by both sides. The cards on the right actually show that both teams have won 19 - 9. Thus with both sets of cards and several others, the organisers have to chase around to find out who actually won and there were several of these.


NEWS FROM CYPRUS 23 short mat bowlers returned from a month's holiday in Malaysia, where the hospitality, friendship on and off the outdoor greens was superb. Also, the Bayuemas indoor stadium has a short mat carpet and a few players play the game, so it might not be that far away when short mat clubs develop? On the domestic scene, all four short mat groups played their Ladies/Gents singles, mixed pairs, mixed triples and mixed fours for the honour of being Cyprus Short Mat Champions 2011. Kama Hotel hosted the finals and in 2012 it will be the turn of Kiti in Larnaca. This will be followed by Shogun in Paphos in 2013 and finally Paralimni Famugusta in 2014. The Ladies singles winner was Anne Males of Paralimni, Famagusta who beat Maureen Hoye of Kama 21 - 14. The men’s singles was taken by Brian Hill of Kama, who beat Graham Mattox of Shogun by 21 - 18. In the Mixed Pairs Paralimni, Famagusta took another title with Anne & Kevan Males beating Shogun’s Maria Milligan & Derek Lemon 12 - 7. In the Mixed Triples D. Richards, J. & G. Mattox from Shogun beat Kama’s A. Cross, S. Hill & P. Hoye by the narrow margin of 12 - 11. In the Mixed Fours A. Males, T. Taylor, P. Webster & K. Males added another title for Paralimni, Famagusta with a 17 - 11 victory over J. Couch, D. Couch K. Kennard & B. Couch from Kama. Looking at the future, the next step to be discussed is for an approach to be made to the Cyprus Sports council, to form a Short Mat Bowls Cyprus association. By Jim Allison






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Beer Mariners short mat bowls club held their annual invitation triples tournament, with sixteen teams from across three counties taking part. The teams were split into two groups with the winner of each section contesting the final, with each team playing five games of eight ends. In group one, after the Paul Spencer, Graham Hilton, (Beer President) early exchanges, West Hill the Pam Redhead and Bridget Hallowes victors of last year, Upottery and Ottery St Mary were vying for top spot, each with a 19 shot advantage, but Ottery St Mary having won their three games whilst the others had drawn one game. On to round four, where both Ottery St Mary and Upottery each won, whilst West Hill suffered a loss which left them trailing by two points. In the final round, narrow defeats for both the leaders, as well as West Hill, saw Ottery St Mary qualify as winners with a 27 shot advantage. In group two after two games, Colyton, St Teresas and Sidford were leading with four points with Colyton holding the edge over St Teresas by a single shot. Round three saw both Colyton and Sidford draw, but St Teresas again won to move ahead. Round four saw Colyton lose by a single shot in a tight game, whilst Sidford and St Teresas consolidated their positions with comfortable wins, with Sidbury now emerging as a possible threat, having won three of their games. FINALISTS The final round had no hiccups for either St. TERESAS Sidford or St Teresas who duly qualified having won all their matches, with Sidford as runners up. The final began with Pam Readhead, the Ottery lead, making two touchers, and with the opposing skips alternate in taking shot, St Teresas won the opening end. With each team alternate in taking shot, the final bowl of the end saw a weighted shot from skip Paul Spencer remove the shot for a single 1-1. A somewhat loose end three saw Ottery gain a three to lead 4-1. Another loose end from St Teresas saw Ottery holding 5 but a redeeming shot from John Larter reduced the deficit to 4. The next end saw Ottery take a further 3 shots, as St Teresas failed narrowly on three occasions to pick up the jack, leaving Ottery ahead 8-1. End six saw Ottery quickly into their stride holding two but David Grayer, St Teresas second drew shot, only for Paul Spencer to win it back. Ottery ahead 9-1. End seven saw Jeff Swindell, the St Teresas lead, draw long allowing Ottery the opportunity to establish a head, but the second shot from David Grayer regained the initiative. With Paul Spencer drawing long, John Larter added a second. A weighted shot saw Ottery regain the lead, but a similar shot from the St Teresas skip gave them the shot to reduce the arrears. The final end began with wide deliveries from both leads, but Ottery increased the pressure on their rivals, gaining a five to win the match by 14 shots to 2. The trophy and awards were presented by the club president Graham Hilton.

Colin Tims

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Hingham hosted the Dennis Moore Trophy where Wymondham’s young England star Chris Mann won the Singles title for the second time beating John Williamson 14-2. Chris Musk & Sylvia Parsons of Connaught “A” won the Pairs with Banham’s Val Hambling By Selwyn & Jim Delaney in the runners-up spot. Goldsmith Pat Saunders, Jack Barrett & Debbie Phillips are Triples champions with Rita Secker, Owen Secker & Sheila Bragg of Connaught “A” finishing second. The Fours title went to Heather Winup, Jack Marshall, Alison Rush & Joe Li Rocchi of Connaught “B” who beat Diana Adcock, Mike Parsons, Ray Wells & Bill Adcock of Connaught “A” into second place in a surprise result.

BURE LEAGUE Coltishall are Bure League champions for the first time since 2006 after Kirby Bedon failed to take the maximum points they needed at Horsford Heroes. It has been an incredibly tight race for the title this season with either Woodbastwick or East Tuddenham looking the likely winners in the closing stages until both teams slipped up. Coltishall’s late surge of form carried them into the reckoning but defending champions Kirby Bedon still had the opportunity of winning the title again if they won their final game 10-0 at Horsford. As it was, a first half win for Horford’s Lynn Frank, D Nixon & Roger Frank against Phil Watson’s triple left Coltishall celebrating their fifth Bure League title.

WENSUM LEAGUE Bob Carter clinched the Wensum League title for the sixth year in a row, and the fourteenth time in seventeen years, with a maximum 10-0 away win against Halvergate who finish in the runners-up spot. To the credit of Halvergate they made the defending champions fight all the way. Another classic encounter between young England ace Chris Mann of Halvergate and former England Singles Champion Trevor Brown saw Brown’s triple edge home by just one shot. Another close game saw Carter’s Jackie Bridge, Kim Bridge & Jason Woods beat Michael Savage, Steve Lamb & Keith Cooke 16-15. Carter won the other games more comfortably with Sue Hunt, Jamie Forster & Melvin Woods beating David Lamb’s triple 16-9 and Frank Edy, Malcolm Reynolds & Nigel Willard beating Robbie Lamb’s triple 16-8.

BRECKLAND LEAGUE Wymondham’s pulsating 10-0 home win against Connaught “B” demonstrated just why they are Breckland League champions for the third year straight. Another massive shots total of 101 against just 29 blew the visitors out of the water and this followed Wymondham’s 103-35 shots win against Banham in their previous match. Despite losing two matches this season Wymondham have accumulated an impressive 1,445 shots while conceding just 746. Rivals Connaught “A” have won 15 games and only lost once but it’s the shots difference between the two sides that tell a story. While Connaught “A” have a very healthy +358 shots difference Wymondham’s shot difference is a mighty +699. Worryingly for the rest of the league sides Wymondham are also continuing to build their team. For the Connaught match they introduced young Abbey Jackson who made an impressive debut in Andrew Stratton’s triple who won 18-8. Another relative newcomer, Hayley Stratton, appeared in Brian Saunders’ triple who won 25-6. Other Breckland games saw Watton win 8-2 at Carleton Rode with Roger Braham’s triple winning 19-8. Connaught “B” & Forncett finished level at 5-5 on points and 60-60 on shots.

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Chrissie Turner, Robin Amos & John Turner of East Tuddenham put on a classy performance to win the Bure Triples Championship title at Horsford BC. A riveting final saw them overcome Hevingham’s Gill Bunn, Marjorie Hall & George Clarke by 10-2 when they gradually wore down their opponents after a tight opening three ends. An attacking wood by George Clarke won the first end for Hevingham and they looked like John & Chrissie Turner and Robin Amos winning the second end as well until Hevingham number two Marjorie Hall inadvertently hit their own holding bowl to pop the jack back to a waiting Tuddenham wood. Chrissie Turner & Robin Amos began to turn up the heat on the third end drawing woods into the head leaving Hevingham skip George Clarke with little other option than to go on to the attack with both his woods. He will have been delighted to concede just one shot after slicing the jack with his second bowl. The fourth end saw the first big breakthrough as Chrissie Turner opened with two good woods and was aided and abetted by Robin Amos as he added two more, leaving Hevingham in major trouble. George Clarke again elected to attack with both his bowls but surprisingly hit the block with both attempts and Turner’s triple moved 6-1 up. Another shot was added on the next end after a perfect bowl by Amos again kept Tuddenham in the driving seat. The sixth end was closely contested with good bowls from both triples ending with Hevingham winning a measure to reduce the deficit to 7-2. On the penultimate end Clarke was again forced to go on the attack but to little effect as Turner took two shots to lead 9-2 and seal victory. Another single on the last end left Chrissie Turner, Robin Amos & John Turner celebrating a comprehensive 10-2 victory. Turner’s triple reached the final by beating Coltishall’s Les Harman, Margaret Harman & Willie Jefferies 5-4 in the semi-finals following a 7-4 quarter-final win against Anglian Windows’ Avril Walker, Diane Boswell & Mike Boswell. Clarke’s triple beat Ken Dease, Maureen Dease & Keith Halford of Anglian Windows 6-4 in the semi-finals following a 9-8 win against Kirby Bedon’s Jan Hewitt, Teresa Goldsmith & Selwyn Goldsmith in the quarters.


Ian MacLean & Vic “Quiet Man” Woods of Hevingham lifted the Bure Pairs Championship title at Woodbastwick with an accomplished performance against Kirby Bedon’s Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith. In the quarter-finals the Hevingham pair defeated Mally Kemp & Keith Chapman of Horsford Heroes by 8-7 while the Kirby pair defeated Alan Bunn & David Sharpe of Hevingham by a 13-3 margin. In the semi-finals East Tuddenham’s Gillian & Robin Amos trailed MacLean & Woods by just one shot after five ends but the Hevingham pair pulled away to win 10-6. In the other semi-final the Goldsmith’s enjoyed another heavy win beating David Knights & Simon Warnes of Horsford BC 12-3.

Vic Woods & Ian McLean

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In the final the Kirby pair scored a single on the opening end but the Hevingham pair hit back with a vengeance scoring a four on the second end. With the Kirby lead visibly strug- 15 gling with knee problems that have restricted her performances this season Hevingham pulled away to lead 10-1 after four ends with both MacLean & Woods playing well. The Kirby pair staged a mini comeback winning the next two ends to cut the deficit to 10-4 but conceded with two ends remaining with the Kirby lead unable to continue.


Two of the giant figures of Norfolk short mat bowls over the last 25 years went head to head in the Bure Singles Championship final at Horsford SMBC. John Turner of East Tuddenham, without doubt the most successful Norfolk player in the history of the Association, was defending the title. Vic Woods of Hevingham, six times a county champion, was determined to take it off him. Turner drew first blood with a single but the Hevingham star they call “The Quiet Man” won the next three ends to lead 4-1. Then Turner upped his game scoring a three on the fifth end followed Singles Champion John Turner by a single to lead 5-4. Woods replied with a single with finalist Vic Woods to level the game but three more shots to Turner over the next two ends left him defending an 8-5 lead going into the final end. Despite Woods best efforts he could only score two shots and John Turner was the worthy champion yet again by an 8-7 score-line. In the semi-finals John Turner played another former England bowler, Margaret Harman of Coltishall, and got off to a great start leading 6-0 after two ends. Harman fought back though but Turner held on to win 12-10. In the other semi-final Vic Woods faced Kirby Bedon’s Joe Brown and a hard fought game was level at 5-5 after seven ends before Woods edged his way to an 8-6 win. IF YOU CAN BUY CHEAPER In the quarter-finals Turner almost saw his title slip away in a great match against ELSEWHERE WE WILL MATCH Mike Boswell of Anglian Windows. Boswell IT AND REFUND THE DIFFER scored four shots over the last two scheduled ENCE! ends to level a match that Turner won on an extra end. Woods defeated Horsford BC bowler Dennis Seaton by 12-8 in his quarterfinal match.



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The Devon “A” team travelled to Northampton to face Buckinghamshire in the ICC “A” Team Championship Final. The last and only time Devon won the title was back in the 1999/2000 season. Devon started off brightly in the first session of the day, and only lost one Singles game. With the other Singles winning and the Pairs winning one and drawing one, Devon picked up five points. The second session set the scene for the rest of the day with the points being split evenly between the two counties with Devon winning one of the Fours and one of the Triples but losing the two remaining games. This ensured Devon had their noses in front at half time with the score being 9-7. In the third session the match points were split with Devon winning one Singles and one Pairs game. However the two losing teams ensured that their shots loss was kept to a minimum thus ensuring Devon picked up all the available bonus points. Devon went into the final session knowing all they needed was four points. But Buckinghamshire responded and it proved to be a tight session, which could have gone either way. The two Triples were the first to finish, with one Triple winning and the other losing. However Buckinghamshire also gained the bonus point and so Devon still needed two points. With one of the Fours losing heavily it was left to Marie Toleman’s rink to secure the win. They were 4-7 going into the last end, but with her last bowl Marie drew second wood, and the Buckinghamshire four failed to take the bowl out. With Devon picking up the bonus points in the Singles and Pairs the final score was Buckinghamshire 19 (179 shots) Devon 21 (181 shots). Congratulations to the team on bringing the trophy back to Devon after a long absence. The “A” team have had a marvellous season in which they have won every single game they have played in. Well done guys and gals. In the other ICC finals, Cheshire completed their sixth ICC Premier title in a row when they edged out Essex 24-16. Whilst Cornwall won the Premier Consolation 26-14 against Dorset and the “A” Team Consolation 22-18 against Cambridgeshire. Previously, the Devon Premier team travelled to Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton to take on Current ICC champions Cheshire in the ICC Quarter Finals. Devon started of strongly and in the first session picked up 6 points out of the 8 available and only lost one Singles game.

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Devon kept the pressure up in the second session where the points were shared equally 17 between the two counties. Devon won both of the Fours, whilst Cheshire won the Triples. This left the half time score at 10-6 to Devon. However Cheshire picked up the pace in the second half of the game. In the third session Devon only won one solitary game, with a win in the Pairs. Cheshire kept up the pressure in the last session and once again Devon only won one game in the session, a victory for one of the Triples. With Devon winning the bonus points in the Pairs the final score was Devon 16 (164 shots) Cheshire 24 (196 shots).

County Team Championship Review

12 teams from around Devon converged on Plymouth to compete in this season’s Team Championship. The 12 teams were split into four groups of three and a round robin took place with the winner of each group progressing to the semi-finals. The winner of group 1 was Exeter Nomads and they faced Shebbear who won group 2. Exeter Nomads produced a confident performance and won all four disciplines. The other semifinal saw group 3 winners Yarnscombe play group 4 winners Beer Mariners and Beer progressed after winning the Singles, Triples and Fours. In the Final Exeter Nomads raced into an early lead, when they won the Singles 16-3 and the Pairs 7-6. However Beer responded by taking the Triples 11-4, and completed the comeback by winning the Fours 13-6. This meant it was all level with two disciplines each won and total shots equal, therefore it was left to the Fours to play an extra end. After a tight end Beer were able to secure the shot they needed to win and secure the title. The Beer Mariners winning team consisted of Peter Sydenham (singles); David Kay & Colin Tims (Pairs); Ray Shaw, Geoff Stone & Gordon Tremlett (triples); Jane Kay, Graham Hilton, Peter Baxter & Tony Rodgers (Fours). The Nomads team was Michael Ivings (singles); Elsie Copp & John Smith (pairs); Irene Smith, Richard & Robert Ivings (triples); Ken Griffiths, Angela Mullerworth, Rob Gayton & David Eastwood (fours).

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BEBBINGTON CUP The four area league winners met at Fowey Community Leisure Centre to compete for the Bebbington Cup. The first session saw Withiel and Dobwalls share the points with a win apiece, 14-11 & 7-15. Lanteglos claimed maximum points by beating Holmans twice, 12-4 & 12-10. In the second session Holmans were double 18-8 winners against Dobwalls whilst Withiel and Lanteglos recorded a win apiece 4-13 & 12-10 to leave Lanteglos leading on 6 points going into the last session. Holmans held second place on shot difference from Withiel, both on 4 points with Dobwalls on 2 points. The final session saw Lanteglos secure the title, picking up 3 points against Dobwalls with an 8-6 win and 9-9 draw. Withiel and Holmans shared the points from there encounters, 11-4 & 9-12 leaving Holmans to claim second on shot difference from Withiel. Final Table P W D L For Ag +/Pts Lanteglos 6 4 1 1 64 45 19 9 Holmans 6 3 0 3 66 60 6 6 Withiel 6 3 0 3 57 65 -8 6 Dobwalls 6 1 1 4 57 74 -17 3 Session One – Withiel v Dobwalls, K Horrell 14-11 P Thomas & N Ward 7-15 M Burden. Lanteglos v Holmans, G Risdon 12-4 N Truscott & F Davey 12-10 P Hore. Session Two – Dobwalls v Holmans, P Thomas 8-18 N Truscott & M Burden 8-18 P Hore. Withiel v Lanteglos, K Horrell 4-13 G Risdon & N Ward 12-10 F Davey. Session Three – Withiel v Holmans, K Horrell 11-4 N Truscott & N Ward 9-12 P Hore. Dobwalls v Lanteglos, P Thomas 6-8 G Risdon & M Burden 9-9 F Davey. Teams EAST - Dobwalls A - D Thomas, B James, M Barbery & P Thomas. B - B Sharp, G Woolcock, B Sleep & M Burden. NORTH - Lanteglos A - P Wright, M Shillaber, R Shillaber & G Risdon. B - H Teague, V Risdon, N Wright & F Davey. CENTRAL - Withiel Oaks A - M Horrell, J Boddy, E Boddy & K Horrell. B - H Kendall, T Liddicoat, J Ward & N Ward. WEST - Holmans A - K Watson, K Moir, D Elliot & P Hore. B - E Daniell, T Noy, J Peters & N Truscott.

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Eight of the counties young bowlers competed for the County Under 25’s title. Group One saw all three of the County Squad members playing (Peter Hore, Elise Daniell and Luke Jolly) drawn to play each other and joined by Alice Grimshaw. Luke started with an 11-2 win against Alice whilst Peter took a 10-4 win against Elise. The second round of games saw Elise defeat Luke 11-5 and Peter defeat Alice 10-3. The final group games saw Elise confirm second place in the group with a 9-4 win against Alice and Peter claim the top spot with a 9-3 win against Luke. The final group scores being Peter 6 pts +19 shots, Elise 4 +5, Luke 2 -3 and Alice 0 21. In Group Two Tom Westlake started with a 14-3 win against Sam Turpin-Brooks and Rob Price-Brind recording an 11-2 win against Addison Jolly. The second round of games saw Tom edge past Addison 7-5 and Rob defeat Sam 11-1. The final round of games saw Addison claim a consolation win, defeating Sam 14-1 and Tom claimed the group decider defeating Rob 15-5. The final group scores being Tom 6 +23, Rob 4 +9, Addison 2 +2 and Sam 0 -34. In the semi-finals Peter defeated Rob 14-1 and Elise booked her place in the final with a 7-1 victory over Tom. In the final Elise settled on the tricky mat better in the early stages opening up a 6-1 lead before a 3 on the penultimate end for Peter brought him back within 2 shots to set up a tense finish. With Elise holding the last bowl to be played Peter lay a match winning count of 3, but Elise held her nerve to push one of Peter's bowls out and fall in off it to take 1 shot and with it her first individual title with a final score of 7-4. Nicholas Truscott - Press and Promotions Officer Cornwall County SMBA

YOUR PHOTOS Can I give a reminder please about photos. I can only reproduce reasonable in focus photos and will NOT generally print photos without a report. Make sure you get people to pose for your photo and not just take them on the fly, as you can see with the photo on the left, which doesn’t really show anybody As to a report it’s easy enough, just send me the semi-final and final cards with all the names including Christian names and who’s who in each photo, OR (preferably), if you want to write your own report with additional details please do so as it will be very welcome. The bottom left photo speaks for itself but I can darken it. The photo bottom right is out of focus. I can “work” some photos so don’t be put off sending one in and I will see what I can do. Also, check the background and do not have a window behind the players as the light from it fools most cameras and nothing in the background “growing” out of someone’s head!

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CHAMPIONS CHESHIRE BRITISH ISLES TOP TEAM CHALLENGE CHESHIRE ARE TOP DOGS The International Top Team event took place in Cheshire at the Lowton High School, Lowton. The school provided a great and welcoming venue. The event started with the local dignitaries opening the event and we were also joined by local MPAndy Burnham, who is part of the Shadow Cabinet. This year the tournament was played between Cheshire, Pembrokeshire and The Northern Zone. The Northern Zone won the Irish title for the 7th time in 2011, but it had been 1993 when they last played in the Top Team event. Pembrokeshire broke the five year winning streak of West Glamorgan to win the Welsh title. Cheshire reached the Top Team event for the fifth straight year and the second time it had been held in Cheshire. The event was played over the following format: Each team would play each NORTHERN ZONE other twice in an individual

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structure (2 singles, 2 pairs, 2 21 triples and 2 fours). With 2 points available for each game won and a point for a drawn game. Each team would also have to play each other in a game of 6 rinks, with one point available for each game won and 6 points for the team with the highest aggregate score. After the first day The Northern Zone had established a good lead having PEMBROKESHIRE completed their four individual games beating Pembrokeshire twice and sharing the points with Cheshire over their two games. On day 2 the competition had reached the climax of the weekend with Cheshire and Northern Zone due to play each other in the Rinks event. Cheshire took a slight lead into the final game, but with 12 points on offer either team could win. The games were all close and it finally came down to the last game and last end to decide the result. Cheshire led overall by one shot in the match, with five games completed and including the score in the final game. If the Northern zone could score two or more then they would win, anything less and the trophy would go to Cheshire. With two bowls left Cheshire were two down, they pushed a bowl out and were just one down. The Irish skip had to sit and rest the Cheshire bowl to win. By now everyone had gathered around the mat. The bowl was delivered and grazed the Cheshire bowl but didn't move it. Cheshire had one in the closest finish to the event in its history. A great game and a fantastic finale played in a great spirit. Cheshire became only the second non-Irish team to win the tournament, such has been their dominance. The Cheshire team have subsequently achieved their sixth consecutive Inter County Championship and will be facing Mid-Ulster and Swansea in December. Finally, in a tribute to Cheshire, the long-standing Captain/Manager Keith Smith stepped down after the latest County title. It is fitting to say that he has now become the most successful county Manager and took that even further with the success of the England Team this season. Well done Keith and thank you.

Brandon Whittaker

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How quickly these leagues pass by! It seems like weeks rather than months since we had our first match. Teams pass through the crisis of their first defeat and wonder how it will affect their league position. After fourteen weeks, all the teams knew just how much those adverse results had affected them. RUDHEATH PREMIER The least affected team i.e. the league winners were the Rudheath Premier team having suffered only two losses in the matches. Jack’s Lads came in second, having trailed Rudheath Premier from week one. Davenham pushed very hard over the season but never quite caught Jack’s Lads. Rudheath Premier Jack’s Lads Davenham

Division One 1228 pts. 1133 pts. 1077 pts.

BANDITS EDGE HOME Division Two had a very exciting finish. Bandits scored 93 points in their last match. HLB were due to play Half Wits in their last bout but due to illness Half Wits couldn’t get a team together so HLB took the default 99 points. Geoff Dale This left them in second place by one point. collected How close was that? the shield Division Two on behalf Bandits 1013 pts. of division HLB 1012 pts. 2 winners Rudheath ‘B 887 pts the As the leagues had been decided, the Team Bandits Knockout Competition got underway with suitable handicapping. In the first semi-final, Warriors were the victors over Davenham. Jack’s Lads proved the eventual winners of the Competition, beating Russetts in the semi-final before proving too strong for the Warriors. Well done Jack’s Lads!

GRANDAD AND GRANDSON TAKE THE PAIRS TITLE There were some interesting struggles in the rounds up to the semi-finals of the Pairs competition. David Hankey and Richard Howman went out to Alan Whitelegg and Peter Kelly. John Downs and Mike Blackmore were beaten by Joe Bell and his granddad, Geoff Dale. The family firm played an excellent final game to take the title for this season.


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Pairs Champions Geoff Dale and Joe Bell

The Ladies Singles title was taken by Pam Plant, who overcame Kath Hankey in the Final. In the 23 Men’s event Dennis Leather beat Peter Kelly and John Downs beat Vernon Slater to stage the Final. There was level pegging until three ends from home. John hit a bad spell and Dennis Leather became the Men’s Singles Champion. Prizes were distributed and another Short Mat Season had come to an end. Unusually, this time there was some doubt with regard to the future of the Memorial Hall. Next year, the Hall is being flattened in readiness for redevelopment. We are assured that next season should be OK but we may need a temporary home for 2013-14. With luck, we should have a new venue for 201415. With bowling in mind at the rebuild, we cannot wait to bowl on this perfect surface! For further information contact West Cheshire and Chester Memorial Hall, Northwich.

John Downs

Lawrence Fowler DON’T MESS WITH KIDS! A little girl was talking to her teacher about Jonah and the whale. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small. The little girl insisted that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible. The little girl said, 'When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah'. The teacher asked, 'What if Jonah went to hell?' The little girl replied, 'Then you can ask him'.

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The I.C.I.C.Y.M.A. Short Mat Bowls Club staged the final session of their Annual Licensed Triples Competition for the I.C.I.C.Y.M.A. Perpetual Shield, with 100 teams doing battle for the top prizes. The event was held in the Garryduff Sports Centre. At the quarter-final stage B.E.D.A.’s Rita Cullinane, Gerty Stroker & Eamon Stroker beat Grange/Frankfield’s P. Long, Seán O’Sullivan & J. Long. Ballincollig GAA’s Mary Boyde, Denis Riordan & Martin Sisk beat M. Holly, K. Buckley & M. Buckley of Ballincollig Community. Cox’s Hall’s Frances Kingston, Georgina Watters & Colin Watters beat Mahon’s M.O’ Sullivan, F. Finneran & B. Jordan. Completing the round D.C.S. Esther Clifford, Noreen & Michael J.O’Shaughnessy beat Pfizers M. Fitzgerald, S. McCarthy & P. McCarthy. In the semi-finals Ballincollig GAA beat B.E.D.A. (Rita Cullinane, Gerty Stroker & Eamon Stroker) and Cox’s Hall beat Douglas Community School (Esther Clifford, Noreen O’Shaughnessy & Michael J.O’Shaughnessy). In the final Cox’s Hall took singles on the first two rounds to lead 2 - 0 but Ballincollig GAA levelled the score with a two only for Cox’s Hall to strike back with a single, a two and another single for a 6 - 2 lead. A three for Ballincollig brought them right back into the match with just two ends to go. The next end became a no-scoring end with two touching bowls but Frances Kingston, Georgina Watters & Colin Watters finished it off for Cox’s Hall with a three on the last end for a 9 - 5 victory. This was Cox’s Hall’s first tournament win in a Licensed Open Competition. The prizes were presented by Mrs Alison Flack, the President-I.C.I.C.Y.M.A. and she also presented the Perpetual Trophy to Colin Watters, the Cox’s hall Skip. The Umpire’s on duty for the final session were Bob Jennings, John Long, John Noonan & Betty Shellard.


Highfield Bowls Club staged their annual licensed triples competition for the Highfield Perpetual Trophy that ran through a whole week. The competition was once again a great success and attracted 104 teams from all the leading bowls clubs over a wide area. At the quarter-final stage Ballincollig GAA’s Mary Boyde, Denis Riordan & Martin Sisk beat St. Vincent’s I. Foley, J. O’Mahony & D. Foley. Cox’s Hall Valerie Jennings, John Ellis & Sam Jennings beat Ballincollig GAA’s E. Linehan, P. J. Hagan & J. O’Donoghue. Watergrasshill’s David West, Majella Conlon & Liam Conlon beat Crosshaven’s Mary, Con & Conor Middleton. Conna Unity, Harper- Smith, John Martin & Adrian Tanner beat Carrigaline GAA’s M. Galvin, P. Tierney & M. Hayes. In the semi-finals, Cox’s Hall beat Ballincollig GAA and Watergrasshill beat Conna. In the final Watergrasshill’s David West, Majella Conlon & Liam Conlon beat Cox Hall’s Valerie Jennings, John Ellis & Sam Jennings. In a very exciting final played over nine ends Watergrasshill opened up with a three but a two to Cox’s Hall closed the gap to one. Watergrasshill then leaped ahead with two singles and a two for 7 - 2 lead. A single to Cox’s Hall and a single to Watergrasshill kept their five shot advantage but Cox’s Hall were not to be outdone and struck back with a two and then a three on the last end to level the match at 8 all. However, Watergrasshill were not to be outdone and scored a single on the sudden death extra end for a 9 - 8 victory for the Highfield trophy. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Hazel Foley, Seán O’Suileabháin, Hazel Payne & Betty Shellard. Maurice Noonan the Captain of Highfield Bowls Club presented the prizes and the Perpetual Trophy to Liam Conlon the winning Skip.


B.E.D.A. Bowls Club staged the final session of their Licensed Triples Competition for the B.E.D.A. Perpetual Trophy in the Bandon Grammar School Sports Hall, Bandon, with 64-teams doing battle for the top prizes.

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In the quarter-finals Cox’s Hall Jean Kingston, Valerie Jennings & John Ellis beat Highfield’s 25 Marie Barry, Joan Williams & Carmel Eadie. Pfizers Terry Coakley, Eileen Punch & Kitty McCarthy beat Midleton’s Con O’Sullivan, Callie O’Sullivan & Joe Kirby. In the other matches Watergrasshill’s Kiernan O’Regan, Paddy O’Regan & Shane O’Regan beat Carrigaline G.A.A.’s Michael McCarthy, Paddy Tierney & Maurice Hayes and D.C.S. - Sheila O’Driscoll, Mary Boland & John O’Driscoll beat St. Colums Ronnie Payne, Pierce O’Sullivan & Chris Barrett.  In the semifinals, Cox’s Hall beat Pfizers and D.C.S. Sheila O’Driscoll, Mary Boland & John O’Driscoll beat Watergrasshill.  In the final the Cox’s Hall triple of Jean Kingston, Valerie Jennings & John Ellis managed their second open licensed tournament win at the expense of Douglas Community School’s Sheila O’Driscoll, Mary Boland & John O’Driscoll. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Eddie Bannon, John Hill, Sam Jennings and Gerty Stroker. At the conclusion of play George Kingston presented the prizes and also the Perpetual Trophy to John Ellis the Skip of the winning team.


The Wilton Bowls Club staged the final session of their Annual Licensed Fours Competition for the James Gilmore Memorial Trophy in the S.M.A. Hall, Wilton.  The tournament was once again a great success and attracted 82 teams from all the leading Bowls Clubs over a wide area. In the quarter-finals Crosshaven (C. Midleton) beat Mitchelstown (Veronica Caplice, Phil Lawton, Jim Caplice & Tom Lawton), Douglas GAA (D. Twohig) beat West Limerick (Andy Beattie, Jill Welsh, Mike Sinnott & Keith Nutton), Carrigaline Community (V. Todd) beat Cathedral Parish (Noeleen Quinn, Maura O’Leary, Ted Murphy & Sam Cooke) and Cox’s Hall (C. Watters) beat St. Finbarres (Betty Daniell, Bridie Meany, Gladys Smyth & Paul Smyth)   In the semi-finals Crosshaven (C. Middleton) beat Douglas GAA (Ann Twohig, Michael Daly, Paddy Barry & Danny Twohig) and Carrigaline Community (V. Todd) beat Cox’s Hall (Frances Kingston, Valerie Jennings, Georgina Watters & Colin Watters).   In the Final, the Carrigaline Community triple of Marie Hanlon, Eleanor Fitzgerald, Pat Collins & Val Todd beat Crosshaven’s Mary Middleton, Eddie Farrell, Conor Middleton & Con Middleton. Crosshaven started off at a great pace taking a two and a three on the opening ends for a 5 - 0 lead. Carrigaline then levelled the score with a 1 - 3 - 1 sequence but a single to Crosshaven put them two shots ahead at 6 - 4. The Carrigaline triple then scored a three to take them 7 - 6 up with just one end to go but on the last end it was Crosshaven who scored to ensure an 8 - 6 victory after a somewhat ropey start. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Mary Boyde, Eddie Mills, Pat McCarthy & Hazel Payne. The club Captain Eileen Kiely presented the prizes to the two team and the James Gilmore Memorial Trophy was presented by Kathleen Gilmore to Val Todd the skip of the winning team.  Michael J. O’Shaughnessy P.R.O. Cork Zone I.I.B.A.

BRIAN ROBBINS 1936 - 2012 Brian was a very proud “Wallingfordonian” and led a very active life with the towns community groups. Since he retired in 1995 and became a member of Probus and also did voluntary work in a cancer research shop as well as helping in the Cholsey Day-centre for many years before becoming a member himself. Brian was never one to complain and even when an argument with a bus in 1960 left him with a smashed leg and 18 months in hospital his stoical “get on with life” attitude carried him through. Brian was married to Carol for 44 years and had 3 sons and put his engineering skill to good use on many occasions. He took up Short Mat Bowls in the early 1990’s and also attended many Short Mat holidays and will be sadly missed by  family, friends and everyone who knew him. 

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ENGLAND England Ladies vs Armagh Ladies The historic first ever England ladies Select Team was played over 2 days against the Armagh Ladies from Northern Ireland. Matches were played to the format of the Top Team competition - two each of the individual disciplines - Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours plus a team of 6 Rinks. The only change being the scoring system which was 2 points for every mat won and 1 point for a draw, including the 6 Rink games. Saturday saw play held at Bridgman Indoor Bowls Club, Harrold in Bedfordshire, where the England team got off to a strong start in the first of the four sessions. They won one of the singles matches, won one and drew one pairs, won both triples and won both fours games to race into the lead by 13 points to 3 with a shot difference of +51. The Armagh ladies fought back in session 2 with each team winning 3 mats but the England ladies had the better shot difference by +9 shots After lunch the England individuals lost both singles matches, won one of the pairs, won one and drew one triples and won one of the fours games to lose the session by 7 points to 9 with -11 shots overall.


England Ladies 2:Layout 1 16/05/2012 09:32 Page 1

The Armagh ladies again showed their 27 strength in the final session of the day winning four of the six rinks to bring the closing score on Saturday to 30-26 points and 312-280 shots in favour of England. To celebrate a great day of bowling, both teams relaxed at a dinner at the Bedfordshire Golf Club, Stagsden followed by entertainment from Irish singer Sean Conroy. Sunday’s sessions were played at Umpires at the England ladies weekend Kempston Indoor Bowls club and once again the England ladies had a strong start, taking the first session of individuals by 12-4 points with +14 shots and continued adding to their lead with an 8-4 points +9 shots win in the second session. The third session was shared, 4 mats each, which guaranteed the England ladies the overall win in the competition, bringing the scores to 58-42 with only 12 points at stake in the final session. The Armagh ladies did not give in but the England ladies dug deep and held on to take a further 5 points from the final session to finally win by 63 points to 49 and 609-558 shots. Well done to all those that played in the competition over the two days. The standard of bowling was very high and the spirit in which the game was played was a credit to both teams. All photos courtesy of Derek Beardsley, who kindly stepped in as I had left mine behind. The selected players were as follows:Lesley Fennell (Cheshire) Elise Daniell (Cornwall) Bryony Ford (Dorset) Babs Morokutti (Essex) Shirley Cox (Herefordshire) Isobel Wardley (Herefordshire) Jeanette Gayler (Herts) Sue Murray (Herts) Linda Wynn (Kent) Jean Dennington (London) Jan Hedges (London) Kim Bridge (Norfolk) Debbie Phillips (Norfolk) Jean Woods (Norfolk) Rachel Pedley (Northants) Pat Beardsley (N Yorks) Rose Haynes (N Yorks) Bronagh Malone (N Yorks) Jacinta Townend (N Yorks) Gloria Smith (Oxfordshire) Hazel Berry (Somerset) Catherine Cowlin (Somerset) Celia Jeans (Somerset) Pam Fayers (Suffolk) Nora Martin (Suffolk) Pauline Freeman (Warks) Kath Hoole (W Sussex) Brenda Jones (W Sussex) Gillian Weston (W Sussex)

Carole Hawkins

Lorraine Axtell (Devon) Sylvia Kendall (Hants)

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Val Norman (Abbotskerswell), Bob Weafer (Winkleigh), Wendy Manville Exeter Hospice representative, Tom Deeley, (Broadclyst) and Robbie Gayton (Exeter Nomads). runners up, little expecting that I would win the event and end up on the “wrong” side of the camera. 15 clubs attended from Devon, Somerset & Dorset, including Mutterton, Exeter Nomads, Exeter St. Thomas, Willand, Owlascombe, East Coker, Kingsteignton, Abbotskerswell, Woodbury, Beaford, East Huntspill and Broadclyst. This annual event was staged once again in aid of the Exeter Hospice and raised over £500. The format was fairly straightforward as all the club players were spilt up in different fours, with a Broadclyst player in each to complete the four.

Now I’m living in Devon and my partner enters various tournaments, I thought I would go along as a player, camera in hand to capture a photo of the winners and

3 of the Runners Up - Dudley Cole (Broadclyst), Wendy Manville of Exeter Hospice, Jean Petherick (East Coker) and Brab Hallowes (Ottery St. Mary).

Broadclyst 2:Layout 1 16/05/2012 09:42 Page 1

Two sections of 8 teams in each played successive games across the four mats, with the overall winner being the foursome who scored the most points, with shots then splitting 29 any teams on equal points. All the wonderful catering on the day was organised by the Hospice Ladies, as was the raffle. Broadclyst also stage other events for different charities but this one has been run for the hospice over several years. After a full day’s play the winners were Val Norman (Abbotskerswell), Ted Deeley (Broadclyst), Bob Weafer (Winkleigh) and Robbie Gayton (Exeter Nomads), with Broadclyst player Ted Deeley being awarded the Broadclyst Shield, with replica trophies going to the other players. They were the only unbeaten team on the day, winning their section with 8 points and a plus of 19 shots. In the other section the winners were Dudley Cole, Jean Petherick, Brab Hollowes and Derek Honywell, with 6 points and a plus of 10 shots.

MORWENSTOWE 3 BOWL TRIPLES On a day which we bemoaned was cold and wet we were in fact very lucky in Devon as it seemed the rest of the country was covered in deep snow and people had spent the night on the M25 unable to move. This was my second event in Devon and once again I had an up and down game but my playing partners, John Horsham & Lorraine Axtell played very consistently and we won the event. Over ÂŁ500 was raised for the Stratton Cottage Hospital refurb. This Charity event was started in 1990 and has raised huge amounts of money for a variety of Charitable causes.

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This topic has raised its head as Blue bowls carpets are being produced By Dale Sports. When Short Mat Bowls came about, green was the natural colour as this mimicked the colour of grass. However, Short mat bowls has now taken on a life of its own since its beginning and has become a sport in its own life. Blue carpets are now seen in long mat bowls on TV. Dale Sports offer a Blue carpet in a Verde top surface. At the moment our rules state that carpets must be green, although this only covers leagues and competitions etc. and at least one club is getting a blue carpet just for internal club use. You can now of course get coloured delivery mats the familiar “yellow” one is of course used everywhere but I have seen black and Thomas Taylor offers Blue and red as well. No doubt someone will splutter you can’t have a blue delivery mat or a blue bowl on a Blue carpet but that’s commonsense, which of course is not very common. My dislike of boring grey and white in clothing is well known and I’m glad that much more colour has come into our dress. Coloured bowls are certainly growing in popularity and many more are now seen on the carpets around the country but the question still remains, why should carpets be green? I know the luddites will howl in protest but we have still to drag our sport into the 20th century, let alone the 21st. If we took the view that things shouldn’t change then we would still have men with flags walking in front of cars. I do not want to throw the baby out with the bathwater but what is the matter with blue or other colours? Black and some other colours are obviously out but what about a nice rich red or brown etc. So what do you think?

WHY IS OUR SPORT SO PUBLICITY SHY? I have of course been banging about more stuff for the magazine since it was started in 1992! Gosh, when I typed that in a was a bit stunned and asked myself where has the last 20 years gone? My stint at owning the magazine outright on a solo basis started in 1994, two years after its first publication, although I have been the Editor for all 20 years and I have endlessly been chasing copy. This year I am starting a publicity campaign to expand sales and I’ll be doing this county by county as people are saying they had no idea that the magazine existed. A lot of bowlers say they would like it but when you talk about money they go pale and disappear. Anyway, returning to my headline question, how many clubs counties and national Associations have publicity officers? and the answer is very few indeed and none at National level, which is crazy! Why this is I can’t fathom out. We play a really great sport and I feel the more who play the better as this gives us a much stronger position when negotiating sponsorships etc. If Short Mat Bowls was played in most countries then we would have very much stronger position in the UK but no real effort is being made to sell our sport. So where’s your news?

Let us shout to the World how good our sport really is!

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HOT SHOT SUPER 8 CLUB for teams scoring a full house 8 on a single end

Julian Bradbury, John Cole, Neil Davies, Nathan Cole For Didcot Conservative “Barn Owls” who scored full house 8’s a) in the Wantage and District KO Cup b) in the South Oxon League

Graham Heaman, Doreen Tolley, Jean Sheppard, Audrey Bignall For Merton SMBC who acheived the very rare feat of scoring 2 full house 8’s in the same game in the North Devon & North Cornwall League

HOT SHOT SUPER 6 CLUB for teams scoring a full house 6 on a single end

Anne Evans, Derek Wattison, John Gray Stratford-upon-Avon Bowls Club Scored in the Wednesday League

Barbara Wilkins, Kenneth Burton, Graham Jacques Of the London County Team Scored in a match against Surrey I GET CLAIMS THAT ARE INCORRECT FOR VARIOUS REASONS AND I REGRET THAT I WILL NOT RESPOND TO ANY LETTERS. SO EITHER CALL ME ON 0121 - 286 - 9449 OR EMAIL ME AT .

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Club members with the people who donated, Chair of Llanion Communities First Sue Perkins front row third from right and South Hook LNG Community Liaison Co-ordinator Laura Allen-Clarke front row second from right.

St John’s Community Hall Short Mat Bowls Club Say “thank you” for donations An evening of “fun”, as well as bowls, was recently enjoyed at a “thank you” event at St John’s Short Mat Bowling Club, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire. The event was organised so members could say thank you to various local companies for their donations of funds towards the club’s purchase of an electric mat winder. Donations were made by South Hook LNG, Llanion Communities First and Main Port Engineering. South Hook LNG Laura Allen-Clarke With club members John Scott, Sam Hogg, Nicola Durnford, Ellen Neilson, Ray Evans The evening was attended by Laura Allen-Clarke, Community Liaison Co-ordinator for South Hook LNG, Chair Sue Perkins and Christine Gwyther of Llanion Communities First and St John’s Community Hall Trustees Anne Scott and Iona. They were able to witness the benefit of the electric mat winder machine, as well as take part in a game and enjoy refreshments with club members. Unable to attend was Main Port Engineering. Club secretary Nicola Durnford expressed the club’s sincere thanks to all the Companies concerned.

South Hook LNG Laura Allen-Clarke

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Pat & Pam remained 33 in great form in their semi-final but were The week’s tournament edged out 8 - 7 by Marion & opened up with a fun bowl Norman Beeden. In the drive with Derek Gardiner, other semi Gavin & Keith Simon Briggs, Kath Downs Wood proved too strong for & John Horsham rattling up Lorraine Axtell & John Hora shots plus of 13. sham by 12 - 5. At the quarter final The final was a real stage of the 2 bowl singles cracker with both Pairs in Alan Thornhill beat Trish great form. The final went Gough by 10 shots to 2. Vic right to the last end with Finalist Vic Hildersley with Hildersley and Harry Ward Gavin & Keith Wood Singles Champion Lorraine Axtell had a tremendous tussle snatching victory with a sinand only a single on the last gle on the last end. end gave Vic a 7 - 6 victory. In the Triples Quarter Fred Crisp was pushed hard finals Vic Hildersley, Julie & by Joyce Bird but got home Alan Thornhill scored a full 8 - 5 in the end. Completing house six in beating Peter the last game Lorraine Axtell Cheeseman, Maureen & pat and John Downs had a nip Groome 13 - 3. & tuck match with Lorraine Mary Chadburn, Keith edging John out by 8 - 7. & Gavin Wood recorded a In superb form, Lorlow scoring win over Jan raine went on to an 11 - 0 Old, Velda Robinson & John semi-final victory over Fred Cooper by 6 - 3. Anne Crisp. The other semi was a Shorter Marion & Norman hard fought with singles all Beeden recorded a comfortthe way and Vic Hildersley able 8 - 4 win over Graham beat Alan Thornhill by 6 - 4 Wild, Mick & Joyce Bird. over the 10 ends. Completing the round The final was also very Rachel Tapp, Lorraine Axtell Seated Pairs Champions Gavin & hard fought but Lorraine Ax& John Horsham beat AuKeith Wood with Finalists Marion tell managed a 7 - 4 victory drey Stew, Olive & Clive & Norman Beeden over Vic Hildersley with a Beaumont 10 - 6. two on the last end. Rachel, Lorraine & In the Pairs Quarter John then won their semi finals Gavin & Keith Wood 12 - 4 over Anne Shorter, edged past Simon Briggs Marion & Norman Bee& Mike Stoneman 7 - 6 den. Completing the final with a last end single. line-up, Vic Hildersley, Previous winners Alan & Julie Thornhill Marion & Norman Beeden beat Mary Chadburn, beat Fred & Molly DouKeith & Gavin Wood 5 - 4. glas 12 - 1. Lorraine Axtell The final gave one of the most amazing turn& John Horsham proarounds. Vic, Julie & Alan gressed with a 10 - 4 win over Harry Ward & Paddy Triples Champions Rachel Tapp, John led 10 - 6 into the last end Jones. Pat Grant & Pam Horsham & Lorraine Axtell with Finalists but a stunning five shots Horan completed the Julie & Alan Thornhill and Vic Hildersley gave Rachel Tapp, Lorraine Axtell & John Horround with an 11 - 5 win over previous winners Olive & Clive Beaumont. sham a stunning last gasp 11 - 10 victory.

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Wiltshire County Report by Geoff Lane County Mixed Fours competition

Bowlers from across Wiltshire came together at Christie Miller IBC to play for the Mixed Fours Championship. The group stages are played in the morning session with the top qualifiers proceeding either to the Championship Knockout stage or the County Plate. The quarter-finals of the Championship were played out between fours from Kington Langley, Lea, Upavon, Seend, Blue Circle and Little Somerford. In the semis Colin Waldeck’s (Seend) four were beaten 10 shots to nil by Les Kirby’s (Blue Circle) team. The other semi was won by another Blue Circle four skipped by Chris Willis who overcame Mike Wilson (Kington Langley) by 6 shots to 4. The final was a very close affair with Les Kirby together with Wendy Elliott, Derek Elliott and Karen Kirby just Mixed Fours winners Westbury Blue Circle managing to keep ahead to become the Wendy Elliott, Derek Elliott, Karen & Les Kirby eventual winners by 7 shots to 5. The Plate was equally competitive with the final between Crudwell skipped by Les Baldry and Bromham skipped by Denise Wiltshire. The bowls was always ‘tight’ but the Crudwell four took an early lead which they never lost. The end result was a win of 7 shots to 3 for Jenny Lane, Pam Baldry, Geoff Lane and Les Baldry.

County Under 18 Singles

An under 18 singles championship was held for the first time since 2007. The competition was held at Seend Community Hall. Mixed Fours finalists Crudwell Pam & Les Baldry, Jenny & Geoff Lane

Aidan Wickes, Tom Bright and Roman Jeggo

The first game was between Tom Bright (Bromham) and Aidan Wickes (Westbury Blue Circle). Both youngsters have made their county debuts in late 2011 and both have already qualified to play at the National championships. Aidan took an early lead but was slowly ‘pegged back’ by Tom with the game ending in a very tight draw. Next up Tom played newcomer Roman Jeggo (Melksham & Shaw, and Tom won by 10 shots. The final group game saw Aidan matched against Roman. This time the game was much closer with Aidan winning by 4 shots. The group was won by Tom Bright with a better shots aggregate.

Wiltshire 2:Layout 1 16/05/2012 09:57 Page 1


Singles Champion Neville Doel with finalist Geoff Lane

Pairs Champions Denise Wiltshire & Tom Bright

There was no space for the above photos in the last issue but both reports were included. Bellinger Bowls Club continues to flourish with a healthy mixture or disappointments and victories as will be common to all Clubs. We are however concerned with the difficulty in recruiting new or lapsed players. Our Club is in a rural situation, being a village on the edge of Salisbury Plain and surrounded by a number of villages within about a ten mile radius. We decided to promote the sport by hiring a near-by village hall and inviting residents from four surrounding villages to attend a taster in the exhilarating sport of bowling. An extensive advertising campaign was launched many weeks in advance of the event, and in anticipation of a flood of participants we hosted …… FIVE persons! A great evening was experienced by all but a bitterly disappointing result. Similarly, we are finding it more and more difficult to arrange friendly matches with neighbouring clubs, mainly because of the rapidly escalating travelling cost involved for the away players. Do any other Clubs have a solution to these problems? Happy bowling

Alan Leslie

ED - attracting new members to the sport of bowls is an increasingly difficult problem. We seem to suffer less than the other forms of bowls but nevertheless it is a growing problem with us also. There is of course no simple “add water” solution and in the end I believe in the long term, and I do mean the long term, we have to change the view of bowls on a National scale. Bowls is often still seen as an old man’s game and not sexy enough. We do have a lot of “luddites” who won’t accept change at any price and fight tooth and nail against any change. Look how long it took to get ladies trousers accepted into our sport (outdoors) and colour is only creeping in slowly. Some of this is probably due to the fact that our sport is predominantly played and organised by “older” people, especially those who wander around, or should that be strut around, with too many badges of office and high opinions of themselves, although this is mostly outdoors. Yes, I know these offices are necessary but I only give respect to those who have earned it and not because they wear a particular badge. I know that some clubs have had great success locally with youngsters but others have also had some success with older age groups. Why not write your suggestion so that Alan and perhaps others can review any suggestions you may make?

Langstone November:Layout 1 16/05/2012 10:00 Page 1



The opening bowls drive saw a great performance from Valerie Beach, Joan Carbin, Anthea Bell & Dot Joyce, who beat all before them with a 20 - 1 scoreline. The Singles Quarter finals saw Peter Howlett Finalist Mike Lilley with get through by 8 - 5 over Singles Champion Fred Harland Pat Cole. By the same scoreline Mike Lilley progressed over Robert Brookes. The other two quarters were very tight indeed with Dave Sawyer edging Michael Bell out by 6 - 5 and also by a single shot Fred Harland beat Valerie beach by 7 - 6. Fred then managed an 8 - 7 victory over Dave Sawyer scoring a single on the last end. Mike Lilley had a more comfortable time with a 9 - 3 semi-final win over Peter Howlett. In the final Mike found Seated Pairs Champions John & Irene Smith with Finalists Fred Harland in absolutely Maureen & Tom Brooks scintillating form, with Fred scoring an 11 - 1 win despite all Mike Lilley’s efforts. The Pairs Quarter finals saw friends Maureen & Tom Brooks facing Margaret & Dave Hews. The match was very tight at first but a 1 - 2 - 4 finish gave Maureen & Tom an 11 - 4 victory. Bridget & Michael Evans also had a comfortable victory by 10 shots to Triples Champions Vera Smith, 6 but only after coming Bridget & Michael Evans with back from 5 - 6 down. A Finalists Maureen & Tom Brooks similar scoreline saw forand Margaret Hews mer champions Irene & Hews, Maureen John Smith get through by 9 - 6 over Judith & one-sided final. Dave Sawyer. Completing the semi-final line up

but only after a tremendous tussle, Michael & Anthea Bell scored a last end 8 - 7 win over Ann Ward & Fred Harland. Michael & Anthea then came up against Irene & John Smith, who won 9 4. Also reaching the final, Maureen & Tom Brooks beat Bridget & Michael Evans by 12 shots to 5. A cracking final saw Maureen & Tom leading 8 - 7 going into the last end but a three to Irene & John Smith gave them a 10 - 8 victory making it look a bit easier than it really was. In the Triples Quarter finals, Vera Smith, Bridget & Michael Evans scored a 7 - 4 win over Mary Burt, Gordon Carbin & Brian Clarke Brian Allen, Margaret & John Buckle recorded an 8 5 win over Pat Mildenhall, Susan & Brian Channer. A two shot difference separated Kath Curtis, Marion & Norman Beeden who beat Ian Goodwin, Cecilia & Mike Lilley by 8 - 6. The other result saw a very comfortable win for Magaret Hews, Maureen & Tom Brooks over Joan Carbin, Michael Bell & Gwen Clarke. In the semi-finals, Margaret, Maureen & Tom had a second easy win over Kath Curtis, Marion & Norman Beeden, whilst Vera Smith, Bridget & Michael Evans edged out Brian Allen, Margaret John Buckle 7 - 5. In the final Vera, Bridget & Michael proved much too Strong for Margaret & Tom Brooks in a somewhat

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The other Semi- 37 final saw Gill & Tony Kent score a 9 - 4 win over Bob Cousins & MarIn the first evenings garet Hastings. bowls drive Bob Cousins, The final was relaNorma Wilkins, Pam Faytively low scoring with ers & Isobel Wardley ratjust 10 shots over nine tled up a 24 shots plus ends but with Mark & Isoover their five games. bel Wardley winning 8 - 2 In the 2 bowl Singles over Gill & Tony Kent. Roly Fincham beat Eileen In the Triples QuarBellett by 8 shots to 5, ter finals Bob Cousins, Champion Tony Kent whilst was in stunning Margaret Hastings & with finalist Bob Cousins form against Derek Oxley, Dave Baker fought back winning 8 - 1. from 1 - 6 for a last gasp 7 Tony Kent also only 6 win over Lonnie Fyson, conceded one shot when Barry Bell & Tony Kent. Anbeating Norman Wilkins 11 other close match saw 1. Bob Cousins completed Janet Russell, Roly & Dawn the semi-final line-up but Fincham beat John Bellett was pushed all the way by Norma & Clive Wilkins by 7 Sheila Booker, who only lost shots to 5. 6 - 7. Pam Fayers Sheila & Bob was then equally John Hillier beat Ann Carunder pressure in his semiroll, Iris Pettengel & Sam final but edged home 8 - 6 Salmon 9 - 4. The biggest over Roly Fincham. Tony win came from Gerry RusKent had an easier time with sell, Julie & Alan Thornhill a 10 - 3 win over former sinwith an 11 - 2 victory over gles winner Margaret Hews. Seated Pairs Champions Mark & Tom Quinel, Maureen Isobel Wardley with Finalists The final was as exKitchiner & John Packham. Gill & Tony Kent pected a tight affair but in Both semi-finals were the end Tony Kent beat close affairs. Pam FayBob Cousins 9 shots to 5. ers, Sheila & John Hillier In the Pairs Quarter were almost caught from finals, Derek & Sheila a 7 - 0 lead but in the end Oxley scored a last end beat Gerry Russell, Julie single to beat Lonnie & & Alan Thornhill by 8 Maureen Fyson 7 - 6. Gill shots to 6. & Tony Kent beat clubIt needed a sudden mates Barry & Maureen death extra end to sepaBell 12 - 6. rate the teams but Janet Bob Cousins & MarRussell, Roly & Dawn garet Hastings had a nailFincham beat Bob biting match against Cousins, Margaret Hastings & Dave Baker 7 - 6. Julie & Alan Thornhill Triples Champions Sheila & John In the final Pam Faywhom they edged out 9 Hiller & Pam Fayers with Finalists ers, Sheila & John Hillier 8 with a single on the last Dawn & Roly Fincham and scored an amazing turnend. Mark & Isobel WardJanet Russell around, coming back ley were also pushed by Dave Baker & Michael Rice but edged into the from 5 - 11 down and over the last three ends to beat Janet Russell, Roly & Dawn Fincham semi-finals by 11 - 9. by 12 shots to 11.

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David & Joan were then edged out 8 - 6 in their semi-final against Francis & Eleanor The opening first evenings Hawkey. Also making it to the bowls drive was won by Gordon final, Barbara & David French Denham, Dave Brown, Joan beat clubmates Ed & Bev DilTaylor & Bev Dillon with a 20 - 4 lon by 12 shots to 4. scoreline. The final was a superb The first event to be conmatch as the result swung to cluded was the two bowl sinand fro, ending up at 10 all gles. At the semi-final stage after 10 ends, forcing the Maurice Deans beat David match into a sudden death finFrench by 8 shots to 3. Former ish. In the end Francis & Champion Dave Taylor Champion Joyce Howe was Eleanor Hawkey scored the and finalists Joyce Howe pushed all the way by Maggie vital single for a 9 - 8 win. Short and came back from 4 In the Triples quarters, 6 to win 7 - 6. Mark Hooper, Malcolm & Dave Taylor had a comFreda Taylor proved too fortable 9 - 3 victory over Mark strong for Jim Kirkup, Hazel & Hooper whilst Dave Brown Maurice Deans with a 13 - 3 beat Gordon Denham by 7 victory. shots to 4. Ron Moule, Stewart & Dave Brown then met an Joyce Howe did not concede in form Dave Taylor in the a single shot to Brian Rust, semi-finals, with Dave Taylor Barbara & David French with romping home 9 - 1. In the a 10 - 0 scoreline. other semi-final Joyce Howe The other two quarters was in similar sparkling form were much closer with Ted to beat Maurice Deans 10 - 1. Uren, Ed & Bev Dillon edging A great final then ensued out Dave Brown, Roy Eade & and was only settled by three Chris Scott, whilst Maggie Seated Pairs Champions consecutive singles over the Short, Eleanor & Francis Eleanor & Francis Hawkey with closing ends giving Dave TayHawkey edged out Lucy Finalists David & Barbara lor an 8 - 5 win over Joyce Brown, Dave & Joan Taylor by French Howe. 7 - 4. In the Pairs Joyce Maggie, Eleanor & Howe with husband Francis kept up their form Stewart came up against beating Ted Uren, Ed & the very strong pair of Bev Dillon 11 - 4. Ron Barbara & David French Moule, Stewart & Joyce who won scoring 12 shots Howe completed the final without reply. line-up with a 9 - 6 victory Ed & Bev Dillon finover Mark Hooper, Malished off with two two’s for colm & Freda Taylor. a 9 - 4 win over Garth The final, as exWillis & Roy Eade. pected, was a close and hard fought affair. NeedEleanor & Francis ing a three to force an Hawkey showed no extra end Ron Moule, mercy to friends Margaret Triples Champions Eleanor & Francis Stewart & Joyce Howe & Gordon Denham, winHawkey & Maggie Short with Finalists could only score a two ning 12 - 4. With another Stewart & Joyce Howe and Ron Moule leaving Maggie Short, romping scoreline, David & Joan Taylor had a 10 - 1 result over Hazel & Eleanor & Francis Hawkey as champions. Maurice Deans.


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18th - 22nd Monday to Friday - Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales 25th Feb - 1st Monday to Friday - Langstone Cliff, Dawlish, Devon


11th - 15th Monday to Friday - Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset 18th - 22nd Monday to Friday - Carrington House, Bournemouth 25th - 29th Monday to Friday - Warners Lakeside, Hayling Island

Price £249 £259 £199 £249 £209

SUMMER 2013 MAY Summer Event DATE To be advised Monday to Friday - Potters Leisure, Norfolk £259

**** NEW EVENT **** JUNE 3rd - 7th - Torquay Leisure, Torquay £229



8th - 12th

NOVEMBER 4th - 8th 11th - 15th 25th - 29th

Monday to Friday - Carrington House, Bournemouth Monday to Friday - Langstone Cliff Hotel, Devon Monday to Friday - Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset Monday to Friday - Potters Leisure, Norfolk

Price £249 £259 £199 £259

All 2013 prices are provisional, although we are not expecting any changes.

We also arrange holiday tours with matches against local players.


Tel. 0121 - 286 - 9449

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