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“The only magazine entirely dedicated to Short Mat Bowls”

Cardiganshire County Singles

Champion Ceri Jones

Finalist Darren Davies

The International grass roots magazine that publishes your stories, news & views

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AU T U M N 2 0 1 0 ISSN 1456 - 0606 Annual UK subscription £9.95 Europe £11.95 (Sterling) Rest of the World £13.95 (Sterling) for four full issues per year

Editor: Bob Weafer

Short Mat International Incorporating Short Mat World

2 Preston Close, Redditch, Worcs, B98 8RU, England Tel: 0121 - 286 - 9449

P L E A S E N O T E : the entire staff of the magazine amounts to just one person - me! The magazine is put together in my often non-existant “spare time”. I regret I do not have the time to reply to letters. If you want to contact me either email or telephone me. I’m not looking for any sympathy, just the understanding that I am often very busy and do not have much time, especially for Hot Shots. The magazine comes out when it comes out and I’ve managed 18 years so far. Whatever our eventual publication dates, you get the full number of 4 issues per year that you have paid for. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated, as the alternative is no magazine at all. The views expressed in SMI are not necessarily those of the publishers nor any of the sport’s controlling bodies and no responsibility can be accepted for them. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or stored on any retrieval system without the prior and express approval of the Editor.

Bob Weafer


Whilst reasonable care has been taken in regard to the bona fides of advertisers. Readers are recommended to take their own precautions before making any payments.


SHORT MAT CHAT The Editor’s ramblings.








From Chris Hopkins

Arthur Cuff’s report


From Stuart Southern


From Tricia Tarr


By Selwyn Goldsmith

10 ISLE-OF-MAN TRIPLES EVENT From Collin Holland


From Club Secretary J. Lorenz

13 THE LONNIE FYSON TRIPLES Roly Fincham’s Charity event report


From Umpires Director Terry Matthews

18 POTTERS WEEKEND By Selwyn Goldsmith

20 NORFOLK COUNTY NEWS By Selwyn Goldsmith



25 INTERNATIONAL OPEN EVENTS Craig Burgess’s open tournament news.

26 CORK ZONE ROUNDUP From Michael O’Shaugnessy


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I was heading down to the Langstone Cliff organising two weeks of short mat holidays and I thought, “take the magazine workings with you and complete most of it whilst you are away”. Alas, the fickle finger of fate struck and not 10 minutes into the work I got a corrupt file and lost the lot. I then had to wait two frustrating weeks until I got home. The opening paragraphs of this chat were originally going to be about the ESMBA with the most positive news I’ve had in ages. After a meeting with Chairman Chris Hopkins and a discussion by the ESMBA Committee, at a meeting that I was sadly unable to attend, the ESMBA have decided to officially use the magazine as part of their publicity. I have long sought this as I felt that whilst the ESMBA duly passed information on to the county committees, a lot of this never reached the grass roots bowlers. The odd ESMBA article had been supplied to me before but nothing in any concerted fashion. I have listened to the moans and groans from grass roots bowlers over the years, some of whom I agreed with and others not but they were basically completely unaware of what the ESMBA was actually doing and I found this information bottleneck to be very frustrating.

This reminded me of the adage “that an untrue rumour without a leg to stand on has no difficulty getting around.” Now through the pages of SMI the ESMBA can blow their own trumpet! The offer to publish “official” news and views also applies to all other governing bodies as SMI exists to serve the sport as a whole at all levels and not just England. What I had intended to be my headline top story was the great news about securing the financial future of the magazine and this is covered elsewhere in this issue. My biggest problem will as usual be extracting as much club and county news as I can. This is especially problematical with the Autumn issue and sometimes the Summer issue. Local news is especially welcome as it balances out the National and International “Stuff”. The Winter and Spring issues are the easiest to fill. I have changed the schedule of the Autumn edition this time and published slightly later to ease the copy problem. I must also confess that at times I do desperately struggle to find the time to compile the magazine and I occasionally miss articles that sometimes end up in the following edition i.e. later than intended. People still seem to think that the magazine has a “staff” like other magazines but there is only me and I certainly admit to being very fallible. In this edition I have started an events calendar with just a few things at present and I would encourage anyone looking for entries to an open event to add their details to the calendar.

Some events are of course 3 invitation only and some are full from year to year without publishing the details but I would still like to add them to the calendar to show what events are happening where. This Calendar is not just for England as SMI is a magazine for everyone to use. I know the Norfolk’s over 60’s are always on the look out for interesting visits and are probably the most active in this field. When you look around the Short Mat world there are some interesting places inside and outside the UK. In addition to England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Isle-of-Man, there is Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Cyprus You can even save up and combine sun and sand with a visit to Damien Allison’s bowlers in the Philippines (put me down for this one!). There are of course clubs in Canada and a couple in France just a short hop across or underneath the channel. Cyprus also seems to be on the edge of forming a National Association and more of this in the next issue. If only the Chinese would discover our game and do for it what they did for Table Tennis. We would then have a Major sport on our hands - if only! Can you imagine the instructions and cross-talk flying backwards and forwards in Mandarin, Swedish, German and Welsh etc. etc. NOTE: I have practi cally nothing for the next issue of SMI, which is due out at the end of February. So please put pen to paper and add a photograph or two .



This event saw Bob Weafer celebrating 15 years of Short Mat holidays at Bodelwyddan Castle, Warners superb North Wales venue. In the Pairs quarter finals Julie & Alan Thornhill recorded a comfortable 10 4 win over Joyce & Trevor McBain and then followed this up with a romping 13 4 semi-final win over Sheila & John Page. Also making their way to the final, Michael & Kathleen Mann beat quarter final opponents Kenneth Stout & Lucille Warwick by 1 0 shots to 2. They then won their semi-final match against Alan & Sandy Goodenough by 11 - 8 after a two on the first end. In the final Alan & Julie Thornhill proved to be too strong and they beat Michael & Kathleen by 11 shots to 4. Sandy Goodenough was also going well in the triples and made her way to the final with teammates Geoff Cox & Margaret Jones. A quarter final 8 - 5 win over Dorothy Walker, June Foster & Dorothy Wise and then an 8 - 6 win over Steve Harper, Chris & Arthur Hunt got them into the final. Gareth Richards, Neville Ruff & Steven Dick worked hard to beat quarter final opponents Margaret Leslie, Carol Wilson & Clive Younger by 7 - 5.


They then disposed of Lawrence Oates, John Parsons & Ray Whalley in a very tight 8 4 semi-final. The Welsh trio were then in good form against Sandy Goodenough, Geoff Cox & Margaret Jones. Despite winning 5 ends each it was a four on end seven that really separated the two sides as Lawrence, Neville & Steven went from 4 across to 8 - 4 up and finally won 10 - 5. The 2 bowl Singles had a big entry in the quarStanding Finalists Michael & Kathleen ters Clive Younger beat Mann with Champions Julie & Alan Bernard Williams by 10 - 2 Thornhill with ends unplayed. In the semi’s Clive had to work much harder against Arthur Hunt and both players were level at 5 across going into the last end, on which Clive took a two for a 7 - 5 win. Dave Taylor meanwhile was also making his way through the rounds and at the quarter final stage beat Richard Standing Champions Gareth Richards, Steve Kitchener by 8 shots to Dick & Neville Ruff with finalists Margaret 4. Jones, Geoff Cox & Sandy Goodenough In the semi-final he then played his wife Joan and despite the partisan crowd egging Joan on she just missed out by two shots at 7 - 5 with the match being all square at 5 all going into the last end. In the final Clive Younger started off well and led 4 - 1 after five ends and he basically hung on to this lead beating Dave Taylor 6 3 with the last end unSingles finalists Dave Taylor played. with Champion Clive Younger

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Chairman’s Chat


New to Short Mat International on a regular basis (health allowing) Chairman’s Chat will be an update on what’s going on with YOUR National Governing Body (NGB) hopefully giving you an insight to recent decisions and future developments to come. Many see the NGB as an unnecessary evil who sit and postulate over minor items thus leaving major decisions still in need. I hope in the fullness of time to show that this is not the case and that in fact in the main we have operating on your behalf a very hard working group of VOLUNTEERS. It always amazes me that we as an NGB endure at times quite severe criticism of the way that we handle matters and yet at most AGM’s (this year included) there are posts unfilled. This would surely indicate (unless I read it wrong), that the majority are happy with what we do. Please remember that it is your best interest that we are giving of our time for not our own. At last at this years AGM we had a proposition from Norfolk that the rules would not be reviewed bi-annually but every FIVE years. What a sensible proposition, for years we have had to endure the most minor of alterations which has resulted in no stability with the rules and many players often at grass roots level unsure on a specific rule, hopefully the newly accepted proposal will alleviate that. Our Vice Chairman Simon Willies is at present beavering away on the thorny subject of an administration being formed and we shall be giving you an update on that in the near future. In this issue should be an article from Terry Matthews our Umpires Director and another from Stuart Southern relating to coaching and the progress that is being made in that area. Keith Hawkins will also be doing an update on the Inter County Competitions. I travelled to Wey Valley indoor bowls club a couple of weeks ago and I must say I was very impressed with not only the set up but also between short mat bowlers in Surrey and our friends on the long mats. This can only bode well for the future of our sport and I can see more indoor clubs looking at this way of helping not only their finances but also the short mat game. If you have questions which you need answering this hopefully will be the platform for those questions. I hope you all winter well and look forward to being back in the early spring.

Chris Hopkins

ESMBA Chairman

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Thelma Shere Charity Fours Earlier in the year, the Exmouth Town Mayor Darryl Nicholas welcomed 132 bowlers from Dorset, Cornwall and Devon, to the Exmouth Pavilion for the 4th Thelma Shere Charity Fours. £6600.00 was raised for Cancer research UK Cullompton Friends. A great day’s bowling was topped with Beer SMBC emerging as the overall winners with 8 points and a shots plus of 14. The runners-up were Hutton SMBC with 7 points and +17, with Wonford SMBC taking 3rd place also with 7 points and just a shot behind Hutton with +16. Your diary date for next year’s tournament is Sunday 20th February.

Arthur Cuff

The organising table with Alan Shere, the Mayor Darryl Nicholas and Janet & Arthur Cuff

Woodbury with the Broadclyst Triples

Just three days after co-organising the Thelma Shere Tournament, Janet and Arthur Cuff of Woodbury SMBC went on to win the Broadclyst winter Triples league along with fellow bowler June White. They finished on 21 points, just ahead of Sidbury SMBC who finished with 20 points.

June White, Arthur & Janet Cuff

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ESMBA Coaching Scheme.


If you are not aware, the ESMBA have been running a coaching scheme for a number of years now, and at present we have 44 Level 1 Coaches throughout the country. Others will be following shortly. In order to become a level one coach you must complete a basic First Aid course and also obtain a CRB (Criminal records Bureau) disclosure as a coach and complete a one day level 1 coaching course. People become coaches for a number of reasons; the main one is that they want to pass skills on to others, in order for them to improve their game. There is always a sense of achievement when someone comes to you with a problem and you slowly help to rectify it over a session or 2. In February this year, I was asked to run a coaching session in North Yorkshire at the request of the county. The number of people wanting to attend was amazing at one stage a number of people exceeded up to 90, but unfortunately this was not physically possible. We managed to dwindle it down to 33. The day was run like military precision, it had to be, with that number of people in one session it could have proved very difficult, but I had enlisted the help of a number of different people and the day went swimmingly. Although the day was very tiring for me, I think everyone got out of the day what they wanted and everyone went away happier with their standard of bowling. I would like to encourage more counties to take up the need for a good coaching strategy in our game and ask that they arrange coaching sessions for a wide spectrum of bowlers. With the Bowls Development Alliance now in existence there are a number of initiatives going to be around to generate more people to take up the game of bowls and therefore a further need to have someone to coach them. As you know Short Mat bowls is a game played by Young, Old, Male, female, Able bodied and less abled bodied people all of which can play in the same team. What other sport can you think of that will allow that? The ESMBA coaching scheme is phased into different levels:Level One (Foundation). This is the level to coach at club level including beginners Level Two (County). This is being written now and should be available before the start of 2011. It will Include a Rules Exam, tactics and a little about presentation skills. Level Three (International). This should be ready towards the end of 2011 beginning of 2012. We are also looking at a Sports leaders Level which will be there to help encourage the game to be played at a school level so youngsters can be brought into the game at an early age. I would hope that after reading this each county will look into the need for having coaches and coaching session within their county to encourage and improve the game. If you have any question please feel free to contact me. I am looking at running a Level One Coaching course in the near future in Essex, but if any of the other counties would like me to attend their county to do the same all we ask is that you have at least 8 people to attend. I would also be very interested to hear If Counties / Clubs / would be coaches, individuals etc. would be interested in First Aid training as this is an area that I am looking into, so that we can include it within our coaching scheme and a classes.

Stuart Southern

Coaching Director Tel: 0121 453 2040 - Mobile: 07969 953847

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West Hill Annual Open Triples Tournament

Winners (holding shield) "Beer Mariners", L to R David Tarr (Chairman West Hill SMBC): Geoff Stone, Colin Tims & Peter Sydenham

A successful Open triples Tournament was held at West Hill Village Hall on Saturday June 5th. This was our 19th. Tournament and 18 teams were invited. The feedback at the end of the day was very positive with many of the competitors telling us that they had really enjoyed their day. The eighteen teams included two teams from Somerset and one from Dorset as well as many Devon Clubs. A lunch was provided with a choice of home cooked ham or cheese with lots of different salads. Cakes with tea or coffee were also available through-

out the day. It was not until the last game had been played did we know who had the ‘runners up’ position. The competition was won by Beer Mariners, skipped by Geoff Stone, with Peter Sydenham as number two and Colin Tims as lead. The ‘runners up’ were Staplegrove from Taunton with Tony Blackmore as skip, Barbara Blackmore as number two and Bill Turner as lead. Our objective this year was to raise money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust through Radio Devon as it is their sponsored charity for the year. We can happily say that we have matched our £300.00 that we were able to donate last year. We obtained some publicity by broadcasting live, on Radio Devon, before and after the competition. A huge thank you is due to all the West Hill Runners Up "Staplegrove, Taunton" - L to R, members who worked so hard to make this a very Tony Blackmore, David Tarr (Chairman West successful day. Hill SMBC), Barbara Blackmore & Bill Turner Tricia Tarr Hon. Secretary

A car mechanic received a repair order from his service manager that said to check for a clunking noise when going around corners so he took the car out for a test drive and made a right turn, then a left turn. He repeated this several times searching for the source of the sound and each time heard a loud clunk. When he arrived back at the garage he returned the car to the service manager with report and repair note, which simply said “Clunk cured, removed loose bowls from Boot.”

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Andy Thomson Opens the Short Mat Bowls Area at Wye Valley Indoor Bowling Club

The growth of short mat bowls into traditional bowls venues has been underlined in a move by the Wye Valley Indoor Bowls Club in Guildford to open up a permanent short mat bowls arena. A new area containing ten short mats has been established to augment their traditional bowls rinks. The mats are on a hard floor that will address the Andy Thomson cuts the ribbon to open the new short mat bowls facility at Wye Valley concerns of some short mat bowlers who object to the sport being played "mat on mat" thereby slowing the Indoor Bowling Club pace of the mats. At the opening ceremony well known England International Andy Thomson cut the ribbon to open the facility and delivered the first bowl. The 120 guests included the Mayor of Guildford, Marsha Moseley, and the President of Surrey Short Mat Bowls Association Norman Crawley. The extra income generated by short mat bowls in traditional indoor bowls clubs is seen as an incentive to encourage short mat bowls in the current economic climate. The move of short mat bowls into traditional bowls clubs was emphasised when the ESMBA switched the National Championships from Kettering Leisure Centre to Kempston Indoor Bowls Club a couple of years ago in the face of ever increasing costs. Also, the new International Open, offering prize money totalling over ÂŁ5,000, is set to be played at Havering I.B.C in Hornchurch, Essex. Norfolk CSMBA were one of the first counties to identify the benefit of playing in traditional bowls clubs when it switched it's county activities to Roundwood I.B.C before moving to Lakeside I.B.C at Lyng where all Norfolk's county games, county competitions and Over 60's matches are now played.

Selwyn Goldsmith

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The first Open Competition of the Manx Winter bowling season saw Ann Hollingworth, Rita Woodworth & Pauline Kelly successfully defended their Triples title in style, beating Jayne Smith, Josh Ffrench & Stephen Gale 7-5 in the final. The champions topped group A with 3 points after beating the Ramsey trio Moira Anderson, Eric Maddocks & John Jauncey 11-8 and securing a draw against Peter Blower, Sylvia Maddrell & Brian Redman. The other game in group A was won by Jauncey's team 10-9 Triples Champions Rita Woodworth, to leave them in second place in the Pauline Kelly, Ann Hollingworth group. Stephan Gale's team finished top of group B with a 100% record after a 14-3 win against Collin, Clare & Chris Holland and an emphatic 19-3 victory over David Cottier, Seamus Whelan & Peter Coward, with Coward's team finishing in second place in the group with a 9-8 win over the Holland's. The final was a tight game throughout, with the lead changing hands four times in the opening six ends. Both sets of players played excellently with Pauline Kelly playing superbly as skip and Josh Ffrench producing some great bowls for the eventual runners-up, and it was Kelly who bowled the decisive bowl on the final end to secure the victory for her team, ending up as deserved winners. For more information on Manx Short Mat Bowls, please visit

Collin Holland


This follow up article from last month is great news and by swapping to another printer and also a printing method, the future of the magazine is absolutely assured, assuming I wake up breathing every morning. The doom and gloom I had over the finances has now disappeared and the biggest problem I have now is to encourage people to write in their club news This is far and away the weakest part of the support I get or at least don’t get for the magazine. No matter how small or insignificant you think your news is, everyone deserves his or her moments of fame and publicity, so why not send it to me? Also, it does prove difficult at times to actually find the time to complete the magazine. The downside of the latest postal news is that the Royal Mail have been given permission to raise their 1st class post by 5p and second by 4p. Whilst this adds a burden to my finances, the swap to the new printers has covered all of this.

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V i s i t o u r s i t e fo r a f u l l s e l e c t i o n o f S h o r t M a t s , B ow l s a n d B o w l s e q u i p m e n t w w w. wo r t h i n g b ow l s c e n t r e . c o. u k Rooney Square


Marking Tape


Target Diamond £32.00


See our deliver y charges page for more infor mation

Two J’s 10 years and still going strong!

The photo shows Two J’s members and their 10th anniversary cake. The club started in our Village Hall at Jaywick in Essex in 2000 and after a year moved to larger facilities in Tower Road in Clacton, in order for our expanding club to have four carpets. In 2002 we managed to get a grant from Sport England for £2,000 and were presented with the cheque by the then local MP Ivan Henderson. We now have 50 members and are going from strength with our latest games at County level, with Pairs team Don Ayres & Betty Hall getting through selection rounds to represent Suffolk at the Nationals.

J. Lorenz

Two J’s Secretary

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Sirett, Eric & Doreen Hasker. They followed this up with another close semi-final game, 8 In their Pairs quarter final - 6 against Pat Griffiths, Anne & Don Sirett beat Dennis & Jean Gooch. Evelyn & Reg March 11 The final was a some4. Their semi-final was what seesaw battle. hard fought but they still Firstly, Ray Clark, Joyce beat Edith & Rodney & Stewart Howe edged Knight by 9 shots to 6. ahead 3 - 1 against MarMeanwhile, Penny garet Strang, Marion & Keevil & Carol Robbins Norman Beeden but the roped home 13 - 0 in the latter struck back with 8 quarter final against Dawn shots over the next three & Eric Sanders. Their ends, to lead 9 - 3. Winners Anne & Don Sirett with finalists semi-final against Allen Ray, Joyce & Carol Robbins & Penny Keevil Marriott & Nicky TrickStewart then fought ett was equally comfortback to 8 - 9 but a sinable with an 11 - 4 win. gle and a closing four This set up an all gave Margaret, Marion Oxfordshire final with & Norman a 14 - 8 vicAnne & Don facing tory. Penny & Carol. The In The singles Les Siretts were given quite a Woodward recorded an fright against Penny & 8 - 3 quarter final vicCarol who were in top tory over Rodney form. Going into the last Knight. He followed end against Anne & Don this up with a 10 - 2 were 5 - 7 down but they semi-final win over scored a stunning full Lorraine Axtell. house four to win the Michael Keevil final 9 - 7 Phew! also made his way to In the Triples Seated Champions Margaret Strang, Norman & the final, firstly with a quarter finals, Ray Marion Beeden with Stewart & Joyce Howe, 7 - 3 quarter final win Clark, Joyce & Stewart Ray Clark over Gary Axtell and Howe scored 7 shots then an 8 - 3 semi-final reover the closing three ends sult over Joyce Howe. to beat Carol Robbins Bill & The final was a very Les Woodward by 9 shots to keenly fought affair be6. In their semi final with tween two very competitive Marian Clark, Shirley & players. Michael Keevil Garth Willis they were made struck first to lead 5 - 0 but to fight all the way and only Les Woodward fought back edged home 7 - 6 after scorto be just a single shot down ing a single on the last end. at 5 - 6 going into the last After a two on the last end. However, it was not to end, Margaret Strang, Marbe his day as Michael ion & Norman Beeden Keevil scored the vital edged through 7 - 4 in the Finalist Les Woodward with single that gave him a 7 quarter final against Anne Champion Michael Keevil 5 victory.

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Sutton St Edmund members with David Pearce of the Alzhiemers Society and the £600 cheque.


Sutton St Edmund short mat bowls club held their annual Lonnie Fyson charity triples competition, with bowlers from as far as Ipswich and Felixstowe taking part and a keenly fought competition was the order of the day. As the day’s play progressed three teams had only lost one out their four games played, with David Hyde, Maureen Bell and Roly Fincham having a massive plus 27 shot difference and were favourites to win. However, it then went to the last games of the day on which all were "must" win games and the eventual winners of the competion were Ray Boon, Alison Boon and Robert Elmore, who had Winners Ray Boon , Alison Boon a comfortable win in their last game and finished and Robert Elmore holding the sheild. with 8 points plus 23 shots. The runners up were Pauline, Edward and Brian Elmore also won and had 8 points plus 13 shots. The favourites, David Hyde, Maureen Bell and Roly Fincham drew their game to finish with 7 points plus 27 shots. The clubs grateful thanks go to Maureen and Lonnie Fyson for supplying the midday meal and to all the people who generously donated raffle prizes (a total of 52) for the day and to Roy Everitt for running the competition. A grand total of £600-00 was raised for the ALZHIEMERS Society.

Roly Fincham


We at TPA, (Terrorist-Proof Airlines), are in the safety first flying business! We can absolutely guarantee no WALK-ON GUNS, KNIVES, BOX CUTTERS, SHOE-BOMBS or any other weapons will ever be carried onto OUR FLIGHTS!!! Book your next flight with TPA, the safest airline in the industry.

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The Pairs event on the second week at Langstone Cliff Hotel saw thing running quite smoothly as usual. At the quarter final stage George & Shirley Blackburn eased home 9 2 over Welsh visitors Hazel Wadey & John James. In the semi-finals George & Shirley stood 7 all with George & Eileen Croft but finished off the last two ends with two 3’s to win 13 - 7. Ann & Dave Summers also fought their way to the final, firstly with a 14 - 2 result over Elinor Pilgrem & Geoff Meadow. They followed this up with a 9 4 semi-final win over Anne Shorter & Vic Hildersley. In the final George & Shirley struck first and by end 7 of the 10 ends lead 5 - 3. However, Ann & Dave seemed to find an extra gear at this stage and with a 3 - 2 - 2 finish won the Pairs title by 10 shots to 5. In the Triples event John Lawes, Gwen & Jack Watts ran away with their quarter final against Joan Smith Norman & Marlene Paramor and won 10 - 1. They quickly followed this up with a 10 - 4 semi-final win over John James, Hazel Wadey & George Croft. In the other half of the draw, Tom Percival, George & Shirley Blackburn edged

home 9 - 6 over Liz Percival, Ann & Dave Summers. In their semi-final they then disposed of Tony Gepp, Lesley & Geoff Meadowcroft by 9 shots to 3. In the final Tom Percival, George & Shirley Blackburn started off at top speed and quickly led 6 - 0 after four ends. A four at end 7 put them 10 - 2 up with three ends to go but despite a fightback by John Lawes, Gwen & Jack Watts, Tom, George & Shirley finally won 10 - 8. In The singles, Ann Summers started off well Seated Champions Ann & Dave Summers and beat quarter final opwith finalists George & Shirley Blackburn ponent John Lawes by 9 shots to 2. In her semifinal she was in devastating form against Shirley Blackburn and kept a clean sheet winning 8 - 0 with three ends unplayed. Hazel Wadey meanwhile had to fight hard against Gordon Carbin as they both went into the last end of their quarter final level at 6 shots each. In the end it was Seated Champions Tom Percival, Hazel who eased George & Shirley Blackburn with through 8 - 6 after a Jack & Gwen Watts and John Lawes vital last end two. In the semi-final Hazel met her partner John James and after taking an 8 - 1 lead after five ends eased through to the final by 9 - 6. In the end Hazel Wadey won the title from Ann Summers. For more details on the Short Mat holidays in this great hotel, contact Bob Weafer on 0121 - 286 - 9449 Simngles Champions Hazel Wadey or visit our website at:with finalists Ann Summers


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In the 17 years that I have been umpiring there have been a lot of changes. The first change was from blue blazers to maroon, this was a good move as we can now be identified very easily in a crowded venue. The attitude of the bowlers have changed also I think in the past we were considered a necessary evil, this was mainly down to some of the umpires at the time who adopted a dictorial attitude but I think now the bowlers accept that we are there for their benefit and we have a good relationship with the majority of bowlers. There is also communication between myself and all umpires, in the earlier years, umpires had no idea what was going on and felt left out of it but now I try to send out a regular newsletter plus any information they need to know such as rule amendments. Umpires Exam - We have now got 132 umpires all over the country but always need more. If you are considering becoming an umpire, please contact me. I will send you the test paper, which consists of 50 questions which you can do at home in your own time, with the rule book at hand. The pass mark is 96%. If you are successful in this, a practical and oral test will be arranged at a venue near to you. The practical test is a series of measuring tests set out on a mat, there is no time limit so they can be done in a relaxed manner. The oral test consists of 20 questions to be answered by you on the rules. There are no trick questions and by the time you have done the written paper the answers will be in your memory. When you pass written, oral and the practical test, you will be given your umpire’s blazer badge, tie and lapel badge free of charge and ready to go and officiate and if like me thoroughly enjoy it. When you have completed 10 county organised matches or ICC games,( you can play and umpire this counts) and you will be upgraded to a County Umpire, further advancement will be to National Umpire, you have to umpire at the National Championship finals which is done by invitation of the Umpires’ Director but you will be given the chance to volunteer for this, you have to umpire four days out of six. If you cannot do four days you can do the extra needed for National badge the following year. The final badge is the International badge, once again by invitation of the Umpire’s Director and of course the more experience you have the better chance you have of being asked. I became an umpire because I wanted to be more involved in our sport, so if you want to see the other side of short mat bowling become an umpire, I am sure that you will enjoy it.

Terry Matthews

Umpire’s Director

Tel: 01277 650116

Buckhorn Weston on tour at the Langstone Cliff Hotel

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Potters, Carrington House, Bodelwyddan,  Gunton Hall, Langstone, Lakeside

EVENING  ENTERTAINMENT Bodelwyddan Castle, Gunton Hall, Lakeside, Potters Leisure

BEAUTY SALON/ HAIRDRESSER Bodelwyddan, Gunton Hall, Potters Leisure, Langstone, Lakeside

FITNESS SUITE Bodelwyddan Castle hotel, Gunton Hall, Langstone Cliff hotel, 

INDOOR POOL Bodelwyddan, Gunton Hall,  Potters Leisure, Langstone, Lakeside,  Carrington House

SPA BATH/SAUNA Bodelwyddan Castle, Gunton Hall, Potters Leisure, Langstone, Lakeside, 

CANOEING/ BOATING The boating Lakes  at  Gunton Hall  and Lakeside

TENNIS Bodelwyddan Castle hotel,  Langstone  Cliff Hotel, Lakeside

AIR RIFLE SHOOTING Bodelwyddan Castle, Gunton Hall,  Lakeside, Potters

SHORT MAT BOWLS HOLIDAYS We have been organising bowls holidays for 18 years and have taken over 15,000 bowlers on Short Mat holidays. Our holidays are aimed at club bowlers and have been designed to offer plenty of bowling with time off to do other things.


Our pre-timed scorecards let you know exactly when you are due to play, enabling you to plan your free time. All games are played to a set number of ends, thus ensuring that everybody plays the same. We do not organise timed games, so you can play at your normal pace without any time pressures.

DARTS Bodelwyddan Castle, Gunton Hall, Langstone Cliff, Lakeside

CROQUET Bodelwyddan Castle,   Gunton Hall Lowestoft,  Lakeside 

ARCHERY Bodelwyddan  Castle,  Gunton Hall, Lakeside, Potters 

SNOOKER Bodelwyddan Castle, Gunton Hall, Potters Leisure, Langstone Cliff, Lakeside

POOL Lakeside, Gunton Hall, Bodelwyddan,  Potters Leisure.

SQUASH Potters Leisure Resort and Local to  Gunton Hall  Lowestoft

TABLE TENNIS Bodelwyddan, Gunton Hall, Potters, Lakeside, Langstone Cliff, Carrington Hse 

BOWLING ALLEY Bowleasy at Gunton Hall,  Lakeside.  Potters have several fully automatic lanes

LAWN OUTDOOR  BOWLING Bodelwyddan Castle, (Crown) Potters Leisure, Lakeside


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SINGLES & NEW BOWLERS You don’t need a partner to enjoy our holidays. We not only find you a partner, we ensure that you are welcomed and can join in (as much or as little as you wish), with the activities on your bowling break. Single occupancy rooms are (as ever), on a limited supply, so its first come first served. For new bowlers we can organise coaching to help you learn and improve your game. One of the most popular and outstandingly different holiday destinations in the UK. This superb Warner Hotel is very popular and our spring holiday can be sold out months in advance. An average of 8 mats are used in the indoor bowls hall, which provides a great short mat arena. Bodelwyddan Castle - North Wales Lakeside - Hayling Island

Langstone Cliff - Dawlish Warren Acclaimed as “the best of the best”, this very popular hotel is superbly set in its own grounds. The hotel has a heated indoor pool, fitness suite, snooker room and a great reputation for its food. The ballroom takes 5 mats and up to 80 bowlers.

Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset A well positioned hotel in Street just a short walk from the very popular Clarks Shopping Village. Refurbished bedrooms and plenty of parking.

FOR MORE DETAILS Call Bob Weafer on 0121 286 9449

A very popular Warner venue on the South Coast, with all of the facilities you would expect. including, evening entertainment, a heated indoor pool and a large indoor bowls complex in which to stage our holiday events..

Situated near Bideford in North Devon, this refurbished hotel has over 100 bedrooms and is planning an indoor heated pool. The large ballroom takes up to 4 mats.

Durrant House, North Devon

Set in a quiet location but within easy reach of some great shopping. Plenty of parking, light and airy public rooms, with a large area for your Carrington House - Bournemouth Short Mat holiday.

Please note: the details in this publication were correct at the time of compilation. Current availability of facilities should be re-checked if you are placing reliance on any specific items. We will be pleased to help with enquiries. See our booking forms for booking conditions.

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Potters Cup Winners Left to right Mark Brewer (Potters Entertainment) Pat Williamson, David Bunn, Gill Bunn (Hevingham, Norfolk) and Nathan Moore (Potters Group Sales)

Potters Cup Weekend

The annual Potters Cup weekend at Potters Leisure Resort in Hopton-on-Sea attracted its biggest ever entry with around 200 attending a special Bucks Fizz reception in Zest One to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of one of the biggest weekends of short mat bowls on the calendar. Mark Jones of Potters welcomed everyone before introducing Potters Cup organisers Teresa & Selwyn Goldsmith to conduct the Potters Cup draw. During the draw Selwyn congratulated Halvergate's David Lamb & Wymondham's Chris Mann on their selection for the England team for the coming season. While most headed off to the Atlas Theatre after enjoying dinner in the Garden Restaurant some hardy bowlers got the feel of the mats in the International Arena

which was open for practice during the Friday evening. Saturday was Potters Cup day with a full day of bowling on 20 mats set up in the International Arena. In an early setback, defending champions David Lamb, Jon Sparham & Paul Baker went down 7-6 against another previous winner Phil Watson. Last years runners-up Steve Phillips, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann of Wymondham started well and reeled off three wins of 14-9, 13-2 & 8-7 but slipped up in their fourth game losing 98 to Sprowston's John Poynter. After all the games were completed five triples finished on maximum points with shot difference deciding the line-ups of the Potters Cup and Potters Shield Finals. With a shot difference of +34 Hevingham's Gill Bunn, David Bunn & Pat Williamson qualified for the Potters Cup Final and would face Carol Vinter, Roy Vinter & Bob Catling of East Kent side Chilham who had +29 shots. Potters Cup Runners-up The Potters Shield Final was beLeft to right Mark Brewer (Potters Entertainment) Bob tween Suffolk's Doreen Cook, Terry Catling, Carol Vinter, Roy Vinter (Chilham, East Kent) Cook & Derek Barley of Carlton who and Nathan Moore (Potters Group Sales) finished on +27 and Norfolk's Joan Costello, Maureen Dease & Ken Dease of Anglian Windows who finished on +26. The unlucky fifth triple who missed out on a final appearance on shots were Lily McNamara, Janet Hinson & Margaret Smith of Cambs who finished with +20 shots. The final of the Potters Cup was played in front of an appreciative audience on the heavy mat 12, which both triples had played a game on earlier. David Bunn proved the difference on the opening two ends as Hevingham carved out a 3 shot lead but Roy Vinter & Bob Catling combined to score two shots for Chilham on the third end. After two loose opening woods on the fourth end by both leads Carol Vinter made her second bowl count drawing just behind the jack but Pat Williamson saved the end for Hevingham with an excellent wood to move 4-2 up.

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All the players were still struggling on the 19 heavy mat but Gill Bunn's second wood on the fifth end was a peach but it was all in vain as Bob Vinter took out Bunn's bowl to level the game at 4-4. Carol Vinter again bowled to the jack on the sixth end but David Bunn again intervened to put the pressure back on Chilham who were extremely unlucky as a cracking backhand attempt by Bob Catling somehow found a gap in the head and it was 6-4 to Hevingham. After an exchange of great woods by Gill Bunn and Carol Vinter drew applause, Pat Williamson produced an end winning shot to move Potters Shield Winners her triple into a 7-4 lead. Chilham wasted early Left to right Mark Brewer (Potters Entertainbowls on the penultimate end and Hevingham took ment) Doreen Cook, Derek Barley, Terry Cook full advantage drawing woods in to the head leav(Carleton, Suffolk) and Nathan Moore (Potters ing the Chilham skip in a difficult position that he Group Sales) was unable to change and thus Hevingham moved 9-4 up. Short woods did not help Chilham's cause on the final end and Pat Williamson finished in style with another great bowl as Hevingham lifted the Potters Cup with a 10-4 win. The Potters Shield Final was won by Doreen Cook, Terry Cook & Derek Barley of Suffolk side Carlton who defeated Joan Costello, Maureen Dease & Ken Dease of Anglian Windows by 11-5. A good opening for Carlton saw them lead 7-2 after five ends and there was no way back for the Norfolk triple. The Most Relaxed Triple award (no-one gets a wooden spoon in this event!) was won by Loddon's Potters Shield Runners-up Wendy & Roy Wooltorton playing with Foxley's John Ken Dease, Joan Costello & Maureen Dease Roos. Co-Organiser Teresa Goldsmith introduced Mark of Anglian Windows, Norfolk with Mark Brewer and Nathan Moore of Potters Group Sales who Brewer. conducted the Presentation Ceremony. On Sunday the ever popular Potters Cash Pairs produced an amazing finish with nine pairs gaining maximum points and shots deciding the outcome. Hempnall's Neil Davidson & Sprowston's Peter Smart collected the ÂŁ100 first prize with +33 shots while Hempnall's Jon Sparham & Wymondham's Chris Mann were second on +32. Just one shot behind in third place were Wymondham's Steve & Debbie Phillips on +31. The unlucky pairs who won all their games but finished out of the money were Mark Linsdell (Wymondham) & Paul Baker (Hempnall) in fifth place with +26. Potters Mark Brewer presented the cash prizes before the Potters Cash Pairs bowlers exited the arena to enjoy the 5 course Sunday Norfolk players Neil Davidson (Hempnall) & evening meal and entertainment. Peter Smart (Sprowston) collect their ÂŁ100 Next years Potters Weekend is from Friday 2nd to cash prize from Potter's Mark Brewer Monday 5th Sept. with a 2 or 3 night stay option.

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Summer League - Bob Carter Champions

Bob Carter are the new Summer League champions after they clinched the title with an 8-0 home win against Kirby Bedon "B". Jon Sparham, Steve Bridge & George Clarke were in brilliant form winning their games by 24-4 & 31-9 while Frank Edy, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods won their games by 17-8 & 20-12. Bob Carter last won the Summer League back in 1998 but the comeback of former England player Steve Bridge and the addition of Hempnall star Jon Sparham to their line-up has significantly strengthened their side. The form of veteran George Clarke has also been a major factor in their Summer League title triumph, the fourth time they have won it. Kirby Bedon "B" will be disappointed to have lost the final match of their season but will be happy that they have done enough to secure their Div One status after promotion last season. Hevingham moved top of Div Two with an 8-0 home win against relegation threatened Thorpe Marriott "B" despite the absence of top skip Vic Woods. Ian MacLean, Marjorie Hall & Pat Williamson beat Richard Kightley's triple 28-6 and Malcolm Roe's triple 20-10 while David Sharpe's triple backed them up with wins of 15-13 & 15-11. Marriott "B" also slumped to an 8-0 home defeat against Anglian Windows and saw an ominous gap open up between the bottom two teams and the rest. Watton Yellow did themselves a big favour winning 6-2 at home to Anglian Windows with June Todd, Bryan Dibble & Bill Davies winning both their games. Div Three leaders Thurton are flying high after an 8-0 home win against Watton Green. Trevor Howard's triple enjoyed two big wins of 29-10 & 25-6 while Peter Walker's triple won by 26-8 & 19-9. Watton Green bounced back from this defeat with two good wins to keep their promotion hopes alive. They won 8-0 at home to Forncett with Roger Braham's triple winning 24-7 & 15-6 and then won 6-2 at Hingham Yellow where Alan Baldry's triple won 12-10 & 17-14.

Bob Carter win Summer Cup to clinch the double

Bob Carter completed a league & cup double triumph after ex England player Steve Bridge ditched the jack on a dramatic last end at Sprowston to break Hevingham hearts. The first half went Bob Carter's way as Jason Woods, David "Minty" Lamb & Melvin Woods put Hevingham's Pat Bunn, Alan Bunn & David Sharpe to the sword crushing them 28-5. On the other mat Jon Sparham, Steve Bridge & George Clarke fought out a 13-13 draw against Ian MacLean, Pat Williamson and Vic "Quiet Man" Woods to leave Carter 3-1 up on points at the interval. The second half saw Hevingham launch a stirring comeback and after twelve ends they led on both mats and had victory in their sights. After their massive first half win Melly Woods' Carter triple lost their form against Vic Woods' triple and were soundly beaten by 18-5. The match though was to be decided on the other mat as George Clarke's triple went into the last end 12-11 down against David Sharpe's triple in which Marjorie Hall had come in as substitute for Pat Bunn. Steve Bridge ditched the jack to earn Bob Carter two shots, a 13-12 shots win and a 5-3 points victory. It is the third time that Bob Carter have won the Norfolk Summer Cup having won it previously in 2005 & 2006.

Selwyn Goldsmith

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The Kirk Kup


Hi Bowlers, Well, what an emphatic return to short mat bowls! 30 bowlers and plenty of families made it a fantastic, social day and a special welcome was given to all of the new bowlers who joined us for the first time.

We went ahead with the Kirk Kup, though in his absence. A perfect balance of 15 brand new bowlers was combined with 15 experienced bowlers in a blind draw to make up the pairs. Some people questioned their title as "experienced" bowlers, but all in all there was a great balance leading to some fine competition. All 15 teams played 3 matches to determine if they had qualified for the main Kup competition, or would play off in the Plate rounds. By this time it was getting towards bedtime for some of the kids in attendance and so a few mums and dads had to head home. Some re-jigging of the teams was done and the competition continued. The Top 8 teams from the first 3 rounds played off for the Kirk Kup. The bowls was of a very high standard and many of the first time bowlers showed that they will soon become a force in Cebu bowls. Special mentions: Cameron Macdonald who, as the club's youngest bowler, is fast establishing himself as a future champion. Josh Nowell, our first junior club champion, who steered his partner into the grand final. Noel and Lucy Flowers, the only husband and wife combination to make it into the Top 4 (albeit on different teams) Paul Quineanola Whiteway, not sure what I can say about his bowls, but a great big thank you for introducing our new players. Barry Gander, who I think was the only new bowler to play as skip, only losing the final on an extra end but he did win the post tournament arm wrestling challenge at the Urban Cellar later in the evening though. Tony Jarman and John Rainey finished as champions with Barry & John as runners up. 3rd place went to Noel & Cameron with Paul & Lucy finishing 4th. The Plate: by this time of the evening this writer's memory of proceedings is seen through something of an alcoholic haze and so scorelines are a little fuzzy. Suffice it to say that there was some magnificent bowls played and in a wonderful spirit. Congratulations to the top 4 teams in the division 2 Plate. Tom & Richard won with the Runners-up being Geoff & Bruce M. 3rd was Tim & Sky with Elsa & Jenny finishing 4th. A big thank you is due to the Urban Cellar who hosted the post tournament drinks and sponsored the beer prizes.

Damien Allison


Owing to the complexity of putting reports together at very short notice indeed during the very small time window I had between short mat holidays, I have held over reports from Cyprus, where the sport is certainly growing amongst the ex-pat community and a Swedish report on the Nordic Masters. I have also left out some older reports that came in somewhat late. If I’ve missed anything anyone else has sent me then get in touch please by phone or email. I am also sitting on the history of the Irish Association and also Norfolk plus one or two other non-dated bits that can be published later


The life blood of this magazine is your news and views. I try to publish everything I get and I know there are hundreds and hundreds of club tournaments every year where photos are taken and from where I get nothing, so please lets hear about them. I do have a helpful page about how to send in reports. Just let me know and I will send you a copy. Where have all the letter writes gone?

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WESSEX HOTEL Street, Somerset

After battling through their round robin sections Andy & Maureen Jelly faced Bill Moule & Brian Smith in their quarter final. Andy & Maureen got off to a flyer and led 8 - 1 after just four ends. At this point Bill & Brian started their long climb back into the game and with just one end to go they were 7 - 9 down. A two for a draw or three for victory was the order of the day but in the end they could only score a single to leave Andy & Maureen as victors by 9 shots to 8. Andy & Maureen were given an equally tough time in their semi-final against Jill Elms & Trevor Tregillus. at 5 7 going into the last end Jill & Trevor needed two to force a draw and another end or three for victory but they could only score a single and once again Andy & Maureen edged through by one shot at 7 - 6. Mary & Derek Fair had a much easier time reaching the final, firstly with a 14 - 5 quarter final win over Maureen & Bob Williams and then a semi-final win by 13 - 6 over Eleanor & Francis Hawkey. they were equally determined in the final and despite all the efforts of Andy & Maureen Jelly they could not prevent Mary & Derek winning 9 - 4. In the Triples a devastating streak of form gave Jill Elms, Frances Newman & John Steer a romping 13 - 3 quarter final over Jean Goodman, Anne Parkinson & Barry Redgate. They were made to work harder in their semi-final with Marlene Steel, Fred Harland & Trevor Ward but they still got through by 8 shots to 5. Ken

Langrish, Derek & Sheila Oxley srcaped through 8 - 7 their quarter final against Bill Moule, Andy & Maureen Jelly but it was a different story in their semi-final where they recorded a 14 1 victory over Ray Screen, Mavis & Peter Hardy. In the final Jill Elms, Frances Newman & John Steer quickly established a 5 - 0 lead over Ken Langrish, Derek & Sheila Oxley. The latter stuck doggedly to their task but the deficit was more or less the final winning margin, as Jill, Frances Derek & Mary Fair & John emerged as 9 - 5 with Andy & Maureen Jelly champions. After the Singles round robins had been completed Fred Harland faced Janet Cuff in the quarter finals and his experience proved too much for Janet as he won 8 - 2. In his Semi-final Fred found himself 5 - 3 down to Betty Williams after six ends but a 1 - 2 - 2 finish got him home by 8 shots to 5 with the last end unplayed. Standing Frances Newman, Jill Elms Derek Fair was also & John Steer with seated finalists making his way to the final Ken Langrish, Sheila & Derek Oxley and after being 5 - 3 down in his quarter final he eventually won 9 - 6. His semifinal with Elsie Berry was somewhat easier as he scored a 9 - 2 win. The final between Fred Harland and Derek Fair was an absolute corker as each player battled and fought with neither player giving ground. Going into the last end Derek held a single shot advantage at 8 7 but Fred snatched Victory Singles finalist Derek Fair with with a two for a 9 - 8 scoreChampion Fred Harland line.


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Wiltshire County Pairs Championship

Pairs from all over the County came together at the Christie Miller IBC (Melksham) for the first of the new season’s championships. There were increased entries from the south of the county and the County welcomed the Kingsway Club (Wilton) to their first championship tournament. The first stage saw pairs playing in groups. The best placed pairs from each group then proceeded to either the Championship (the 16 best placed) or the Plate (the next 16). Thereafter the competition went to a straight knock-out basis. The last sixteen on the championship saw teams from Crudwell, Westbury Blue Circle, Marshfield, Heywood, Kington Langley, Trowbridge, Seend and Market Lavington still in the competition. The first semi-final was an all Blue Circle affair with Chris and Gill Willis beating David Polglase and Anton Rawlins 7 shots to 2. The other semi between last year’s winners Geoff and Jenny Lane (Crudwell) and Andy and Maureen Jelly (Trowbridge) with the former winning 10 shots to 3. Early on the final was a closely contested game with the Lanes moving to a 3 to 1 lead. However Chris and Gill Willis upped their game to eventually win comfortably by 9 shots to 4 to become the new County Champions. They will now go on to represent the Moonrakers at the ESMBA National Pair’s championship The Plate was equally well contested with the south of the county well represented by teams from Kingsway, Dinton, Market Lavington and Upavon still in the mix. The first semi between Dawn and Geoff Toomer (Dinton) and Pearl and Peter Curtis (Atworth) was a very close game with the former pair winning 7 shots to 5. Alison Ford and her partner (Upavon) were beaten in the second semi by Don Mannion and Tony Whiteford (Kington Langley) by 9 shots to 2. The final was eventually won by the Dinton pair by 8 shots to 3 and Geoff and Dawn Toomer became County Plate winners.

Wiltshire County Triples

Wiltshire bowlers contested the second County competition of the season at the Christie Miller Indoor Bowls centre. After the group stages trios were divided between the Championship for group leaders and the Plate for the remainder. The Westbury Blue Circle Club provided the winners of both the Championship and the Plate. In the semi-finals, an Atworth trio skipped by Adrian Bray were beaten by Dane Rose’s three from Blue Circle. Crudwell skipped by Neville Doel beat Geoff Toomer’s (Dinton) three by 8 shots to 4. The final although closely contested turned out to be a one-sided game with Dane Rose, Julian Rose and Gill Willis winning comfortably 14 shots to 1. In the Plate semi-finals Les Kirby’s three beat Tony Whiteford (Kington Langley) and the surprise package from the Kingsway Club (Wilton) beat David Tompkins three from Seend. This final was eventually won by Les Kirby playing with Karen Kirby and Aidan Wilkes. This was 14 year old Aidan’s first County competition win. The Winners from Westbury Blue Circle Geoff Lane Dane Rose, Gill Willis & Julian Rose

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6th & 7th Scottish Open Weekend Pairs & Triples - Dumfries Contact Bob Barr on 01387 - 710892

20th Open Double Rinks event Wey Valley Indoor Bowls Club, Surrey Contact Craig Burgess on 07525 - 448814 Or Email

This is the very first Diary Dates page I have ever published as I try to establish this as a regular item, provided of course you want to include your open competitions and charity events. These can of course be anywhere in the world, even if we can’t get there as it is nice to see what is going on outside our normal sphere of operations. All you need to do is email me your events FULL details along with your contact details to

20th Thelma Shere Charity Fours event in Exmouth, Devon. Contact Bob Weafer 0121 - 286 9449

MARCH 2011

19th & 20th British Isles “A” team Championship in Swansea.

26th Cardiganshire Short Mat BA Open Pairs Cardigan Indoor Bowls Centre Prizes - Winners £120, Run-up £60 3rd & 4th £40 For more info. Visit:

APRIL 2011

English National Championships 2nd & 3rd Mixed Fours & Under 18’s; 7th Singles, 8th Pairs, 9th Fours 10th Triples

23rd & 24th International Open Weekend Pairs & Fours - Kempston, Bedford Contact Craig Burgess on 07525 - 448814 - Email


3rd & 4th European Open Master (Triples) This event is in Sweden Email Tommy


The annual Scottish Federation’s open weekend will once again take part in Dumfries over the weekend of the 6th & 7th February 2011. The weekend starts on Friday 5th with the Scottish National Championships, which is open to all Federation members. On Saturday 6th there is the British Isles Open Pairs event and then on Sunday there is an open Triples competition. Both the Saturday and Sunday events are open to everyone from all Nations. It’s a great weekends bowling and further details are available from either Bob or May Barr on 01387 - 710892.

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A new competition for the Spring of 2011


It is a Double Rink Open. Teams enter as 8 players, splitting off into 2 rinks. The Draw for the groups will be made on the day and every player will get 3 games in the group stages. The score over the 2 rinks combine with 2 points being awarded for an overall win, 1 for a draw. The top 2 in each group will go through to the knockout stages. This new competition will be held at Wey Valley Indoor Bowls Club in Surrey on Sunday 20th February 2011. The Entry fee is £10 per player so that is £80 a team. Winners will take home the prize of £800. and prize money is of course subject to entries. Time is short, so if you would like an entry form or any further information please contact me, Craig Burgess 07525 - 448814 - Email


I am pleased to announce that the International Open will once again be going ahead. It will again be on Easter weekend but please note the change of venue, which will be Havering Indoor Bowling Club. The facilities are first class and we hope you can join us for the biggest money competition in Short Mat Bowls. The venue is 40 minutes from Stanstead airport so ideal for people flying in. For those who did not attend the 1st event in April 2010 we had 38 triples and 32 fours from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Belgium & Sweden in what was truly a world class event. It was a great weekend. This season we will be changing the format to fours and pairs as many thought this would enable them to make up teams a lot easier. We will also be running a plate for both comps at no extra cost due to the popularity of the fours plate this year. Hotel deals will be posted as soon as we have them. All of the latest new will be appearing on the following website Players will be getting at least 4 games For all makes of carpets in both competitions, as there will be a Round New & Secondhand. Robin Stage before we go to the knockout stages, same as last year. In the fours teams Carpet handling machines, will be in a group of 5. Bowls, Clothes and a The top 2 will qualify for the main comp with the 3rd and 4th placed sides going into the full range of accessories etc. plate. The team finishing bottom will be eliminated. Games will be played over 8 ends in the Round Robin, 10 ends in the knockout stages In the pairs teams will be in a group of 4. The top 2 will qualify for the main comp with the 3rd and 4th placed sides going into the plate. Games will be played over 10 ends in the Round Robin, 12 in the knockout stages. 2 Church Road, For further information and or an entry form, contact me, Craig Burgess 07525 Farnborough Village 448814 - Email

Mail order catalogue 01689 - 855899

Craig Burgess

Orpington, Kent BR6 7DB

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Ballincollig Community Hall Bowls Club staged the final session of their annual licensed fours competition for the Harry Twohig Perpetual Trophy in the local Community Hall. At the semi final stage, Pfizers Eileen Punch, Shelia McCarthy, Paddy McCarthy & Kitty McCarthy beat Conna’s Unity Harper-Smith, Pat Hogan, Bernadette Feeney & Michael O’Regan and Ballincollig GAA’s Mary Boyde, Shelia O’Leary, P.J. Hagan & Martin Sisk beat Glounthaune’s Rose Geary, Angela Farrell, Ted Geary & John Geary. The final turned out to be a one-sided affair, although the Pfizer rink started with two singles, the Ballincollig team replied with a single but then ran away with a 3 - 2 - 4 - 2 scoring run for a 12 - 2 victory. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Hazel Foley, Eddie Mills, Marie O’Leary, Sean O’Mahony, Hazel Payne and Danny Twohig. The prizes were presented by Ann Twohig the Hon. Secretary and she also presented the Harry Twohig Perpetual Trophy to Martin Sisk the Skip of the winning team.


B.E.D.A. Bowls Club staged the final session of their annual licensed triples competition in the Bandon Grammar School Sports Hall for the B.E.D.A. Perpetual Trophy. In the semi-finals Crosshaven’s Mary, Con and Conor Middleton beat the fellow Crosshaven team of Robin Gregan, Eddie Farrell & Norna McGrath. In the other semi Douglas the Community School trio of Sheila O’Driscoll, Mary Boland & John O’Driscoll beat Lower Aghada’s Tom Prendegast, John Murphy & Jerry Melvin. In the final Crosshaven’s Mary, Con and Conor Middleton recorded an easy 10 - 3 victory over Douglas Community School’s Sheila O’Driscoll, Mary Boland & John O’Driscoll. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Hazel Foley, John Hill, Sam Jennings and Gerty Stroker. The prizes were presented by Eamon Stroker the BEDA Club Captain and also the Perpetual Trophy to the winning skip Conor Middleton.


Mary & Conor Middleton won the Conna Perpetual Trophy for the third successive year when the Conna Bowls Club staged the final session of their annual licensed 3-bowl Pairs Tournament in the local Community Hall. At the semi-finals stage the Crosshaven duo beat Watergrasshil’s Josie & Sean O’Riordan. Also making it to the final, St. Vincent’s Ina & David Foley beat Mitchelstown Veronica & Jim Caplice. In the final the very experienced pair of Mary & Conor Middleton ensured their hat-trick victory with some great bowling to beat St. Vincent’s Ina & David Foley by 12 shots to 5, thanks to a major blow with a 6 on the sixth end. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Bridie Hamilton, Albert Ruxton & Adrian Tanner. At the conclusion of play Bridie Hamilton the Conna Club Captain presented the prizes and also the Perpetual Trophy to Conor Middleton the Skip of the winning team.


The first official tournament of the 2010/2011 season was staged by the Carrigaline G.A.A. Bowls Club when they held the final session of their annual licensed triples (3-bowls) competition for the Barry Perpetual Trophy, played in the local G.A.A. Pavilion. In the semi-finals Ballincollig GAA Mary Boyde, Shelia O’Leary & P.J. Hagan beat Mitchelstown’s Veronica Caplice, Dave Casey & Jim Caplice. Also fighting through to the final, Carrigaline GAA’s Mary Galvin, Kathleen Cooney & Maurice Hayes beat Conna’s George Tanner, Bill Dineen and Adrian Tanner. In the final the Carrigaline G.A.A. trio of Mary Galvin, Kathleen Cooney & Maurice Hayes were in devastating for when they beat Ballincollig G.A.A.’s Mary Boyde, Shelia O’Leary & P.J. Hagan by 11 shots to 1. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Theresa Burke and John Noonan. The prizes were presented by John Noonan and the Barry Perpetual Trophy by Irene O’Sullivan to Maurice Hayes the Skip of the winning team.

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Douglas Community Bowls Club staged their annual licensed tournament for the May Murray Perpetual Trophy in the D.C.S. Sports Hall, with 54 teams doing battle for the top prizes. Fighting their way through to the semi-finals the Sacred Heart foursome of Mary Murphy, Denis Keane, Tim Murphy & Gerardine Keane beat Douglas GAA’s J. Howard, Tony Kenneally, Betty Kenneally & Paddy Barry. The Wilton quartet of Kay Hubert & Helen Burrows, Kay & Pat McCarthy McCarthy, Helen Burrows, HuWinners of the DCS May Murray Perpetual Trophy bert Burrows and Pat McCarthy also booked their place in the final with victory over the I.C.I.C.Y.M.A. team of Betty Shellard, Tim Prendeville, Chris McCarthy & George Tanner. The final proved to be an easy one for Kay McCarthy, Helen Burrows, Hubert Burrows and Pat McCarthy as the Wilton team Mary Murphy, Denis Keane, Tim Murphy & Gerardine Keane by 6 shots to 1. The Umpires on duty for the final session were Mary Boland, Eithna Linehan, John O’Driscoll, Sheila O’Driscoll, Sean O’Mahony, Michael J. O’Shaughnessy, Jack Russell, John Turner and Dan Williamson. The prizes were presented by Douglas Community Bowls Club Captain Betty McCarthy, with Michael Murray (Jnr.) presenting the May Murray Perpetual Trophy to the winning skip Pat McCarthy.

Michael J. O’Shaughnessy P.R.O. Cork Zone - I.I.B.A.


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Cardiganshire County Singles Ceri is the Champ

I know that some think that Bowls is an “old man’s game”, but of the 44 players, from most of the CSMBA clubs taking part in the first of the County events at the Cardigan Indoor Bowling Centre, four were under sixteen. From eleven groups, the winners plus the five best runners-up, went on to the knockout stage. Admittedly none of those four went on to the next stage, but of the sixteen that went on, many were very young. There were many close games and a good time was had by all, meeting people socially for the first time after the Summer break. In the quarter finals Jill Howells of Cilgerran met Ceri Jones of Rhydlewis and had a close contest. She lost by just one shot. Paul Edwards (Aberporth) played Osian Elias (Rhydlewis) for the second time of the day. This time Osian was unable to spring the surprise of beating Paul, but had drawn level by the end of the ten ends. However Paul managed to secure the winning shot in the extra end to go on to the next round. Darren Davies (Llandygwydd) played well against Alan Davies (Rhydlewis) to win his game, whilst in the last game Gethin Davies (Aberporth) had a close encounter with Alun Thomas (Rhydlewis) to win by just one point. Gethin is just seventeen at the end of the month, but shows great promise in this game. In the semi-finals, Darren played Paul and although close ends were played, it was Darren on the better side of the 16 – 5 score. On the other mat, Ceri had a very tight game Ceri Jones the winner and against Gethin. Ceri led throughout but Gethin runner-up Darren Davies was snapping at his heels all the way. In the final both Ceri and Darren were neck-and-neck with the occasional trade-mark call of Darrens “a bit of running” to sort out the head that Ceri had left him. Ceri however had the game under control and gradually crept ahead to be 4 points ahead by the final end, leaving Darren with the slim hope of getting all four to cause an extra end to be played. However, despite a bit of running, Ceri got a further two points to clinch victory. There was a game for the third/fourth positions, as the top three would go on to represent the County in National games next year. Paul Edwards was given a run for his money with some very close shots by both players. On the ninth end Gethin Davies was just one shot behind Paul who clung on to win this match and third place. So well done to Ceri Jones and commiseration’s to Darren, Paul and Gethin. Fourth placed Gethin Davies with third place winner Paul Edwards

Michael Martin

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with third player Audrey Stew. 12 - 6 was the final score in their semi-final against May Goodwin, Jean Bradley & Roy Sales. They were equally dominant against Bill LangNow established as a regular ham, Barbara Wilkins and venue on Breakaway Zena Lamparelli with a 12 - 6 Leisure’s Holiday circuit, the semi-final win. hotel has plenty of single Not to be outdone, Ray rooms and thus avoids the sinDeer Audrey & Jim Lamond gle supplement syndrome. went into the last end of their In the pairs, previous quarter final just 8 -7 up but a winners Clive & Olive Beaufour against Malcolm Petrie, mont eased their way through Betty Sadler & Margaret 12 - 3 over quarter final oppoPerkins gave them a 12 - 7 nents Margaret & Peter win. Regan. John Exall & May In the semi-finals, Seated Champions Clive & Olive Goodwin were their semiRay Audrey & Jim beat Beaumont with Margaret Howe final opponents and by end Kay McConville, Rita & & Anne Hurley six John & May led 6 - 3 Robin Quarterman 10 - 3. but Clive & Olive struck The final was as hard back with 8 shots in three fought as one would expect ends to win 11 - 6. up to the sixth end with Clive, In their quarter final, Olive & Audrey leading 6 - 2 Anne Hurley & Margaret but at this point they managed Howe were ahead 9 - 5 to step up the pace and with a against Ilse Wilkinson & 3 - 3 - 4 finish, Clive Olive & Zena Lamparelli and finally Audrey won 16 - 2. snuffed put their chances with In his Singles quarter fia four to win 13 - 5. It was nals, Ray Deer came from 3 much harder for Anne & Mar4 to run out a 9 - 4 winner garet in their semi-final as over Len Torode. His semiVerity Prior & Audrey Stew final opponent was David established an 8 - 5 lead. Buck and after a tough match After three more ends Ray took a single on the last Anne & Margaret led 10 - 8 Audrey Stew, Clive & Olive Beaumont end to win 7 - 5. going into the last end and with Jim & Audrey Lamond Joy Crang finished held Verity & Audrey to a and Ray Deer off her quarter final in style single, giving Anne & Maragainst Frank Goodwin, four congaret a single shot victory. secutive full house two gave her a 9 In the final Clive & Olive - 3 win. quickly stamped their mark on the In her semi-final she was 2 5 game and by end seven they led 10 down to Brian Fowler but five shots 2. A single and a four brought Anne in four ends gave her a 7 - 5 victory. & Margaret back into the match and In the final Joy found Ray gave them a glimmer of hope as they Deer too hot to handle and despite went into the last end, needing a taking single shots on the opening three to draw or a four to win but the two ends , Ray then took five cononly score was a single to Clive & secutive two’s to win 10 - 2 with the Olive giving them an 11 - 7 win. last three ends remaining unOlive & Clive were in outplayed. Singles Champion Ray Deer standing form in the Triple, along


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LAKESIDE Hayling Island

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against Mark Wardley, John & Margaret Young with a final scoreline of 13 - 4. The final was as anticipated a In the two-bowl Singles, after the cracking match. A 4 - 2 lead to round robins had been completed, Tony, Lonnie & Roly was quickly Barry Bell continued his road to the changed by a three, giving Isobel, final with an 8 - 3 quarter final win Alan & Julie a 5 - 4 lead. By the over Maureen Fyson. In the semi’s penultimate end Isobel, Alan & he met Alan Thornhill and duly ran Julie led 9 - 7 and Tony, Lonnie & out an 8 - 5 winner. Roly needed a two to draw and a Merry Huthwaite meanwhile three to win but in the end they had two very tight games. In the were held to a single shot, leaving quarter finals she found herself 1 - 6 Isobel Wardley, Alan & Julie down to Mark Wardley but four sinThornhill as 9 - 8 winners. gles and a two edged her home 7 - 6. In the Pairs, group winners in her semi-final with Gill Kent she Adrianne & Michael West had a started off well and led 5 - 1 and surprising and very comfortable 14 Seated Champions Michael & then 7 - 3. Gill fought back to 6 - 7 - 2 quarter final win over Gill Kent but a single on the final end gave Adrianne West with Barry & & Roly Fincham. In their semi-final Maureen Bell Merry an 8 - 6 victory. against Doreen Stone & Lis AppleIn the final she could ton they were 5 - 7 down not reproduce the same form with two ends to go but a as Barry Bell honed in on the two levelled the scores and a jack and ran out an 8 - 2 winfinal end three gave them a ner. 10 - 7 victory. In the Triples, having In their Pairs quarters won their round Robin Group, Barry & Maureen Bell came Isobel Wardley, Alan & Julie back from 2 - 4 against IsoThornhill were in devastating bel & Mark Wardley with six form in their quarter final shots over three ends to lead against Elisabeth Appleton, to lead 8 - 4 and conceded Pam & Ken Clark and ran out just a single on the last end to 13 - 0 winners with the last win 8 - 5. two ends unplayed. In their semi-final they Julie & Alan Thornhill and Isobel Wardley They were made to staged a great comeback with Roly Fincham, Lonnie Fyson work much harder in their against David & Barbara & Tony Kent semi-final with Cleone CurFrench and from 5 - 8 they tis, Pauline Adams & Daphne scored two two’s for a 9 - 8 win. Sheppard but won 8 - 5 in the end. In the final Adrianne & Tony Kent, Lonnie Fyson & Michael West took a 5 - 2 lead Roly Fincham scored a four on the after four ends but two ends later third end of their quarter final they were 5 - 7 down to Maureen against Gerry Russell, Bob & Barry Bell. Cousins & Margaret Hastings. A two evened up the score but another two to Maureen & This put them 4 - 3 up but Gerry, Barry put them ahead once again Bob & Margaret struck back with with only two ends to go. a stunning 5 and an 8 - 4 lead. However, a stunning four to Back came Tony, Lonnie & Adrianne & Michael gave them a Roly and they eventually won 11 two shot lead and a two on the last 9. They found their semi-final Singles Champion Barry Bell end ensured a 13 - 9 final victory. much easier, especially after with finalist Merry Huthwaite opening up with a full house six


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S PR IN G 2 01 1

F E B R U A RY 21st - 25th



Monday to Friday - Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales

28thFeb - 4th Monday to Friday - Langstone Cliff, Dawlish, Devon 7th - 11th Monday to Friday - Langstone Cliff, Dawlish, Devon


Price £239 £255 £255

* NOTE: Both Langstone dates include a free pre-dinner drink every evening and a free newspaper of your choice every morning.

14th - 18th 21st - 25th


Monday to Friday - Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset Monday to Friday - Carrington House, Bournemouth

28th Mar - 1st Apr Monday to Friday - Lakeside, Hayling Island

AU T U M N 2 0 1 1


23rd - 28th


Monday to Friday - Carrington House, Bournemouth

31st - 4th Monday to Friday - Langstone Cliff Hotel, Devon 7th - 11th Monday to Friday - Langstone Cliff Hotel, Devon

£189 £244 £199 Price £244 £255 £255

* NOTE: Both Langstone dates include a free pre-dinner drink every evening and a free newspaper of your choice every morning. 14th - 18th Monday to Friday - Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset 28th - 2nd Dec. Monday to Friday - Potters Leisure, Norfolk

£189 £244

Prices are per person based on two people sharing a room. Some holidays have single occupancy supplements and some do not - please ask. All breaks are half board. We usually organise 3 different competitions on each holiday, all starting on a round robin basis, thus ensuring that you get plenty of games. Each game is played to a set number of ends. We do not run timed events with whistle blowing etc., thus avoiding any rushing about.

BOWLING TOURS - We also arrange tours with matches against local players.

B R E A K A W AY L E I S U R E L t d .


Tel. 0121 - 286 - 9449

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