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Short Mat International

Autumn / Winter 2011-12



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Autumn / Winter 2011 - 12 ISSN 1456 - 0606 Annual UK subscription £9.95 Europe £11.95 (Sterling ONLY Please) Rest of the World £14.95 (Sterling ONLY Please) for four full issues per year








Editor: Bob Weafer


Short Mat International


Incorporating Short Mat World

2 Autumn Field, Four Seasons Winkleigh, Devon EX19 8DP Tel: 0121 - 286 - 9449

PLEASE NOTE: the entire staff of the magazine amounts to just one person - me! The magazine is put together in my often non-existant “spare time”. I regret I do not have the time to reply to letters. If you want to contact me either email or telephone me. I’m not looking for any sympathy, just the understanding that I am often very busy and do not have much time, especially for Hot Shots. The magazine comes out when it comes out and I’ve managed 18 years so far. Whatever our eventual publication dates, you get the full number of 4 issues per year that you have paid for. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated, as the alternative is no magazine at all. The views expressed in SMI are not necessarily those of the publishers nor any of the sport’s controlling bodies and no responsibility can be accepted for them. No part of this publication may be reproduced, copied or stored on any retrieval system without the prior and express approval of the Editor.

Bob Weafer


Whilst reasonable care has been taken in regard to the bona fides of advertisers. Readers are recommended to take their own precautions before making payments.

The Editor’s ramblings. By Irene & John Spencer From Tommy Dahlgren


READERS LETTERS Where you have your say

JULIA’S HOUSE £1,000 + raised for the Children’s Hospice

12 BOWLS DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE What the BDA does for our sport

14 THE WESSEX TOURNAMENT Holiday Tournament News

16 CHESHIRE VILLAGES NEWS A report by John Downs

18 AVON NEWS ROUNDUP From the Dave Sawyer’s “Natterjack”


99 and still bowling - by Trevor Holmes

21 EAST HANNINGFIELD NEWS From Steve Killington

22 NORFOLK COUNTY NEWS By Selwyn Goldsmith


By Michael O’Shaughnessy

26 KEWSTOKE’S NEW MAT WINDER A report from Kath Francombe

27 WELSH NEWS A report from Wales

28 WILTSHIRE COUNTY NEWS A full report fromGeoff Lane

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SHORT MAT CHAT Let me start by offering an apology and an explanation for this late issue. Yvonne (my wife) and I have sadly split up and I have moved 175 miles to Devon. This early move was not anticipated and created an enormous upheaval in my life. Unfortunately, the magazine had to take a back seat for a while as I had to dismantle the office, computers and printers and my personal possessions etc. Whilst also organising several Short Mat holidays. I also started to move all of my bowling equipment (I have 25 mats plus loads of ancilliry equipment), and this has only been partly done to date. However, there will be no disruption to the Short Mat holidays and these will be organised as normal. As to the magazine, it will come back to its normal run after the dust has settled on my move. After around 10 years I am also coming back to regular Short Mat bowling with the Winkleigh club in Devon and we are open to any tournament invitation in the South West. I have had to make this a combined Autumn/Winter issue but I am planning to make up for the missing copy with some bumper issues in the future, with the help of course of those submitting articles. The next issue will have reports of the British Isles

Championships, The Top team Challenge win by Cheshire and a report on the England ladies select team’s success against Armagh. I have a two page article on what exactly being registered blind is and a few club items are already trickling in but I need YOUR club and county news. Previous to all of this I must explain a cryptic note at the end of my last short mat chat about technical problems. It all started with my computer screen remaining blank when I started my computer, and it was an hour or so later when it finally worked. My computer guy who understood the depths of these things said there was a fault with my computer and could see in its it had been correcting faults for several weeks, so I bit the bullet and ordered a new computer to be built. This duly arrived and he spent most of the day setting it all up with some but not all of the software I needed. About an hour after he had left my screen was blank and it turned out that this was faulty as well as my computer and I ordered a new computer screen. When it arrived I had lost almost two weeks of time I would have spent finishing the magazine and I did not have all the software I needed. Another delay and it ended up nearly three weeks. Problems with the printing company and a lost email made it a month’s delay before I finally got the finished magazine out but with some missing text and a couple of problems with photos that I still cannot resolve. Anyway I did succeed in getting SMI out but I do seem to

be struck with constant 3 problems with changing Quark files into PDF’s. In between times I had email problems as my email program (Outlook Express), was no longer supported by Microsoft and I had to switch to another supposedly better email program but I don’t like it AND lost most of my previous magazine emails in the process, including one or two articles I had not yet downloaded. Thus the latter half of 2011 turned out to be a bloody awful and disastrous time in many ways, so I am looking for a good 2012 to get everything and my life back on track. Below I have published my new address but my telephone number (0121 286 - 9449) AND all of my email addresses remain unchanged. Anyway, I hope you liked the bumper issue and that there was something in it for everyone? I intend to create more bumper issues giving you all the pages you would have had from 4 issues to reset my 4 issues from the Autumn of 2012, although I have another proposal in mind. As ever I am looking for your news and views. Very few have commented on the possibility of creating ladies only events and this lack of comment has surprised me but remember, you can comment anonymously, provided I know who you are.

NEW ADDRESS: 2 Autumn Field Four Seasons Winkleigh Devon EX19 8DP


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Ottery St Mary SMBC Summer Cup

Ottery St Mary SMBC held their annual Summer Cup competition, with 32 players from Avon, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, who were divided into eight groups of four. The winner and runner up from each group would proceed through to the next round. Peter Sydenham won all his games in group one, Geoff Nutty from Avon won group two, Eric Pavey group three with Janet Cuff winning group four. The winners played the runners up on different mats, Eric and Geoff the only winners through. Hazel Roost from Somerset and Mike Turnball from Avon joined Finalist Geoff Nutty and them as the first 4 through in the top half winner Sue Cockerham of the draw. David Martin had won group 5, Maurice Kibby won group 6, Frank Paige group 7 and Sue Cockerham successful in group 8. As previous the winners played runners up with David, Frank and Sue being joined by David Collins from Somerset in the four qualifiers from the bottom half of the draw. In the quarter finals Mike Turnball beat David Martin by one shot on the last end as did Geoff Nutty beat David Collins both games being all square after seven ends. Eric Pavey came from behind to beat Frank Paige by scoring two on the last end. Sue picked her mat quicker than Hazel and did not need to play the last end. The semi-finals pitted Eric against Sue, all Devon and Mike verses Geoff, all Avon. Eric began the stronger in his match but Sue then came good winning the last four ends to win 11 – 4. Geoff and Mike had a similar game with Geoff winning his last four ends to win 8 – 3. The final was one of the best seen, all square after 2 ends, 5 ends, 7 ends and 9 ends only the last end to go and this could have gone either way. Sue was holding shot with Geoff to play, who missed the jack by a fraction but leaving Sue the victor 8 – 7. The club ran a raffle and refreshments were available all day, our thanks to Ron and his team. The club were grateful to all members and players who assisted with the smooth running of a very successful day. The club are always looking for new members if interested please ring 0140 481 1423 and speak to Irene or Paul.

Ottery Charity Weekend

Ottery St Mary held their annual Charity Fours “The Ron Berry Cup” event, with sixteen teams from Avon, Devon, Dorset and Somerset in two groups of eight. Each team played four other teams on different mats a final between the group winners to decide the overall champion.

Fours Winners David & Karen Tripp with Monica Simons and Maurice Kibby for Bow.

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5 In-group 1 after both 2 and 3 rounds both Hutton and Oaketree had 100% records. In the fourth round they played each other, a cracking game which ended in a last wood draw to make the result a tie 8 all. Oaketree made the final as they had the better-shot difference. In group 2 after 3 games each Woodbury were the only 100% team, Sidbury only one point behind. The fourth round matches altered everything, Finalists Bill, Dee, Vivienne & Toni for Oaketree. Woodbury lost to Anstey and Sidbury lost to the Motley Crew leaving Bow to reach the final by one shot. The final again over 10 ends proved one game too many for Oaketree. Bow gained an early lead to go 6 – 1 up after 4 ends and although Oaketree tried, Bow were not to be denied. The following day the Marshall Triples was held. The same format was used but played over 12 ends. Both Sidbury and the Motley Crew won their opening 3 games. The fourth round games saw Sidbury win with the Motley Crew dropping a point being held by Staplegrove 15 – 15. Sidbury into the final. Group 2, the favourites after 3 games were the All Sorts with Hutton and Lyme Regis following closely. All Sorts lost to Newton Poppleford, Winners Doug French, Caroline & Eric Pavey Huton lost to Crewkerne with Lyme Regis winning by one shot against Kingsteignton to join Sidbury in the final. The final again over 12 ends, Sidbury took an early lead which was pegged back to 6 – 6 after six ends. Lyme Regis then went ahead. This spurred the Sidbury team who then took 7 shots without reply. With two ends to go Sidbury were 13 – 7 up. Lyme Regis again came back but could only gain 3 shots leaving Sidbury the winners. Leukaemia Fund (ELF). Ron and his team worked tirelessly in the kitchen with Jean & Pam arranging the raffle, with Paul and Brab in charge of the bowling. The final figures have yet to be finalised but at the moment a sum of around £1000.00 will be on its way. My thanks go to all the bowlers who attended and all the helpers for their generosity.

Irene & Paul Spencer

Finalists Alan Nabarro, Edna & Pete Johnson

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SWEDISH NEWS Tommy triumphed in the Bowls Final

The sixteen best players from this year's Swedish bowls tour competed for the title Swedish Bowl Tour champion. Fourteen of the best in Sweden and two very well-qualified players from Belgium took part in this very tough singles competition. The Swedish bowling tour in 2011 included four events to be one in each discipline and the top sixteen due to the ranking was invited to this From left Mats Andersson, masters of the tour event. Many of Dimitri Payne, Tommy Dahlgren, the main favourites were eliminated Marcus AlmĂŠn. during the group stage where both Tommy and Bente Dahlgren from Grebbestad won their groups. Even Stromstad player Marcus AlmĂŠn showed out very well during the preliminary group stage. The fourth group winner was the young belgian player Dimitri Payne his father Jonathan did not manage to get through to the group stages. The final which was very well played and was won by Sweden's team coach Tommy Dahlgren who showed the young Dimitri Payne from Belgium "the swedish steel". The result in the final was 6-5, 6-4 to the Swedish bowls president who will now begin the final planning for the World Cup with the knowledge that Sweden's twenty IF YOU CAN BUY CHEAPER man squad have good class of players to ELSEWHERE WE WILL MATCH show the world . IT AND REFUND THE For Dimitri who will play singles at the DIFFERENCE! World Cup in the spring in Northern Ireland was this the fifth tournament in Sweden this year. They have been good ambassadors for European bowls in Sweden. Sweden would still like more players from the British Isles to join our tournaments. The Swedish Bowls Tour 2012 is open for everyone. A special welcome to all abroad players to join our annual Nordic check out our prices Open in triples. for all bowls equipment Played in the town of Landskrona (1 and accessories hour by train from Copenhagen international airport) in the south of Sweden. Dates are Worthing Bowls Centre first weekend in September 2012 (Saturday We supply anywhere you want! 1st & Sunday 2nd).



CALL US 01903 201345

Tommy Dahlgren

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Cerne Abbas Charity Competitions 2011


The ‘Six of the Best’ is an annual invitation charity competition held by Cerne Abbas SMBC in Dorset. This year six teams from Dorset, Devon and Somerset were invited to compete in Singles, Pairs and Triples on August 6th. In order to invite more teams and repay the many clubs who invite Cerne players to their competitions, this year Cerne also held a 12 team charity Triples competition. Cancer Research UK is a charity of special significance to several club members recently and was this year’s nominated charity. The club would like to thank all those who contributed, participated and assisted, allowing it to raise over £1,200 for this worthy cause.

‘Six of the Best’ Competition This year’s six teams comprised locals Hazelbury Bryan from Dorset, Hutton, Milborne Port and the holders, Templecombe, from Somerset, and Upottery and Wonford from Devon. James Smith of Wonford (Exeter) won Best Singles on shot difference from Dorset County Team 6 of the best winners and runners-up Manager, Brian Baker of Hazelbury Bryan, who also scored maximum points. Best Pair were Milborne Port, the only Pair with maximum points. Best Triples were Wonford, again the only team with a maximum score. Wonford were the leading qualifiers for the final. This year’s Dorset League winners, Hazelbury Bryan, narrowly edged out Somerset supremoes, Templecombe, on shot difference for the other final place. Templecombe had won the competition each year since it started, three years ago, and this year had once again gained the top two places in Division 1 of the Blackmore Vale League (Somerset/Dorset). In the final Singles, James Smith soon established a winning lead over Brian Baker. Although Hazelbury won the Pairs convincingly, Wonford took the Triples by a good margin, to run out 4-2 overall winners at the second attempt.

Cerne Abbas Invitation Triples Each of the 12 teams played four games, the winner being the team with most points. The result was in doubt until the final end being bowled. Colyton (Devon) had finished with six points and a much better shot difference than West Hill (Devon), also on six points, but bowling the final round against Ilchester (Somerset). The lead changed several times during the game, but West Hill were one down with one end to play. Everyone raised their game for the final end with the shot changing hands almost every time a wood was bowled. However, David Tarr, skipping West Hill, bowled two great woods under some pressure to win the competition as the only team with June Balbinski (left) presenting the trophy maximum points. to the Wonford winning triple. Eugene Balbinski

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Hi Bob, An incident at a recent match has prompted me to put it to you, as it may be a point for discussion in the magazine. Our competition league requires two teams of four players. In this league the away team play both matches on the same mat. An opponent, finding he could not manage the mat effectively, changed his woods for the second match to play on the same mat. Referring to ESMBA rules, it states woods can be changed during a game, only if damaged or not complying with law B1. The question is whether this rule would relate to the match overall, or be classed as two individual games, with the wood swop being allowed. To me, remaining on the same mat for the second game and changing woods to suit the surface, in this instance, is clearly gaining an advantage during the match. Comments via yourself or magazine would be appreciated.

David Buck.

Hi David, you have raised a very interesting point indeed. The rule F7 (page 21 in the latest spiral bound rule book), uses the word game and not match and it all hinges on the word game. The rule book states “A game of bowls shall be played on 1 rink mat or several rink mats. It shall consist of a specified number of ends or shall be played for any period of time as previously arranged.” I would say that if the overall match consisted of one continuous game split into two halves, then the player has no right to change bowls. However, if the overall match consists of two games then the player has the perfect right to change bowls in compliance with law F7. If for instance you were playing in a tournament and were drawn on a mat you had previously played no-one could object to a change of bowls as it is not a continuous game. Gaining advantage from changing bowls in the circumstance you describe is another question altogether. Also, if the score was continuous i.e. the score was carried forward to the second game, this raises yet more questions. However, if I was umpiring I would not do as other umpires have done and invent rules, I would have stuck to the book an allowed the change. This could also be a further disadvantage to the player concerned as their “new” bowls could be worse as they have not played with them and they could find the mat even more difficult. I hope some readers will also reply AND draw the distinction between their personal opinion and what exactly the rules say.


Dear Bob, Personally, I do not think in terms of Ladies or Men – to me they are all just Bowlers. Each sex produces some good bowlers and some not so good and all should be judged according to their ability. We do have 2 of our ladies in the full England squad and 6 in our own county team I would like to believe they were all chosen because they were judged to be better bowlers than some of the men who did not make the squad. As far as I am aware, the England Ladies team were put together by the ESMBA as a result of a challenge from the Irish and not as part of some plot to split the sport. I do not think your assertion that “It would be quite easy to split parts of our sport as they do in Ireland” is correct as surely any move in this direction would require national support from the wider membership.

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Any such move would I believe, receive zero support in North Yorkshire either at 9 County or Club level. If you are aware that other counties favour such a move, perhaps you should produce the evidence – or get them to express their view through your magazine. How the Irish organise their affairs is up to them and none of our business!

Roger Green

Ed, Firstly let me say that with all the input and scuttlebut I get and with my ear to the ground as usual. There are those ladies who would not be averse to their own National events and your view seems exclusively North Yorkshire. How I can reproduce private conversations beats me unless I tape everyone who speaks to me. Secondly, when forming the Association in full during the 1980’s we fought very hard indeed to ensure there was no segregation whatsoever. You must also accept that the decision to form a Ladies select to play Armagh did not get through the ESMBA Committee without some concerns about setting precedents. These I certainly share and whilst I have no problem with the odd ladies event I would not be in favour of separate Nationals or County teams etc. Nor did I suggest this but it would not be that difficult to organise, albeit a lot more expensive for the ESMBA. Thirdly, I don’t think I ever suggested any interference into how the Irish Association conducts its affairs and I’m not sure where this thought came from.


Julia’s House Charity event raises over £1,000 The second annual charity bowls tournament was held at the Dorset Bowls Resort, set in the lovely Dorset countryside, close to Bere Regis, with a back drop of the Purbeck Hills. Thirty six teams from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon and Dorset entered this Fours competition, played on 9 mats. Each team played four games against randomly selected opponents, starting at 9.00am with continuous play through to 5pm. Winners left to right: Beau & Marilyn Night, The entry fee included a hot cooked Bev Champion (Owner), Joyce House lunch. With 72 players on the arena for (Organiser), Pam & Ken Ashman each game, it was a full and well managed day. The venue was again kindly donated by Bev & John Champion, who also took part in the competition, organised by Larry & Joyce House, supported by Reg & Sandy Whitear. It wasn’t until the 8th and final game before the eventual winners were known, they were two teams from Dorset. Runners-up were from Hazelbury Bryan with 8 points + 30 shots, the winners being a team from the Flight Refuelling club with 8 points + 47 shots. The day’s events raised over £1,000, which will go to the charity ‘Julia’s House’, a children’s hospice in Corfe Mullen, Dorset. A great days bowling, so well done to all the competitors and organisers.

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Short Mat at POTTERS HOPTON-ON-SEA Mon. 28th May - Fri. 1st June 2012


Full Board Per Person

This Summer event is being organised by Bob Weafer from Breakaway Leisure and places are genuinely limited.

Your tournaments include our usual optional 3 events, all starting on a round robin basis. Pairs, Triples and an evening Singles, and you choose what you enter.

In addition to a £249 standard bungalow you also have the choice of Bungalow plus at £269 or Hotel accommodation at £309.

We are also organising an Autumn Potters break from the 26th - 30th November 2012. Enquiries - Telephone 0121 - 286 - 9449 Website

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Bowls Development Alliance

The Bowls Development Alliance is an umbrella organisation for four bowls disciplines: Bowls England (flat green outdoor), English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd. (flat green indoor), British Crown Green Bowling Association (crown green outdoor) and the English Short Mat Bowling Association (short mat indoor). All partners are committed to working together under the Bowls Development Alliance to develop the great sport of bowls. The vision for the Bowls Development Alliance is for bowls to become the number one participation sport from the cradle to the grave with the aim that it is recognised by Sport England as the body that drives the development of bowls across the whole country. One of the of the main objectives of the Bowls Development Alliance is to grow the sport .The challenge set by Sport England is to bring 12,000 new people aged 65+ into the sport by 2013.Although this is a main focus a lot of the work undertaken by the alliance will engage with people across a wider age range although not presently with young people .Bowls is seen by Sport England as one of the few sports that can keep the aging population active It is also important that levels of membership are sustained within the 6,700 clubs across the country .It is important that clubs have processes in place that ensure they are run smoothly and effectively and are able to bring in new members and offer a service to them that keeps them in that club .Clubs that have youth sections can work towards Club Mark accreditation which is a kite mark that shows the club is a quality establishment .The Bowls Development Alliance can support clubs through this process. Coaching has a very important part to play in the development of a sport .The Bowls Development Alliance will develop a coaching strategy that puts the needs of the coach first and that identifies the priorities for coaching and coach development In Bowls as with other sports, volunteers are the life blood of the sport and the need for new volunteers has never been greater .It is important that we address this need and look to how we can encourage more volunteers to come forward .We also need to recognise that we need more coaches, referees and umpires if the game of bowls is to survive The Bowls Development Alliance are working in ten intervention areas .In these areas there are representatives from all four of the bowls codes working together with key partners including the County Sport Partnership and local authority sports development officers to support clubs to increase membership .Each area produces a delivery plan that identifies key clubs that require support to deliver programmes that will bring new people into the sport In order to hit the 65+ target the Bowls Development Alliance will also be working in some key local authority areas where data shows that there is a high percentage of this target group living there who could be encouraged to take up bowls. “Have Mat Will Travel” is a road show that travels around the country attending high profile events and venues where there is a high footfall of people passing by. Equipment is available for people to “have a go” .Local clubs support the event and the aim is to encourage as many people as possible to join a local club .A voucher is offered that gives 1hr free coaching at one of the clubs. The Bowls Development Alliance are keen to raise the profile of the sport and as such are producing new marketing materials including DVD’s which will help enthuse and motivate people to get involved with the sport. The challenge is there to be met and the Bowls Development Alliance will work with the four National Governing Bodies of Bowls to meet that challenge. For further information visit the website:

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Wessex Somerset

- 5 result over Margaret Denham, Eleanor & Francis Hawkey . The Monday night fun In the final Barbara, bowls drive was won by Sheila & Tony certainly Gill Silver, Bob Stock & had the edge over Cyril Mavis Hardy, racking up Glenn, Nicky Trickett & a shots plus of 21 after Allen Marriott and evencompleting their 4 tually ran out 10 - 4 winrounds with a 31 - 10 ners. In the pairs Verity scoreline. Prior & Barbara Buse The quarter fihad a tremendous tussle nals of the singles saw with Nick Trickett & Allen Mick Evans beat Bridget Marriott but edged Singles Champion John Young Evans 9 - 2. Barbara throughtheir quarter final with finalist Bridget Hallowes Buse the beat Brian 7 - 6. Channer 8 - 5. Bridget & G o r d o n Michael Evans beat Denham finished his former champions quarter final with Francis & Eleanor three consecutive Hawkey 11 - 7. Joinsingle for an 8 - 5 win ing the semi-final lineover Mark Hooper. up, Derek & Sheila Completing the Oxley scored a 10 - 5 round, Francis victory over Rose & Hawkey scored a last Ted Uren. end single for a 7 - 6 The last victory over Sheila quarter final was won Oxley. by Vera Smith & Francis then Seated Triples Champion Christine Williams went out 2 - 8 in his Ray Screen, Margaret & John Young with a 9 - 3 scoreline with finalists Ken Clark, semi-final against Gorover Cyril Glenn & Vicki & Michael Ironmonger don Denham. ComTony Nelson. pleting the final line-up Vera & Christine Barbara Buse beat Mick then had a very hard semiEvans 7 - 4. final with Verity Prior & BarBarbara continued bara Buse but lost out 8 - 9. in great form in the final Derek & Sheila beating Gordon Denham 7 Oxley scored a two on the 4. last end against Bridget & Both of the triples Michael Evans and made it semi-finals ended with simito the final 10 - 8. lar scorelines, first Cyril In the final Derek & Glenn, Nicky Trickett & Allen Sheila were in sparkling Marriott beat Vera Smith, form and despite all the efDerek & Sheila Oxley by 9 forts of Verity & Barbara shots to 5. they couldn’t prevent Then Barbara Bell, Seated Pairs Champion Margaret Sheila & Derek winning 16 & John Young with finalists Sheila & Tony Nelson had a 10 - 3. Barry Redgate & Margaret Stock


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Larry looks around the room and sees that it is in a perfect order, spotless, clean. So's the rest of the house. He takes the aspirins and notices a note on the table "Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to go shopping. Love you." So he goes to the kitchen and sure enough there is a hot breakfast and the morning newspaper. His son is also at the table, eating. Larry asks, "Son, what happened last night?" His son says, "Well, you came home after 3 A.M., drunk and delirious. Broke some furniture, puked in the hallway, and gave yourself a black eye when you stumbled into the door." Confused, Larry asks, "So, why is everything in order and so clean, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me?" His son replies, "Oh that! Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off you said, "Lady leave me alone, I'm married'!"

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Alan Whitelegg with the Shield on behalf of the winning team, Lach Dennis

CHESHIRE VILLAGES INDOOR BOWLS TOURNAMENT It seems a long time ago that we started this glorious tournament. Although Cheshire has been divided into "Cheshire East" and "Cheshire West and Chester"; we have the continuity of The Cheshire Villages Indoor Bowls Tournament and long may it be supported. Way back in Group One, Padgate and Comberbach couldn't separate themselves, each game between them a draw, at home and away. With Guilden Sutton, they were out in front early in the fray but with the last game in the Group, between Croft 'A' and Kelsall; Kelsall finished at the bottom and Croft 'A' leap frogged to the top. Guilden Sutton claimed second place over Padgate by two points, who in turn were only one point ahead of Comberbach. Wow! Group Two were always chasing enthusiastic, newcomers Rudheath 'A'. They did fail at Chorley Village Hall but took satisfying revenge at Rudheath. Chorley Village Hall managed to hang on to second place ahead of Rixton and Antrobus but they were al-

ways watching their tails. Farndon were unbeaten in Group Three, with a draw against Kelsall Boothdale being their worst result. Rudheath'B' struggled at the bottom in this, their first season in the tournament. I am sure that now that they have found their feet we shall see better results next season. Come on Rudheath 'B'! Croft 'B' 14 - Lach Dennis 0, in their first game, was this the end of Lach Dennis, the Tournament Champions? It was not to be; they won all their subsequent games. Mere/Tabley and Croft 'B' was where the real battle was in Group Four. They finished with identical points, with Mere/Tabley standing down by only 10 aggregate points. High Legh were unlucky to finish at the bottom in spite of having won the same number of games as Croft 'B'. The eight successful teams vied, on changed mats from last year, to produce the semi-finalists. None of the losing quarter finalists scored more than four points; it seemed easy for the winning teams, who had all won their Group. The following week, both of the semi-finals were splendidly close. Lach Dennis and Rudheath 'A' produced one of those matches where the biffo was decided around one point left to right - Pairs Winners, Jack Hardman of one end in the game. Lach Dennis and Dave Hankey held their nerve to win.

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17 Farndon, in the other semi-final, had a close encounter with Croft 'A' but lost out in the end. Lach Dennis were the victors over Croft 'A' in the final. The captain, Alan Whitelegg received the shield on behalf of the Club. As well as the semi-finals and final on the last day, a pair’s knockout competition is organised by Ron Dumbervand. The final was contested between David Hankey (Antrobus) and Jack Hardman (Rudheath 'A') against David Haines (Croft 'A') and Milo Ellis (Kelsall Boothdale). Dave and Jack were the successful pair. It is fun to see how the randomly chosen pairs sort themselves out over the day. Thanks must go to Ron, Ann Dahinten and Glen Haines for some split second decisions made during the day. The organizer is always right! Jan Trownson and granddaughter Megan did well with both of the raffles. Thank you. We cringe to think where the Tournament would be and how unhappy, treasurer, Maureen Stant would be without the income from our little flutter. Thanks to Neil Trownson for getting down on his knees with the tapes over the sessions and also keeping the Committee in order. Finally, thanks to all the bowlers who sustain the Tournament through their respective clubs. Without you we would have no raffle! Seriously, we need more clubs. To those clubs that used to be part of the tournament I would say that there have been some changes in the running of the competition and it may be worth a re-think. To clubs who have not yet joined us, we have fun and a bit of competition will improve your game. Please join us, we need to have another team name on the Tournament Shield. Contact John Downs on

John Downs


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AVON COUNTY S.M.B.A. Philip Warr wins the County Singles

After a couple of aborted attempts to run this competition the initial round robin matches were eventually commenced at the Bristol Bowling Centre. This date had been booked for an Avon Squad practice session, but the Captain and I.C.C. Secretary kindly agreed to postpone the start until the afternoon. The entry was only twelve players, seven of whom came from Winterborne, three from Whitchurch and one each from Saltford and Pucklechurch. Whilst I understand that a singles game is not everyone’s cup of tea, twelve players from over Champion Philip Warr with Avon three hundred E.S.M.B.A. registered is a very Chairman Terry Goodhind low, disappointing level of interest. We were treated to a high level of bowling expertise, and, at the end of the round robin, the winners of each group and the best runner-up went forward to the semi-final, which was held two weeks later at the same venue. Not surprisingly, three of the semi-finalists came from Winterboume club!! You probably realise that a singles game requires a marker, who has very special duties, the hardest of which is to remain neutral and not give directions. Players were very helpful in offering to fulfil this duty, for which 1 gratefully thank them. Delvene Sherman played Ray Deer in one semi. The two were well matched with first one taking the lead, then the other but by the tenth end (all games were eleven ends), Delvene led l0 — 8. Ray scored one more shot, not quite sufficient to win the game. The other semi was played between Barry Banwell and Philip Warr. Barry put up a strong fight in the middle of the game but on the day Philip proved the stronger and went on to meet Delvene in the final. Finalist Delvene Sherman The final was a real eye-opener, the standard of with Terry Goodhind play was excellent, with Delvene going into a 5-0 lead at the start Philip took the next three ends to draw level, and so it went on. After seven ends they were all square at 7 each. Philip took the next three ends to go into the lead; Delvene fought really well but was just unable to score enough to overcome him. So, once again, Philip Warr won the Avon Singles, this time by the slender margin of a single shot at 10 - 9. We are used to seeing his name on the cup, but watch this space. Delvene Sherman proved a worthy opponent and has been chosen to play in the singles for Avon.

Joan Hamblin

Competitions organiser

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Winterbourne Open Mixed 4’s Competition


The Club’s Annual Mixed 4’s Competition was held at the Community Centre, with teams from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Clubs in the local County of Avon came to participate. Over 64 players assembled in 16 teams and the competition was arranged into 2 groups of 8 teams to each play 5 games throughout the day. Winterbourne Chairman Ted King MBE (centre) Members of our Short with the winners Joan & Stan Hamblin, Mat Bowls Club first welcomed David Jones & Yvonne Knight our visitors to the smell of Bacon Butties (which were eagerly purchased) and with free teas, coffees and biscuits available throughout the day, were able to be well provided for to start the days bowling. Lunches of ample portions were made available in two sittings where the pre-ordered menu offered Lasagne, Salads, Apple Pies, Summer Puddings (with lashings of Cream or lce Cream or Custard) were well received by all at the mid-point of the competition before play commenced again. The afternoon brought match results that sometimes were pleasing whilst others brought despair, and as the afternoon progressed, it looked like certain teams were happily going forward to the finish line. The maximum target for all the teams was to achieve l0 Points (by winning all 5 games) and with one session left to play for all 16 teams there was little to choose between Marshfield (7Pts), Saltford (7Pts), Timsbury (6Pts), Crudwell (6Pts) and Fownhope (6Pts). The final series of matches brought disappointment for Marshfield (losing 4-7) and Fownhope (losing 3-7). The others finished their day by winning leaving unbeaten Saltford the clear winners with 9Pts and Timsbury being Runners-up with 8Pts just pipping Crudwell (who also had 8Pts) by having a greater shots difference. The day ended with Club Chairman Ted King MBE presenting Trophies to the winners and runners-up and thanked all the players who participated in a very successful day that raised The Avon news was £742 that will be donated to the Winterbourne Community Cenextracted from the tre. ln addition, thanks were made to all club members who “Natterjack” by the helped in all areas of the Community Centre throughout the day, kind permission of especially Cas Hughes who prepared and cooked all the food. Dave Sawyer

The Bathroom A man has five items in his bathroom: a toothbrush, shaving cream, razor, a bar of soap, and a towel relocated from a hotel chain. The average number of items in the typical woman's bathroom is 337. A man would not be able to identify most of these items.

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Fred Rockwell 99 and still bowling!


St Luke’s Short Mat Bowls Club held a small celebration in honour of Fred Rockwell’s 99th birthday on 2nd October. Fred bowls with the club every Wednesday afternoon and as Marge, his wife, said "Bowling is the highlight of the week for Fred". Before the war Fred worked in an upmarket printer/stationary supplier situated in Berkley Square in the west end of London. The company customers included members of the aristocracy who had bespoke requirements. Fred joined the RAF in the 2nd World War and volunteered to replace his comrade who was due to be posted overseas. He found himself in Rhodesia where he met and Married Marge. They returned to England after the war where Fred took up his previous employment. Suitable living accommodation to raise a family was difficult to find in post war London so they returned to Rhodesia where they found employment with a mining company. Fred worked for the same company until his retirement until the age of 73. He then pursued his passion for photography and undertook covering local events and weddings where his sense of humour was a great asset. Fred's other passion was cars. When Fred brought a new model, which he did frequently, there was always someone waiting to buy his old car as he kept them in immaculate condition, any door banging or marks on seats were not tolerated. Fred and Marge came to Overton because of the political unrest in Zimbabwe and have settled happily in the village. They have a daughter and two grandchildren of whom they are very proud. This season, at the age of 99, Fred is playing the best bowls he has played since he joined the club three years ago!

Trevor Holmes

St Luke's SMBC Overton, Hampshire

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For all makes of carpets New & Secondhand. Carpet handling machines, Bowls, Clothes and a full range of accessories etc.

Mail order catalogue

01689 - 855899 2 Church Road, Farnborough Village Orpington, Kent. BR6 7DB

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This year East Hanningfeld’s Charity Triples raised £420 for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The winners of the competition this year were Canvey Westwood (Mick Horn, Heather & Frank Amoss) who beat West Hanningfield (Alan Muge, Sue & Bob Quarterman) on a deciding end. The competition was contested by 14 teams this year in two groups of seven with the winner of each group going through to the final. The final was very even with the scores level at 3 each after 4 ends but after 7 ends West Hanningfield were leading by 7 The standing winners are Mick Horn, Heather shots to 5. Canvey then took 2 singles to force a & Frank Amoss and the seated runners up are deciding end which they won without bowling Sue Quarterman, Alan Muge, their last wood. Thanks go to all the helpers Bob Quarterman. & the umpire for the day Ursula Sapsford.


This year the Hannas fours was contested by sixteen teams & won by Sanguine who went through the whole day without losing a game. The day started with Stonyhill 2 thumping Canvey 12-0 but only managing to win two more games all day with Canvey only winning one game all day. Sanguine skipped by B. Clarke won their first game 9-8 & there 2nd game was close as well 5-3 in their favour. After the fourth round of games Sanguine were level with the Essex u/18s skipped by M. Young on points but had a superior shot advantage of 25 to 10 & chasing them only 1 point behind were East Tilbury & Woodlands.

Runners-up Essex Under 18s L - R Sadie Young, Mia Lepore, Nick Sharp & Mitchell Young

Winners, Sanguine L-R Brenda Neill, Barry Clarke, Pauline Pammant & Theresa Kidd In the last two rounds the Essex u/18s beat East Tilbury 8-4 then surprisingly lost to Woodlands 4-13, while Sanguine beat Woodlands 98 & East Tilbury 5-1. This left Woodlands in 3rd place with 9 points & the Essex u/18s (S & M Young, N. Sharp & M. Lepore) in 2nd with Sanguine (B. Neil, B. Clarke, P. Pammant & T. Kidd) the worthy winners on the day. Thanks go to the umpire for the day John Hurst & a big thank you to all the helpers on the day & especially everyone in the kitchen who served up a great roast beef dinner for everyone. Steve Killington Secretary

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NORFOLK NEWS norfolk county pairs

David Lamb of Halvergate & Jon Sparham of Hempnall won their first ever Norfolk County Pairs title on a dramatic extra end at Lakeside. Chris East of Hempnall & Charlie Archer of Broome looked to have their hands on the Norfolk News trophy with one end to go but they had a melt By Selwyn Jenkins down on the last scheduled end and conceded four shots which took the final into a sudden death extra end on which Lamb & Sparham scored two shots. It was the first Norfolk Pairs final for all four bowlers and after four ends the score was tied at 3-3. Charlie Archer played a great bowl on the fifth end to take his pair 4-3 up and, despite a super last bowl from Jon Sparham, the next end earned East & Archer another single and they moved 5-3 up. The seventh end saw Chris East put Lamb & Sparham under intense pressure with a great opening wood and Charlie Archer consolidated their position putting them 7-3 up with one scheduled end to play. With Lamb & Sparham needing a full house to force an extra end East & Archer just needed a good bowl in the Norfolk County Pairs Champions head. David Lamb & Jon Sparham Unfortunately for them the pressure seemed to tell as they failed to find the killer wood leaving David Lamb & Jon Sparham to draw in the four bowls they needed. The extra end saw Lamb & Sparham now dominating the game as they drew their woods to the jack while their opposition overdrew to the back. Charlie Archer attacked the head with his last bowl in an attempt to force the jack back but it was not to be as Lamb & Sparham took two shots to win 9-7. In the play-off for third place Jenny & Peter Walker of Thorpe Marriott beat Chris & Tyrone Musk of Connaught 8-4. David Lamb & Jon Sparham reached the Norfolk County Pairs Finalists final with a close 7-6 semi-final win over the Walkers in a Chris East & Charlie Archer game that was tied at 6-6 with an end to go. Chris East & Charlie Archer beat the Musks 12-1 in the other semi-final. Defending champions Andrew Stratton & Chris Mann of Wymondham went out in the last 16 against Jenny & Peter Walker who beat them by 9-7. Three times champion Nigel Willard, playing with Bob Carter team-mate Trevor Brown, looked on course for another final but they went down by 9-5 against East & Archer in the quarter-finals.

Dewing the business in the Norfolk County Triples The final was an all Sprowston affair in the Norfolk County Triples Championship, with Linda Chadwick, Les Chadwick & David Dewing defeating Margaret Poynter, Joan Costello & John Poynter by 13-2 in a one-sided final. It was the Chadwick’s first county title but a second for Dewing who had lifted the County Fours title in 1999.

Norfolk County Triples Champions David Dewing, Linda & Les Chadwick

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In the third place play-off Wymondham’s Andrew Stratton, Debbie Phillips & Chris Mann won 23 by 8-3 against Jenny & Peter Walker of Thorpe Marriott playing with Haddiscoe’s Kerry Greenacre. Both semi-finals were close with Dewing’s triple claiming their final place with an 8-7 extra end victory against Peter Walker while John Poynter’s triple beat England international Chris Mann 8-6. The strong looking triple of Nigel Willard of Carter, John Turner of Tuddenham & Melvin Woods of Carter were beaten 7-5 by Mann’s triple in the quarter-finals. Another big triple to exit at that stage were David Lamb of Halvergate, Jon Sparham of Hempnall & Trevor Brown of Carter who lost 8-5 to the eventual champions from Sprowston.

norfolk Mixed fours Sue Hunt, Margaret Reynolds, Jason Woods & Melvin Woods of Bob Carter are the new Norfolk Mixed Fours Champions after they defeated Shirley & Joe Brown of Costessey, Lesley Crowe of First Bus & George Clarke of Hevingham in a close game at Lakeside. It was the second Norfolk Mixed Fours title for Sue Hunt but the first time any of the others in the rink had lifted the title. Jenny Walker of Thorpe Marriott, Jean Woods of Bob Carter, Jon Sparham of Hempnall & David Lamb of Halvergate snatched a third place play-off win with a great last end against Colin Coman, Maureen Munford, Elaine Oatway & Bob Oatway of First Bus.

Norfolk Mixed Fours Champions Melvin Woods, Sue Hunt, Margaret Reynolds & Jason Woods

George Clarke's Rink wins Norfolk Four's Title Lakeside was the venue for the Norfolk County Fours Championships and it proved to be a day when experience counted as veterans Shirley Brown & Joe Brown of Costessey, Gerald Chilvers of Kirby Bedon & George Clarke of Hevingham combined to lift the title. In an absorbing final they beat Sheila Redwood, Ted Redwood & Trevor Pinchen of Thorpe Norfolk County Fours Champions Marriott who were playing with Sprowston’s Peter Joe Brown, Shirley Brown, Smart. Clarke’s rink took control early on to lead 4-0 George Clarke, Gerald Chilvers after two ends but Smart’s rink took two shots on the third to cut the deficit to 4-2. The next three ends saw Clarke score three singles to lead 7-2 with one end to play. Smart’s rink then pulled out their best end of the final scoring three shots but it was too little too late as Clarke’s rink were left celebrating a 7-5 win. It was George Clarke’s fourth Norfolk Fours title and Gerald Chilver’s second. In the play-off for third place Sue Hunt of Bob Carter, Neil Davidson of Hempnall & Phil Watson & Selwyn Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon stormed into a 220 lead after five ends against Maureen Munford, George Munford, Elaine Oatway & Bob Oatway of First Bus before Oatway’s rink conceded. George Clarke’s rink beat Bob Oatway 6-5 in the semi-finals while Peter Smart’s rink beat GoldNorfolk County Fours Finalists smith’s rink 8-5. Chris Mann of Wymondham had won Sheila Redwood, Trevor Pinchen, the title for the last two years but this season comTed Redwood, Peter Smart bined with England team-mates David Lamb of

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Halvergate & Melvin Woods of Bob Carter and former England star Trevor Brown to put together a new look rink. They qualified through the group stages as a runner-up despite losing to Clarke’s rink but were then beaten by Goldsmith’s rink in the quarter-finals to deny Mann the opportunity of a hat-trick of Norfolk Fours titles.


All Norfolk Final in Carlton Colville Charity Triples Carlton Colville’s annual charity triples event, organized by Derek Barley, produced an all Norfolk Over 60’s final with Teresa Goldsmith of Kirby Bedon & Diane & Mike Boswell of Anglian Windows defeating Trevor Pinchen of Thorpe Marriott & Betty & Rex Cox of First Bus. Boswell’s triple started well building up a 6-1 lead by the halfway stage and with two ends to go led 9-1. Rex Cox and his triple scored consolation singles on the last two ends to cut the deficit to 9-3. In the semi-finals Boswell’s triple produced a superb comeback after trailing 8Charity Triples Champions 2 against Rosemary Andrews, Arthur Davey & Archie AnTeresa Goldsmith, drews of Ilketshall. They scored five shots over two ends to Mike & Diane Boswell cut the Suffolk triples lead to 8-7 before conceding a three to fall 11-7 behind with two ends left. Boswell’s triple hit back with three shots on the penultimate end before scoring another three on the final end to win an amazing game 13-11. In the other semi-final Betty Cox of First Bus, Trevor Pinchen of Thorpe Marriott & Rex Cox of First Bus stormed to a massive 17-5 win against Jackie Fortesque, Mike Harvey & Josh Baxter of Bradwell to claim their place in the final. The event raised £330 for the Cardiac Unit at the James Paget Hospital. Whilst it is with regret that we announce that Brian Claeson has relinquished the position of Club Chairman owing to increasing County responsibility. However he remains a valued member and Team Captain. The Bowling year finished on a high note for Brian and his wife Jo as they became Herefordshire County Pairs Champions and are seen above being presented by Mr Fred Jolliey the the President of the Herefordshire Short Mat Bowling Association. Brian also won the coveted Singles Championship, to represent the county at National level. Finally, Brian completed a hat-trick by winning the County Achievment Award, for his work as County League Secretary and also obtaining status as a qualified Umpire. Well Done Brian Lea Short Mat Bowling Club is proud to have you and Jo aboard. If you would like to visit us, ( and we love visitors) you will find us on the A 40, about five miles out of Ross on Wye.Website

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At the quarter final stage Barrs Margo & Ray Murphy beat the Carrigaline GAA pair of Finbarr Corcoran & J. Noonan), Clare Cremen & Mary Boland of Douglas Community School beat B.E.D.A.’s Rita & Sonny Cullinane, Conna’s Pat Hogan & John Martin beat Shelia & John O’Driscoll of Douglas Community School completing the quarter final line-up Midleton’s Con O’Sullivan & Joe Kirby beat Con & Robbie O’Sullivan) of St. Mary’s O.T. Hill In the semi-finals Barrs Margo & Ray Murphy sealed their place in the final by beating Clare Cremen & Mary Boland of Douglas Community School. Also ensuring a place in the final, Conna’s Pat Hogan & John Martin beat Midleton’s Con O’Sullivan & Joe Kirby. First blood in the final went to Barrs Margo & Ray Murphy who opened up with a three but three singles to Pat Hogan & John Martin closed the gap and all was even. Back came the Barrs duo with a two to regain the lead at 5 - 3 but on the next end a stunning six to Margo & Ray Murphy reversed the lead at 9-6 to the Barrs pair. Pat Hogan & John Martin struggled back with three successive singles but ran out of ends leaving Margo & Ray Murphy as 9-8 winners. The Umpires on duty for the final session were:- Hazel Foley, Bridie Hamilton, Hazel Payne & Adrian Tanner and at the conclusion of play Tommy Dineen (Club Captain) presented the prizes and also the Perpetual Trophy to John Martin the skip of the winning team.


Carrigaline G.A.A. Bowls Club staged the final session of their annual licensed 3-bowl Triples Tournament in the Carrigaline GAA pavillion for Barry Perpetual Trophy. At the quarter final stage Conna’s Fred Prince, Liam Hannigan & Paddy O’Leary beat Watergrasshill’s Kathleen O’Mahony, Majella Conlon & Liam Conlon. The I.C.I.C.Y.M.A. team of David Treacy, Chris McCarthy & Martin Bracken beat Ballincollig GAA’s Mary Boyde, Sheila O’Leary & Martin Sisk. Ballincollig GAA ‘s triple of Mary Murphy, Joe O’Flaherty & Jerry Murphy faired much better beating Douglas GAA ‘s Sean O’Suileabhain, Paddy Barry & Frances Nott. Completing the QGF line-up Crosshaven’s Mary, Con & Conor Middleton beat Mitchelstown’s Dave Casey, Andy Callanan & Jim Caplice. In the semi-finals, Conna’s Fred Prince, Liam Hannigan & Paddy O’Leary beat I.C.I.C.Y.M.A.’s David Treacy, Chris McCarthy & Martin Bracken and Crosshaven Mary, Con & Conor Middleton beat Ballincollig GAA‘s Mary Murphy, Joe O’Flaherty & Jerry Murphy. The final was a tremendous tussle as the two triples fought for every shot and in the end the scores were level at 5-5. In a very exciting sudden death extra end Crosshaven’s Mary, Con & Conor Middleton scored a single to take the title from Fred Prince, Liam Hannigan & Paddy O’Leary. Congratulations to both teams on a most exciting and sporting game of bowls. The Umpires on duty for the final session were John Noonan & Michael O’Shaughnessy. The prizes were presented by Robert Irvine, who also presented the Perpetual Trophy to the winning skip Conor Middleton.


The Douglas Community School Bowls Club staged their Annual Licensed Fours Competition for the May Murray Perpetual Trophy in the D.C.S. Sports Hall. In the quarter finals Crosshaven’s C. Sheehan, F. Donovan, G. Murphy & Keith Middleton beat Douglas GAA’s J. Howard, T. O’Neill, B. Kenneally & Tony Kenneally. Wilton’s Kay McCarthy, Helen Burrows, Hubert Burrows & Pat McCarthy beat Douglas Community School’s E. Clifford, R. O’Driscoll, M.J. O’Shaughnessy & Noreen O’Shaughnessy. The remaining games saw St. Vincent’s Vera O’Connell, Ina Foley, Noel O’Connell & David Foley beat Watergrasshill’s P. O’Regan, J. O’Riordan, D. Crowley & Seán O’Riordan and Douglas Community School’s C. Cremen, S. O’Driscoll, M. Boland & John O’Driscoll beat Cox’s Hall’s V. Jennings, S. Jennings, G. Watters & Colin Watters.

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In the semi-finals St. Vincent’s Vera O’Connell, Ina Foley, Noel O’Connell & David Foley beat 26 the D.C.S. four of C. Cremen, S. O’Driscoll, M. Boland & John O’Driscoll. Also making it to the final Wilton’s Kay McCarthy, Helen Burrows, Hubert Burrows & Pat McCarthy beat Crosshaven’s C. Sheehan, F. Donovan, G. Murphy & Keith Middleton. In the final St. Vincent’s Vera O’Connell, Ina Foley, Noel O’Connell & David Foleygot off to a flying start taking the opening four ends to lead 6 - 0. Wilton’s Kay McCarthy, Helen Burrows, Hubert Burrows & Pat McCarthy struck back with a two on the penultimate end but another two to St. Vincent’s saw them take the title by 8 shots to 2. The umpires on duty for the final session were Bob Jennings, Eithna Linehan, Hazel Payne, Seán O’ Suileabháin, Jack Russell & Albert Ruxton and the prizes were presented by Steve Wingate, the D.C.S. Club Captain and Michael Murray Jnr presented the May Murray Perpetual Trophy to David Foley the skip) of the winning four. Michael J. O’Shaughnessy P.R.O. Cork Zone of the I.I.B.A.

A WIND UP FOR KEWSTOKE Having applied to Sport England for a grant to meet half the cost of a new three tier Electric Winder, Kewstoke club were really pleased to hear that Sport England would give a 50% grant towards the cost! We were very grateful to Whitehead Bowls (Bridgwater) for giving us a demonstration on our new machine-called Phoebe. So far it is proving very useful and even the ladies can use it. Our picture shows the secretary, Dot Smith and Chairman, Mike Davis of Kewstoke with some club members.

Kath Francombe


Runners up Hutton W.S.M. Mike Davis, Don Cooper (skip) Francis Boyns, Jacqui Parsons and Crys Cooper.

Winners from Stanford-in-the-Vale, L to R, Mike Davis Kewstoke Chairman, Chic Iles(skip) Jill Iles, Jan & Barry Hayward

I got the captions the wrong way around in the last issue, more speed and less haste I suppose but the above are now correct with my apologies. On a very sad note I must announce the passing of Dave Francombe, who previously featured in an article about bowling chute designs and showed Dave using a chute made of dowling and built by a club member.


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Pembrokeshire Junior Singles The Pembrokeshire junior singles competition was played at the St Elidyr club, with 10 youngsters taking part. The Pembrokeshire SMBA Chairman Eileen Hodgson welcomed everyone, and wished all the competitors the very best of luck. They were drawn into three groups, one containing four names and the other two with three each. After the group play the Winner of group A was Aaron Lloyd (Penally) group B Sophie Fry (Penally) and group C Lara Taylor (St Elidyr). The final was played as a round robin, everyone playing each other. Congratulations to the winner: Aaron Lloyd, second place: Sophie Fry and in third place: Lara Taylor. The standard of play on the day was excellent. Thanks must go to all the competitors who took part for the way in which they conducted themselves throughout the whole tournament. There was good support on the day, people offering to score and umpire. Thanks must go to St Elidyr for the use of the venue, also David Williams who set up all the paper work, Gordon Williams who ran the competition on the day. The presentation of the Shield and medals was carried out by the Pembrokeshire SMBA President John Munt and the following players took part, Aaron Lloyd (Penally), Sophie Fry (Penally), Lara Taylor (St Elidyr), Cameron Kilminster (Tabernacle), Rhys O'Mara (St Elidyr), James John- Davies (Freystrop), Sara John-Davies (Freystrop), Carwyn Pratt (Tabernacle), Callum Wilkinson (Tabernacle), Kieran Wilkinson (Tabernacle). All the players who took part will now go to Carmarthen to represent Pembrokeshire in the Welsh Under 16 doubles Competition.

Salem Short Mat Bowls Club Carmarthenshire When the new Salem Memorial Hall opened in August 2006 the Short Mat Bowls Club was ready to go. Following press releases in local papers and the Heol Galed Gazette, a level of interest had been established and an inaugural meeting was held on 30 August of that year. An application was made to Carmarthenshire County Council for a sports Community Chest grant for equipment costing just over ÂŁ1000. The maximum grant of ÂŁ750 was awarded. Valued help came from Mr Wyn Jones the Secretary of Carmarthenshire S.M.B.A. The club soon became associated with the Wales S.M.B.A and Carmarthenshire S.M.B.A. Membership also gave insurance cover. The only way to learn short mat bowls is to play and very soon Salem Club was playing friendly matches against other Carmarthenshire Clubs as well as Wednesday club nights. Two more grants were awarded in the years 2007 and 2008 so we now had three mats and equipment. We were very brave to enter the Welsh Triples at Llandrindod Wells. From friendly matches we ventured into Summer League and then into the 2008/09 Winter League Division 2. We had success and finished second in the league giving promotion to league 1 to play against clubs that have been in existence for many years. The Club had continued success in 2009/10 finishing third in the Carmarthenshire league 1 and repeated the success in 2010/11 again finishing third. The final of the County Knockout cup saw Salem lose narrowly to Llanboidy. In addition to league fixtures the County also hold singles, pairs, triples and rinks competitions and members of the Salem club have been successful in these competitions to qualify to represent Carmarthenshire in competitions against other counties. Currently the club has three qualified coaches and two County Umpires who have umpired at both County and International matches.

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Wiltshire Summer Open Charity Fours

Wiltshire’s Summer Open Fours were played out at the North Wiltshire Indoor Bowls Club, with entries from as far afield as Cornwall and Essex. The winners were a strong four from Templecombe in Somerset, who included the runner-up in the English National Singles competition last April. They won all five of their games and boasted a shot aggregate of + 43. Second were a Cornish four from the Holman’s Club (Camborne) skipped by England ‘A’ player, Peter Hore. They also won all their games with a shots aggregate of +38. Last year’s winners, East Winners Templecombe Hanningfield (Essex) came third and a strong Gloucester four – the Gloucester Knights – also skipped by England ‘A’ player Ryan Knight were fourth with a 100% winning record and a shots aggregate of + 26. Three Crudwell (Wiltshire) players augmented by Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity Cornwall) finished fifth closely losing their final game but ending with a shots aggregate of + 54. This four also had a ‘hotshot’. Sixth were Wootton Hall, Gloucestershire with four out of five wins and a shots aggregate of +35; seventh were the Westbury Blue Circle four of Gill Willis, Chris Willis, Julian Rose and Dane Rose, who picked up the prize for the highest placed all Wiltshire four. Next were Middlezoy (Somerset) with four wins and a shots aggregate of +17. In tenth place were Hazelbury Bryan (Dorset).

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Runners-up Holman’s

The aim of the day 29 was to raise money for this years’ chosen charity. County President, John Stevens commented “we are really pleased with the day”. There was some fantastic bowling with many English internationals and county bowlers playing. We also managed to raise £1250 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Wiltshire County Fours Players from across the county came together at Christie Miller IBC, Melksham to compete for the county Fours championship. The morning session saw fours playing in groups. The top eight rinks moved to the Championship whilst the next eight moved to the County Plate. In the championship, last year’s finalists from Kingston Langley and Crudwell, both lost in the semi-finals. Surprise package were the four from Atworth, skipped by Peter Curtis, who made their way to the final beating possibly more favoured fours on the way. Chris Willis’s Westbury Blue Circle four won their knock-out games comfortably to also move to the final. Although the final score seemed close, the Blue Circle players – Gill Willis, Anton Rawlins, Ann Hart (Bratton) and Chris Willis - were always in the lead and eventually won by 10 shots to 7 to become the 2011/2012 County Fours Champions. The Plate competition was also very competitive with fours from across the county competing. Les Kirby team (Blue Circle) beat Upavon’s Alan Palmer in the first semi whilst Steve Reay (Little Somerford) lost in a close game to Derek Ford’s Upavon All-stars. The final turned out as a one-sided affair with Les Kirby, Derek Elliott, 14 year old Aidan Wickes and Karen Kirby winning by 9 shots to 2 and taking the County Plate. The Westbury Blue Circle Club thus became both County Champions and Plate Champions.

Wiltshire County Pairs Competition

The County Pairs competition was played out at the Christie Miller IBC, Chippenham recently. Entries were up on previous years and competition was fierce and it turned out to be a momentous day for 15 year old Tom Bright (Bromham) who with Denise Wiltshire swept all before them to become County Pairs Champions. After the group stages, group winners go to the championship with group runners-up going to the Plate competition. In the Championship, the pairing of Colin Pyle and Sandra Dickinson (Trowbridge) beat the previous year’s champions and other ‘fancied’ contenders. The semi-finals were contested between Pam and Les Baldry (Crudwell) and the Bromham pairing. The Trowbridge couple played Neville and Sandra Doel also of Crudwell, who eventually took the match by 9 shots to 5. Although bowling in the final was tight the eventual result was a comfortable win for Tom and Denise by 8 shots to 2. This was Tom’s first county competition and he ended it as a champion. As a result of their good play both Tom and 14 year old Aidan Wickes (Westbury Blue Circle) were added to the county squad for the forthcoming Inter-County competition.

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The Plate competition also turned out to be a hard fought affair between Tony O’Gorman and Ian Miflin (Marshfield) and Anton Rawlins and Paul Marden (Westbury Blue Circle). With two ends to go the Blue Circle players were four shots up. However Tony and Ian conjured up five shots over the final two ends to win the Plate by 8 shots to 7. County Chairman, Colin Waldeck, congratulated the winners and thanked all of the volunteers who helped organise and administer the Pairs.

County Triples

Entries for the county triples were again slightly increased over previous years. Triples from across the county were drawn into groups to determine who went into the Championship and who would play for the County Plate. The quarter finals of the championship included trios from Dinton, Market Lavington, Crudwell, Trowbridge, Marshfield and Kington Langley. The semi-finals were played out between Sandra Dickinson’s Trowbridge triple and Bob Naylor’s team from Market Lavington. This game was desperately close and needed an extra end for Trowbridge to go to the final. The other semi-final had Pete Sullivan with Rita Conway and wife, Di Sullivan facing the 2009/2010 winners, Pam Baldry, Les Baldry and Geoff Lane from Crudwell. The latter team edged the semi 6 shots to 4 to also move to the final. By a quirk of the competition, the two finalists had already played each other in the group stages with Trowbridge winning comfortably against a lacklustre Crudwell three. The final however was a different game and the Crudwell trio found their form to win the championship by 14 shots to 4. The final of the Plate was a very tense affair with Husband and wife, Dave and Anthea Williams playing with Mike Wilson (Kington Langley) narrowly beating the Seend trio of Don Hatt, David Tompkins and Rhys Jones by 6 shots to 5. There were many exceptionally good performances during the competition with south Wiltshire teams doing well in both the championship (Market Lavington and Dinton) and the Plate (Kingsway).

Wiltshire County Singles

Players from across Wiltshire came together to compete in the ‘blue riboon’ event, the County Singles. The morning session of the competition started with players competing in groups, with those in the top places going to the Cup competition or the Plate. Group winners included 14 year old Aidan Wickes (Westbury Blue Circle) and newcomer to Wiltshire Short Mat, ex West Sussex county bowler, Roger Brown as well as county bowlers Gill Willis and Chris Smith. The first semi-final was between Neville Doel (Crudwell) and Pete Sullivan (Marshfield); Geoff Lane (also Crudwell) faced Terry Shore (Trowbridge) in the other. Both games were won by the Crudwell players by the narrowest of margins – one shot. The final also produced a very close contest with the lead changing hands after almost each end. Eventually however, Nev Doel pulled ahead to win by 7 shots to 5 to become the County Singles champion. The Plate competition was equally well contested with Tony O’Gorman (Marshfield) and county captain, Colin Waldeck (Seend). In the early stages the game was very close but finally Tony pulled ahead to win by 5 shots and become the county Plate winner. The Moonrakers will be represented at the National Finals in March. Geoff Lane Crudwell SMBC

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We organise 3 different competitions on each holiday, all starting on a round robin basis, thus ensuring that you get plenty of games. Each game is played to a set number of ends. We do not organise timed events with whistle blowing etc., thus avoiding any rushing about.

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