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Digital Magazines Free with your library card. Popular magazines. Unlimited checkouts. No expiration.

Your library Zinio account Your personal Zinio account to browse and checkout magazines

to download and read magazines

1. Go to and 4. Click on Create a Zinio account type in your library card to continue. Complete the form number and PIN. Click on Login and click on Register. If you to continue to the Shortgrass have a account from Zinio collection website. buying magazines, simply login. 2. Click on Create New Account and complete the form to register.

5. Click on the cover of the magazine you have checked out to open it in your browser on a PC or Mac.

3. Find a magazine you want to read from the collection by 6. If you have a smartphone or using the Title search box or tablet, download the Zinio app. browsing the collection. Click on Login to the app with your the cover or Checkout Now. personal Zinio account and you Click on Start Reading to can download your checked out proceed. magazines.

Zinio Cheat Sheet  
Zinio Cheat Sheet