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Lighthouse Winery Our Story

The Marinelli family has been producing world-class quality wines just outside the Napa Valley since 1924. As the pioneers in growing vinifera grapes in northern California, their mission is to create expressive, classic-style wines while incorporating sustainable growing practices in their 120 acres of estate vineyards plus 60 acres under contract. Lighthouse Winery continues to define the California wine industry with their award winning Pinot Noir wines as well as many other styles. Lighthouse Winery is owned and operated by the Marinelli family. The winery operation is a unique blend of talents as diverse as the characteristics of their internationally award-winning family of Pinot 2

Noir and other red and white wine varietals. In 2010, the Winery will produce some 95,000 cases of wine from 120 acres, while purchasing another 60 acres of grapes from other growers. The winery produces five different wines under the Lighthouse Winery label. It is the second largest winery in California.

After 87 years of operation and being the first commercial winery in the region, we view ourselves as a mature winery, a leader in premium wine production as well as distribution. As one of our fellow wineries put it, Lighthouse Winery is the “Mother Ship” of all the other California wineries. It’s a fact that in the wine industry, the original winery acts as an incubator for the region’s newer and emerging wineries.

Directly or indirectly, we’ve greatly influenced grape growing here. And to this day, we still produce wine for several of the region’s wineries, while actively promoting all the wines from the area nationally and internationally.

With three generations of Marinelli’s in the business, we have an unusual and highly complementary blend of skill sets and we’re one of the few wineries in the region that’s solely family-owned and operated. Founder, Anthony Marinelli. is our visionary, the one responsible for introducing European vinifera grapes to California despite everyone from academics to industry insiders saying it couldn’t be done. He’s restless, aggressive, and always tugging us in new directions.

Tony represents the business side. He’s the one who loaded cases of wine in a van and made deliveries to downstate distributors to ensure cash flow and making payroll during the winery’s lean years. He’s responsible for our nationwide distribution and represents the wine industry on several national and international boards, as well as serving as our president. Vincent is involved in all aspects of the vineyards and oversees the intricacies involved in making great wines. He represents us at major wine tastings and shows throughout the world, and isfrequently quoted by international wine writers. Fluent in Italian, the result of a college education there and apprentice program in viticulture, he’s in regular contact with some of that country’s great wine makers, some of whom were fellow students. We all tend to pull in different directions, but as a result stay centered.All aspects of what can be a very complex business are covered. 3

In terms of quality products, marketing, pricing, image (domestically and abroad), we’re the leader in California wine production. We’re a mature winery, the first commercial enterprise in this region, and we’ve worked hard to grow the industry, develop a nationwide distribution system, and establish a worldwide network of associates.

monitored by our winemaker and executed by our dedicated staff. We hope you can join us at the winery for a tour and a thorough explanation of the harvest and annual care of the vines.

Winemaking Process

Commitment to Quality

To grow wine grapes requires not only the right vineyard site and grape style, but also a year-round commitment to detailed care of the vines. Lighthouse Winery vineyards undergo a series of specific tasks executed at key times throughout the year to insure the highest caliber crop. From pruning and tying to deciding the ideal date for harvest, every step is carefully 4

You simply cannot produce great wine from mediocre grapes. Equally important to wine quality is a fully equipped winery facility and a skilled winemaker able to achieve the best from a particular vintage. We have been fortunate to have Bernd Croissant as our winemaker since 1993. Bernd’s excellent intuition and extensive winemaking experience has allowed Lighthouse Winery to produce wines that consistently garner international awards and impress even the most discerning palette. From our hand-tended

estate-grown vines to gentle grape presses, temperaturecontrolled stainless steel fermenting tanks, and quality oak cooperage, all of our wines are made under close winemaker supervision to assure consistency and flavor.

it may have been a surprise to others, it was no surprise to our winemaking team when he formed a partnership with a leading cooperage company to ensure they had the best barrels possible at their disposal. With a team of expert coopers to work with, Tony and his team are able to match barrel styles to individual wine lots, carefully guiding the character and complexity of the finished wines.

Winery Tours Taste is everything here at Lighthouse Winery, so we tend to take barrels pretty seriously. To ensure a steady supply of the highest quality barrels possible, we invested in a French-based stave mill and formed a partnership with one of the leading cooperage companies. Overboard? Maybe. But our barrels are the best around and you can taste the difference.

Lighthouse Winery, the oldest continuously operating winery in California and the first to offer public tours, continues its commitment to offer guests original and inspiring wine country experiences. Guests at Lighthouse Winery can follow their fancy or many fancies with a variety of different seminars and tours offered daily at the winery.

Founder Anthony Marinelli established a total commitment to quality for every aspect of the Lighthouse Winery winemaking program. So while 5

Winery Hours The winery is open daily except Thanksgiving; Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Open May 29 - Oct. 22 Daily 10:00AM - 6:00PM Oct. 23 - May 29 Daily 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Types of Wine With more than 36 years of wine making under our belts, we’ve learned that the best wine we make is the wine you like best. Find your favorite by visiting one of our tasting rooms or contact us directly and we’ll happily recommend a few that will likely suit your tastes.

Classic oak and earthy undertones make this wine ideal for wild game dinners or simple steaks on the grill. Flavors of cherry, black pepper, and light plum combine for a smooth and captivating finish. Aged for 20 months in small oak barrels, this wine is ideal for heartier meats, pasta marinara, or most smoked fare. Serve at room temperature. Food Pairings Goes great with Pasta Marinara Red Meats Smoked Dishes

Pinot Noir RED WINE


$16.00 / 750 ml. bottle 28.00/ 750 ml. bottle 6

Aged for 18 months in small oak barrels, this wine comes

alive with flavors of cherry, raspberry and chocolate with medium body, firm tannins and a fruity finish a combination that matches well with grilled salmon, roast duckling, wild game, red meats, or even quality dark chocolate. Serve at room temperature. Food Pairings Goes great with Grilled Salmon Red Meats Roasted Duck Wild Game Dark Chocolate

provide a strong backbone throughout the middle. Cedar and vanilla notes linger on the finish. Food Pairings Goes great with red meats Cheddar Cheese Cherries and Berries Dark Chocolate

Chardonnay WHITE WINE

Cabernet RED WINE $14.00/ 750 ml. bottle

$19.00 / 750 ml. bottle Opens with deep black cherry, blackberry and cassis flavors. Intense, round and well-structured tannins

This lusciously sweet wine was produced from late-picked Chardonnay grapes. It is a delicious sweet style wine with a soft, creamy palate, tropical fruit flavors and a lingering finish. Match with assertive foods such as Cajun, Thai, or Indian cuisine. Serve at 45-50ยบ F. Food Pairings Goes great with Cajun, Indian Thai 7

Sparkling Wine WHITE WINE

$21.00/ 750 ml. bottle It’s racy, dazzling and delicious. Pear and tart apple aromas float out of the glass on a stream of finely beaded bubbles. Crisp citrus flavors are very refreshing. Seductively complex with a clean, bright finish. Food Pairings goes great with Strawberries Chocolate, Seafood

12345 Main Street, Anytown, ST 12111 222-555-2345

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