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l studies teacher Jerry Buell cia so ol ho Sc gh Hi ra Do nt s Mou ok page that same-sex union wrote on his personal Facebothrew up” over news about the are a sin and that he “almost riage in New York last June. After legalization of same-sex mar plained, he was suspended from to parents saw his post and com too far? Are teachers’ rights the classroom. Did Buell go different from those who work in free speech outside of school other professions?

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ublic opinion regarding teachers on Facebook often stems from incidents such as Buell’s and ones like last month when a New Jersey first-grade teacher’s status update read: “I’m not a teacher — I’m a warden for future criminals. ” A judge ruled Jennifer O’Brien should lose her job. “Facebook is abused by some — [such as] in the keeping track of students,” said Kathy Thayer, a intensive reading with an account on the social network. “[But] why should my husband have the opportunity to connect with his friends, and because I am a teacher I am not allowed to? Isn’t that discrimination? Kids ask me all the time to ‘friend’ them. Only in a rare circumstance do I do that. Once they graduate, they are not students anymore, so I can add them.” History teacher Bob Sarver says some limits are necessary. “I do not have an account. Some students made one or two [for me], but I refuse to have anything to do with them,” he said. “There are teachers here that do have accounts, and I think that there should be some controls over their use of those accounts with students.” But what form should those controls take and how far should they go? Missouri teachers fought last spring to keep their right to be friends with students on Facebook. “Senate Bill 54” aimed to prevent inappropriate contact between students and teachers. The impetus for the law arose after a public school student was assaulted by a junior high teacher. Eventually, the bill was rejected because it was so broad and vague it would have prevented even normal contact between a student and his or her own parent, if the parent were a teacher. Physics teacher Cinsy Krehbiel, one of several West Shore teachers with a Facebook account, says she’s careful about what she posts. “I don’t consider Facebook an issues forum for me,” Krehbiel said. “I try to make sure that I never say/post/respond to anything that would make a student (or parent) uncomfortable.” Krehbiel says she likes being connected

with students online . “I have mixed feelings about the topic of banning teachers from student Facebook interaction,” Krehbiel said via email. “If administration makes a rule, I will follow it. If there is no rule, I will probably continue to have positive interaction with students on Facebook.  It’s nice to know what’s going on in students’ lives and especially to keep up with past students.” Other teachers fret about Facebook, saying they could experience additional legal liability if they fail to report things they see online, and that they don’t want to share their personal lives with students. Even with privacy settings available, students or parents are still able to seek the information about teachers by simply searching for an instructor’s name. “One of the reasons that I do not have

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an account is because it has the ability of turning into a situation where the line between student and teacher is blurred,” Sarver said. “I wouldn’t want to risk having any issues by interacting with students over Facebook.” While Sarver avoids Facebook, Krehbiel says the social network a good way to serve as a role model for students. “I don’t have a problem with teacher/student interaction via Facebook,” she said. “I don’t think teachers should solicit Facebook friends, but if a student ‘friends’ the teacher, I’m fine with it. The teacher must never post things that are even remotely inappropriate. There is also the responsibility to report dangerous behavior.  If a student is posting about dangerous or illegal activities, and a teacher sees it, the teacher is obligated to take action — such as inform the parents.  If a student puts me

in that position, I will notify parents and then un-friend the student.” Teachers also have the ability to make class pages on Facebook in which all students have access to see assignments, communicate with each other for help on a problem, or ask the teacher if they don’t understand something. “I don’t see the advantage of using Facebook for a class discussion page,” Sarver said. “There are other ways that are provided by the district to accomplish this same goal. I have interactive audio/ video review sessions from my home with students, but it is covered by school policy, on school software, and is recorded.” New methods are being introduced for teachers to communicate with students over school-related matters without the use of Facebook. “I haven’t even considered using Facebook for my class,” science teacher Paula Ladd said. “I know many teachers use a new interactive website called WIMBA, where you can video chat about school related problems — with the school administration supervision — which seems more practical.” Brevard County currently does not have a social networking policy. But with other districts beginning to limit teacher interaction on Facebook, Brevard could potentially impose restrictions. “I think it is going too far to tell teachers that they can’t have an account,” Sarver said. “But I think that it is quite appropriate to ban them from having students as friends.” Currently, no other profession is as scrutinized for Facebook use. “Teachers definitely need to use discretion and post only what they would share in the classroom,” Ladd said. “I think teachers should have a different set of rules to protect both the student and the teacher. If it’s a teacher’s personal page and the students are still in high school, then no, I don’t think they should interact. On the other hand if the teacher has a class Facebook page dedicated to the subject, then I think that’s fine. Under no circumstances do I feel that teachers should keep tabs on their students.”

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100 percent or 75 percent of their tuition, students are receiving less money. ,-.//!0(1-$(2 “I feel like Bright Futures [scholarship money] being Since seventh-grade, senior Maegan Larsen has faith- reduced is taking away from what people worked hard fully completed the school’s 20-hours-per year com- for,” senior Jordan Bellamy said. “Not only that, but it munity service requirement in order to qualify for takes away from the opportunities of kids who can’t afFlorida’s Bright Futures Scholarship and a low-college ford college.” The Legislature also has tuition future. But last spring the raised the minimum for stanLegislature changed the rules, dardized test scores and gradeforcing Larsen to scramble. point averages. In order to “It kind of stinks because they receive the Florida Academic already decreased the amount of Scholarship, students must money, and now we just have to have at least a 1270 on the SAT work harder,” Larsen said. “I do or a 28 on the ACT. Relay for Life — that’s how I get !"#$%&'()'"*$"%+,,-$*./")'&0*%'"&'1-*&','$." “Because we are a school the majority of my hours — but """""234"5"677"8+-&)"9*$%&'()':";&+,"<=>" built around service learning this year I had to make up more """""2?4"5"<="8+-&)"9*$%&'()':";&+,"7"8+-&)>" and giving back to the commubecause I did the bare minimum nity, I think the main concern of 20 all the other years. Now !"#$%&'()'"*$"2?4".').")%+&')";+&").-:'$.)" ""@&(:-(.*$@"*$".8'"A76BCA76D"(%(:',*%"/'(&E" of students and parents is the I need 40 this year in order to """""43F"5"66<7"9*$%&'()':";&+,"67=7>" increased test-score requiregraduate and get Bright Futures. """""3GF"5"AH"9*$%&'()':";&+,"AB>" ment,” Lovel said. It’s just one more thing that’s Senior Michael Todd, howevmaking senior year harder and !"4.-:'$.)"(&'"IJKL#IJM".+")-N,*."($"'&&+&C """;&''"23243";+&"O&*@8."2-.-&')P"2Q+&*:(" er, doesn’t think those changes more stressful.” """I')*:'$."3%%'))P"R&($."($:"3%%'))".+"O'..'&" will be a problem. The increase from 80 to 100 """S'(&$*$@"($:"J:-%(.*+$"R&($.E" “I think that it won’t affect hours of high-school communi- """T+"23243"U"T+",+$'/ our class very much,” Todd ty service isn’t the only change to said. “The changes are being the program. The state also has raised the grade-point-average and SAT/ACT score re- implemented in stages so we don’t have to much too quirements for both the Florida Academic and Florida worry about. I don’t think it will be a major impact in Medallion scholarships which have been in place since our scholarships or affect our graduation much at all.” Competition in gambling venues has had a significant 1997, funding more than $3.2 billion in college expensimpact on Bright Futures, and Lovel says students who es for more than 500,000 students. Guidance counselor Glenda Lovel says the changes already have received the scholarship will be affected were made because of a decrease in demand for Florida too. “The awards for people who have already graduated Lottery tickets. “There are not as many people buying into the lotto,” will change each year in terms of the funds they receive Lovel said. “The lotto is what funded students going to and what those funds can be used for,” Lovel said. Assistant Principal for Curriculum Jacqueline Ingrat[college]. I think they are trying to limit how many kids they are paying to go to [college] because where the ta says she believes Bright Futures will keep changing until the program is completely gone. money is being funded from can’t pay out.” “It’s unfortunate because, if anything, now is when The Bright Futures Scholarship Program was created to provide scholarships to students attending state students need the money,” Ingratta said. “There’s lots universities, but Lovel says ever since the program was of discontent because of job losses in addition to the started, students have seen a decrease in the amounts decline of the economy and the value of the American dollar.” awarded. Future graduates can expect even more cutbacks as “When Bright Futures originated, the Academic scholarship funded 100 percent of tuition and the Me- lawmakers further increase the requirements for the dallion funded 75 percent,” Lovel said. “Now the Ac- classes following 2012 and move the scholarship toademic funds $101 and the Medallion funds $76 per ward a needs-based model. “Right now they just don’t have the money,” Lovell semester hour.” With a fixed cost-per-credit-hour award instead of said. “They’re focused on keeping the program afloat.”


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To infinity and beyond. That line from Disney’s “Toy Story” could serve as seventh-grade teacher Amy McCormick’s mission statement, as she hopes some day to become an astronaut. “The first time I rode Space Mountain it reminded me of one of my dreams when I was little,” McCormick said. “All the flashing lights and the little shuttle they put you in, I loved it. Space is just so cool.” Still chasing her dreams, the science teacher’s love for aerospace and aviation caused her to move down from Washington D.C. to Brevard County and attend Florida Institute Technology #$%&'()'*++,'<0='>$:,&01$)'+&"+#&"*'(,'?='12'(%"'$,$)+1(',@'#2'ABCD'*4+"&*,21$'E"(F to be closer to NASA and the aerospace activity in the area. be accepted to the 25 teacher workshop. Instead of pulling teachers “My dad used to take me to the planetarium when I was a little out of the classrooms, instruction occurs during the school breaks. girl. It was something we could do together, and it was free,” she While waiting for her opportunity to go to space, McCormick said. “I would just watch the stars and listen to the stories that my recently flew in the L-39 supersonic jet plane in the Third Annual dad told me.” Cocoa Beach Air Show on Nov. 3. After applying to NASA’s Educator Astronaut Program in 2003 “I met Ms. McCormick on registration day this year, so when we and not getting the call to train in Houston, McCormick turned to wanted to send someone up in the jet with the pilot, I thought of private industry, involving suborbital flights that do not reach orbit her aerospace memorabilia on her wall,” said Donna Balancia, the and remains affected by gravity. mother of seventh-grader Malia Balancia and personal relations “I just had to change my avenue, but I’m not giving up, just trying coordinator for the Space Coast Office of Tourism. “She was the a new route,” McCormick said. “If I do make it to space, it will perfect candidate.” probably be a suborbital flight, but I don’t really care all that much. While flying with pilot, Mike “Buick” Eberhart of the Heavy I would just love to get there. I would take Metal Jet Pilots for a 20-minute flight, anything.” McCormick traveled at a rate of 370 miles -$.($(/0(1234(56(60(78294:( per hour. Qualifying for the Teacher in Space Program during the summer break, she “When I first went sky-diving, I was 56(;5<<(8=0>2><?(>4(2( took glider flying lessons from a shuttle scared to death, -zero gravity- I was sort commander, endured a testing of 6.3 of ‘iffy,’” McCormick said. “This time I was 7@>0=>562<(A5BC6:(>@6($( percent oxygen in a high-altitude chamber ready for it. I just wish it lasted longer. It /0DE6(=42<<?(92=4(2<<(6C26( seemed like a second.” and went through Embry-Riddle’s simulators and the XCones Lynx simulator Being the first teacher to ever have the 1@9CF($(;0@</(G@76(<0H4( to test her ability to go to space. opportunity to fly in this high-speed jet The program’s goal is to put a thousand 60(B46(6C4=4F($(;0@</(6234( that can reach up to 450 mph and produce astronaut teachers into American a max of 7 g’s, McCormick was seen flying 2D?6C5DBFI( classrooms by the end of the decade. It by more than 10,000 Florida aviation began accepting applications from highly lovers. qualified educators in 2008. Applicants must teach technology, “It was the best plane ride ever,” McCormick said. “And I’ve been math, science or engineering at the high-school level in order to on some really good plane rides.”

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"#$#%&'#( ,-.//!0(1-$( ure determination emanates from eighth-grader Ingrid Freeman as she makes her way up the hill. Her eyes warn the competition that she is coming through, floating with flawless movements across the terrain. International competitors surround her, but can’t throw off her concentration. The judges look on, ready to render their decisions. “I’ve known that I would be a horseback rider since I could walk,” competitive rider Ingrid Freeman said. “It all started with riding ponies when I was about 3 or 4, and I haven’t stopped ever since.” Ingrid’s passion for horseback riding is in her blood. Her grandmother grew up on a farm with a barn full of horses, and her whole family is involved in the sport and has participated in several competitions.  “Ingrid is one of the most motivated people I know,” her riding companion, Windin Saundry said. “It’s always so exciting to watch her race because you never know what is going to happen next with her. She has mastered a lot of difficult tricks and routines, and I see her going far in her career.”  Countless hours of training and a strong will led Ingrid to a seventh-place title in Western Pleasure at Ohio’s Pine Crest ranch on June 30. Western Pleasure is a style of competition that evaluates horses on manners and suitability for a relaxed but collected gait cadence. The horse is to appear to be a “pleasure” to ride with comfortable, smooth movements. Earlier in the year, she won a thirdplace National title in Trail, which requires riders to cover a marked trail for a distance that is usually between 15 and 40 miles per day. Some rides are one day long while others may run as long as three days. “I felt elated and full of exhilaration,” Ingrid said. “There were a total of 78 competitors in the class. They split the group into three cuts, and you have to make the cut in order to get into the finals. After that you have to compete in the finals, and then you get judged for ribbons and trophies.” In order to win her seventh-place National title, Ingrid went through three trials and made it to the finals. Her scores were two fifth-places, one fourth-place and a sixth-place which totaled up to an overall seventh-place finish. Throughout the years, she has ventured to Lexington, Va., Fort Worth, Texas, Syracuse, N.Y., Jackson, Miss., even to California, in addition to competing in Tampa and Jacksonville. “While there is certainly a lot of cost involved in horseback riding, we feel the benefits far outweigh the expenses,” Ingrid’s mom, Sharon said. “We are blessed to have our own equestrian property with a barn and riding ring. We keep the horses here and in Ocala where Ingrid’s trainers are.” Those trainers, Mike and Cindy Mergaert, are internationally known and have followed Ingrid throughout her riding career. “We travel to Ocala on weekends,” Sharon said. “During the week, Ingrid trains by herself at our barn and works on tricks that her trainers have taught her in attempt to perfect them in time for her next training session in Ocala.”

Ingrid’s training consists of practicing patterns to memorize for equitation, riding smoothly around the ring and having good technique on the horse. “It really helps that my parents have a background in riding because they always give me best advice for my competitions,” Ingrid said. “My mom grew up on a big horse farm and has been riding her entire life. She won reserve champion and second in the nation in Western Pleasure. My dad has won many ribbons and first place in Western Pleasure. My parents have done so much for me, from driving all over the country to compete to helping to keep my horses healthy.” Ingrid has owned several horses, each specializing in different events. She rides 20-year-old Ed for recreation these days, but she used to show him when she was 5. Her mom passed down 13-year-old Nick, and she shows him occasionally. )*&+,-,$&.%/01%.&2(& But her most 3#$,+.4&5/067&80(&2,& competitive horse is a 409%&#+&,6:.,&%/$4,; 6-year-old <.&9/23,.:.:/+4=& from Ocala that she rides ,-,$(/+,&>+/54& in almost ?/22(&5%,+&.%,(& every race. 4,,&%:2;&*.@4&7,A+:.,6(& “My show horse Tommy #&3604;B& is one of the best Western Pleasure horses in the country,” Ingrid said. “One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is trying to teach him Trail, since he had never done it before I bought him. We have had some difficulties on certain parts of the course, but we have worked on it so much that we pretty much have it mastered now.” Ingrid has faced her share of bumps and bruises. “I have fallen before while riding, and so has Ingrid, but we understand that injuries are part of the sport, and we are willing to take that risk because of our passion for the sport,” Sharon said. “We try to be as safe as possible though.” Ingrid remains appreciative of her family’s support. “I never thought my parents would buy me such an elite horse like Tommy that not only cost a great amount, but is fought over by many to use him to show,” Ingrid said. “At competitions, everyone knows Tommy when they see him. It’s definitely a plus that the judges know of him because they always give him high rankings when I show him.” Like Tommy, Ingrid has her share of admirers. “Ingrid really encourages me with my riding, and I look up to her,” Saundry said. “She’s a really hard worker and every time I come over to hang out all she wants to do is ride horses out on her barn.

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She is always willing to give me advice on riding, and she’s overall just a helpful person. What inspires me most are all the obstacles she overcame in her riding career. One of her horses bit off half of her finger last year, and she didn’t let it get her down.” Ingrid’s team, the Paint Horse Club, travels together to scheduled shows throughout the year. “My favorite part of horseback riding is travelling all around the country to compete and meeting so many new people along the way who share the same interests as I do,” Ingrid said. “I’ve had so many great experiences being with the girls I compete with on trips, and going to late dinners with our trainers and friends from our barn on the way to shows. One of my favorite memories was when I was called first for every judge in Jackson, MIS. After winning my na-

tional title in Mississippi, I received a $100 check to bring home to help maintain our barn. Another good time was when I got High Point in Syracuse, N.Y. and won an enormous trophy.” Ingrid’s ultimate goal is to continue placing in the Top 10 in the world and to work her way up to winning a national title. Currently, she’s working toward a riding scholarship at The University of Florida and putting her love of animals to use by going to veterinarian school. “Horses are not for everyone, but at the same time they possess many qualities that can sometimes even help a handicapped child bond or say their first word to these magnificent creatures,” Sharon said. “Ingrid certainly has the love, the stamina, the discipline, the concentration and a God-given ability to succeed and look beautiful as she rides.”

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


$%&'()!*+,-.(& M343<04<!:#0/.( Riegel Spogen recently has been feeling the weight of taking three Advanced Placement courses during her junior year. “My sophomore year was really relaxed,” she said. “I went out almost every day after school last year, but now I’m home doing homework all day every day, even on weekends. Because my year was so relaxed, now I’m taking all core classes with most of them being AP. I’m under stress just about twenty-four seven. The way I normally get rid of my stress is by eating anything and everything. I know it’s not healthy but it totally works.” Spogen is not alone. Seventy-five percent of the general population experiences some stress every two weeks, according to a recent National Health Interview Survey. Half of the people in the 75 percent experience moderate or high levels of stress during the same two-week period. While for teenagers much of that pressure comes from school, there are a number of healthy ways to relieve stress such as listening to calming music. Spogen has a variety of bands she listens to when her stress levels rise. “I have a specific playlist on my iPod for those times when I want to cry and give up,” she said. “It has bands like Two Door Cinema Club, Foster The People and mainly Coldplay. Coldplay is the best music for me to listen to because the blend of instruments calms me down.” Melbourne dietician Kristine Van Workum suggests short mental breaks to distract from the present stressful situation. “I’m not going to deny that eating can help reduce stress,” Workum said. “But there are much healthier ways. Hobbies, crafts, read-

ing and exercise are just a few things that you can do. They actually make adult coloring books that you can color to relieve stress. Also writing letters or emails or talking to a friend helps too. Even just a five-minute stretch break can help. It’s very simple to relieve stress in other ways than just eating.” Other strategies include to learning to breathe easier and to lighten up. Junior Michelle Chin says laughing helps her cope better in stressful situations. “It was the week of finals, and I knew my math exam was going to be really hard,” Chin said. “I didn’t understand any of it, and suddenly I started laughing. Once I started I couldn’t stop. Afterwards, I realized how much more focused I was because I laughed pretty much all my stress away.” A recent study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests that the amount of sleep is directly related to academic performance and stress. But senior Nikki Gregory says sleep is a luxury she can’t afford. “I have tons of homework to do when I get home,” she said. “And I can’t go to sleep unless all my homework is done. Normally I catch up on all the sleep that I miss on the weekends.” Actually, catching up on sleep isn’t healthy, according to researchers at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It’s better, they say, to get a full night’s sleep every night no matter what. When all else fails, you can always try talking to yourself, which, believe it or not has been proven to lower stress levels. “Talking to myself lets me express feelings that I would have had to keep inside,” sophomore Genna Owen said. “By letting all that stress go when I talk to myself, it works pretty well. Plus it makes me laugh because it is kind of ridiculous. It’s my proactive healthy way to feel better.”

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4/56!0$7!$82"-25/90!.520#2(#.:!628$!56$!52'"$.!5-(0$#; $%&'()*%!+',%&,-./0$..!12023$( In previous years, Spanish teacher Luis Martin used to dedicate 10 to 15 hours a week outside of school to tutor students who need help, to make lessons plans, grade papers and to do other such things that are part of being a teacher. However, since the start of the school year, increased teacher assessment requirements in addition to his routine extracurricular, school-related activities have combined to tax him more than 19 hours a week outside of school. B6959E!F2"$G6?2!@$02"/ “[The new teacher +$./01!02+345!<9%/2"!.5-#/$.!5$2%6$(!=/&!>-.52?!9'.$(8$.!@90?!A/9B$""$C.!6/.59(?!"$..90D assessment system] entails Another 46 percent is reflected by student performance on FCAT. much longer paperwork,” Martin said. “It is very time-consuming “This is a wonderful plan because it is based on what the teacher and a lot more stressful, having to read 64 PGPs.” wants to do,” Ingratta said. “Everyone must have a ‘stretch’ in their Being both a teacher and one of the three readers at school, Martin PGP which is something that requires them to do something that not only has to complete his own Personal Growth Plan but must they have never done before.” read those created by other teachers and score them according to Jenkins echoes these sentiments. a rubric. The PGP alone entails a project more involved than the “This new system is good because it is forcing accountability,” she Senior Project requirement. said. “It’s going to demonstrate to the public that teachers are worth “It took me over five hours to do my PGP,” said Sherie Jenkins, a the tax dollars. It takes up a lot of time, but I don’t mind defending reader and an anatomy teacher. “It was a lot of time, but not time my craft and abilities, because not everybody who is a teacher can wasted. Teachers are made to try new things in class and share teach.” strategies, so students see more collaboration between teachers as Begining 2014, this system will be used to determine pay. a result, which is a very good thing.” According to Ingratta, this places a lot of stress on teachers “Race to the Top,” a new federal program, replaced the original because factors beyond their control, such as student performance assessment system in an attempt to provide teachers with greater on FCAT, play a large role in their assessment, even for those who incentives to grow professionally and produce higher scores. teach electives. According to the U.S. Department of Education, “awards in Race Still, Ingratta says a school such as West Shore, which already to the Top will go to states that are leading the way with ambitious maintains high standards, shouldn’t have a problem. yet achievable plans for implementing coherent, compelling, and “The [new] system has a lot of good things in it,” Ingratta said. “I comprehensive education reform.” only hope that once it begins to count in 2014, the money promised Implementing this entails a transition from the traditional to this program is available to give to the teachers who earn it.” practice of paying teachers according to years of experience to Guidance counselor and reader Chuck Keener says he’s skeptical a merit based standard that is more in accord with a capitalistic of the funding and the overall success of this program in the future. ideology. The question is: how does an art or drama teacher get “It is an effort by some well-meaning people to improve the assessed fairly as compared to an AP physics or calculus teacher? education system that really won’t change anything,” Keener said. “It seems unfair that our pay depends on scores from standardized “Teachers do it anyway, so the paperwork involved and the time it tests because what does teaching art have to do with how a student consumes makes it unnecessary.” performs on FCAT?” said art teacher Annamarie Zink. Regardless of how teachers feel, the system is here to stay. Assistant Principal Jackie Ingratta says the PGP is only one “There are growing pains with these new demands,” Martin said. of three components of the teacher assessment requirements. “But times change, so we need to change and become more creative Forty-six percent of the teachers’ assessment is based on their and proactive.” implementation of the PGP and collaboration with other teachers.

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D$6,2(5$6,25(+*B(21,.*2 /+(915$/6+(9,**06C(:.$2 Lately, the dress code enforcement seems to be stronger than ever. More and more kids are walking around with the dreaded “dress for success” shirts and the horrible baggy shorts issued to violators. The office has been bothering us at home with phone calls, telling us that we are out of line wearing our short shorts and tank tops, but how fair is this? There has always been some form of dress code in schools for as long as there has been public education. What is considered “decent” today might have been cringe-worthy 30 years ago. The dress codes evolve as often as fashion itself. Throughout the years, people have changed their opinions over what is considered school appropriate and what is not. The question is does the school’s current dress code reflect the times or does it lag behind? In the 1990s, ripped jeans showed a bit of knee to give a distressed look to an outfit. They weren’t, as some thought, a cry of rebellion or a way to start anarchy in the school system. Schools have always frowned on tank tops. Some say its because it shows cleavage, and others say they do not want undergarments showing, but if this is true, then why can’t boys wear them? There is no question that a dress code should be in place. After all, no one wants to see teenagers walking into school with bathing suits or Halloween costumes every day, but the dress code should also be able to change with the times, repealing previous codes that no longer make sense. In the 50s, it was nothing but scandal to have an ankle showing, but it changed with the times. There once was flexibility and understanding in the dress code, but now there is only the never-ending battle of administration versus the kids. The students need to be able to fight for their rights and freedom of expression and fight for a dress code that is negotiable and reasonable.

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D%51+(E1,2C1+-(;+.</5$ ,J14$0!5$($!31$!47"/!3197:! 3123!5$($!($2""/!#9BB$($738! '$%2.0$!B4(!04&$!5$9(#! ($2047!5$!5$($7?3!2""45$#! 34!5$2(!O96!O4608!<$$6!97! &97#!@!"9C$#!97!P"4(9#28!3123! 47"/!12#!31$!354!03(260;!! D1$($!520!47$!629(!4B!O96! O460!23!Q2%!J.7!3123!12#! 2!'.7%1!4B!03(260!2""!4C$(! 31$&!04!@!3197<!"93$(2""/! $C$(/!097:"$!:9("!12#!3123! $R2%3!629(!4B!014$0;=


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!"#$%&'(#)*"+,-..#/0..-1#23-#4025*"06#783**6#9:"83#;82# 2*#/-,<0"-"26=#-.20>65.3#0#?-1-,066=#?:"1-1#.83**6#6:"83# /,*+,0<#0"1#5</,*@-#83561#":2,525*"A


"#$%&'(#&)($*"("+,&,-.(( 8-(30%0.-3074!04!97:$(4&$43!;<';0#0=$#!"<4%/!.(79(-&!04%/$;!<. /012324(5614776 >3-??!@(03$( A Melbourne senior lives in a single parent household whose annual income is less than $20,000. Since the country began to experience an economic crisis in 2007, the senior has participated in her school’s Free and Reduced Lunch Program. She finds comfort knowing that there will always be food for her at school, even when it is not available at home. “The program benefits so many children in the county,” she said. “Without it, they would not be able to eat lunch daily.” The number of students receiving free and reduced lunches at school has increased 2.37 percent since 2009 as a result of the country’s economy. Out of the 964 students attending West Shore, 72 participate in the program this school year in comparison to 46 students two years ago. “The purpose of the Free and Reduced Program is to encourage all students to have the opportunity to receive a nutritional lunch without regard to the student’s ability to pay for the lunch,” Jimmie Johnson, District Operations Manager of Food and Nutrition, said. Students in households receiving food stamps or temporary assistance for nutrition can qualify for free and A""<; 3(-307 41!B reduced lunches. 0&!C 0#$( In addition, students can qualify if their $ household’s gross income is within the free and reduced limits on the federal income guidelines. Families must apply to receive free and reduced-price meals by filling out forms from the school’s main office or completing

the forms online. A new application must be submitted yearly. A student can apply for the program at any point during the school year. Families are immediately informed if they qualify. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the current percentage of students that qualify for a free or reduced lunch in Brevard is 43.16 percent, up from 29.8 percent since 2006. In Osceola County, a staggering 71 percent of students are receiving free or reduced lunch, an increase of 8 percent since 2007. “The downward trend of the economy has a major effect in the increase of our students qualifying for a free and reduced lunch,” Johnson said. “The trend is happening in a lot of areas within the U.S. and not just in Brevard County.  Our district is in better shape than most districts in Florida due to our administrative staff working hard to control where our funds are spent. Hopefully this trend will reverse itself soon.” Students purchasing reduced lunch must go through the cafeteria’s “A” line, where the district’s standard free and reduced lunch is served. The sales of “a la carte” lunches are decreasing within the district while cheaper, standard menu meal sales are increasing. “The more students on free and reduced lunch allows our cafeteria to receive more money from the government,” Cafeteria Manager Lalanya Wilson said. “West Shore has a low percentage of students getting free and reduced lunch compared to other schools in the county. It could be greater, but the parents here are too proud to take part in the program.”

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Dress code crackdown causes distress When it comes to dress code, I’ve always been very frustrated by it. I have never personally gotten dress coded, but I’ve heard stories of my friends getting dress coded and it has always upset me. I feel like when it comes to dress code, some of the things people get in trouble for are quite ridiculous. For example, I feel like as long as your undergarments aren’t showing then you shouldn’t get dress coded. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing racerback shirts, in the heat of August, in Florida, as long as you aren’t exposing anything. As long as the tank top covers everything then it should be acceptable to wear. The other thing I am bothered by is the issue with shorts. I can understand that if someone is wearing shorts and they are exposing themselves, then they should get dress coded, but I’ve seen people get dress coded for their shorts and they aren’t even exposing anything at all. Whenever I hear an explanation from a teacher or administrator to why people get dress coded for shorts being “too short”, they say that it’s because their shorts are shorter than their fingertips when they hold their hands by their side. What I don’t get is that people have different proportions, some have longer legs, and some people have longer arms, so how can you judge shorts on someone with super long legs when nothing is exposed or someone with really long arms? It’s

hard to judge that. Also, the style changes and right now it’s hard to get shorts that are that long because the style is shorter shorts. It’s kind of difficult to find long shorts at this time. I just don’t understand how the dress code can be so strict, when people are different shapes and sizes, style changes so much, and the weather is extremely harsh here in Florida. — Desiree Corbin, junior

No football means fewer opportunities for students

I would like to bring forth a pressing issue. It is my opinion that not having a football team is hurting West Shore. I have known good students who have decided to leave West Shore, because they want to go to a school with a football team. Many of our students, including myself, enjoy playing football. We would love to play and represent our school. I think it would be a morale boost to have another sports team to root for. The most important thing, however, is that our students are missing out on possible scholarship opportunities that would allow some of them to go to college. I would love to play football for my school, and I know others feel the same way I do. — Matthew Booe, sophomore

publicationpolicies theroar 5#*+!67%"#!K"9P6"9!Q(&7!! ARB!5(,3$.+!N,,#8!M#,1%0"'#=!;D!SATSR USAVW!AXA4XYSB!#>+9!ARR!;NZ@!USAVW!AXA4XYXB :$3'*()%3#%953"; K#''(-#"!L.""(3% D#*,#8!5"(&7+ <2#273#7%"$3'*() I"(++.'8!J7% M.",#8!I0+$7#" =4)3#"))%,2#27"( N.,#?78.!O#'.,( >"?)%,2#27"( J.",#(&7!5.,+#" @A3#3*#)%"$3'*( 6+#/7.'(#!67.< !A*(')%"$3'*() K0*+('!D.'#0:(,,# 6.2!D.$?

:#'"('23#,"#'%%:$3'*( M%"&.'!M(,,#" B"C%%<2#27"( [.'.!I"%<' !'2;;%?(3'"() 6.".7![.8 M.33(#![(2%'3 6%22#"!Q(38 K0,(.!D#:8 \"0'.,!].+#, M(,,(#!^%*.*$% ;#,($(.!6%,.))% 683'#8!6.0'3#"* M($.7!5#1#" J(#".!M_*'#"


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

feedback Q: How do you feel about being friends with teachers on Facebook? “Most teachers don’t stalk anyone and give you space so I think it’s OK.” — Balaji Thoguluva, 12th

Q: What are your opinions on further reducing free and reduced lunch ? “It kind of makes sense because less people can pay for their kids’ meals.” — Nathan Johnson, 10th

Q: Are you affected by the stricter dress code? “One of my teachers would yell at me for my shorts but she wouldn’t really send me to the office or do anything, so not really.” — Mikayla Almeida, 9th

Q: How has the reduction of Bright Future’s affected you? “In seventh grade I thought that I was going to get the full Bright Future’s but now it’s more financial stress on my parents.”! — Rachel Kershaw, 11th

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Teachers deserve same Facebook rights as everyone Many people, especially students; have the misconception that because teachers are only seen at school, and all they talk about is the subject they teach, then they must not have a life outside of school. However, teachers are just people and deserve equal rights as anyone else receives. With this being true, does it really seem ethical to ban teachers from being a part of the most connected online website in the world? With the era our society is in today, it’s only natural to feel disconnected from the world without a Facebook. Take a second to imagine someone clearly forcing you to remove yourself from the world. It shouldn’t matter what profession you are involved in, people are people and deserve equal rights. Teachers are held to such high expectations that they are taking a risk by posting personal information online, hence having a

Facebook. As long as they keep their profiles secluded to their own groups of friends and they don’t act inappropriately with students they decide to ‘friend’ on their account, they shouldn’t run into any problems. During school, the administration doesn’t monitor every little thing that teacher’s do,- so what’s the difference of them being able to communicate with their students online pertaining to school-related matters? Teachers are caring, and helpful, and constantly look out for their student’s concerns and strive to help society by educating students that will be in charge of the next generation. There is a decline button for a reason, if you really don’t want to be freinds with your teachers, don’t accept them. Who you are friends with online is your choice.

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I don’t understand why it’s so hard for teachers to realize that students get stressed out when they have three tests in one day. Staying up all night watching the sun rise after studying for AP Lang, physics and Spanish tests is not what most kids call a fun night. Junior Shaye Wilson has experienced this too many times. Because of having multiple tests in one day, she gets little or no sleep due to the fear of failing. By staying up until 1 a.m. most students are not retaining the information they have been studying and because of that, English class can be covertly used as study time for AP Psychology. Since West Shore opened in 1998, the school has designated testing days to prevent students from having an overload of major assessments. But in reality the policy is not working out as administration had hoped. “Having each department test on only one day is too restrictive,” Prinicpal Rick Fleming said. “We could try and get the departments to talk to each other, but it’s hard enough to have teachers talk in their own department.” The administration is stressing to parents that students aren’t getting enough sleep, but going to bed is the last thing on our minds if we have to stay up and study for our physics, AP Lang and Spanish tests. “I think it’s dumb,” Wilson said. “By the third test I’m burned out, and I can’t focus.” While few schools in the district have assigned testing days, we know that our administration is trying to look out for our best interest, but it’s only making things more stressful. Administration thinks that sending out emails to teachers, reminding them of their testing days will help the problem. What they don’t understand is that it’s not that teachers don’t follow their testing days, it’s that all the teachers who test can test on Tuesday and Thursday decide to test on Tuesday. “I find that the freedom to test on any day allows me to focus on where my students are and adjust accordingly instead of sticking to a schedule,” said Viera High School teacher Heidi Heath, who last year taught at West Shore. West Shore is a school of excellence, but we can’t achieve excellence if students are spending their class time studying for the two additional tests they’ll have later in the day. Administrators say they haven’t heard of any conflicts with multiple tests on one day, but they don’t know the truth.  Tell teachers and administrators this is a problem, and maybe something can be done to fix it.

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Even though we all know it to be true, it still causes Americans anguish to know that our government is two-faced. For a country based on immigration, hope and opportunity, we continue to remain extremely xenophobic and racist in terms of who represents us in the Oval Office. I am referring specifically to the clause in Section 1 of Article II of the Constitution which states that no one can be president unless he is born on American soil, “or [are] a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution.” Sure, since the country was not old enough at the time, who cares if the first handful of Presidents was born here? I understand the purposes behind the number of years of residency and the age restriction, but to ban all people born elsewhere is a ridiculous idea. Immigration to the U.S. today is through the roof, and perhaps that’s because we’re politically and economically stable enough for other countries to notice. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the number of legal immigrants to the United States has reached over one million per year since 2000. Legal. So they have done nothing wrong, and have been naturalized as well. However, because they are not “naturalborn citizens,” they remain ineligible to run for president. Having someone from another country who still meets the residency and age requirements would benefit to our country, and maybe they could teach Americans something about international relations. If they were able to run for office, they would still have to win the hearts of voters before winning an election. Having only those born in the U.S. able to be president isolates us from the rest of the world, never allowing us to break the continuous cycle of American blood. We remain enclosed in our own little spheres of “American ancestry.” But what is that ancestry? Does it even exist? Our ancestors all came from somewhere else, some other land. What made our Founding Fathers different from any legal migrants today? Americans born elsewhere who moved to the U.S. with their families as babies, should without question be eligible to run for Executive Office. Babies and children do not retain anything nontraumatic in long-term memory until the age of 5, anyway. If you add this age with the age requirement for presidential candidacy eligibility of 35 years, your sum will be the age of the majority of all of the recent presidents. It angers me to know that my cousin who was born here, lived here for 14 years, then moved back to Venezuela permanently can run for Oval Office, yet I have resided in the here most of my life, but being born elsewhere keeps me ineligible. We abolished slavery more than 100 years ago. One would think that the racism and discrimination would have ended by now. Most Americans are guilty of prejudging immigrants without knowing their stories. We need to get off our high horse, and give them the rights and power they should be given. The natural-born citizen clause of the Constitution has been argued in the Supreme Court, but the original jurisdiction remains upheld. That doesn’t go to say, however, that the clause could be altered if someone truly president-worthy came along.

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ollywood. Fifty years ago it was the place to be for anyone wanting to be different and creative in life. But now, in the second decade of the new millennium, more originality is found in Mel-boring than in present-day Hollywood. Not one day goes by without hearing about some “new” movie that is a remake in production. A good portion of movies in 2011 are remakes: Straw Dogs, Footloose and The Three Musketeers, just to name a few. And don’t forget about the excessive amount of sequels this year, the dominant ones being Cars 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, The Hangover II, Paranormal Activity 3 and Final Destination 5. The saddest part is that most producers with common sense know that sequels can never top the original, yet they continue waging on them because their overwhelming hunger for money is unrelenting. Hollywood this century has basically turned into a black hole for the greedy. Yet the absolute best display of unoriginality is the beloved re-releasing movies in 3D. Take for example The Lion King 3D, which earned a whopping $29.3 million opening weekend alone, more than all of its competition combined. Now let’s see if Finding Nemo 3D can do better than that. You heard right. Pixar plans to re-release the animated oceanic epic about a lost little clown fish in three dimensional in 2012, before the world ends. The art of remaking transfers over to television as well. Most recently, Charlie’s Angels on ABC prime time. In all honestly, producers Drew Barrymore and Leonard Goldberg should feel blessed if the double remake even reaches a second season. But seriously, what do you expect from a show that is a remake of a movie that was a remake of the original TV show? If they’re looking to win an Emmy, it’s never going to happen. The Emmy

award was created to celebrate excellence and creativity in television, not the brainless art of recreating last generation’s popular shows in an attempt by producers to double their already loaded paychecks. And then there are reality shows: the ultimate acts of desperation to rake in money. Now in the pre-teen years of this century, it’s impossible to turn on any television without coming face-to-face with a “reality” show, most of which are scripted, ironically. The amount that these reality TV stars get paid now is absolutely repulsive. The three main characters of MTV’s Jersey Shore-Snooki, Mike ‘The Situation,’ and Pauly D—each get paid $100,000 for every episode that airs. Let’s do some quick math: with 13 episodes per season, and 100 grand per episode, Snooki gets $1.3 million a year; that’s more than triple the amount President Obama gets paid annually while in office. You know the economy isn’t doing too well when a girl named Snooki, who considers tan to be an ethnicity, gets paid more than the U.S. president. Young girls are getting pregnant, tone-deaf people are causing the nation’s ears to bleed, housewives from every county are bickering 24/7 and the morbidly obese are shedding hundreds of pounds at a dangerous rate. One word to describe this whole reality mess: depressing. Why can’t producers begin to generate their own ideas? Why can’t the CEOs of major television networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox veto a few of these reality shows in order to make room for originals? In this case, I don’t blame them. For some odd reason whenever a new sitcom or drama airs, it gets cancelled within two episodes; sometimes they make it a whole season, if the network feels generous. All I want is a show that displays even just a teensy tiny bit of creativity. No more remakes. No more realities. No more re-enhancing. Just a much-needed revolution in 21st century television and cinema that is necessary to keep our generation’s pop culture alive. Is that too much to ask for?

Federal guidelines permanently bury Wildcat Cafe Despite the dispute between the Wildcat Cafe and the school board, there is no way the cafe will be opening back up in the near future. Last year, the Cafe was shut down last year because it violated laws regarding the sale of food and beverages on campus. “I wasn’t happy with the district shutting us down, but when you violate something like this you can lose millions of dollars in federal funding for our district,” Principal Rick Fleming said. Federal laws require school boards to regulate food and beverages sold during school, so that it does not compete with the food services program in that district. If approved by the board, items may be sold one hour after the closing of the last lunch period. “I wasn’t very happy when the Cafe shut down, since it funded for cool stuff like the giant chess board and things like that for for

our school to look more unique,” Junior Erin Berube said. If West Shore were to continue with the cafe and be caught by a state auditor, Brevard Public Schools could lose up to $ 14.7 million in federal funding. In addition there is also an issue of hygiene and food safety for the students. The U.S. Department of Health says that under this administrative code, a school would need to have a permit to operate any sort of store, a state auditor to review the site of the store, a health inspection and documented food handling and training required to sell food. “It is important to understand that all of these regulations are in place to protect the health and well being of our students,” Director of Food Services Kevin Thornton said. -Ciera Misner, staff writer

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What’s in a name? William Shakespeare, or rather his character Juliet, once asked that. And while he wasn’t around to see the genius of some of today’s nicknames, that which we call Air Jordan, by any other name would dunk as well. Some nicknames make sense, they come from the person’s name. Varsity basketball players Anthony Wattwood and Brandon Toothaker are Watty and Toothy, respectively. Some come from the way they play, like Shoeless Joe Jackson, former White Sox baseball player who played with no shoes, or West Shore bowler Mika Bilicki whose nickname is Cheeseburger Slider, because of the way she bowls. Nicknames are earned. Not every average player has a nickname, and only LeBron James is king. Star Volleyball player Kaitlyn Forry is Kit-Kat and Meagan Larsen is Megasaurous Rex. Some on the other hand, are just plain strange. Celtics basketball player Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Wildcats soccer player Jenna “Jiggles” Forry are among those who fit into that category. Nicknames make the players something better, something more than just names and numbers. Who’s Julius Erving? I bet you don’t know. But you do know who Dr. J. is, right? OK maybe you don’t, but generally a high school student would. Earvin Johnson is a nobody, but Magic Johnson is a Hall of Famer. Chance Baker is just your average Wildcats cheerleader, but ChaChi is on a whole new level. Scott Adams is a high-schooler, Skimmy is a varsity basketball star. Of course, Tiger Woods would just be Eldrick. And who names their kid Eldrick?

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9B,8? ?8,+H --,+> 8+,+C T(:O&+> T(:O&+T(:O&+T(:O&+? T(:O&+J T(:O&+H S%$O&> S%$O&S%$O&C S%$O&J S%$O&>+ S%$O&>8 S%$O&>? S%$O&+> W#3O&C W#3O&H W#3O&>B W#3O&>> W#3O&>C W#3O&>J W#3O&>H W#3O&+8 W#3O&+W#3O&+C

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!!"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Go with one of the greatest coaches you’ve never heard of. That’s the story here. His story needs to be told. — Jim Finch, cross country coach

./00%01)&2'&()3-+3'-+4) 52-)(%4)62/1(+46)-'&+)7+6 $%&'()*+,+,-.//!0(1-$( Jason Whitworth has wanted to finish first in every race he’s ever run. Now he is in a race for his life. Whitworth was recently diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. ALS affects approximately five out of every 100,000 people worldwide. “I first found out I had ALS on Sept. 23,” Whitworth said. “I went to the hospital after having muscle twitches, fatigue, and my right hand was weak, where even turning a key was hard. The hospital ran tests and formed their opinion. I went to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville to get a second opinion and they confirmed it was ALS.” The cause for ALS is unknown, but in those who have it, nerve cells (neurons) waste away or die, and can no longer send messages to muscles. The disease is progressive and eventually leads to muscle weakening, twitching, and an inability to move the arms, legs and body. “I want people to be informed of this because I would have never have thought I would be one of the ones to have this disease,” said Whitworth, who has been the school’s cross country coach for six years. “Whitworth is perhaps the most underrated cross country coach in the county,” Finch said. “No one has any more experience running than him. Go with one of the greatest coaches you never heard of, that’s the story here. His story needs to be told.” Whitworth, a former track star himself, has been a key factor in the success of this year’s team, the fastest team he has ever coached. The boys’ team has gone to the state competition the past two years and the girls team went three years ago. Everyone on the team raced at Districts on Nov. 5, and the top 13 finishers qualified for Regionals. At the race at Regionals, this year’s team did not qualify for state. Junior runner Sarah Day is the only runner to qualify for state as an individual. “There have been many great individual standouts this year, but the team as a whole is what makes it unique,” Whitworth said. The middle-school athletes on the team were also credited with

the success of the team being one of the best teams in Brevard County, as well as the state of Florida. “With the seventh and eighthgrade students pushing the upper classmen, the competition among teammates has helped the progression of the team,” Whitworth said.  Whitworth ran in middle school, high school and college. He held record times in middle school with 58 seconds for the 400 meter and 2:14 in the the 800 meter. He ran at the state high-school competitions for track and cross country for three consecutive years where his personal best for the mile was 4:22 and 9:30 for the two-mile. As a result, he received a scholarship to Western Carolina University in North Carolina where he ran every distance event. While in his last year of college, he began coaching at Smokey Mountain High School in Sylva, N.C., initiating a desire to continue coaching. Whitworth met his wife and lived in North Carolina for two years before he came to Florida to teach at St. Joseph Catholic School then eventually coached track and cross country at Melbourne Central Catholic for about five years before coming to West Shore.  “I like seeing other people set goals and strive for their best,” Whitworth said. “I started running to get out of the house and found out I was pretty good at it. Running has always been a part of my life. I kept running for fun after college until 1999 when I had a brain tumor. After that I lost motivation to try again. I got back into a lot of other things like surfing, fishing and being a dad to my two great kids, Alexis who is 12 and Luke who is 10 and a half.” Senior Adam Kline credits his success to Whitworth. “He always pushes you while telling you what you need to

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improve. He also puts in a lot of his time,” he said. Whitworth’s impact on junior Luke Redito started early. “He helped me realize the world of high school running,” junior runner Luke Redito said. “I think my running would not have progressed as fast without him. If he didn’t give me a varsity spot in eighth-grade, I wouldn’t have been able to experience high school running in eigth-grade. He is able to inspire the team to work hard every day and make the best of what we were given. It helped me take my competitive running to a new level.” Finch says Whitworth has the right combination of speed and distance workouts for the athletes to excel and grow.  “Without Coach Whitworth our program would undoubtably not be the athletic showcase that it is for our school,” Finch said. “It’s really his passion for the sport and his love of the kids. He has an inside feel for this.” Together, Whitworth and Finch have built the program to the point where success is expected. “He was an elite runner, he loves these kids and he loves this sport,” Finch said. As Whitworth continues his battle with ALS, he offers this advice: “Live life as if it would be gone tomorrow. Enjoy people, enjoy life — and help others.”

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'#67$'8$9&02-'!! ,$(-./0"!1$%.(#2!+62+7 1@#$.-$,6+#$2&$./-'.)#$2"#$ 2#,($2&$9&)B$",):$#A#)?$ :,?$,/:$(,B#$2"#$6#-2$&3$ 9",2$9#C)#$0.A#/>5

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#$%&'()*+,-$(.*)*%,/*0'-)1&%*)2'%-$*#'33$()4&56 ,-.//!0(1-$( Starting from the top of a hill and picking up speed, senior Stephen Vaughn aims for the inside corner of a turn. He gets low, puts his hand down and whips the back of his board off the road, his camera snapping a photo at just the right moment. Vaughn read about a contest on “EDGE” Boardshop’s Facebook page called “Living on the Edge,” a photo contest to be featured on their website and to win a set of wheels for a longboard. He set up his GoPro camera to take the picture itself. “It only took like five or ten minutes,” Vaughn said. “We had to redo it because the first time wasn’t good enough quality for the

website.” With the help of Eau Gallie High School junior Brandon Springston, Vaughn was able to get the perfect shot. “After [crew] practice one day, he wanted to recreate a picture he took a few weeks earlier,” Springston said. “We got his camera and took about 50 shots to find the exact same angle and spot to shoot from.” The two went near a gas station in Palm Bay to take the picture. “I was shocked when they messaged me on Facebook,” Vaughn said. “They said one picture stood out the most when they announced the winner, so I think it’s because my picture looks like I’m on the edge.” He received a new set of wheels, was featured on the front page of the EDGE

website with an interview, the front page of Silverfish Longboarding, and in an ad in Concrete wave, the biggest longboarding magazine. “I needed a new set of wheels and I’ve never been featured in a magazine,” he said. Vaughn has been skating for seven years. “It all started with playing Tony Hawk back when I was a little kid,” he said. “Now I skate mostly with Jeff and Matt Dickens. Clermont is the best place on earth, I love skating there.” Vaughn says he wants to skate professionally after high school. “I plan on going to college in California and joining the downhill racing circuit,” he said.

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71)1,")81$9':2*-';1$$'#<"*-=>2*-%)*'1$)%1?.' @.?,%.'@12,?%)* >#&??)@%'#$% The lights go out, the floor boards creak, followed by a hollow distant scream. The Paranormal trilogy follows the same un-enticing cliché of every modern low budget horror film; packed with mediocre acting and a dry screenplay, Paranormal Activity 3 has once again failed to excite Director: Henry Joost :&%&"+%(&,);-#'6'#<)= viewers. The story line begins in :&%&(+8"#):'-#8%$9 Cast: Oren Pell, 1988, when young Katie Jason Blum, Avika (Chloe Csengery) and KrisGoldsman ti (Jessica Brown) live with Rated R their mother, Julie (Lauren Bittner), and her boyfriend, Dennis (Christopher Smith). Kristi begins interacting with an invisible friend named Toby. Toby, a troubled spirit, is somewhat angry and has decided to terrorize the house at night. Toby is angry for an unknown reason and wants to kill the parents of the children. He uses Kristi as a medium to interact with the family. Following the footsteps of all other ghost stories, the girl is eventually possessed. The movie has an unsatisfying ending when the family dies and the ghost continues to haunt. Paranormal Activity 3 is by-far one of the most deceiving movies out today, with a trailer that is filled with action and the fear of the supernatural, viewers may get the chills watching the preview. But in actuality, no part of the trailer was included in the movie, which was quite a letdown. The film has a few frightening moments due

to the fear of the unknown, but if you’re looking for a movie to make yourself jump out of your skin, this movie is definitely not for you. Unlike movies such as the 1973 classic hit “The Exorcist”, Paranormal 3 just doesn’t measure up. Although shadows are visual and the faint knocks are heard, the movie starts to entertain viewers as opposed to scaring them. With the various emotions played throughout the story, viewers feel how the family would do anything :A+#+B):&%&(+8"#):'-#8%$9 to get their lives back before Toby and his continuous reign of terror.

!""#$%&'"((%)*'+$%,-.'"('+"*/-/0%'(%1-2)%*'' about the latest updates and learn how to use them. It’s updated every few days so you can be sure that you’ll stay on top of all that Google+ has to offer. All you have to do is press the +You button in the upper left corOne of my favorite features has to be the Creative Kit. This tool ner of the Google homepage to join the fastest growing social net- gives you the ability to edit photos within Google+. You post a picwork: Google+. Once you get started, you’ll be able to connect with ture and edit it right there. And it’s not the average crop-rotate editpeople in awesome new ways—videochat with up to 9 others at the ing feature that you find on Facebook — you can adjust exposure, same time using Hangout, press the What’s hot button to see the choose from 25 color filters and add text to make pictures all your most popular public content that Google+ own. users are posting in real time, or add friends The only minus about Google+? Not many people 2++3,$4 to Circles to view them by category. You can are using it. According to a survey from Bloomburg, 56$%)70)(',,'+")89$%9 create circles and add friends to them—a by August 2011 only 13% of American adults had accircle for teammates, best friends, family counts. It is currently only available by invite to miLaunch Date: June 28 members or even one just for those who annors, and people under the age of 13 cannot make noy you. Nobody can find out which of your accounts until Google works out security issues. circles they are in unless you tell them. Eventually, Google hopes to incorporate everyone, but until then, Unlike many Facebook features, the ones on Google+ effectively some of us will just have to wait. work. It’s easy to report a problem and even easier to delete your The best part about Google+ is its simplicity. Ease of use in addiprofile if you find you dislike it; while on Facebook you can only tion to helpful tips make Google+ easy to navigate, which in turn deactivate, not delete. makes it easy to connect with others. It’s a free, innovative project, Confused about how to use recently added features on Google+? and social networkers are eager to see how Facebook combats it in Head over to the What’s new in Google+ section where you can read the future.



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?1+"EFGG"C-,,4$)*#"'$9"),432"-."(3**+%',/"H*)<+&."I?)<+"D)*+B7"@1-(1" @)."*+,+).+#"8$;6"GJ")%#".$,#"KFFBFFF"($9-+."@-'1-%"'1+"L*.'"@++<6 $0"-'."*+,+).+6"


<0+5$%#'('D5)0'7%5'(')7'%+E%F@"00('%G":H;+27I% Indie-folk band Stork held a release party for its new album “Little Kingdoms” at the Sun Shoppe in Downtown Melbourne on Nov. 19. After the show, songwriter Matt Verdier spoke about the band which has three West Shore alumni and two current students. Anyone wishing to buy an album should contact Greta Schledorn or Alex Ludeman. Q: Why “Stork?” A: “It says a lot about the young mind and the beautiful willingness to believe in anything, no matter how outrageous. On the other hand, the fact that the tale of the stork is completely false says that one can’t believe everything they are told. Everyone in the band liked it and it fits the style of music we play.” Q: Whose idea was it to start the band? A: “It was my idea to start the band, but the ‘band’ was originally only going to be myself and Jordan Poole. After messing around with other instruments, we soon realized the songs would have infinitely more potential with a whole-band sound. The line-up as it is today was formed at the beginning of last summer.” Q: How long did it take to record “Little Kingdoms?” A: “Because I wrote most of the music and lyrics, it took quite a long time. I worked on it for two years, but I kept throwing out

songs and writing new ones that fit the concept of the album and were tailored to a seven-piece band. I probably threw away over 20 songs in the process as my writing style changed and matured.” Q: What is a typical day of recording like for band members? A: “We try to start recording as early in the morning as possible, stopping for assorted sweets on the way to our drummer’s house where the recording took place. The album was very rushed as we had to switch drummers when our original drummer moved without telling us. A majority of the songs were recorded in about a week.” Q: Which bands influence the music of Stork ,-./#'!0++1./'2/0-34!52//!6#'"0#' the most? A: “We draw influence from everything; from Defiance, Ohio to Modest Mouse to Do Make Say Think to modern folk bands. I try not to be influenced too heavily by any single artist.” Q: How difficult is it to get the whole band together seeing as most members live in different areas? A: “We hadn’t played together for about two months except for five hours before the album-release show. It annoys me to no end that we do not live together.” — Morgan Miller, Entertainment Editor



Alternative Rock Band ‘The Script’

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Vampire Movie ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’

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!"##$%#&'()*&)+),#-').$$*/0)$*$%' <+66*')=*,#/6 @#(33-A).#&) When people hear about any 80s movie is being remade, a universal groan is heard through out all of America. The 80s was an... interesting time in history, with the pearly pink lipstick, leg warmers and obnoxious pop songs. In most people’s opinions, what happened in the 80s should stay in the 80s !""#$""%& Director: Craig Brewer and should never, ever '()(*"+,#-'./#+)&% Cast: Julianne Hough, be remade to be linked Kenny Wormald, Andie to modern life. With the MacDowell, Denis Quad cheesy pop songs and a Rated PG-13 laughable plot line, this movie definitely should have stayed in the 80s, without a doubt. “Footloose” is about city boy Ren McCormack (Kenny Wormald) who moves into Bormont, Georgia, a city where it is illegal to dance or be wild. Ren arrives and, of course, falls in love with the beautiful and rebellious Ariel (Julianne Hough), daughter of the town’s reverend. Ren begins causing trouble with the town and infuriates everyone from Ariel’s boyfriend to the town leaders with his insistence to dance. Naturally, he has a big scene where he proves that dance is a good thing and the town lives happily ever after. Sound familiar, right? Boy is new in town, boy meets pretty popular girl with jerky boyfriend, then boy strikes rich and gets girl. The only original thing in this equation is all of the dancing. The dancing is arguably the only impressive part of this whole movie, the scene where they sing the title song “Footloose” is pretty darn cool. However, what

these talented dancers have in performing, they lack in acting. Julianne Hough is 24 in real life and plays a 17-yearold. Although this is done with most movies today, Julianne Hough looks closer to 30 instead of 20, which is frankly irritating to look at. The music was surprisingly not cringe-worthy and actually had some enjoyable points between all of the bad acting and silly plot lines. I found myself tapping my foot to songs like “Bang Your Head” and the revamped classic “Footloose.”


1-''/(&)!2%+&3+()&$*-&)0%+4*'-56''7)$8#908$ trio constantly find themselves snooping through things they know could come with big consequences. @#(33-A).#&) “He had printed individual itineraries for each of us, includJohn Green’s “Looking for Alaska” is a perfect example of what ing times exact to the second. Our watches synchronized, our happens when an author mixes a seemingly ordinary abundance of clothes black, our backpacks on, our breath visible in the cold, our characters with a storyline that radiates with heart-ache, psychominds filled with the minute details of the plan, our hearts racing, logical obstacles, and a shocking plot twist that changes the charwe walked out of the barn together once it was completely dark, acters and the readers’ lives. around seven. The five of us walking confidently in a row, I’d never Divided into before and after sections, Looking for Alaska is the felt cooler. The Great Perhaps was upon us, and we were invincible. page-turner that shows the reader the effects The plan may have had faults, but we did not.” of young love and death. John Green keeps the reader on their toes by cre0""1.,2-3")-4$(%1( The first part of Looking for Alaska takes ating subtitles, like “one hundred days before”, “the 567-8"9,-:)&&, the reader on a journey through Miles day before”, that lead up to what turns the book to “Pudge” Halter’s life as he adjusts to starting after. Publisher:-Penguin Group at boarding school. He has the demeanor of In the second half of the novel, the climax is sudthe kids your parents would choose as your denly thrown at the reader, giving the reader an opfriends. As Miles begins his adventure at portunity to ponder their own life, what it means Culver Creek Preparatory School, he is captivated by the French to be alive and putting themselves in the position Miles must face. writer, Rabelasis’s, last words of “I go to seek the Great Perhaps”. John Green’s Looking for Alaska makes the reader question their With those words in mind, Miles befriends the kids your parents own life through a tragedy that shatters the character’s lives. The warn you about, including Colonel, his roommate and Alaska, the biggest tragedy for all teenagers would be to overlook this novel. hot-and-dangerous girl who Miles burns up for. The unstoppable


):;--$!!theroar -$--;&/&*<&)-=>??

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December 2011 Issue  
December 2011 Issue  

The December 2011 issue of West Shore Jr./Sr. High School's student news magazine.