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January - July 2014

January - July 2014 @ShoreditchTH

welcome from the Director


ust over a year ago we successfully launched the Town Hall’s first ever programme of theatre and performance. Innovative projects like Paines Plough’s Roundabout in our magnificent Assembly Hall have been followed by the evolution of our basement spaces into The Ditch; a multi room ‘speakeasy’, which has come into its own with regular cabaret, music and comedy nights. With thousands of audiences and hundreds of artists coming, many for the first time, we have seen the building crackle into life. Our new season is very much about taking the next steps in developing the ambition and scope of our programme and celebrating, even emphasising, those features that make us unique. It’s about journeys through and around the building, or where the quality and varied character of our rooms is a vital ingredient of the work and the audience experience. And it’s also about growing our role in commissioning and developing original, new work for and of our wonderful spaces.

“The increasingly essential Shoreditch Town Hall… filling the gap in non-traditional spaces in London ” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Alongside a new version of Philip Pullman’s GRIMM TALES directed by Philip Wilson, we also welcome back Analogue, one of our associate companies, with two pieces: RE-ENACTMENTS, in which the audience are complicit in events that unfold, and the first stage of a major new commission SLEEPLESS. We are also delighted to be part of CircusFest, welcoming true originals Gandini Juggling with their new show CLØWNS AND QUEENS. We are committed to nurturing new work and emerging artists, so in this season there are exciting work in progress showings from Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari (formerly SHUNT), alongside Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon, and Dumbshow. Being led by the quality and availability of artistic projects means we will never follow set seasons or patterns; we’ll only ever programme work as and when projects are right for us or come to fruition as part of a development process - sometimes last minute. So, please make sure you’re signed up to receive email and social media updates. There’s lots more to come; we’re only just getting started.

Nick Giles 2


Season at a glance

Grimm Tales 14 Mar - 24 Apr

Clowns & Queens 27 - 29 March

Be Here Now 17 - 28 June

JANUARY Sat 25 - Sun 26 Mon 27 - (Thu 6 Feb) Thu 30

Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon: Body Weather Workshop Analogue: Re-Enactments Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon: A Fine Balance (work-in-progress)

20 4 15

Analogue: Re-Enactments Marawa the Amazing: Hula Hooping Workshop Shoreditch Youth Dance: Contemporary and Creative Dance Workshops Marawa the Amazing: Parents & Toddlers - Hoops for Everyone Oscar Mike: Theatre Making Workshops Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari: Party Skills for the End of the World Town Hall Tea Dance (& Beginners’ Dance Class) Simple8: Devising Theatre Workshop Marawa the Amazing: Hula Hooping Workshop Clerke and Joy: Volcano Free Gig: Brooke Sharkey & Mojo Hand

4 20 20 20 20 5 19 20 20 5 16

Free Gig: Ma Polaine’s Great Decline & Ramshackle Union Band Marawa the Amazing: Hula Hooping Workshop Shoreditch Youth Dance: Contemporary and Creative Dance Workshops Marawa the Amazing: Parents & Toddlers - Hoops for Everyone Oscar Mike: Theatre Making Workshops Davy & Kristin McGuire: The Hunter and other works Free Gig: La Mort Subite Free Gig: Whiskey Moon Face & Dan Korn Town Hall Tea Dance (& Beginners’ Dance Class) Ridiculusmus: The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland Dumbshow: Moon (work-in-progress) Grimm Productions: Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales Ida Barr’s Afternoon Delight Circusfest 2014: Gandini Juggling: Clowns & Queens Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts: Sleepless

17 20 20 20 20 6 17 17 19 7 15 8 19 10 12

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts: Sleepless Grimm Productions: Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts: Dreaming America Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts: The Art of War

12 8 13 13

Town Hall Tea Dance (& Beginners’ Dance Class) Blind Summit Masterclass: Making Theatre with Puppets TOOT: Be Here Now Ida Barr’s Afternoon Delight Abigail Conway Masterclass: Interactivity in Installations

19 20 14 19 20

Abigail Conway Masterclass: Interactivity in Installations Town Hall Tea Dance (& Beginners’ Dance Class)

20 21

FEBRUARY until Thu 6 Sat 1, 8, 15, 21 Mon 3, 10, 17 & 24 Tue 4, 11, 18 & 25 Wed 5, 12, 19, 26 Thu 13 - Sat 15 Tue 18 Wed 19 Wed 19 Fri 21 - Sun 23 Fri 28

MARCH Sat 1 Sat 1, 8, 15, 22 Mon 3 & 10 Tue 4 & Tue 11 Wed 5 & 12 Thu 6 - Sun 9 Fri 7 Sat 8 Mon 10 Wed 12 - Sat 15 Fri 14 Fri 14 - (Thu 24 Apr) Wed 19 Thu 27 - Sat 29 Mon 31 - (Sat 5 Apr)

APRIL until Sat 5 until Thu 24 Tue 8 - Thu 17 Wed 9 - Thu 17

JUNE Mon 9 Tue 10 - Sat 14 Tue 17 - Sat 28 Wed 18 Mon 30 - (Fri 4 July)

JULY until Fri 4 Mon 14

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[The Ditch] Analogue

RE-ENACTMENTS Written by Liam Jarvis

Sound Design by Tom Wilson Voiceovers by Morag Cross, Dan Ford & Brian Martin dates: Mon 27 January – Thu 6 February times: various tickets: £1 1 running time: 60 mins

“If this is the set, and you are the performers, where is the audience?” The voice you can hear through the headphones belongs to a patient who has recently recovered from a serious brain trauma. Since his accident, everything feels over-rehearsed and second-hand. He feels like an actor inside a television show. He desperately needs to feel real again, and he needs your help… In Re-Enactments, Analogue take over the cavernous basement of the Town Hall for an actor-less and interactive audio performance that casts you as a ‘re-enactor’ in an atmospheric story inspired by Andy Warhol, Synecdoche, New York and Tom McCarthy’s novel Remainder.

“The bright young things OF British Theatre” The Observer

Commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall Supported by Arts Council England Originally developed at Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute for Advanced Study, Germany and via the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust.



Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari

PARTY SKILLS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD dates: Thu 13 – Sat 15 February times: 8pm tickets: £11

Can you make the perfect Martini? Play the best music to get everyone dancing? Do you know any tricks to entertain a terrified crowd? Can you clean and stitch a wound? Kill someone in a space the size of a telephone box? We will teach you everything you need to get by when the end comes and it’s time to celebrate what has made life worth living. Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari started working together when running the Shunt Lounge in London Bridge. They make wild, bold, visual performance for people who don’t really like theatre and unusual theatrical experiences for those who do. The first stage of a work-in-progress commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall with support from Arts Council England.

Clerke and Joy


Created by Clerke and Joy. Performed by Rachael Clerke, Josephine Joy, Adrian Spring & Dr Mike Cassidy. Lighting Design by Christopher Nairne dates: Fri 20 – Sun 23 February times: 7.30pm (and Sat 2.30pm) tickets: £1 1 running time: 60 mins

This is a show about eruption and tension and release and geology and human beings and a pilot and the Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody. It is funny and deadly serious. And it’s about letting go, because sometimes you’ve just got to let it out. Part performance, part lecture, part school science experiment, Volcano follows the story of a pilot’s personal eruption whilst grounded during the Eyjafjallajokull ash cloud in 2010. It uses lo-fi props to recreate gigantic events, and gigantic events to illuminate small lives with pathos and a deep sense of life’s absurdity.

Mentored by Karen Christopher. Commission and dramaturgical support from The Basement, supported by the Roddick Foundation. Supported by Arts Council England.

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |



THE HUNTER AND OTHER WORKS dates: Thu 6 – Sun 9 March times: various tickets: £11 age guide: 10+

“Magical and exquisitely crafted, Davy and Kristin McGuire’s [...] universe is full of visual wonders” The Guardian

The award-winning husband-and-wife team have built a reputation for innovative, indelible works – blending animation, projection mapping, theatre, film, dance and papercraft. For the first time a fantastical selection of their work can been experienced under one roof, leading you into a world of trembling delicacy and haunting magic. The showcase features The Hunter, a projected paper diorama which won the couple the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award in 2012; the international hit The Icebook; two recent commissions for the Royal Shakespeare Company, and a little sideshow that will bring you back into reality. There is a quality to the McGuire‘s work that will keep you guessing, and that‘s all part of its charm...




THE ERADICATION OF SCHIZOPHRENIA IN WESTERN LAPLAND LONDON PREVIEWS by Jon Haynes and David Woods Performed by Jon Haynes, Patrizia Paolini, Richard Talbot & David Woods

dates: Wed 12 – Sat 15 March times: 7.30pm tickets: £12 - £15 running time: 90 mins

Mediterranean roasted vegetables. Finnish Folk and Margaret Drabble. Adolf Hitler and the knitted cover for a toilet roll. An audience split in two experiencing auditory hallucinations. The new work from Ridiculusmus is inspired by a treatment method for psychosis that has virtually eradicated schizophrenia from Western Lapland. It conjures up a comic nightmare of delusion while offering a hopeful world of polyphonic uncertainty, a world where dialogue can transform your life.

Commissioned by Sick! Festival, Brighton. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, with support from Shoreditch Town Hall, Metal and Stephen Joseph Theatre. Ridiculusmus receives funding from Arts Council England.

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |














grimm TALES World Premiere

Adapted & Directed by Philip Wilson Executive Producer Catherine Botibol Produced by Valerie Coward Set & Costume Design by Tom Rodgers Lighting Design by Howard Hudson Sound Design by Richard Hammerton

dates: Fri 14 March – Thu 24 April times: various tickets: £19.50 - £40 age guide: 8+

An immersive fairytale for young and old. For the first time ever, award-winning author Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales for Young and Old are brought to life in an immersive storytelling experience, deep in the basements of Shoreditch Town Hall. Brush shoulders with unforgettable characters from four of Pullman’s classic fairytales. From everyone’s favourite ‘don’t talk to strangers’ morality tale Little Red Riding Hood to the lengthy-locked damsel Rapunzel and lesser-known stories The Three Snake Leaves and The Juniper Tree, this Theatrical production will enchant and inspire adults and brave children alike. Infused with storytelling magic, immersive action and raw excitement, this is a way to see Philip Pullman’s version of these classic fairytales like never before. Welcome to the world premiere of a theatrical journey full of unexpected twists and turns.

Created by Grimm Productions Ltd in association with pd3 and Shoreditch Town Hall. Supported by Vincent Kamp, Paul Tully and Valerie Coward. Partners with Penguin Books.

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |




Gandini Juggling


PART OF THE ROUNDHOUSE’S CIRCUSFEST 2014 dates: Thu 27 – Sat 29 March times: 7.30pm tickets: £12 - £20 running time: 60 mins age guide: 16+

CLØWNS & QUEENS is dirty circus. Clown eroticism. Humiliation as entertainment. Pre-Raphaelite hula hooping. Horizontal juggling. An exploration into the cross over between circus, dance and performance art that pays tribute to the strange beauty of various golden ages of circus whilst deftly subverting its archetypes. The newest addition to the Gandinis’ repertoire is a departure from their usual mathematical juggling obsessions; this universe is about the juggler’s body and its perversity, with echoes of Stanley Kubrick and Frederico Fellini. This is a brave show for brave audiences. Created in 1992 by Sean Gandini and Kati YläHokkala, Gandini Juggling continues to be at the vanguard of contemporary circus, reinventing and reinvigorating juggling, celebrating this art in all its facets. Current works include Smashed, touring globally since 2011, 4x4 Ephemeral Architectures, a collaboration with The Royal Opera House currently in development for its premiere in January 2015 and CLØWNS & QUEENS. Please note: this production contains nudity and some scenes of an adult nature.

CLØWNS & QUEENS is co-produced by La brèche, Agit Cirk, Cirque Jules Verne and The Lighthouse, part of the EU-funded cross-border cooperation programme of the European Regional Development Fund for the contemporary circus project, PASS Circus Channel.

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |


Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts


An original creation by Analogue in collaboration with the company dates: Mon 31 March – Sat 5 April times: Mon-Fri: 7.30pm, Sat: 4pm tickets: £7.50 (plus booking fee)

Imagine you had insomnia. Imagine that it was so severe that within a few months you would be dead. Imagine that it was genetic and you would pass it on to your child. Analogue has worked with Mountview to create this new piece of theatre at Shoreditch Town Hall, following the true story of one family through their sleeplessness from 16th century Venice to the present day.



Sleepless is part of a wider Analogue project which has been commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall and will be co-produced with Mainz Staatsthater in 2015.

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

An unpublished play by Terry Johnson Directed by Stephen Jameson & Anthony Lau

An original play by Stephen Jeffreys Directed by Tariq Iskander

dates: Tue 8 – Thu 17 April times: various tickets: £7.50 (plus booking fee)

dates: Wed 9 – Thu 17 April times: various tickets: £7.50 (plus booking fee)

What takes a man to the skies, and what brings him back down again? Movie mogul, aviator, recluse and richest-man-in-the-world Howard Hughes reflects on his life in a new play, a work-in-progress by award-winning playwright Terry Johnson (Hitchcock Blonde, Dead Funny, Hysteria).

America is about to invade Iraq. An Australian business is about to make a hostile takeover in China. Both the Americans and the Australians should have studied The Art of War, an ancient treatise on tactics by Sun Tzu. The Art of War is an original play by critically acclaimed playwright Stephen Jeffreys (The Libertine, Backbeat).



All rights in this Play are reserved to the author. Any application for any performance or other exploitation of the play should be made to Casarotto Ramsay and Associates Ltd.

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |




Devised and performed by Terry O’Donovan, Stuart Barter and Clare Dunn Produced by Faith Dodkins dates: Tue 17 - Sat 28 June times: 7.30pm tickets: £1 1 running time: 60 mins

Three characters live in the world of 1990’s analogue: rewinding, fast-forwarding and pausing moments of love and the music that defines them. Hit repeat and relive together the scenes you play over and over in your head; the moments that shape you and will stay with you forever.

Be Here Now celebrates the thrill of anticipation and ‘music you can hold’, revelling in listening, waiting, buying, owning and consuming songs. The performance invites audiences to consider how we chart our lives through music, creating an identity and a soundtrack that defines us. Remembering the 90’s – the last real heyday of ‘physical’ music formats – Be Here Now exists in a world of alphabetical dividers, first love, learning the words from the inlay card, youthful dreams and fantasies, flicking through hundreds of CDs to find THE next album, the queuing to buy singles on their release date. TOOT will take you to your teenage bedroom, laying amid the jewel cases, surrounded by posters, a half-written love letter by your side… waiting for it all to happen.

“It’s all terrific light-hearted fun… thoroughly engaging. TOOT are one to watch” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (on Ten Out of Ten)

An Ovalhouse seed commission




Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon

A FINE BALANCE (Working Title)



dates: Thu 30 January times: 6pm tickets: Free (pre booking required)

dates: Fri 14 March times: 2pm & 6pm tickets: Free (pre booking required)

Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon invite you to see their open studio sharing. The research for the project began by looking at balancing in its many manifestations. The piece has now evolved to become a piece in which bodies become material, forces that collide and give in to one another. Come and see this new work in development and offer your feedback and thoughts to the work at this stage of development..

Acclaimed young company Dumbshow present a brand new piece of theatre for family audiences. MOON is a story about what it means to feel different, and the moment in life when you realise you are part of a much bigger universe. It tells the story of a young boy, Edwin Moon, who discovers he is an alien when he turns different colours one day on the school playing field.

Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon have been a partnership since 2005. They make work that moves between dance, theatre and visual art. Their work takes place in traditional theatre settings as well as work for sites and journeys through landscapes. Their most recent commission was to create an audio walk for ECLATS festival in France. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Commissioned and supported by Dance4, LICA, The Point, RE.AL, Dartington Arts and Shoreditch Town Hall.

The story will explore big ideas and small details about how we all find our way through life and how difficult, messy and beautiful this journey can be. For family audiences (particularly for children aged 8–12 but with a universal appeal).

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |



“She’s sure to stop you in your tracks… Really is so beautiful…” BBC 6 Music: Mary Anne Hobbs

BROOKE SHARKEY & MOJO HAND dates: Fri 28 February times: doors 7.30pm, music from 8.30pm

Brooke Sharkey has garnered a considerable audience for her intense, expressive blend of chanson, blues, folk and Latin music. Along with her band, she follows-up her debut album One Dress with a live tour later this year. Mojo Hand are a fiery musical troupe, stomping out Country Blues from the Deep South on the cobbled streets of London. Old-Time, Bluegrass and Early Jazz styles adjoin as they breathe new life into old tunes.



MA POLAINE’S GREAT DECLINE & RAMSHACKLE UNION BAND dates: Sat 1 March times: doors 7.30pm, music from 8.30pm

Taking inspiration from the jazz of Billie Holiday, delta blues of Howlin’ Wolf, genre sidestepping of Tom Waits, and some good old-fashioned life experience, MPGD return by popular demand, along with one of the UK’s leading purveyors of old time folk and blues, Ramshackle Union Band; a harmony driven folk & blues four piece with sumptuous vocals, bracing guitar, banjo, bass and drums.

LA MORT SUBITE dates: Fri 7 March times: doors 7.30pm, music from 8.30pm

Conjuring up images of a smoky worker’s bar in Paris, a wild night-time gathering around a gypsy campfire, a drunken Hungarian wedding party in the small hours and a Greek taverna on a hot summer’s evening, La Mort Subite bring the passion, prowess and energy of a gang of Balkan troubadours!

WHISKEY MOON FACE & DAN KORN dates: Sat 8 March times: doors 7.30pm, music from 8.30pm

A night of original rag and bones jazz blues built around double bass, accordion, clarinet and banjo and the stunning vocals of Louisa Jones and alternative folk group, Whiskey Moon Face. Joining them is singer-songwriter Dan Korn. Mixing angelic vocals with his bluesy guitar, his performances are charged with energy and full of evocative songs ‘laden with farewells’.

To sign-up for emails about our regular programme of free live music, visit or email

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Coming Soon



dates: November 2014

dates: November 2014

Christopher Green, in his guise as The Singing Hypnotist, invites you to explore the science and the showbiz of hypnotism. How much control do we have over our own thoughts? How easily can we change? How much do we like being out of control? How resistant are we to making changes for ourselves? Prepare to welcome the greatest hypnotist of the modern age...

Everything rests on this one free throw. On this one last shot. On this power play. On these last few seconds. Action Hero have got their game faces on. Bring it.






With a nostalgic yearning for the simplicity of a world that never really existed, Hoke’s Bluff meets its audience on the bleachers and tells them an underdog story that’s been told a million times before. By shifting and rearranging the trite narratives of high school storylines and inspiring locker room speeches, Action Hero use hackneyed formulas and cheap sentimentality to find out what it means to be a winner (on the inside).

Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news, theatre & community events and offers, as they’re announced throughout the year. Sign-up to receive our regular email newsletters at or email now.


Community events



dates: Tue 18 February, Mon 10 March, Mon 9 June, Mon 14 July times: 1.30pm tickets: £4 pre-reserved, £5 on the day running time: 3 hours

dates: Wed 19 March & Wed 18 June times: 1.30pm tickets: £5 running time: 3 hours

Come and dance the afternoon away in the magnificent Victorian grandeur of the Assembly Hall. Join us for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, and re-live those tea dance memories with entertainment led by the aptly-named Mr Wonderful. New dancers, group parties and all ages are welcome.

Music Hall singer turned hip hop legend Ida Barr is your host for an afternoon of dancing, eating, singing and laughing featuring the hottest jazz tunes you could hope to hear.

A Beginners’ Dance Class led by former world champion, Raymond Root, will be taking place from 12pm-1pm before each dance. Tickets: £2 (pay on the day)

Ida will sing some standards, and mash it up with the occasional hip hop number. She’ll also welcome two guest turns every afternoon in the shape of the most talented people in the Ditch ‘hood. In addition there will be a variety turn. Ida’s only aim is for every punter to feel at home; the tea and cake will be second to none, and the entertainment will be unsurpassed, but it’s the company that will be talked about for years to come. All of that and you’ll still be home for Countdown.

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REGULAR workshops

ONE-OFF workshops


Neil Callaghan & Simone Kenyon

CONTEMPORARY AND CREATIVE DANCE WORKSHOPS (8-12 yrs) dates: Mon 3, 10, 17, 24 Feb & 3, 10 March times: 5pm - 6.15pm tickets: £60 (6-week course)

A fun and dynamic dance class for ages 8 -12, delivered by Shoreditch Youth Dance Artistic Director, Lee Smikle. The classes run over 6 weeks, enabling participants to gain an insight in to how SYD work whilst developing their own individual movement, creative and performance skills. No experience required.

Marawa the Amazing

PARENTS & TODDLERS: HOOPS FOR EVERYONE dates: Tues 4, 11, 18, 25 Feb & 4, 11 March times: 10.30am - 11.30am tickets: £60 (6-week course) Marawa’s Majorettes will teach you, as well as your toddler how to hoop! Whilst we work with adults to strengthen their core, we’ll also teach your toddler some tricks too, and of course you’ll both have heaps of fun.

Oscar Mike


(12-16 yrs) dates: Wed 5, 12, 19, 26 Feb & 5, 12 Mar times: 5pm - 7pm (except. Wed 19 Feb: 6pm - 8pm) tickets: £80 (6-week course) Led by James Blakey, a director for Oscar Mike, this series of theatre-making workshops will offer young people aged 12-16 the chance to devise theatre from scratch using their own experiences and imaginations, leading to them making a short, original piece of theatre.


With former World Champion Raymond Root dates: Tues 18 Feb & Mon 10 Mar, 9 June & 14 July times: 1pm – 2pm tickets: £2 (pay on the day) Learn to dance in this relaxed session led by former world champion, Raymond Root, and cover the basics on a range of dances from the foxtrot and quickstep to swing and Latin American. Followed by a Tea Dance (page 20)

BODY WEATHER WORKSHOP With Frank van de Ven (BW Amsterdam) dates: Sat 25 & Sun 26 Jan times: 11am – 5pm tickets: £90, £80 concs (2-day workshop)

The leader of Body Weather Amsterdam leads a workshop suited to dance, theatre and movement practitioners and artists from a variety of backgrounds. After working with a partner on breathing, stretching, alignment and the notion of relaxation you will delve into the particulars of improvisation in dance and movement.


DEVISING THEATRE (16-18 yrs) dates: Wed 19 Feb times: 10am - 1pm tickets: £14

The highly acclaimed Simple8, lead a workshop for 16-18 year olds on devising theatre for ensemble casts. Simple8 are specialists in creating innovative new plays that tackle big ideas with large casts.

Marawa the Amazing

HALF TERM HOOP STARS (8-12 yrs) dates: Wed 19 Feb times: 2.30pm – 4pm tickets: £8

Learn to hoop with Marawa’s Majorettes! Learn tricks to impress all your friends, including how to spin up to 10 hoops at once! These super hoopers will have you spinning in no time! Suitable for 8-12 years old only.

A Masterclass with Blind Summit

MAKING THEATRE WITH PUPPETS dates: Tue 10 - Sat 14 June times: 10.30am – 5.30pm tickets: £180 (5-day course) A week-long masterclass for professional and semi-professional theatre makers, with Blind Summit sharing some of their ways of making theatre with puppets. Topics covered will include three-man operated Bunraku, object manipulation, improvising with puppets, creating character and emotion, integrating puppetry into productions and devising theatre with puppets.

A Masterclass with Abigail Conway

INTERACTIVITY IN INSTALLATIONS dates: Mon 30 June - Fri 4 July times: 10.30am – 5.30pm tickets: £150 (5-day course) Join founder and director of Subject_to change, Abigail Conway in a fun-filled week where making out of the ordinary adventures and experiences for audiences will be explored. This workshop will include hobby, craft and skill-sharing; model making, cardboard playing and papier-mâché heart piercing.



Shoreditch Town Hall is home to one of the UK’s finest restaurants, The Clove Club. Opened in March 2013 as part of the development of the venue, it was recently awarded 5th best restaurant in the UK in the National Restaurant Awards, and highest new entry. Bringing together the talents of Isaac McHale, Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith - The Clove Club was one of the most eagerly anticipated openings of 2013. Comprising of two rooms, the restaurant serves an ambitious five course menu, featuring interesting and often overlooked British ingredients and produce, while the bar is more lively – with the option to pop in for a drink, or stay for a selection of smaller plates. Pre-booking is advised, with reservations available online at or over the phone on 020 7729 6496. Bar reservations can only be made by telephone. The reservations line is open from 10am until late.

Dinner: Monday – Saturday Restaurant: 6pm – 10pm Bar: 6pm – 10.30pm Lunch: Tuesday – Saturday 12pm – 2.30pm

“The wonderkind spawn of St John and Noma” AA Gill, Sunday Times

Telephone reservations: 020 7729 6496 Online reservations:

@ShoreditchTH January - July 2014 |


information ONLINE BOOKING Our online box office facility allows you to book your tickets 24-hours a day. Booking fees do not apply unless stated. The Town Hall does not currently operate an in-house Box Office, so telephone bookings are not available unless otherwise stated. SEATING PLANS Shoreditch Town Hall operate performances in a number of spaces and seating formats. All tickets are sold on a General Admission basis, with no allocation of specific seats available unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions about the seating provided at any specific event, please contact the administration line on 020 7739 6176 or email TERMS • Tickets are non-refundable except in the case of a cancelled event. • In the case of a sold out show, if we are able to resell a ticket, we will refund any returns subject to a 10% administration charge. • All ticket prices are inclusive of booking fees unless otherwise stated. • Registered disabled patrons are eligible to receive a free ticket for their companion. Please contact the Town Hall directly on 020 7739 6176 to discuss individual requirements prior to the event. • All young people under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult. EMAIL SIGN-UP Shoreditch Town Hall Trust is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act (1998) and to upholding the principles of good information handling practice. To sign up to receive regular email newsletters, including offers, news regarding forthcoming events and information about hiring the Town Hall, go to the website or email

VOLUNTEERING Whether it be working Front of House, serving tea and coffee at one of our events, distributing flyers or helping with the odd maintenance job, your interests and skills are important to us. If you are interested in gaining some new skills, meeting people, undertaking training opportunities or you simply have some time on your hands, please drop us an email at for more information about volunteering at Shoreditch Town Hall. ACCESS • We need to make Hirers and audiences aware that as a Grade II listed building which is still developing as a venue, some areas have very limited accessibility for anyone with mobility impairments. We have a lift from pavement level to the ground floor of the building, allowing for access to the Council Chamber, Mayors Parlour and accessible toilet. • There is limited access to the Assembly Hall via 32 broad steps, with two landings and continuous bannisters. People with lesser mobility impairments may find them relatively easy to climb. A mechanical stairclimber is available for the Assembly Hall steps, which is only suitable for certain wheelchairs. We need to advise that this is a far from satisfactory means of climbing and that some wheelchair users may not be happy using this equipment. • The Committee Rooms are accessible via 28 steps, with two landings and continuous bannisters. • We ask audiences to check and confirm individual requirements prior to any event.




Shoreditch Town Hall 380 Old Street, London EC1V 9LT Administration: 020 7739 6176

The nearest overground train station to the Town Hall is Shoreditch High Street or Hoxton. Each is approx 5 – 10 minutes’ walk away.


A number of London Buses go via Old Street, which makes the Town Hall extremely accessible via bus. Buses stopping nearby include numbers: 26, 35, 47, 48, 55, 67, 78, 135, 149, 242 and 243. Parking Shoreditch Town Hall does not have designated parking areas for clients or visitors to the Town Hall. There are a number of car parks nearby, including an NCP on Great Eastern Street.

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The nearest underground station to Shoreditch Town Hall is Old Street, on the Northern Line. Old Street station is a five minute walk along Old Street itself. When you arrive at Old Street, exit through Exit 2 and head directly down Old Street towards the white tower, above the Town Hall. You can also get to the Town Hall from London Liverpool Street and Moorgate, which are each approximately 15 - 20 minutes’ walk away.


shoreditch town hall January - July 2014 |


SHOREDITCH TOWN HALL 380 Old Street London, EC1V 9LT T: 020 7739 6176

Shoreditch Town Hall Arts Brochure - January-July 2014  

A brand new programme of theatre and performance at Shoreditch Town Hall, London throughout 2014. Featuring the world premiere of Philip...

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