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The West Limerick Way (with a nod to the East) a virtual trek

Light of Spring, Curraghchase

Fallen Drum, Kilmallock Priory

Supporting Acts, Kilmallock Priory

church steeple at Ballynoe, Bruree

Reach for the Sky – tower house ruin at Ballynoe, Bruree

Mill on the weir, Bruree

crossing the Maigue: Adare and Ferrybridge

photo: Kildimo Community Council

Augustinian friary cloister, Adare

Dunraven mausoleum vaulting, Adare

chapterhouse building, Trinitarian abbey, Adare

Adare time

Oculus: Trinitarian abbey dovecote, Adare

waterpark, Ballingarry

De Lacey castle, Ballingarry (Miles C. Parkinson, Pinterest)

Hedge School Cottage, Clarina/Newtown The hedge school site is authentic, dating from c.1750 Restoration was by local voluntary effort, 2018

The Sailor’s Haggard memorial (here a detail) is nearby, and was part of the same voluntary effort

Kilkeedy churchyard and Monsell memorial cross, Clarina/Tervoe

on the seventh of January in each year at the foot of this cross an alms will be given to twenty poor widows in memory of ANNA MARIA MONSELL January 7th 1855 (a pledge honoured discreetly into modern times by a local merchant)

the wonderful reed beds at the mouth of the Maigue – Carrigogunnell in the distance

Carrigogunnell, perched on a volcanic outcrop over the Shannon

the keep, Carrigogunnell

upside-down staircase, Carrigogunnell, a result of the demolition by gunpowder in 1691

as the shoreline would have looked in 1691 A


sunlight on the lawn the pavilion at Mellon House a welcome sight when glimpsed from the remoteness of Rinekirk Point

A. Ó Ciardha

Shannongrove House, Ringmoylan, early 1700's (the river bank would once have lapped the lawn)

spirit level flooded polder at Mellon-Ringmoylan, new year 2016

dyke ridge at Ringmoylan, looking to Woodcock Hill

Dromore castle and lough, 2km west of Kildimo, off the N69

tower house ruin at Bolane, 1km west of Kildimo, off the N69

Killeen church at Cowpark, Kilcornan, just off the N69 note the unusual built-in bell cote (it allowed the bell to be rung from inside)

carved holy-water stoup and chancel window

Milltown Lake, north off the N69 (1km west of Cowpark)

karst terrain, near Curraghchase

Blue Lough, Curraghchase

Curraghchase: springtime woods

Glenisca Lough, Curraghchase

Yellow Pool, Glenisca

Winter sedge, Curraghchase

Curraghchase woodland oddities: memorial pillar, ziggurat

Woodland ponies, Curraghchase

Everglades, Curraghchase

Halloween dusk: Knockfierna and Liskennett Hill from Curraghchase woods

Knockfierna, evening profile from the terrace at Curraghchase House

West gate, Curraghchase

DeVere memorial cross, Curraghchase

Woodfall: storm Darwin (2014) wrought much devastation

Bushyisland dyke, W of Ringmoylan: looking westwards to Beagh Castle in the distance

Washpool Creek sluicegate on Bushyisland dyke

November sky: the Clare coast from Bushyisland

Slieve Bernagh (Sliabh Bearnach) under January snow

Bushy Island (the island gives its name to the townland)

Washpool Creek, as it enters the Shannon at the Bushy Island sluice

Waller's Island (above) – an eroded glacial kame, off Bushyisland dyke

Bushy Island, western profile

Bushy Island sunset

views off Bushyisland dyke

Beagh piers and the view to Slieve Bernagh

Beagh Castle, northern elevation

Beagh Castle, western elevation

Ballinvoher foreland

Sliabh Bearnach under snow, from Ballinvoher

lag trá, Ballinvoher

sponge fossils, Ballinvoher

shingle beach, Ballinvoher

Rineanna Point, from Ballinvoher

Coney Island in the Fergus estuary, from Ballinvoher

Aughinish jetty and Beeves Rock lighthouse, from Ballinvoher Point

Ballycanauna Point and Aughinish from Ballinvoher west

'Beast from the East' squall (Feb 2018) off Ballycanauna Point

Ballycanauna Point at dusk, from Ballysteen Quay

storm sky at Ballycanauna, Ballysteen Quay

wetland shoreline, Ballysteen Quay

Deep end, Ballysteen Quay

bollard guard, Ballysteen Quay

moving west: Glenagauran shore, Ballysteen townland

Glenagauran Point: the creek in foreground marks the boundary of the barony of Kenry

Gortnagranagher wetlands

Gortnagranagher Lough

This miniscule lough is tucked away in these wetlands at Moig North, midway between Askeaton and Ballysteen. The name is intriguing: Loch Ghort na gCrannchur = the lough of the field of the casting of lots. Gambling seems improbable for such a location, but crann-chur piseogach (Dineen), the divination of piseogs, or spells, is much more tempting, and one can well imagine our Celtic forebears casting offerings to spirit world into the waters at this spot.

Courtbrown Point, near the mouth of the Deel

rock formation at the mouth of the Deel

The Deel: May weirs, Askeaton

cashel and rath at Milltown North, Askeaton

Askeaton: Quarried Water A stolen view: this otherwise most pleasant stretch of water lies within an industrial complex and for well-considered safety reasons is out-of-bounds to the public.

Askeaton: mediaeval tower at St Mary's Church

Desmond earldom: castle and banqueting hall at Askeaton

Askeaton's Hellfire Club, one of Maurice Craig's Classic Irish Houses of the Middle Size (1976), a volume now itself a classic and a collector's item. The building had two-storey Venetian windows, on the north and south gables, which feature Craig praised especially. The north window survived until recent years and might have been saved or even rebuilt, had the conservation works, now apparently stalled, begun in time. The south window surviving fragment is visible in this photo.

Wintering Out: boats laid up at Deel boatyard

Deel Boat Club marina

cloister at Askeaton Franciscan friary, on the Deel estuary

crossing the Deel: Toomdeely mediaeval hall

Holly Island inlet, Toomdeely West

Moreena Point, high water

Moreena Point, low water

Poulaweala inlet, Aughinish

Poulaweala lough

Poulaweala tidal pond

Foynes: Poultallin wood, Foynes Island sound

Foynes: reservoir above 'Árd an Óir'

Foynes: Poultallin strand, looking east

Foynes: Poultallin strand, looking west

tidal swell, Foynes Island sound

Foynes / Mount Trenchard: winter cascade on Boniska strand

greywacke stoup, Boniska strand

jetsam abstract, Boniska strand

woodland sump, Boniska strand

Mount Trenchard burial ground, Mary Spring-Rice gravestone inscription: 'the souls of the faithful are in God's hand'

Mount Trenchard burial ground: a Vere O'Brien memorial inscription; the work of the Cork sculptor, Seamus Murphy

sunset over Mount Trenchard Point

offshore vista: Poultallin foreland to Mount Trenchard

A diversion inland: the 'Black Hag' nunnery at Oldabbey, Shanagolden A much maligned lady, probably a religious recluse and herbalist; cailleach dhubh, in any case, is an old term in Irish for a nun.

dovecote at Oldabbey

The old boathouse, Loghill cove

Coalhill Point (Loghill)

Loghill-Kilteery: Killacolla, view to Mountshannon wood

Killacolla: shell midden

Killacolla: springtime woods

Loghill-Kilteery: Hiphall Point

Glin and Labasheeda Bay, from Furry Wood

The splendid memorial shield of the last Knight of Glin old Church of Ireland churchyard, Glin

study in blue and grey, Glin

vitrine, Glin

old hotel entrance door with cobweb fanlight, Glin note the Art Nouveau relief plasterwork

grey wisteria, Glin

corbel console, Glin

the lie of the land

see also on Shannon Estuary Trail and Shannon Estuary Way


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West Limerick Way  

trekking - West Limerick - Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland

West Limerick Way  

trekking - West Limerick - Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland

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