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Shorade Excess Guarantee

Shorade Excess Guarantee When we supply you with a Courtesy Car, we offer this as a complimentary service; however you are responsible for adding this vehicle to your motor insurance policy covering you against any accidents or incidents that may occur during the period the vehicle is in your possession. The terms and conditions that apply to your motor insurance policy automatically transfer to our courtesy car whilst in your possession including any excess you have on your motor insurance policy.

Our Excess Guarantee removes any excess payment you would have to make following a claim against your motor insurance policy for damage to our courtesy car. As an extra benefit when you return the courtesy car the protection automatically transfers onto your own vehicle for the remainder of the 12 month period. If you have an incident in the next year which results in a claim against your insurance policy you simply bring your vehicle back to our repair centre, we will pay your excess (up to your chosen limit)and repair your vehicle to our high standards. The annual charge for our Excess Guarantee is based on the level of motor excess you have:-

Excess Guarantee Level £250.00 £500.00 £1000.00

Annual Cost* £36.96 incl. VAT £53.76 incl. VAT £69.02 incl. VAT

You will be asked when completing the documentation on the courtesy car whether you wish to take this valuable protection. Remember that the courtesy car is your responsibility whilst you have it, so it's better to have too much cover than not enough. If you change your vehicle during the year we will transfer the Excess Guarantee to your new vehicle as long as you notify us. If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01543 462240. Yours sincerely,

The Shorade Team. st

*Prices on 1 June 2013

Frequently Asked Questions Q: What does your Excess Guarantee do? A: If your vehicle or the courtesy car provided to you is damaged and you make a claim under your motor insurance policy you will have an excess to pay if the damage was your fault, this can often be hundreds of pounds!. You can now purchase from us an Excess Guarantee which means if you bring your vehicle back to us to be repaired we will pay your motor insurance excess so you are not left out of pocket. Yes that’s right we will pay your excess!

Q: How do I purchase your Excess Guarantee? A: Please call us or ask at reception.

Q: What proof do I get once I purchase your Excess Guarantee? A: We will supply you with a printed Guarantee document that confirms the product you have purchased and your details and how long the Guarantee lasts for. You must keep this in a safe place so that you can bring it with you if you ever need to use it. Q: I’ve just had to pay my motor excess following a claim on my motor insurance policy can I purchase the Excess Guarantee now and make a claim? A: No. Your Guarantee will not cover any claim occurring on your vehicle before or within the first 48 hours of the start date of the Guarantee. The Excess Guarantee also does not cover any damage to the courtesy car that was caused prior to you taking possession.

Q: Do I need comprehensive motor insurance to purchase your Excess Guarantee? A: No you can still purchase this product if you have third party fire and theft cover.

Q: Does your Excess Guarantee cover fault claims? A: Yes, Damage caused by Road Traffic Accidents, Fire and Accidental Damage.

Q: Does your Excess Guarantee cover non-fault claims? A: No. This is because you will be able to recover your excess from the third party.

Q: How long does your Excess Guarantee provide cover for? A: 12 months.

Q: Can I renew my Excess Guarantee A: Yes. You will receive an email before your Guarantee is about to expire. Q: Can I take my car to be repaired at another bodyshop?

A: You can but your Excess Guarantee will not work. The Excess Guarantee will only work if you bring your vehicle back to our repair centre.

Q: My Motor Insurance company tells me I have to use their nominated repairer but I want to use you as I have purchased an Excess Guarantee from you, what do I do? A: Ultimately it is your decision where you take your vehicle to be repaired not the motor insurer. Please call us for assistance.

Q: If I have a claim how long do I have before I should report it? A: Within 30 days of the incident occurring if it is your own car. Within 24 hours if you have damaged our courtesy car. Q: My vehicle has been damaged but I don’t want to make a claim under my motor insurance policy can I still claim under my Excess Guarantee? A: No. Our Guarantee will only respond when you have made a valid claim under your motor insurance policy and the damage to your vehicle has breached the level of excess on your motor policy.

Q: Does the Excess Guarantee include windscreen or glass claims? A: No.

Q: How many claims can I make in each year? A: One on the courtesy car and one on your own vehicle.

Q: My motor insurance policy has a young driver excess applied when my son or daughter drives my vehicle does this matter? A: No. The Excess Guarantee will cover anyone insured to drive your vehicle.

Q: How much excess does the Guarantee cover A: Please ask a member of staff.

Q: What happens if I want to advise you of any changes during the term of my Excess Guarantee? A: Please contact us by phone or email with your query.

Q: What happens if I change my car, can my Excess Guarantee be transferred? A: Yes it can. Please contact us. An administration charge of ÂŁ10 will apply.

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Shorade Excess Guarantee  

Shorade Excess Guarantee + courtesy car. Prices as of 1st July

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