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90 thAnniversary Is Your Extra Year End Sale

Sale extends to Jan. 5, 2018, U.S. only

Karl and Gary Schroer founded Shor-Line 90 year ago with the goal of providing highquality, custom fabricated metal equipment. Now, the third-generation owners lead a talented team of engineers and craftspeople who continually innovate new equipment. To celebrate and thank our customers, we marking down our continuously improved CLASSIC Shor-Line products. Look for the prices ending in 27, the year our company was founded. The Year End Sale is valid in U.S. only. Meet the newest members of the Prelude Family. Buy them for their stylish looks but you will depend on them for their durable, adjustable and drift-free Prelude LED arm and the bright, focused light. Mobile Exam Light • Cool LED technology in 11 white light LEDs with individual parabolic reflectors.

• Delivers a color temperature of 4500°K for visual tissue clarity.

• Illuminates up to 40,000 LUX maximum (low, 50%; high, 100%) with large field of light.

• Expect up to 75,000 hours of burn life. Prelude LED Ceiling Mount Exam Light


$1,527 903.7000.03 Ceiling Mount

Prelude LED Wall Mount Exam Light

$1,427 903.7000.04 Wall Mount

Place your order by Halloween, October 31, 2017, and you will get an additional $50 off orders of $1,000 or more (not including shipping and handling or taxes).

$1,727 903.7000.05 Mobile


Our Classic and Continuum Surgery tables became even more popular with the addition of the new heated table option. This set -temperature controller has timed settings and an automatic shutoff, building in peace of mind. Classic V-Top Heated Surgery Table

Rotational- With NEW V-Top design Durability you trust with an even better tilt. Includes lift-out trough.

Classic Flat-Top Heated Surgery Table

Rotational- With NEW V-Top design Durability you trust with an even better tilt. Includes lift-out trough.

NEW $3,827 903.4400.01 Hydraulic

Continuum V-Top Heated Surgery Table Durability you trust with an even better tilt.

$3,220, 903.4200.01 Hydraulic

Continuum Flat-Top Heated Surgery Table Durability you trust with an even better tilt.


These products have special 90th Anniversary pricing. $3,224 903.4402.00 Hydraulic

$2,617 903.4202.00 Hydraulic


FELINE FOCUS Space Matters

University research suggests that felines do better when they have enough space to be cats. They like to climb, crouch, wander, hide and jump as well as eat and sleep. Creating multi-room living areas not only makes for happier cats but research shows they are healthier too. Even for recovering felines, retrofits with Quiet-Closing latches and Quiet-Time Door Covers reduce stress.

Quiet-Time Door Cover for Cat Suite These blue nylon covers give animals some privacy and security. Machine washable. One FREE Cat Suite Door Cover per cage with Cat Suite purchase (shown). See page 7 for other Cage Door Covers also on sale.

Quiet-Closing Latch The Silent Latch Mechanism eliminates noise and reduces animal stress. Can retrofit most Shor-Line cages. (Fits 30�H cages.)

702.0030.51 Double Door




Fits 36" cage

$50 $100

702.0030.52 702.0030.51

Single Unit Double Unit

Stainless Steel Cat Suite We developed this low-stress cat condo with university researchers. The double unit has 18.7 square feet of living space!

902.0103.24 Double Unit, mobile platform

$1,242 902.4830.22 $3,405 902.0103.24

Single Unit, 48" W Double Unit

Cat Lounging Bench

NEW resting option for cats. Retains cat’s body heat and lets them melt into a safe snuggle zone. Perfect for open areas and adoption viewing areas. Easy to clean, polypropylene bench in a restful, light gray color.



Shor-ShelfŠ Cat Perching Shelf Removable Stainless Steel shelf is 7"D and adjusts to fit all 18", 24" and 30"W cages. Perch adds comfort to lessen stress.


802.0006.00 This Cat Suite provides six different areas where cats can rest, sleep or play. Having choice of where and how to spend time both provides exercise as well as good mental health.

This Cat Suite provides six different areas where cats can rest, sleep or play. Having choice of where and how to spend time both provides exercise as well as good mental health.


KAT PORTAL Shor-Line's Latest Retrofit

$80 $71

902.0000.25 300.2229.00

Kat Portal Template

Current research has shown that felines benefit from extra living space. The Kat Portal allows you to connect two Shor-Line Stainless Steel cages with an ABS portal that permits the cat to crawl from one side to another. The opening is 8� diameter and a latch and cover lets you open and close the pass through. A PVC spacer helps maintain the integrity of the two cage sides. Customers tell us the portals are a great way to improve their housing. Most of the time they can give felines extra space. During high-volume times, the portals can close. The template ensures the correct placement of the opening, and one per customer is required. You can reuse the template.


Shor-Line has been making products for years that help veterinarians, shelters, groomers and daycares minimize the stress that pets feel. As pet owners continue to put more emphasis on the pet’s feelings, we will continue to develop products to help pet professionals. Many of the products are shown in the Feline section (pages 5-6). Quiet-Time Door Cover

For Stainless Steel Cage Adjustable, washable blue nylon cage covers fit neatly over Shor-Line cages for added privacy.

Privacy Panel

PVC Flip-Up Run Bench

Different dog personalities have different needs for privacy. This panel hooks easily onto one side a T-Kennel run, retrofitting any 23½ or wider run. Available in several colors.

Dogs enjoy resting off the floor, and this PVC covered bench is the ideal solution. It retrofits most 36”W or 48”W kennel runs. We designed it to fit over a trench drain, so sits over it without interfering with it. Hosing down remains an easy task. It is available in most PVC colors. The reinforced floor can handle even giant breeds without worry yet it lifts up easily if cleaning is needed.

$8 $11 $12 $13

179.2424.00 179.2430.00 179.3030.00 179.3630.00

24"W x 24"H 24"W x 30"H 30"W x 30"H 36"W x 30"H

$85 $95

Small Large

20.375"W x 27.75"H 36"W x 27.75"H

$247 33¾”W x 22”L x 3”H | Fits 36”W Kennels $266 45¾”W x 22”L x 3”H | Fits 48”W Kennels


OPERATING ROOM From New LED Lights to our Classic table

There are many good reasons why veterinary surgeons are jumping on the LED surgery light bandwagon. Beyond looking cool and professional, they:

• Produce far less heat than halogen lights. Keeps surgens cooler and more comfortable • Provide improved color and clarity in the surgical field • Last longer than halogen bulbs, which saves money Shor-Line’s Prelude Series LED Surgery Lights have 100,000 LUX in a dimmable light that allows the surgeon to clearly see the surgical field. This is “green” technology that makes sense.

Prelude Series LED Surgery Lights

$3,144 913.8000.04 $6,369 913.8000.05 $3,144 913.8000.06 $3,344 913.8000.07 8

Single Ceiling Mount Dual Ceiling Mount Wall Mount Mobile

Collection Pail with Caster Base This 100% Stainless Steel pail is virtually untippable. Rolls easily with a kick.

Mobile Instrument Table This mobile cart table can deliver everything from animals to supplies to different rooms in your hospital.

NEW Wet/Dry Table Extension Fits both Flat-Top and V-Top Classic Surgery Tables

• Made of 16-gauge Stainless Steel • SPECS: 22”W x 30”L x 32”H




Classic Surgery Table

Hydraulic Lift Our most popular table.

$2,539 903.4000.01 $3,028 903.4100.02

Flat-Top V-Top

$327 $327 $327


Continuum Surgery Table

Hydraulic Lift We packed premium features in an economical table.

$1,952 903.4000.04 $2,441 903.4100.01

Flat-Top V-Top

803.4001.08 803.4100.09 803.4100.08

Flat-Top V-Top, Gen One V-Top, NG

Classic Short V-Top

Hydraulic Lift The Classic features you love in 46" L.

$2,875 903.4800.00

V-Top, 46" L


ANESTHESIA Durable, dependable anesthesia units Mobile Anesthesia Units Get a great deal on our most affordable anesthesia machines. Both the Premier and Plus come with the safety pressure relief valve. Vaporizer, "E" tank, and "E" tank manifold sold separately.

Wall Mount Anesthesia Machine Convenient wall mounted anesthesia unit delivers dependable operation. Wall Mount machine or Wall Mount with Articulating Arm available, and both feature the safety pressure relief valve. Vaporizer sold separately.

195.1056.01 with Articulating Arm Vaporizer sold separately. 195.1180.00


$2,750 195.1180.00


$2,232 195.1040.01 $2,370 195.1056.01 With Articulating Arm

Pureline® M6000

Anesthesia Machine Special Value package! Built specifically for veterinary use, the M6000 high quality anesthesia unit with Oxygen Concentrator is FDA approved and UL tested. Delivers 5 LPM. Vaporizer sold separately.

Warming Pad


Our UL/CSA listed warming pad provides thermal support for post-operative and treatment areas.



Easily mounts to any Shor-Line cage to provide support for your infusion pump.


Pureline® OC8000

Oxygen Concentrator Produces up to 8 LPM, enough to supply many sizes of oxygen cages or up to two anesthesia machines.


802.0011.00 Vaporizer

High quality, Tech 3 style vaporizers deliver reliable performance.

Package includes: • Mask set (large, medium, small) • External coarse particle filter • Internal fine particle filter • Rebreathing bags (½, 1, 2, 3½L) • Circuit set (Adult, Pediatric, Upgraded non-rebreathing)

$4,270 195.1142.00

$1,800 195.1363.00

$1,198 195.1159.00 Sevoflurane $1,102 195.1160.00 Isoflurane


KENNEL TIPS AND Planning housing for a new facility or remodeling an existing one can be daunting. Our experienced team at Shor-Line is here to help!

Did you know you can request a FREE Kennel Run System consultation? Our sales team members have spent decades helping customers install their dream boarding and housing systems. Share your wants and needs, and they can give you some ideas. Chances are they have heard your challenges before. No obligation. We offer the following helpful downloadable guides on our website. • T-Kennel Design Guide • NEW Choosing a Kennel Run System • Kennel Run System Gallery (slides of installed systems)


PLANNING GUIDE State of the Art Shor-Line Kennel runs These Stainless Steel runs offer premium boarding that meets your standard for cleanliness and the pet owners’ desire for space and pampering. Consider a spacious room for boarding bonded pairs or families as well as smaller units for single boarders. We have found most facilities offer a range of boarding from medical boarding to standard runs. A FREE consultation allows you to dream up your ideal boarding and holding area and receive ideas, suggestions and costs. Call today 800.444.1579.


GROOMING Update your grooming equipment with these deals! Elite Grooming Table Finally, an electric grooming table that is fashion-forward, built to last and reduces wear and tear on you! Includes a rotating Grooming Arm. 42.44"L x 26"W table top. UL/CSA approved, 120V unit.

Big Top™ Grooming Table The same as our popular electric Elite Grooming Table, just with an extra large 48"L table top! UL/CSA approved, 120V unit.

Retrofit Grooming Arm

NEW durable option Our Stainless Steel grooming arm provides durability with a 1”-square tube that locks into most grooming tables. Its extra strength holds pets in place with six loop position choices. (Loop not included. Does not include mount.)



Kennel Gear™ Sport Grooming Caddy 903.3220.20 Screamin' Green Elite


$927 $927 $927 $927 $927 $927

903.3220.19 903.3220.20 903.3220.21 903.3220.22 903.3220.10 903.3220.42

Plum Perfect Screamin' Green Burnt Orange Electric Pink Silver Vein Shor-Line Blue

903.3220.63 Shor-Line Blue Big Top™

$1,027 $1,027 $1,027 $1,027 $1,027 $1,027

Plum Perfect Screamin' Green Burnt Orange Electric Pink Silver Vein Shor-Line Blue

FREE with Grooming Package purchase (See pg. 15) This is a Blue caddy with a table mount.



Elite Grooming Tub

Elite Grooming Shower

Sturdy tube frame construction and one-piece backsplash makes this durable tub last for decades. Drain and Door on opposite sides. Hair trap included.

Constructed of durable stainless steel with the only radiused corners in the market! Features sliding restraint ring, PVC-coated floors, hair trap drain insert and adjustable feet.

$2,992 904.0702.40 $2,992 904.0702.41

$2,246 904.0702.32 $2,246 904.0702.33

Left Hand Door Right Hand Door

Wall Mount Faucet with Coil Hose

Special price of $199 with the purchase of Elite Grooming Tub or Elite Grooming Shower. (Regularly $395).

Right Hand Drain Left Hand Drain $395 804.0006.72


Big Top™ Grooming Table

Elite Grooming Table




SAVE $196


EXAM TABLES Go Mobile or choose tuckaway convenience

Blue-Line Fold-Up Wall Mount Tables Premium Shor-Line quality in a beautiful color-trimmed table. Fully radiused corners combine safety and style. Mounts on wall, 44½"L x 22½"W x 1"H.

903.1530.04 Lateral, Blue

Mobile Animal Lift Table 903.1531.05 Peninsula, Jade


$1,105 $1,105 $1,105 $1,105 $1,105 $1,105 $1,105 $1,105

903.1530.04 903.1530.05 903.1530.06 903.1530.07 903.1531.04 903.1531.05 903.1531.06 903.1531.07

Lateral, Blue Lateral, Jade Lateral, Taupe Gray Lateral, Black Peninsula, Blue Peninsula, Jade Peninsula, Taupe Gray Peninsula, Black

Give yourself a lift. Value-priced option to go from lifting to exam to treatment, rising from 10¾” to 37¼”H. Also available with K9-W8 scale for additional charge.

$2,080 903.3120.00

Feline Scale NEW! We’ve imporoved our popular feline scale to make the tray more secure. This compact but accurate feline scale handles your biggest Maine Coon cats to the smallest kittens... or even small dogs. 44 lbs. weight capacity.




Blue-Line Scale

with Shor-Connect Available in Blue, Jade, Taupe Gray and Black. Shown with Blue-Line Mat (not included).

$1,311 905.3010.07

Wall Mount

K9-W8 Scale New load cell technology makes our basic scale even better. Post Mount shown.

$831 $907

905.5010.43 905.5010.47

Wall Mount Post Mount 17

ACCESSORIES In honor of our anniversary, the more you buy, the lower our price will be. Cage Valets Stainless steel tension clip holds papers to a poly-carbonate clipboard with pocket.

Record Holders Stainless Steel clipboard attaches easily to the horizontal bar of Shor-Line cages, allowing you to securely clip on important records.

Stainless Steel Card Holders Three-sided Stainless Steel pocket securely holds an index card in place for quick identification.

1-3 4-6 7+ 1-3 4-6 7+ 1-3 4-6 7+ $19 $17 $16 915.0200.04 Small $14 $13 $12 802.0010.05 Small $9 $8 $7 802.0000.01 3”H x 5”W $23 $21 $20 915.0200.05 Large $17 $16 $15 802.0010.06 Large $13 $12 $11 802.0000.02 5”H x 8”W 18

Stainless Steel Divider Stainless Steel divider provides a secure separation between two compartments of a Double Door cage

1-3 4-6 7+ $118 $115 $113 802.0024.00 24"H $130 $127 $125 802.0030.00 30"H $139 $136 $134 802.0036.00 36"H

Thermal Formed ABS Divider

for Double Door Cages Made of lightweight, durable ABS, this divider provides a secure separation between two cages.

1-3 4-6 7+ $112 $109 $107 802.0030.01 30"H $122 $119 $117 802.0036.01 36"H 19

CAGES In honor of our 90th Anniversary-

All standard Stainless Steel cages are on sale. The following is a sampling of sale prices. (Does not include special fabrication or cages larger than 48”W.)

5’ Assembly, Option B 4’ Assembly, Option B


$1,628 $1,818 $1,818

902.0103.16 902.0103.17 902.0103.18

Standard Mobile Stationary

$2,109 $2,415 $2,415

902.0104.22 902.0104.23 902.0104.24

Standard Mobile Stationary

6’ Assembly, Option A

$2,361 $2,727 $2,727

902.0103.36 902.0103.37 902.0103.38

Standard Mobile Stationary


These products have special 90th Anniversary pricing.

7’ Assembly, Option A

$2,742 $3,127 $3,127

902.0106.16 902.0106.17 902.0106.18

Standard Mobile Stationary


OUTLET The Shor-Line Clearance Outlet at offers great savings on overstock, discontinued, returned and slightly damaged products. Each listing indicates what warranty will be offered. We regularly update the products, so check back frequently. Also, reach out to an Outlet advisor at 800.444.1579 to share your needs, and the advisor can be on the lookout for what you need. Remember, limited quantities, first come, first served. Blue-Line Scale

Wall Mount This scale adds color and style whether it is in the reception area or near the surgical suite. • Our Stainless Steel Blue-Line Top features radiused corners and laminated black polyurethane edging that holds up to one liter of fluid. • This is a discontinued item. It has first generation feet, which are not adjustable. They are self-leveling but not as effective on uneven floors as the current model. • SPECS: 22½”W x 44½”L x 2¾”H ; 300lb/136kg capacity.


$776 $776

905.3011.00 905.3013.00

Jade Black

Cage with Shelf and Acrylic Door This custom Stainless Steel cage is a returned item with no animal contact. It has everything you love about our cages with extra features: • Acrylic front with two rows of vents on the top and bottom. • SS raised resting shelf. This is sold as the cage only, and we have limited quantities. Buy several to make a bank by adding a mobile platform or side and end panels at YES pricing.



Single Kennel

With Back Panel This durable T-Kennel run is made up of new but overstock gates and panels. It will perform like new. A LIMITED number are available ONLY as 42”W x 60”D x 72”H, no substitutions on ANY of the parts. • Gate panel/door is 42”W x 72”H and constructed of 1” welded galvanized tubing and wire with one feed slot. • Side panel is 59”D x 72”H and constructed of 1” welded galvanized tubing and Jade (7327) or Beige (3530) PVC only. • Back panel is 42”W x 72”H and constructed of 1” welded galvanized tubing) PVC only. This kennel is designed to sit on a concrete floor with a ¼ per foot slope to the back wall. Only a limited number of units are available, first come, first served.

$1,223 (Single) 999.4260.01 Call for row pricing

Scent Box The Scent Box is a tool of many uses! Boarding kennels have long known that the smell of home (familiar toy, an owner's shirt) can sooth a boarding dog. This box lets the pet owner leave a something that allows the scent to wafts through holes into the kennel. • Scent Box has a plastic lid has a clip on the outside to clip pet information. • Mailbox-style flags on the sides can be used to remind staff of special treatment.


915.0200.12 Bi-Level Tub Table

This bi-level table is the perfect utility table for a growing practice or shelter. It has a deep tub for bathing small and medium pets, and the grill goes on to become and exam and dental table. This is an overstock item. • Manufactured with seamless weld construction from 14-gauge austenitic Stainless Steel. • Removable stainless steel grill is included. • Plumbing fixtures may be purchased separately.

$2,350 990.0400.00

Feline Scale

Refurbished Compact and durable, the Feline Scale is a popular addition to any practice. This scale has been refurbished with new electronic working parts and tested. It is sold as-is but you have 15 days from the ship date to return the scale if it does not work as promised. • Push button zero/tare weight. • 44 lb/20 kg capacity in .02 lb./10g increments. • SPECS: 9"W x 21"L tray with 5"H lip on either side.



PVC Coated Cage Floor

for Stainless Steel Cage This PVC Coated Cage floor fits a 48”DD cage. It will take two pieces to cover the entire 48” width but the two pieces are designed to fit together without gaps. • 14-gauge perforated steel • Openings are approximately ½”W after PVC coating • Non-toxic PVC coating is approximately 1/8” thick.

$61 Each A316.0098.05

Exam + Treatment Table

Stainless Steel, 60”L This high-quality Stainless Steel exam table is one of three that were slightly damaged in shipping. (Damage pictures are shown on the Outlet.) Otherwise, this Left Hand knee space table has the features and benefits that last for decades. • Features a door and three drawer Stainless Steel cabinet for storage. • SPECS: Stainless Steel exam top is 60”L x 25”W. Table is 36”H Note that these tables are first come, first serve.

$2,398 903.5000.03

Two required

Warming Pad This UL/CSA listed Warming pad provides thermal support for pets in both post-operative and treatment situations. It is designed to reduce the risk of hypothermia, which has been proven to be heightened during and following anesthesia. This unit has been refurbished and the internal parts checked, replaced if needed and verified to be working properly. • 21"W x 26"D thermal formed, textured pad with an enclosed heating element that automatically warms up to and maintains a factory-set temperature. • The Warming Pad is designed to fit in a 24" x 24" and larger Shor-Line cage.


R912.1000.05 110V, Refurbished


Shor-Line/Schroer Manufacturing Co. 511 Osage Avenue Kansas City, KS 66105 U.S.A.

CALL: 888.551.4062 FAX: 913.281.5339 Prices are F.O.B. Kansas City, KS. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include installation, shipping and handling charges or any applicable taxes. Shor-Line is not responsible for any typographical errors. Promotion valid in the U.S. only. Promotion valid 10/1/17 - 1/05/18.

Shor-Line Year End Sale 2017  
Shor-Line Year End Sale 2017  

The Year End Sale is Shor-Line's biggest. It runs Oct. 1, 2017 to Jan. 5, 2018, U.S. only. It is packed with special sales to celebrate Shor...