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Sakura 30067 8-Piece Pigma Clam Brush Pen Set, Black SHOPZILLAS.TOPZBEST.INFO – LIST THE BEST DEAL AND PROMOTION ONLY.Writes like a pen and paints a like brush two methods in one elegant tool. Swirls, doodles, fine lines, and broad brush strokes are possible with this flexible brushtipped pen. Keeping up with your imagination is effortless. Pigma brush is comfortable to hold and responds to instant changes in pressure or direction. Vivid, fresh color enhances hand made compositions and conveys personality, style or feelings. Illustrators, manga artists, cartoonists and hobbyists can put pen to paper and leave a mark that will last a lifetime and is safeguarded by the lasting quality of pigma ink. The pigma brush features archival quality pigma ink, flexible, durable nib, will not smear or feather when dry, waterproof and chemical proof, fade resistant, does not bleed through most papers, meets astm and acmi nontoxicity standard ap seal, not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed and not evaluated for cosmetic use on skin. Applicable on brush art, scrapbooks, calligraphy, freehand art, rubber stamps, fabric projects, awards and certificates, religious text. Available in black color. Set consists 1 each of 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 1mm and brush. Read More>> Sakura 30067 8-Piece Pigma Clam Brush Pen Set, Black

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Sakura 30067 8-Piece Pigma Clam Brush Pen Set, Black  
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