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Carbonized Patina 7? Double Point Bamboo Knitting Needles 14 Sizes (70 Pieces) SHOPZILLAS.TOPZBEST.INFO – LIST THE BEST DEAL AND PROMOTION ONLY.On sale is 14 sets of Carbonized 7" premium quality double-point bamboo knitting needles with assoted sizes of US 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,10.5, 11, 13 and 15. Needles are carbonized to enhance their strength and color (patina). Each size has 5 needles. Sizes in US and metric are permanently etched onto the needles by laser. These needles are exclusively distributed by "Oriental Touch LLC" at Amazon under the brand name of "Stanwood Needlecraft". They are the BEST we have ever made. They are first sanded to super smooth using the finest sanding paper and then lightly hand rubbed with a thin layer of wax to improve the smoothness. While feeling super smooth, one can still sense the texture of bamboo. That makes them very different from lacquered needles. These needles do not have ripple (a common defect with a lot of mass produced needles). Needle points are uniformly shaped as shown in the picture. Their smoothness, sturdyness, and overall qualtiy can meet or beat any world class brands. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Unsatisfied customers will be offered full refund including shipping and handling. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK OUT OUR MATCHING NEEDLE CASE. TYPE IN KEYWORD "Needle Case Stanwood" TO SEARCH.Brought to You By Shopzillas.Topzbest.Info.. VISIT FOR MORE >>

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Carbonized Patina 7″ Double Point Bamboo Knitting Needles 14 Sizes (70 Pieces)