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Beam N Read LED 103M Hands Free Crafts Light ; Wide & Bright Light from 3 LEDs SHOPZILLAS.TOPZBEST.INFO – LIST THE BEST DEAL AND PROMOTION ONLY.Worn around the neck, with a patented flip-up design, adjustable strap and reflector, this lightweight, hands-free LED light with 3 bright LEDs in row delivers extra light anywhere at home or when traveling. For those with normal vision, the three accessory 4×5 inch Acrylic Fresnel magnifiers (2X, 4X, and 6X) make this light useful for quilting, knitting and all needlework, crafts, hobby work and other tasks where, for short periods, an enlarged view with extra light is helpful. For example, fixing a dropped stitch when knitting. The Fresnel design magnifiers are NOT intended as a low-vision aid nor to be used for extended durations. Please note this is a LIGHT with accessory plastic magnifiers and does not substitute for those primarily needing or wanting magnification. The magnifiers attach to the Beam N Read Hands Free Light with a clip-on hinge so both light and magnifier are hands free. They can be placed in vertical or horizontal position. The Beam N Read Hands Free Light allows you to read everything: hardcover books & paperbacks PLUS patterns, instruction sheets, loose papers, and other material that can't support a clip-on light. Use it anywhere. An essential light for a power outage. describes the BNR as, "An item you weren't sure you needed quickly becomes indispensible…Superior to book lights or headlamps." The BNR LED 103M comes with 3 energy saving LEDs. 4 Standard Alkaline AA batteries (not included) last for 120 hours. The Beam N Read shines a steady light in front allowing you to turn your head or shift your hobby work or book without disrupting your light. The Beam N Read family of Hands Free Lights also includes the LED 6 with 6 LEDs delivering a wider light and 1 clip-on Magnifier; the LED 6 w4F with 6 LEDs and four colored filters; the LED P with 6 red LEDs, and the LED 3 with 3 LEDs. Other Beam N Read products include Notebook Computer Lights and Keyboard Stickers.Brought to You By Shopzillas.Topzbest.Info.. VISIT FOR MORE >>

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Beam N Read LED 103M Hands Free Crafts Light ; Wide & Bright Light from 3 LEDs  
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