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AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match Starter Set SHOPZILLAS.TOPZBEST.INFO – LIST THE BEST DEAL AND PROMOTION ONLY.GO! Mix & Match 12-inch Block Starter Set includes everything that you need to get GO!-ing including the famous AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter; popular block dies; and cutting mats. The versatility and endless options of this set allow you to spend a fraction of the time cutting and more time creating! Includes the GO! Fabric Cutter and the following Exclusive GO! Die: Square 4-1/2 inch (4-inch finished); Square 2-1/2 inch (2-inch finished); and Half Square 2-inch finished triangle (cuts four). Also included: (A) Square 6-1/2 inch (6-inch finished); (B) Square 3-1/2 inch (3-inch finished); (C) Triangle 6-1/2 inch (6-inch finished); (D) Triangle 4-7/8 inch (two 6W x 3H inch finished geese section); (E) Half Square 3-inch Finished Triangle; (F) Square 4-3/4 inch (use on point); (G) Parallelogram 3-3/4 x 3-1/2 inch; (H) Rectangle 3-1/2 x 6-1/2 inch (3 x 6 inch finished); Cutting Mat 10 x 10-inch; Cutting Mat 6 x 12-inch; Cutting Mat 5 x 10-inch; Project idea: GO! For it Quilt; Die Pick; and User's Manual. Warranty: Manufacturer Limited One Year. Imported.Brought to You By Shopzillas.Topzbest.Info.. VISIT FOR MORE >>

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AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match Starter Set  
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