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ShopyBids is NOT a Gambling Site! ShopyBids is NOT a Gambling Site! The online auction is an auction of skilful strategic bidding, and contains no chance element. Thus, when participating in an auction with other ShopyBids Members, your speed and skill in placing your bids is assessed against other Members. T he winner will be the Member who, through strategic judgment, skill and experience, remains the last bidder on a product as an auction ends. 1. Skill and strategy are required in order to win an auction. When you gamble in a casino, for example, you are playing a game of chance set up in favor of the house. does not play games of luck! ShopyBids Members develop strategies that work for them over and over again, by developing personal bidding skills. That's why most ShopyBids bidders tend to win more auctions over time. 2. ShopyBids does not employ any special rules or strategies that "favor the house" in our Auctions. The only variables are of other customers bidding in the auction. When you are bidding against a less experienced member, an experienced ShopyBids Member has the advantage! does not have a system that automatically generates bids in auctions, such as bots or other automated systems. Nor are our employees or family members of our employees allowed to place bids in our auctions. guarantees that all bids are placed by actual members. 3. Whenever you buy bids on ShopyBids, you get real value. Casino chips are worthless if you lose! You don't get any credit for buying them in the first place. But when you purchase ShopyBids bid packs, they build up credit towards future auctions. Therefore, even if you lose the auctions, you are still gaining value that can see you rewarded with further products or additional bid packs. Therefore, no bids are ever really wasted. 4. Real gambling is 'random' which means that this type of gambling is beyond the control of any of the players. Casino games involve dice, cards or spinning wheels which include the 'random' element . No such element is included in any ShopyBids auction which is more like a sporting event, with people competing against each other on a level playing field.

5. We have incorporated a "Buy Now" option that allows you to use the bids you've spent on the auction to reduce the Retail Price of the product. When you use the 'Buy Now' option on ShopyBids, your bids continue to retain value. You can use the bids on auctions you've lost to get a reduction in the Retail Price of the product. That is not possible when gambling at a casino! 6. ShopyBids can be best compared to traditional offline auctions, and even here ShopyBids offers an extra Bonus!! When 'Christies' or any other auction house stages an auction, they insist that anyone who wants to participate pay an entrance fee. ShopyBids charges zero registration f ees and this is a bonus for you! Just like 'Christies', ShopyBids allows the auction to last as long as people are willing to continue bidding, including the use of a ShopyMatic, which can be set up in any Member's favour with skill and experience. This type of auction system has been used for centuries because it creates a fair competitive environment. Without membership fees or extended time limits, auctions would become similar to a sweepstake or lottery. ShopyBids has been set up in the United States with the help of some of the most experienced auction attorneys to ensure that it is operating in compliance with federal, state, and local laws. 7. Legally, penny auctions are considered part of the American competitive tradition. We had a United States Legal Team research exactly what constitutes gambling from a legal standpoint. There are two important points to consider: 1. To be construed as gambling, winning must be based completely or mostly on chance. 2. While there is an element of chance in any activity, as long as skill is the primary method of winning, then it is not gambling. For example, courts have ruled that skill-based competitions, such as hole-in-one contests, basketball games and horseshoes are part of the great American tradition. 8. Penny Auctions are legally permitted to operate in most countries. Only people living in approved countries may bid. Most Penny Auction websites are only viewable in the counties where participation is allowed, i.e. The USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand plus others. For various reasons, some countries are currently excluded from most Penny Auction sites.

Shopybids is NOT a Gambling site  

Shopybids is NOT a Gambling site! More info visit: