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It all started with a pair of shoes in Paris...

Walking down the streets of Paris, you can’t help but be fascinated by the fashion, architecture, style and boutiques! It was founder Olga Vidisheva’s first exposure to a tiny boutique with the friendliest, most stylish owner. Though it was years ago, she remembers stumbling upon it as if it were yesterday — and once the owner pointed out a pair of shoes by Phoebe Cham Pour Schu, she knew she couldn’t leave empty-handed. Sitting in a beautiful box with a handcrafted bow, the sandals became the perfect memory to take from Paris... And take she did! She always wanted to go back to that little shop in Paris, but soon discovered wonderful little boutiques right here in the United States. They all seem to bring the same amazing experience: beautiful, hard-to-find, handselected fashion and knowledgeable style advice from the owners who know how to make you look chic and unique. This is how the idea for came about: granting women immediate access to the most stylish boutiques and bringing them the same intimate experience and curated pieces online. If you live far away, are time-starved, or simply want to discover new boutiques, is your one-stop destination for the best boutiques online.

CREDITS The Edit SXSW Issue made in conjunction with The Standard Grill at The Standard, High Line, Unique Copy Center, OK SWEETHEART, Albert Cheung Photography, Jean Song, Tracey Wallace, Shoptiques, Inc.

The Edit MARCH 2013

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Editor’s Letter, Austin’s Most Well-Kept Secret Meet Austin’s Most Fashionable Bloggers NYFW Street Style: Ape the looks you loved


Erin Austin of OK SWEETHEART on music, happiness and giving back


The Best of Austin’s Boutique Business


Get Inspired: Pauline Brown, Chairman of North American for LVMH, Inc.


QUIZ: Which city fits your style?




Must-have Accessories: SXSW

Open Wing Ring, Miss Hoe on, $68.

Sunglasses Ring, Corner-des-Createurs on, $85. 2 |

Stone Bib Necklace, Blue Violet Boutique on, $79.


ustin, Texas is a lot of things to a lot of people, but as a former Austinite, I can truly say that Austin is one of the most unique cities in the country. From Barton Springs to inspirational graffiti off of Mopac, hidden peacock farms to insanely cool dive bars right off of East 6th, there is something about this city that turns tourists to locals and locals to life-long and even multi-generational residents. Every corner turns up a new surprise, even for those most familiar with the cityscape, and each new discovery goes through the trial-and-error phase of telling others or keeping the new find to yourself. Of course, outpourings of IPAs across the city will get any secret out of you. It’s just a matter of time — and a matter of heat index. But the scary truth about Austin that every well-versed resident knows is that while the city may be a secret from the world now, someone has definitely been spreading the word. Traffic has increased two-fold, if not more. Housing prices are skyrocketing ­­­— and we’re talking about south of the river, too! Austin is quickly becoming the go-to city for adventurers looking for a friendly and fun-loving location, and their demand is outperforming the supply. Turns out that Austin’s hidden gems might not be hidden for all that much longer. SXSW was once a small gathering of tech and music fanatics, and now everyone from LA to New York City, London and beyond comes to the “Live Music Capital of the World” to catch a glimpse of the best of tech, film and music for the year ahead. And while the outsiders flock in, they learn about our breakfast tacos, our natural springs, our hidden caves, and Willy Nelson to boot. Yet, sharing Austin’s traditions, niceties and yes, even our beer, with visitors who may very well spawn off their own breakfast taco chains outside of the 512 may very well be one of Austin’s best-kept secrets. It has always been through word of mouth that Austin attracted talented musicians, inspirational mentors, young up-and-comers, and even the best entrepreneurs in the country. From the bright-eyed college freshman to the seasoned boutique owner, Austinites go out of their way to welcome visitors - and brag a little bit a long the way. That’s why for Shoptiques’ first print magazine, we’re showcasing the best SXSW finds, from an emerging artist with a big personality, style bloggers who put Austin on the fashion map, and the best boutiques in the hill country. For a unique city, a unique, first-of-its-kind magazine that you can believe is a gem all its own. Be yourself. Be different.

Tracey Wallace, Editor-in-Chief 3


Chanel Dror Assistant Editor

4 |

Personal Style “Vintage-meets-modernmeets-me. I tend to shy away from what everyone’s wearing and like to create outfits that are inspired and original. I prefer separates over dresses. I’m not big on jewelry.”

SXSW PICKS “ Be prepared for tons of walking. Booties like these western-inspired suede ones are super stylish and perfect for hours on your feet.” Western Boots, The Collection on, $225.

“ The smart SXSW-goer is always prepared. I won’t leave the house without a lightweight, water-resistent parka in case the weather takes a nasty turn.”

“ When it comes to music festivals, I love carrying around an oversized bag. This fringe boho bag would be a lifesaver when toting around hand sanitizer, sunglasses, a lightweight jacket, plus all the party swag you’re sure to collect during a typical day at SXSW.” Fringe Bag, Michelle Tan on, $389.

“ Since SXSW parties start as early as 11 a.m. and last all the way until 2 a.m., it’s important to wear something that can easily take you from day to night. A printed lightweight dress like this one is perfect for the transition.” Printed Dress, Chouchounette on, $150.

See more extraordinary boutique products on!

Khaki Parka, Members Only on, $98.




SXSW PICKS “ Sunglasses are a SXSW must and these are a classic style that you really can’t go wrong with.” Wayfarer Sunglasses, Dicks Cottons on, $49.

“ Flat boots are perfect for the amount of walking you will be doing during SXSW, and these have a rocker vibe that is perfect for live shows.” Stud Strap Boots, Baci on, $468.

“ Black and white is a huge trend for Spring and this dress does it in a really cute way.” Color Block Hem Dress, Prinzzesa on, $70.

“ The varsity jacket is a fun trendy jacket for daytime and has a youthful vibe that is perfect for a festival.” Varsity Jacket, Members Only on, $78. 6 |

See more extraordinary boutique products on!

Personal Style: “My style is always changing and evolving but the constant that remains is my love of vintage clothing. I have always been fascinated with clothing from the past because it is interesting and different. Also, comfort always factors into what I wear, but never rules it. That’s why I love Austin fashion – you can be casually chic.”



From NY Fashion Week to your wardrobe 2. 1.


1. Stripe Maxi, A.sweeT., $288. 2. Jeweled Utility Jacket, Baci, $281. 3. Embellished Bag, Ruia, $635. on

Shannon Davenport Editor, 8 |




1. Floral Blouse, Confections Boutique, $124. 2. White Pants, Comfort Me, $99. 3. Ribbon Chain Bracelet, Sorella, $59. on

Serena Goh

For more style inspiration, visit 9


OK SWEETHEART takes on SXSW By Tracey Wallace Photography by Jean Song


12 |


ipping on a Bloody Mary in mid-morning light seeping through The Standard Hotel’s windows, OK SWEETHEART singer-songwriter Erin Austin is as cheerful and energetic as any one of her songs would lead you to believe. She bops from topic to topic, chatting away about New York City, Oklahoma and San Francisco, drawing unexpected commonalities between the three locations. She touches on her music, the photo shoot she did with a friend the day before and how kind the bartender is for mixing up such a spicy Bloody Mary on a Monday morning. Yet, Austin hasn’t even begun to tell her unique story that led from a rural New York Christmas tree farm to an island in the northwest, from marriage to music and from standing up against racism to promoting sustainability. “I’ve been writing songs since I was a kid — literally two, three-years-old. I would walk around the house and I would make things up … It took me 22 years after that to realize that maybe I should be a songwriter. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure it out.” Though for Austin, the “figuring it out” process has been the journey of a lifetime. Like so many other twentysomething-year-olds, Austin used her 20s to find herself and her voice, never letting the confusion of the emerging adult era stop her from pursuing each opportunity. “I had gotten married in the middle of college — you know, its Oklahoma. My husband was a web designer and he had gotten a job offer in San Francisco, and so I was a housewife. That’s what I was. And I was bored. There’s only so much grocery shopping, and party planning, and cleaning of a house that you can do before you’re just like, ‘I really want to do something else.’ I was young; I was 22, so there was something else in me. Being a housewife or stay-at-home mom, although something I might want in the future, wasn’t something I was ready for at 22.” To liven up her days, Austin sought out a part-time position that allowed her just enough money to afford a little sound-proof room in a old winery in San Francisco’s


Candlelight Point. “It was seriously scary. Gunshots going off. My car was broken into twice. It was bad, but I loved it because I could go for half of my day, three to five hours, and just write music. Half the time they were terrible songs. A lot of days, I wouldn’t have anything that was good by the end. But every once in a while, I’d have a really productive day where I wrote songs that were pretty OK. But I wanted to treat it like a school. I was such a nerd. I was the color-coordinated, notebook girl who sat in the front, tried to get there early and volunteered for everything. I wanted to treat songwriting as a course that I was teaching myself.” With that, Austin took a deep educational dive into the history of 14 |

The Beatles and some of the best pop music in recorded history, while testing out her most recently written songs at a small and local San Francisco venue. Once she had a handful of songs written and sample demos recorded, she sent them to some University of North Texas Alumni in Denton, Texas who had started an indie-rock band called Midlake. “I sent my demos to this band in Texas. The drummer really loved it. He said, ‘Could you come down to Texas? My band has a recording studio and you can record with us.’ I was like, ‘Sure, that sounds fun!’” After they finished recording her first song “You Let Me Down,” she won the John Lennon Songwriting Competition for Pop, followed by a Lennon Award. Both of which motivated her to finish recording a full record. Since the release of her debut record “Home” in April of 2011, Austin’s music has appeared on “90210,” “One Tree Hill,” “Revenge” and “Royal Pains.” She has played showcases at SXSW and CMJ, written hundreds of more songs and is currently holed up in a house on an island offshore of Washington beginning to work on a sophomore record for 2014. Though despite the rise to recognition, Austin never lets her success go to her head and takes her father’s advice when it comes to keeping your feet on the ground. “My dad worked his way up in a company from an underwriter to the vice president. He said he knew all the night managers’ names. He knew who they were, he knew their wives’ names, he knew about their kids. He knew everything about them. He was kind to everyone. He said, ‘Erin, you never know. When you’ve got a deadline, and its 9

o’clock and everything’s locked up and you have to get in there – if you know the night manager’s name, you know about his wife and kids, he’s going to let you in so you can get your work done and you can meet your deadline.’” To her father, treating people with respect and dignity is the cornerstone of success, and in keeping true to his influence, Austin works diligently to ensure that she uses her platform to educate and aide others. “There’s a whole non-profit side to OK SWEETHEART that we’re really going to expose to people this year. We’re associated with an organization called Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice. We did a campaign with them a couple of years back. They promote racial equality, which is huge because there’s still so much prejudice in the South. It’s not just

OK SWEETHEART @ SXSW Wednesday, March 13 @ 10pm OFFICIAL SHOWCASE: Oklahoma Film & Music Commision’s Buffalo Lounge 512 Rooftop Bar 408 E. 6th St. Saturday, March 16 @ TBD Whole Foods Market 1105 N. Lamar Blvd.

racial prejudice, but it’s also socioeconomic prejudice. I really back their values and what they do. We’re also involved with Whole Foods and their non-profit called Whole Planet, where they basically help to create businesses that will give people jobs and put food in their bellies.” In the end, Austin has found success through hard work and kindness, and by never being afraid to seek out opportunities to spread her message. Just like the rural girl growing up on a New York farm, Austin keeps true to her songwriting passion as well as her roots –– spreading her message through music, actions and ultimately, her unforgettable personality and passion. “I want my music to help people, but I want my influence and who I am to also benefit people’s lives.”


In Texas’ capital, all the best food, shops, bars and music in the city are randomly found rather than openly known, making Austin itself seem like a secret all its own. And for the best fashion finds in a city where hole-in-the-wall joints are just as popular, albeit infamous, as their nationwide chain department stores, boutiques are go-to shopping destinations for both locals and wandering tourists alike.


Gallery D

436 W. 2nd St. Curated with the knowledge that women live their lives not just shopping, but working, eating and having fun, too, Gallery D offers a high-end shopping experience that allows you to enjoy all aspects of your life. Photo courtesy of Gallery D 16 |



916 W. 12th St. With an eye for fashionable aesthetics and feminine allure, Underwear takes the lingerie department out of the department store and presents a distinctive boutique shopping experience in the heart of Austin.


Fawn + Raven

1605 W. 35th St. Sitting pretty in Austin’s historic medical district, Fawn + Raven offers a small and well curated collection of apparel and accessories, and even has an onsite stylist to make sure you walk out onto the tree-lined streets ready for your next photo shoot.



234 W. 2nd St. Situated in the heart of Austin’s downtown scene, Estilo serves up finds perfect for the casual night out to cocktail wear. The boutique, a work of art in its own right, showcases a projected fashion show and the latest musical trends to boot. 17

Albert Cheung Photography

14 |


Pauline Brown

The newest Chairman of North America for LVMH Inc. is one busy woman. But her connection to self, family and friends provides inspiration for women who want it all - and can have it.

On work-life balance “The more aware you are, whether it be in your personal or your professional sphere, of what energizes you as opposed to what depletes you, the bigger your reservoir of possibilities and the greater your capacity to pursue them. Generally speaking, when people look at an accomplished woman and say, ‘I don’t know how she does it,’ what they don’t quite appreciate is that it is a virtuous circle. What she does actually provides her with the energy and motivation to keep doing it.”

On success “Growing up, I had no role models. I knew of no women who led the kind of life that I aspired to, a life that felt successful in the way that I define success. I never wanted to succeed in a way that most men define success. I still don’t. But I did want to be successful.” “When I shop, I generally do it in a way that feeds me and my curiosity, creativity and interests. As a nation, I think we have become too transactional in our shopping habits. I feel that no matter how much a person can afford to spend, she should seek things that have meaning, seek things that last, and seek things that show respect for herself and her surroundings. It not only is a healthy approach to managing finances, but it also healthy for esteem, for aesthetics and, above all, for the environment.”

On power “Men have few ways to show their individuality. So they put enormous emphasis on their ties, their watches and their cars. Women, on the other hand, have endless options. If anything, we have so much power to choose what we wear and how we look that we feel overwhelmed. I think it’s important for women to worry less about looking perfect and more about feeling free. With freedom comes power.”

Meet more inspirational women on!

On quality shopping


Which city fits your style? Every neighborhood in every city is a unique and one-of-a-kind find. Discover which one you should shop to find the items that best fit your personality and style.

1) Your idea of a great night out is...

A. B. C. D.

Going to see a friend’s band play at the local neighborhood music venue Hanging with some good friends and eating BBQ Squeezing into a mini skirt, putting on heels, and going out dancing Checking out the Barney’s sale before heading to sushi for dinner

2) On a Saturday afternoon, you’re probably wearing...

A. B. C. D.

Skinny jeans and a leather moto cycle jacket (fake leather if you’re vegan) Boyfriend jeans and your favorite vintage tee A bikini Dressed down, but your hair, makeup, and nails look impeccable

3) Who’s celebrity wardrobe do you most covet?

A. B. C. D.

Michelle Williams Reese Witherspoon Jennifer Lopez Nicole Richie

4) When you go to the mall, the first store you hit is... A. Urban Outfitters Anthropologie B. C. Forever 21 D. J. Crew

5) Which fashion philosophy can you most identify with?

A. “I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” –– Alexander McQueen B. “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” — Gianni Versace C. “You can’t be melancholy in fashion because people don’t respond to it.” — Isaac Mizrahi D. “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” — Yves Saint-Laurent

20 |

Quiz Results

Let’s be social! ,

Mostly A’s Williamsburg! You’re not into looking pretty; you’re into looking cool. Boutiques for Your Style: Jane’s Closet

Use the promo code below for 10% off your first purchase: SXSW2013

Mostly B’s

EXPIRES April 15

Austin! Labels and designers aren’t your thing. You make your own style, and that’s why you’re unique! Boutiques for Your Style: Gallery D Fawn + Raven Estilo Underwear

Mostly C’s Miami! Clothes are all about being fun for you! While others are wearing black, you love colors, patterns and bold looks. Boutiques for Your Style: Neptunes Prinzzesa

Mostly D’s Beverly Hills! Eternally chic and elegant, you know how to mix the latest trends with sophistication. Boutiques for Your Style: A.sweeT. Blue Violet Boutique Quiz by


$1,000 dream wardrobe


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