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Why you should choose Taylor+Max ?

Your kids are everything to you. They are the reason for your happiness and all the positive things that they brought in your life.Kids make you soft, gentle, protective and forgiving. Parenthood becomes important to you much more than anything after you hold your child in your arms for the first time.Providing your kids with better things like proper clothing for kids, tending their needs, giving them everything they want, taking them to the bed, hugging them warmly every now and then is everything to you.

Taylor + Max comes across a lot of families, ever since we have established ourselves as a Children’s Boutique. And as parents, we know how does it feel like to have a baby or a child around you.Everything you heard so far about raising a baby, nurturing them are all true. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single parent, you work day and night to make sure that your kid is doing great.You never realize that the everyday experience with your child or children is the most precious thing in this entire world.

Our unconventional retail and online destination provide girls and boys apparel ranging from preemie to size twelve.And we celebrate this unique attribute of your child by providing the warm and comfortable of clothes you can buy from our store that is located in the in a glorious area of downtown Rockton, Illinois.The clothes are decent and upbeat that is fitting to every single mood of your child. The guardian angel that you are as parents is the toughest job in this entire world.

We provide natural looking organic clothes that are crafted and designed precisely keeping your children’s need in mind. The organic clothes as boring as they sound comes with a lot of advantages, they are light, they use less water, they are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides which improves their quality.Organic clothing has created a big stir in the past few years.Parents all over the world prefer purchasing organic cotton baby clothes, diapers, and baby blankets. People both young and old are switching to different products made from organic cotton such as shirts, t-shirts, pajamas, jeans and many other clothes made of organic cotton fabric.

The organic clothes are skin friendly and our designers make it look classy.It is also believed that organic cotton clothing is softer and lighter than conventional cotton clothing. As there is no use of chemicals involved in organic clothing, your child will possibly have fewer allergies or no allergies at all.You can also expect that Organic cotton apparel will reduce respiratory problems and they also smell pleasant.

Children’s clothing have always been the center of our inspiration and innovation. And the children are the reason why we are into business.These reputed designers focus on creating and providing quality and agreeable apparels of children and newborns.The apparel in our store speaks about our esteemed and rising designers. Our designers develop and create various pieces of apparel that are inspired by children in their lives.Their ideas are widely accepted by the customers of their clothing segment.

There are no rules in this new era, the parents have their individual, as well as personal style and our designers, make sure that the demands and the necessities of a child are always placed first and they are always given good stuff.You can check out our New Arrivals in the store today and get something good for your child. The list of our designers include Rylee + Cru, Kickee Pants, Mini Rodini among many others.

Taylor + Max has a huge collection of apparel, gifts, and accessories + toys. Our store wants to become the ultimate shopping destination for children where you’ll find everything for your little one whether it’s clothing, gifts, gift baskets, toys and most importantly books because through books they will come across Fairy Tales and that will become their reality till they grow up into an idealist.At Taylor + Max you’ll find a lot of book for children and the different genre and stories will make them smarter and sharper.You can choose stuff that you want to buy for your kids from the sale category that includes hooded shirts, moccasins, pants, dresses, jeggings, jumpsuit.

We’ve also added flip-flops, hats, shades, sun hats, surf shorts and if your kid likes to be in trend then you can choose between Wayfarer Sunglasses and Aviator sunglasses.The accessories for children include bonnets, soft toys by Jellycat, rattles, bibs, quilts, caps, and socks. We also have loungewear for women in our store.At our store, You will also find gift certificates, gift baskets, and children books as mentioned earlier.Taylor + Max is a well-suited destination for busy mothers, grandparents, and gift givers will who want an impeccable customer service. The products whether its clothing or accessories we offer a budget-friendly experience.

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Why you should choose taylor max  

Our unconventional retail and online destination provide girls and boys apparel ranging from preemie to size twelve.And we celebrate this un...

Why you should choose taylor max  

Our unconventional retail and online destination provide girls and boys apparel ranging from preemie to size twelve.And we celebrate this un...