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Style and Fashion Tips: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Makeup

It is said that the new line is "meant to evoke the lush gardens of Sicily," the romantic violets, elegant poppies and glamorous pinks are cooled with a contrast of steamy grays and smoldering charcoal shadows. "Eva" is the sheer illuminating powder, creamy in its flawless finish, while a metallic platinum nail lacquer lends the whole collection a modern feel. Bonus Tip: Sexy metallic platinum hues are a recurring trend this Spring. Adding this fashionable touch to your look with a subtle polish is a great way to take a fashion risk if you're trying to step out of your fashion box for a change. Balance is achieved with this blend of vibrant and smoky Spring colors. The palettes create several exotic sweet and sour feminine edge looks. The ads shot with Johansson provide a great visual of what the possibilities are with this infusion of sensual colors (see photo above). This collection is: Like poolside at Rehab ready. Like courtside at Playoffs Game ready. Like all those things you love to do ready. Shop online Dolce and Gabbana at and save on lip gloss.

Style and Fashion Tips Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 Makeup