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Reblog: Cole Haan Flat Riding Boots

I have been looking for a great pair of black boots that would be comfortable and flattering all fall. I found these great Cole Haan Air Whitley Tall Boots in black and I knew they would be the ones for me. Here are the reasons why these boots are so great: 1.) They are flat 2.) The boots are unadorned so that you can be creative with your ensembles without worrying about matching the hardware on the boots 3.) These boots can be worn with skirts, pants, leggings, jeans, or dresses 4.) The fabric back allows you to tuck in jeans or leggings without worrying if they will fit into the boots 5.) The leather is soft and supple so you won't feel confined in the boots 6.) The Nike air technology cannot be beat. Imagine walking in these all winter in New York City in the rain and snow. You will feel comfortable and look great.

Reblog Cole Haan Flat Riding Boots