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We’re sure all of you fashionistas know of Demi Lavato . Well she certainly seems to be getting her life back on track after her stint in rehab, and though rumors recently surfaced that Lovato was dating Ryan Philippe (who is twice her age!), the Skyscraper singer has taken to her Twitter page to insist that she is SINGLE right now — and she’s lovin’ it!

We haven’t seen Demi out with any men lately, so it seems like her tweet is sincere. Plus, one of the main things that sent her over the edge, causing her to enter rehab in the first place, was because of the difficulty she was having on the Camp Rock tour alongside her exboyfriend Joe Jonas. Lavato seems to be heading in a new direction. Demi is no stranger to tattoos — after being admitted to a rehabilitation facility in November of last year, she had the words “Stay Strong” inked onto her wrists, and she also has a small feather tattooed behind her ear and the words “you make me beautiful” written on the right side of her ribcage.

Demi, who is a contributing editor for Seventeen, has recently opened up to the mag about her struggle with bullying in the past, and she’s teamed up with several stars from ABC Family to help “delete digital drama� and put an end to cyber bullying.

Lavato has been quoted saying,“I was bullied when I was younger, it got so bad that I ended up leaving school because of it and the effects of that traumatizing time are still with me to this day,” she revealed in her article. Demi added, “I think that some people use bullying as a way to fit in, and I’ve noticed it’s not just the “cool” kids doing it anymore. Sitting behind a computer gives people a sense of anonymity, but everyone needs to realize that words—even the ones they write online—have a strong power to hurt people.” Demi continued, “Bullying can take many forms, and one of the most common ones today is cyberbullying. This is such a huge problem, and despite the fact that everyone is aware of it, things seems to be getting worse instead of better. One story that really sticks with me involves the tragic death of Phoebe Prince, which could so easily have been avoided. It’s not okay to bully anyone—ever. I hope to encourage everyone to take a stand and put a stop to this horrible epidemic.” We admire Demi for all of her efforts. If you haven’t heard Skyscraper yet check out her video on youtube, she is truly a powerhouse.

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