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Celebrity Hairstyle Fashion 2011 Trend: Chop It Off! Hello again fashionistas! We usually see our favorite celebrities parading down the Red Carpet with their long, healthy locks. It is usually easier to create different hairstyles with long hair, and for our leading ladies who are in the public eye at different A-list events it’s imperative that they not only dress well but that they are able to change their hairstyle from one day to the next. So we are often surprised and stunned when these leading ladies suddenly appear sporting short hairstyles. It’s a fashion statement and a huge risk they take cutting their tresses. A risk that sometimes backfires as with the case of Britney Spears shaving her head, and Keri Russel, from the popular TV series Felicity, her career nose dived when she cut her beautiful curls. Sometimes the risk pays off, as the case with Natalie Portman when see shaved her head for the movie V for Vendetta. This post is dedicated to celebrities who have in the past year taken the risk of changing their style and sporting new fashion 2011 trend, funky short haircuts. The few ladies picked have have dared to chop it off and have shown us that short hair is indeed doable in Hollywood.

1. Emma Watson We love her pixie cut to no end. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 star liberated herself from her long hair last summer and is still rocking her short locks this Summer.

2. Olivia Munn Earlier this year The Daily Show correspondent lopped off her locks for a movie. The television personality looks clean and chic with her shorter do.

3. Brooklyn Decker The supermodel and actress cut 10 inches off her long blonde hair and boy does she look like a new woman. We love the side swiped bangs and the layered twists.

4. Ashlee Simpson After sporting black, brown and red shades at various times throughout her career, the pop star debuted a blonde pixie cut that put her back in the fashion headlines in a good way.

5. Jessica Alba The celebrity actress and mom to be for the second time chopped off her locks for when she was promoting the Little Fockers, her last project before she became preggers again. Jessica looks great either way.

6. Jenna Elfman The Friends With Benefits actress chopped off her shoulder length locks and is going for a youthful funky pixie cut with sexy bangs. We can’t wait to see her this Summer in her new movie.

7. Jennifer Aniston Aniston is known for her gorgeous locks, so Hollywood really took notice when she took off the inches. She looks cleaner and more youthful with the face framing hairstyle. The Horrible Bosses star sports long dark bangs in the movie, but we love her best in short gold locks.

8. Katherine Heigl The Grey’s Anatomy alum recently debuted this short platinum cut. Heigl has desperately been in need of a change and her cut is definitely what the doctor ordered.

9. Evan Rachel Wood

Wood is the latest celebrity to go for a short hair. She is now sporting a modern blond pixie cut. The actress showed off her cropped locks at the launch party for season four of the television series True Blood and boy do we love it.

Celebrity Hairstyle Fashion 2011 Trend Chop It Off!  

1. Emma Watson We love her pixie cut to no end. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 star liberated herself from her long hair...