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2011 Fashionable Luxury Electronics & Accessories Every fashionista needs to add a little flare to her wardrobe and her electronics are no exception. Typically electronics and accessories are a fashion splurge, so we’ve chosen a few of the ultimate accessories that we could find tending today. These accessories and electronics are fashion status items, so if you’re on a budget have fun browsing. Details certainly do matter, so if you can afford it flaunt it.

Lady Gaga Heartbeats 2.0 Headphones Resembling designer fashion jewelry, Lady Gaga’s Heartbeat headphones are a must have fashion accessory. The earphones are from the Beats by Dre headphone collection. Gaga supervised the designing of the extravagant jewelry-inspired headphones. We love the ones pictured on Gaga herself above. The triangle shaped ear buds with thick durable wire to plug into our music device of choice. Also pictured above are the spiked headphones from her collection as well. The concept behind her collaboration with Heartbeats is that sound does matter. The high quality earphones were designed to look as good as they sound, which is why they made our ultimate fashionable accessories list. Price tag is about $70.

Christian Dior Phone Touch Flow While some people would consider purchasing the Dior Touch Flow phone reckless spending, we say why not if you have the means they get it in the name of fashion. Owning a luxury cell phone symbolizes that you have arrived and is one of the ultimate investments a fashionista can make to promote her image. It is said that the smartphone from Dior is made of 100 parts put together by hand in France. The case is made of highest Dior quality leather and the rest of the phone is made of lavish sapphire crystals. Other materials used are gold, diamond and steel. If the pricey jewels don’t get your attention then the phone’s amenities will. It comes fully equipped with internet, email, social media, camera phone and designer ringtones. The Christian Dior phone is so good it’s bad! The price tag is a whopping $4500. Get it if you can!

Incase Andy Warhol cases for iPhones, iPads and MacBooks Last but not least from Incase, we love the Andy Warhol collection of iPhone, iPad cases, sleeves, and shoulder bags. These accessories are actually commissioned by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, so they are as authentic as you’re going to find anywhere. The collection ranges from $50 to $80. Pictured above are the Banana print screens. The accessories are also available in 1964 Flowers, Dollar Signs, 1966’s Cow Wallpaper and Camouflage. If you have an artistic flare and use your accessories all of the time, this is nice fashion splurge to make. Thanks for keeping it locked at, your source for what’s trending in fashion now.

2011 Fashionable Luxury Electronics & Accessories  

2011 Fashionable Luxury Electronics & Accessories