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Instructions for Qualatex Bella Bunny


To keep assembly time to a minimum, gather the materials and read through the instructions before beginning.

Bella Bunny

Helium: Approximately 1.5 cubic feet Materials:

1 34" “Colorful Easter Bunny” Microfoil® Shape 11408 20 11" “Polka Dot” Pastel Pearl Assortment Balloons 87392 2 11" Pearl White Latex Balloons 43788 5 5" Pearl White Latex Balloons 43597 4 646Q White Giant Airship Latex Balloons 75451 1 260Q White Latex Balloon 43962 Qualatex BalloonRibbon® Monofilament (Fishing) Line Sand Weight

Instructions: 1. Tie the monofilament line to the sand weight. 2. To make the “feet,” air inflate two 11" Pearl White latex balloons to 6" and tie the necks together. Then, air inflate a 646Q, leaving 2" uninflated. Bend the balloon in half, and tie the ends together. Repeat using a second 646Q, and tie the two feet together. Twist the pair of 646Qs together with the 6" Pearl White balloons and wrap around the monofilament line, positioning the 6" balloons together behind the 646Qs. 3. To make the “body,” air inflate five same-colored “Polka Dot” balloons to 7" and tie into a 5-balloon cluster. See “How to 5Balloon Cluster.” 4. Make four more 5-balloon clusters using the same-colored “Polka Dot” balloons in each. Inflate each cluster to the following sizes and wrap onto the monofilament line in this order: • 11" “Polka Dot” inflated to 9" • 11" “Polka Dot” inflated to 8½" • 11" “Polka Dot” inflated to 8" • 5" Pearl White inflated to 4" 5. Helium inflate the 34" “Colorful Easter Bunny” and tie the neck to a piece of BalloonRibbon. Nest the 34" Shape into the top cluster and tie the ribbon into the top two clusters. 6. To create “arms,” air inflate a 646Q to 9". Tie off the uninflated remainder of the balloon and trim the excess. 7. Repeat Step 6. Using an uninflated 260Q, tie the necks of the two 646Qs together. Wrap the pair of balloons into the body of the bunny, near the 8½" cluster.


• Use other 11" latex balloons, like the “Big Polka Dot” balloons or Rainbow SuperAgate Assortment to give your bunny bolder colors and patterns. • Add bouquets with 19" “Happy Spring Easter Egg” Microfoil Shapes and 11" “Happy Spring Easter Dots” latex balloons to match your bunny and coordinate your decor.

How to 5-Balloon Cluster To make a 5-balloon cluster, inflate and size two balloons and tie them together. Repeat to make a second pair. Inflate another balloon and tie to the center of one pair, then twist with the second pair. Wrap the cluster around the base of the monofilament line by separating two of the balloons in the cluster and pushing the cluster onto the line. Wrap the line around the cluster to make it tight. More ideas and instructions are available to professionals at “Instruction Sheets,” “Balloon Ideas,” and “Balloon Images” on

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