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The Cat’s Pyjamas

Featuring this Month: • Millie's reviews the blockbuster movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. • Win ‘The Cat’s Pyjamas’ Luxury Gift Vouchers • Win 2 Cinema Tickets • Revealed: The Nation's Top Ten Favourite Chocolate Treats • Your favourite regular columns from Nana & Joey • Crossword & Sudoku Useful Telephone Numbers: HEALTH NHS Direct 111 Chesterfield Royal Hospital 01246 277271 Blue Dykes Surgery 01246 866771 Clay Cross Medical Centre 01246 862237 St.Lawrence Road Surgery 01246 851029 The Surgery Wingerworth 01246 276590 Tupton Surgery 01246 863285 North Wingfield Medical Centre 01246 851035 Hasland Surgery 01246 278008 Hasland Medical Centre 01246 277973 UTILITIES BT Fault Line Electricity Power Loss Gas Emergency Water Severn Trent

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Welcome to April the gateway to Spring and all things sunshine!


ith Spring starting to show her vibrant colours, there’s certainly lots to look forward to as we wave goodbye to the cold weather! So why not take ten minutes out of your busy day, pop the kettle on and enjoy our April 2018 Shoppers Guide Magazine.


e are currently working on the May magazine, so if YOUR local business is looking for a confident advertising boost this Spring, then why not place your advert in front of our monthly audience of over 85000 Chesterfield residents. Our May magazine deadline for advertising is - April 17th. So don’t delay, get in touch today!

This month Millie reviews the amazing blockbuster movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. We also share the Nation’s favourite chocolate treats in a surprising Hand-delivered directly through Top Ten Countdown! This month your letterbox each month, the there’s also an opportunity to win Chesterfield Shoppers Guide prizes in our regular competitions! magazine is the only FREE read for thousands of local folk. So if This month you could win gift you run a local business, or know vouchers for ‘The Cat’s Pyjamas’ someone that does, then please and there are also two cinema do pass this magazine on and ask tickets up for grabs! them to get in touch with us. Joey shares some canine fun and delights in his regular 4-legged column and for those who welcome a challenge, we have included our regular crossword & sudoku puzzles. As always our April edition is packed to the rafters with local tradespeople, businesses and services all advertising their services directly to YOU! Do take the time to view what’s available on your doorstep and don’t forget to mention where you have seen their advert when you contact them...Appreciated!


For 14 years we’ve been Chesterfield’s most loved little FREE Magazine. With our FREE design & advice service and our 14 year reputation, you can be guaranteed a warm welcome, great prices and of course an eye-catching local showcase for your business.... So all in all, there’s plenty to keep you in high spirits this month! God Bless

Jay & Emily

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recently had the opportunity to watch ‘The Greatest Showman’ movie and what can I say? AMAZING! In fact, I've watched it more than once, it really is that good! So this month I decided to talk about the Greatest Showman and share with you a sure modern classic in the making! Inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business & tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. The film opens with Phineas Taylor "P.T." Barnum joining his circus troupe in a song, playing to an enthusiastic crowd as he and his performers put on a dazzling show. The scene then cuts to Barnum as a young boy in the 1800's, working with his tailor father. They arrive at the home of Mr Hallett and his daughter Charity. P.T. makes Charity laugh and spit out her tea, which leads to her father smacking him across the face and forbidding him from going near her. Regardless, P.T. and Charity spend time together and develop a friendship, even as Charity is forced to go to a finishing school. They write letters to each other and eventually reunite as adults, where Barnum proposes to Charity. Barnum works for a trading company until his boss tells everyone that they are shutting the company down due to bankruptcy after their trading vessels have sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

i everyone!..It’s April! Hopefully we can look forward to some sunshine as all this wet and cold weather has kept me indoors for what seems like forever!

Barnum goes home to Charity and their daughters. He brings home a spinning lamp, or "wishing machine" for Caroline's birthday. Charity and the girls all make wishes, and Barnum hatches an idea. Barnum goes to the bank for a $10,000 loan and uses the deed to the (sunken) trading vessels as collateral. With the money, he opens up a museum filled with stuffed animals and wax figures, because he thinks people are fascinated with things like that. The museum fails to attract business, and most people reject the idea. Barnum then goes around town searching for unique individuals. Among them are a dwarf named Charles, a bearded woman named Lettie Lutz, an obese man called Lord of Leeds, a hair-covered man referred to as Dog Boy, and an 8-foot tall man. Although they are viewed as freaks, Barnum manages to get them all to put on a number of shows that win over crowds. One who remains unimpressed is critic James Gordon Bennett. Despite his lack of interest in Barnum's show, Bennett inspires him to rename his show as "P.T. Barnum's Circus". The circus starts to bring in profits, leading Barnum to move his family into a beautiful house, one they entered as children, as well as being able to put Caroline in a ballet school. However, she becomes discouraged when the other girls mock her for being part of a circus family.

Barnum later meets a playwright named Phillip Carlyle. He approaches Philip with the opportunity to join his circus, and Phillip agrees on the condition that he get 10% of the profits. They're is invited to England to meet Queen Victoria. Later, Barnum and Phillip meet noted opera singer Jenny Lind, and they invite her to perform for the show so that she may become known worldwide. Jenny joins the show back in the States. She performs before a large crowd that includes Phillip's parents, as well as Charity's. The crowd loves her, and Barnum even spots Bennett in the audience appearing to enjoy her. Phillip finds himself falling for the show's trapeze artist Anne Wheeler. After Jenny's performance, Barnum and the others gather with a party, but when the rest of them want to join the party, Barnum turns them away. Although sad at first, they decide not to let this get them down, as they decide to embrace who they are, regardless of how they are viewed. Phillip tries to introduce Anne to his parents, but they disapprove of her because of her race. She leaves upset, and Phillip tells his parents off for how they spoke to Anne. He goes to find her, and they express their mutual feelings for one another. Barnum goes on tour with Jenny, leaving Phillip as the ringmaster with the show.

Protesters continuously gather outside to harass them for their physical differences. While celebrating their success so far, Jenny appears to develop an attraction to Barnum, but he remains faithful to Charity. Jenny gets upset and threatens to quit, but Barnum has her finish the tour. After one performance, the press snaps a photo of Jenny kissing Barnum before she ultimately quits. Phillip confronts the protesters, but they refuse to leave. When they threaten him and the others, Anne's brother throws the first punch, leading to an all-out brawl between them and the protesters. One of the protesters grabs a lantern and throws it at a wall, setting the theatre on fire. Barnum returns home from his tour and greets his family when he overhears about the fire. He runs toward it just as the flames consume the whole building. Phillip runs inside to find Anne, but she is already coming out with W.D. Barnum runs in for Phillip, just as the building collapses. His daughters cry, thinking him dead, until he emerges with an unconscious Phillip. He is taken to the hospital. Barnum just sits outside the remains of the theatre. Bennett goes to join him, then shows Barnum the newspaper, which shows Jenny kissing him and her announcement of quitting. Barnum rushes home to Charity, only to find that she's packed her bags because the bank is evicting them, but she is also unhappy over seeing the paper, despite Barnum trying to explain himself. Barnum goes to drink at a bar. The entire troupe finds him and confronts him. Lettie tells Barnum that while he may not have always done the right thing, he saw them all as more than freaks and gave them a real family and home. Barnum is encouraged to pick himself up and help get the troupe back to performing. He then runs to Charity's childhood home where the girls tell him that she's at the beach. Barnum goes to apologize to her for being obsessed with chasing fame, and she says all she wanted was the man she fell in love with. Phillip, who has recovered, offers to provide his shares from profits to restart the circus. Although Barnum hesitates, Phillip is adamant in being his partner with 50% of shares. Barnum restarts the show in a tent with circus animals and the rest of the troupe. Audiences turn out in droves. Barnum then decides to hand over the job of ringmaster to Phillip so that he can go and watch his girls grow up. Phillip finishes the show and kisses Anne, while Barnum rides an elephant to meet Charity and the girls. Over all the movie was AMAZING! It really is a ‘feel good’ movie for all the family to enjoy! Lots of love...

Millie Ball xxx




But DON’T just take our word for it! "We love the Shoppers Guide magazine. We've stopped advertising elsewhere as this magazine really does work for us. We highly recommend you try it for yourself" Clay Cross Diagnostics Centre

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To WIN this fantastic prize all you have to do is tell us which 3 adverts ‘Sam’ the cheeky cat is hiding in inside this months Shoppers Guide! Can YOU find ‘Sam’? Sam the Cat is hiding in the following 3 adverts: 1.......................................................................... 2.......................................................................... 3..........................................................................

Head Office: 30 Alma Road, North Wingfield




PEBBLE DASHING & RENDERING Also External Insulation PVC, Fascia & Guttering

EMAIL:: Return this page to:

‘CINEMA Competition’ 84 St Lawrence Road, North Wingfield, S42 5LL email answers to:

Over 40 Yrs Experience

Competition Ends: 17th April 2018 Last Month’s Competition Winners: Cinema Tickets: J Wilman Cat’s PJ’s: D Simpson

John Hodgson 01246 857996

John Hawley 0114 2315172 or 07884 173992 (Proprietor)


The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639

The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639



he people of Great Britain are always big fans on our chocolate treats, and nipping to your office vending machine for a sweet fix or treating yourself to a choc treat at the petrol station has always been a popular way to take a break from reality. So what are the most popular choice of chocolate treats in the UK?

Here’s the UK’s favourites, compiled into a ‘Top of the Chocs’ countdown!


adbury’s have classed themselves as Britain’s Chocolate for some time now, but in most recent years have been found to have strong competition from Nestle and Galaxy. In a recent poll, Galaxy Ripple was chosen as Britain’s favourite, followed by Yorkie bars and Dairy Milk Caramel, just slinking its way into 3rd place. Here’s the countdown of a nations favourites.

8. Cadbury Dairy Milk –

Classic Cadbury bar will never be too far from our favourites.

5. Nestle Toffee Crisp – As popular in the 90’s as it is now!

4. Cadbury Wispa Gold – Another Cadbury Classic.

7. Nestle Aero – Air in

10. Nestle Lion Bar – Isn’t this

chocolate is surprisingly popular.

9. Toblerone – Bit of a surprise in

6. Cadbury’s Classic Wispa

the same as Toffee Crisp?

at number 9.

– Who doesn’t love a classic?

3. Cadbury Caramel – A true

Goldie Oldie!


The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639

2. Nestle’s Yorkie Bar – Only for men if

I remember the 00’s right?

1. Galaxy Ripple – Everything a flake is, but better?


o what about those classics we all love? Where did they rate in a recent survey? Here’s the answers: 30. Snickers – Classic pub snack

Ward Street Garage

25. Mars Bars –

Another Goldie Oldie

49 Ward Street, Tupton, S42 6XR

17. Twix – Which is better, left, right or both?

• • • • • •

MOT Testing Servicing Exhausts & Clutches Brakes Diagnostic Vehicle Testing Tyres & Wheel Alignment

16. Classic KitKat – Time for a break I think

12. Cadbury Crunchie – For

when you want to trash your teeth!

01246 862049

The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639



Registered Gas, Heating & Plumbing Engineers

For All Your Household Plumbing Needs Boilers Fires Combi’s Central Heating Radiators Showers Boiler Installation

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Affordable Repairs, Installation & Breakdown Cover Call For a Quote:

01246 559367 M: 07952 329720 3 Infirmary Road, Chesterfield, S41 7NF

Est 2004


For Unbeatable Rates Call:

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We know that children love to make things, so come along and we will teach your party guests how to make cute luxury bath products that they can take home in pretty gift bags! The parties are fun, interactive, with plenty of sparkle and glitter. We only use 100% natural ingredients This includes all the colours, fragrances & decorations used in the creation process. The Bath Bomb parties can be for any group of people (not just kids!) It's a great way to have fun with friends, learn a new technique...Our aim is to create a really special and memorable experience for your exclusive party. The Cat’s Pyjamas Party Experience can last from 45mins to 1hour depending on your requirements. Every party includes an allocated spend amount per party-goer! Shopping time is approximately 15 minutes so you have time to gather the products you love to take home with you!

What Happens at the Party?

Once your guests have arrived, we will give a short demonstration in making bath bombs (which the birthday child gets to keep) this is then followed by a short safety talk. Now the fun begins! Everyone gets to choose their own fragrance and colour from our wide range - all of which are 100% natural. You can choose a creative party to make either Bath Bomb, Bath Treat or Body Treats. Wow! Only £15 Per Person (Including a £5 spend in the shop) Minimum 4 Party goers…Maximum 12

37 DALE ROAD, MATLOCK Call: 01629 259846

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Call: 01629 259846


A wide & luxurious range of indulgent, handmade bath and body treats,

body scrubs, butters & lotions, essential oils, accessories and gifts. Responsibly Sourced & Cruelty Free... Men's Range In Stock!

Shop 24/7 at: Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm & Sun 11am - 4pm CLOSED MONDAYS (EXCEPT BANK HOLIDAYS)

Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm & Sun 11am 4pm 2 Lucky Readers can win a £10-GIFT VOUCHER EACH!

CLOSED MONDAYS (EXCEPT BANK HOLIDAYS) To WIN these luxury prizes all you have to do is tell us which 3 The soap bar is hiding in the following 3 adverts: adverts is the soap bar hiding 1.............................................2........................................... in inside this Magazine. Return to: ‘Cat’s PJ’s Competition’

84 St Lawrence Road, North Wingfield, S42 5LL OR email answers to: Competition Ends: 17th April 2018

3............................................. NAME:



The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639


North Wingfield


FREE Room Hire

with ‘Open a Box’ & Card Bingo

*Subject to T& C’s

Choose from 3 Function Rooms Full Catering Facilities and

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7th April

for Beginners

COUNTRY & WESTERN NIGHTS Wednesdays from 8pm 4th April: TOM COLLINS 11th April: PHIL LLOYD 18th April: CLEARCUT 25th April: JOLENE DOHERTY

North Wingfield MINERS WELFARE Williamthorpe Road, North Wingfield

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Tel: 01246 859722 Mob: 07717 030367 FREE ESTIMATES

• Full/Part Rewires • Mains Board Upgrades • Outdoor Power/Lighting • CCTV & Alarms • Fully Insured

• New Builds/Extensions • Kitchens/Bathrooms • Fault Finding/Remedial • Condition Reports

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including DPF & EGR Removal

Servicing & Repairs, all Makes & Models

Tyres & Exhausts

Wheel alignment including 4 wheel

Aircon Servicing

Diagnostics & fault finding

MOT Testing

MOT Repairs

Key Programming

Key Replacement


Tired or Non-Working Keys?

We Supply Replacement Keys, Remotes & Key Cases Call us with Your Requirements

Unit D Clumber House - High Street, Clay Cross (At rear of Chesterfield Motor Cycles)

01246 865555 or 01246 865444




Bonjour my human friends and welcome to April! This month I’d like to share with you some comical reasons why as social animals, we four-legged companions act the way we do! If your convinced that we really love you humans, then you aren't that far off base! We carry our things around to make sure we can maintain our ownership.


s social animals, just about all dogs lick to show affection, so the idea that your handsome pooch planted one on you because he really loves you is really quiet right.

In a lot of cases, though, licking happens for more instinctive reasons. It is a way for your four-legged companion to show that he is submissive to another dominant animal (you). Dogs also enjoy licking as a selfsoothing behaviour, much like little kids will suck their thumbs when they’re upset. Although most dogs use it to groom to some extent, certain breeds are more obsessive about licking than others. A good lick also can be your dog’s way of trying to get your attention and spend time with it. For puppies, licking has a special purpose. They like to do it when they are hungry, because for them, it is a way to ask their mother for food. If your dog is fully grown, he might be compulsively licking simply because he honestly likes the way you taste, as many dogs love how salty the skin is. If this is the case for your pooch, you might notice that the licking peaks when you’ve hit the gym or during other times where you’re sweating more. Here’s 4 more reasons that we fourlegged friends do the things we do! 1. Sitting On Your Feet


his behaviour isn’t usually so problematic unless your dog does it when you’d like to be moving or is a bigger breed! Most dog owners see it as a sign of affection.

Exactly why dogs want to keep possession of something is a little more complex, however. It sometimes has to do with the fact that a particular item is comforting, which usually relates to familiarity or an enjoyable texture, According to experts, though, sitting on your humans feet isn’t just a sign of adoration. It’s primarily a way to send a message to other animals that you belong to your dog and are spoken for! It does this not only by the physical proximity, but also by transferring his scent to you. With your four-legged pooch seeing you as his, foot sitting can also be a way to protect you, as anybody else who wants to get to you has to deal with him first! For some dogs, foot sitting isn’t so much about marking or protecting you as it is the dog lacking confidence. By getting right on top of you, your dog is trying to assert a little control, hoping you won’t leave it. Your warmth and scent are also a bit of a security blanket, and your pooch might learn that you’ll pay attention and offer petting or other rewards when he’s super close. Simply spending more time with your four-legged best friend sometimes helps when this is the case!

taste or scent. It’s a lot like a toddler dragging around their security blanket. Some items get dragged around because they’re the most entertaining thing your pooch has at the moment. Then there’s the fact that dogs act on their hierarchy instincts. If your pooch carries items around only to drop them at your feet, it can mean that your four-legged friend is recognising your position as the alpha. So when your furry friend presents you with “gifts” it maybe not so much to please you, but rather to show you that they know you get first offer. Of course there might be items that dogs are honestly proud to have, too, in which case they carry them around much like trophies to show them off!

2. Carrying Things Around

3. Going To New Places



ne of the most basic reasons we four-legged friends carry things around is to protect the items! We pooch’s think that, if we leave the items alone, then more than likely, another more dominant dog may come and find our stuff and steal it!

or starters, new environments present both mental and physical stimulation for your pooch. Sure, your pooch might love that one area of the park you always go to, but it’ll be a whole lot happier if you switch where you take them once in a while.

Each new path gives your pooch new things to see and smell and figure out, and just as hiking is different than walking on a treadmill, different routes push your dog’s body to develop better strength, endurance and balance. As with many other dog behaviours, trying out new routes also connects to your pet’s natural instinct to move around. In the wild, dogs have nothing given to them, including food and shelter. Subsequently, they constantly are migrating to new locations in order to find what they need to survive. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for them to travel several miles a day between hunting, playing and exploring. Even though going to new places can fit your dog’s instincts and keep it stimulated, be aware that new places can have hidden dangers, such as toxic plants, wild animals or other aggressive dogs. Scout out the places you’d like to visit before you take your fourlegged friend along to keep it safe. 4. Following Your Rules


hen dogs roam wild in the wilderness, the more dominant dogs rise to the top of the pack, with the alpha dog acting as the main leader. Alphas take a brilliant ‘I-won’t-yell-for-your-attention’ strategy, commanding submissiveness with cool, calm leadership. This is reassuring to the rest of the pack, which has very clear direction and sees the alpha as strong and confident. In your home, you are the alpha, and your pooch will look to you to see what is acceptable. Fail to do this and your dog might get upset or anxious, unsure of the role it needs to take. So. It is your responsibility to respond not with harshness, but with firm, consistently enforced discipline. This treatment keeps your dog’s behaviour in line not because they are afraid of you, but because you don’t give it any tension, anxiety or anger to feed off. Most poor behaviours dogs exhibit are simply a response to stress and confusion. In this sense, good obedience training and the establishment of order is as much about keeping your dog happy as it is protecting them, you, other people and your stuff. Essential rules to teach are to sit/lie down/stay, leave/drop objects, come, and, of course, to go to the toilet where they’ve been trained to do it. Structure wins every time!

Carrick Veterinary Group has recently relocated its Chesterfield branch to Holywell House (just off the donut roundabout). The new surgery is situated in a Grade II listed building, with private parking available and state-of-the-art facilities to help us care for your pet. As part of this exciting move, we are running a selection of discounts to both new and existing clients: The Healthy Pet Club – join our HPC scheme for a monthly fee, and receive exclusive benefits including vaccinations, worming and flea treatments throughout the year, a comprehensive six month health check every year, and great discounts with 10% off food, medication and other services and products. 10% Off Voucher– please bring the voucher below with you, and present it to reception to redeem your discount. Terms and conditions will apply. Recommend A Friend Scheme – ask at reception for further information on this scheme. If you recommend a friend who then visits us for an appointment, you will receive a £10 discount towards your pet’s next visit. Gold Card Scheme – we are offering discounted rates for people who must hold a valid Gold Card from Derbyshire County Council, and present it at the time of payment to qualify for 15% off treatment, during Monday - Friday.

(For use at any Carrick branch, towards any consultation, product or service charge)

Expiry: 28/4/2018

Please present this voucher at the reception desk at the time of payment, to redeem your 10% discount.

Voucher terms and conditions: Only one voucher may be used per person, per transaction. Use of multiple vouchers is not permitted. Voucher is valid for a three month term, after the date shown it will become void.

Contact the practice today: Holywell House, Holywell Street, Chesterfield, S41 7SD

01246 273292 Branches can be found in Clowne & Matlock

9 Church Street, Clowne, S43 4JR & Lime Grove Walk, Matlock, DE4 3FD

Clowne 01246 811223 - Matlock 01629 581234

Find us online using social media or via our website:


hope that you humans are gaining a greater understanding of what life is like on all fours (so to speak) and until next month, chillax and live the life of a Joey! LOL!!! WHOOF!

xxx JOEY



Extensions - Alterations Hard Landscaping - Roofing Barn Conversions - House Building Conservatories - Loft Conversions Adaptations - Annexes - Maintenance Over 30 years’ experience providing high calibre, durable, fine building services to Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire...

Enquiries emailed to:

or Telephone 07900 794360 Advanced bookings advised to avoid disappointment

Fully tiled bathrooms supplied & fitted from only £1,495 BATH, SINK & TOILET Supplied & Fitted including TAPS & WASTES from £695

Carrington Bathrooms

price Pure luxury at an affordable

From concept to completion

Designed, Fitted & Tiled Cut Out The Middle Man

We buy DIRECT from the Main Supplier

Call Showroom 01909 472299

or 07951 322580 covering Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire 24 hr Mobile or Text us & we’ll call you back. Landlines may ask you to leave a message - we will call you back

"Excellent workmanship, super quality, fast, friendly and reliable service and best of all fantastic value for money. Would highly recommend to potential customers."

See our gallery online:


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Eyre Street, Clay Cross

01246 211646

NOW OPEN IN CLAY CROSS Modern Marketing | Competitive Fees

Free Valuations New Oak Estates strive to offer transparent advice with customer care at the forefront of everything we do. We operate locally but advertise nationally, using modern methods to get your home noticed. So, whether you are looking to sell or let your home, or require help finding a new one we are here to help throughout this exciting, yet sometimes daunting process.

Paul has been valuing property and managing estate agency teams for the past fifteen years. Experiencing many market trends and developments in advertising techniques, Paul maintains a simple, honest approach to customer service and has a passionate, enthusiastic approach to dealing with property.

Understanding the property in question, the vendor or landlords time restraints and the demand for such a property will determine a best route to market, and that’s where our services begin...


Paul Flitter, Director

*Selling fees apply to agent fees charged on completion of sale. Offer applies to all sole agency instructions prior to 28.02.2018

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A FANTASTIC VENUE FOR YOUR PARTIES, FUNCTIONS AND EVENTS Whatever the occasion, St. Barnabas Centre is the ideal venue for any celebration including, children’s parties, birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings and anniversaries and is available for hire at competitive rates. Children’s Party Packages from £75 Function Packages from £160 For more information visit our website You want a celebration. You need a space. We can make it happen. Have your party the way you want it in a modern spacious building, looked after by our friendly yet professional team who will help you create the perfect celebration

“Thank you so much for all you have done, the party was amazing. I really appreciate what you did for me, music, balloons, lights, food, I loved everything!” Sarah Let us take the stress out of organising your party give Steve a call today on 01246 250599 St Barnabas Centre Pilsley Road, Danesmoor S45 9BU

TEL: 01246 250599




Crack Repairs Flat Spots / Pot Hole Damage Straightening Severe Kerb Damage Specialised Welding Locking Wheel Nut Removal


Refurbishment Colour Changes Custom FX Diamond Cutting Polishing Motorbike Wheels

01246 558800 BOOK ONLINE NOW AT


Unit 76 Storforth Lane Trading Estate Hasland, S41 0QZ Place S41 0QZ in your Sat Nav

STORFORTH LANE GARAGE Friendly Family Business EST 25yrs

• MOT Centre (Free re-tests within 10 days) • Servicing all Makes & Models (To Manufactures Specification - Does not affect your Warranty)

• Fault Finding Diagnostic Checks • Clutches • Cam Belts • Mechanical Repairs • Free Collection / Delivery Service (within 5 mile radius)

• All Work Fully Guaranteed • Member of Derbyshire Trusted Trader Storforth Lane Trading Estate Hasland

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HUGE SELECTION OF CERAMIC POTS £4.99 - £29.99 Large Plastic Planters from just £2.99



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6 Piece Patio Furniture Set from £99.00

Fancy Fencing Ltd 105 - 106 Ankerbold Road, Tupton, Chesterfield, S42 6BU

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The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639


Grass Cutting NO MORE

Use your grass ALL YEAR ROUND!

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For 38 Sq Metres!

Professional Fitting includes:

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Groundwork  All Waste Removal  All Machinery Leaving your lawn looking as perfect as a bowling green!

Ideal LOW Maintenance

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Landscaping & Fencing Services Also Available - Call us for a FREE QUOTE

Incomol Business Park, Derby Road CLAY CROSS - S45 9AG

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Chesterfield VW Specialist Unit 77-79, Circular Road Storforth Lane Trading Estate Chesterfield, S41 0QR

MARKET STREET, CLAY CROSS Is the ideal venue for


Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Engagement Parties, Public Meetings, Wedding Receptions, Community Events & much more...

We offer the level of service you would expect from a manufacturer but with a trade price attached without compromising on quality and service! Did you know you can service your car with Chesterfield VW Specialist and still maintain your manufacturer’s warranty? Ask for details

“Twice we have hired the hall , first time for our wedding reception and the second time for my daughters 21st birthday. The staff are friendly and helpful, there’s plenty of space , can't fault it at all. Will continue to hire if needed again.” Lisa

Chesterfield VW Specialist

Volkswagen and Audi Trained Technicians (ex Gilder)

Collection & Delivery Available in This Area Tel: Mike 07846 533196 Email:


Clay Cross Social Centre has one of the finest dance floors in the area. It is spacious and comfortable, with a furnished lounge area adjacent to the bar and a fully equipped kitchen. In good weather there is an outdoor seating area & during the evening & weekends a large car park.

You can hire the Main Hall from just £10 per hour including the bar, which is managed by Clay Cross Parish Council and offers fantastic prices.


“As professional DJ's we appear quite often here. Always a friendly welcome from the staff. Great sound and acoustics and always a great atmosphere” John FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT


(01246) 862812 or (01246) 861406


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Customer Own Car Park


We Specialise In Supply & Fitting of all Domestic & Contract Carpets Supply & Fitting of Domestic & Contract Vinyls Supply & Fitting of Karndean Supply & Fitting of Real Wood & Laminate Floorings Supply & Fitting of Sisal & Natural Floorings Supply & Fitting of Border Work for Carpets & Carpet Runners • Guaranteed Workmanship (following TSI Approved Code of Practise) • Free Fitting Service • Free Estimating & Measuring • Free Moving & Replacement of Furniture • Free Disposal of Old Carpet & Flooring • Trimming of Doors • Seasonal Promotion • Insurance Work Undertaken & Free Insurance Quotes

43/47 High Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, S45 9DX

Tel: 01246 863148

Visit our WEBSITE at Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri 9am - 5pm Weds 9am - 12.30pm & Sat 9am - 4pm Closed Sunday The Chesterfield Shoppers Guide - YOUR favourite FREE Monthly read! TO ADVERTISE Call: 01246 853639




ello again my lovelies, here we are in April, Spring is here, the bulbs are out in the garden and the trees are waiting to burst into leaf. Life is good again.


hope you have all celebrated Easter and all you gorgeous kids loved your Easter eggs. My grandkids never have too many and seem to manage just fine no matter how many eggs they are bought. My granddaughter Millie loves to go shopping just after Easter and buy up all the reduced Easter eggs, she’s like me, always loves a bargain! Funny isn't it how finding something you like, then realising it's also reduced is such fun! What a great feeling ! So what has been happening in the world of lately? I was upset to hear that Ken Dodd had died, he really was a true showman and was performing right up to the end of December. I think most of us will always remember him, he’s probably the last of our very own entertainers and ninety is a grand old age. He lived life to the full and will always be remembered as a really funny and happy man who just loved entertaining us all. God bless Ken another one of the great showmen gone.

I must say, I’d never heard of this lovelies and the atmosphere is evidently very mellow and relaxed with likewise music to enable you to try tasting a few of the many Gins on offer and generally getting the opportunity to enjoy Gin from all over the world. My lovely daughter in law Emily and I are both partial to a nice G&T and we discovered the berry gins a while a go. There’s also lots of different mixers to try with them but we both like the Elderflower tonic to mix with ours. Whilst I was researching all this info on Gin I came across a recipe for Prosecco cocktails, this can made with either Gin or Vodka. So my lovelies here's the cocktail mix for the gin version: One part Elderflower cordial One part lemon juice One part Gin

So lovelies what else is happening this month?

Place into a cocktail shaker with lots of ice and shake Pour into a tall glass and top up with Prosecco. Add a twist of lemon and a couple of mint leaves Goodness lovelies I'll be sampling one of those this weekend!

Well to my joy, I discovered that on the 19th April we have a Gin Festival. This is held at Manchester Cathedral, where there are no less than 120 different Gins on offer.

There are many events this April here are just a few The London marathon Stratford Literary festival Bath comedy festival Harrogate flower show Tour de Yorkshire (cycle race)


Lemon Victoria Sponge with vanilla buttercream and Lemon curd

You will need: 220 gm butter softened 200gm. Caster sugar 4 medium eggs 1 tsp. Vanilla extract Zest of one lemon Quarter of a tsp of baking powder 220 gm. Self raising flour

Method: Preheat your oven to 180/160 fan Line two loose bottomed cake tins Cream together the butter and sugar Add the eggs and flour alternating till you have a nice creamy mixture Add lemon zest,vanilla essence and baking powder Divide your mixture between the two cake tins and bake for about 25/30 mins until springy when touched Remove from oven and leave to cool in the tins Whilst your cakes are baking make the buttercream

You will need

90 gm soft butter 180 gm icing sugar One tsp vanilla extract Mix ingredients together until you have a lovely buttercream Once the cakes have cooled completely, turn them upside down Put your buttercream on one half and use about 4 tbsp lemon curd on the other. Sandwich the two cakes together,and sprinkle with icing sugar to server This is a lovely tangy cake and the kids love it.


pril also brings one of my favourite yearly races. The one I always look forward to is of course The Grand National, It's the only one I ever have a bet on. I love to study the form of all the horses then decide which to place my bet on. Sometimes I'm lucky sometimes not but I love to watch the actual race because really with all those fences it's anybody's race, that's why it's so much fun watching it. The birthstones for April are Diamond, Opal and Sapphire and all have different meanings. The Diamond is supposed to be the symbol of eternal love and great courage, whilst the Opal is said to indicate empathy, improve communication and hope, and the Sapphire is said to keep the wearer safe from harm. It's also a stone of wisdom and royalty and divine powers.

I wasn't sure about it until I had a couple of lessons then I realised that I actually loved doing it. Not only is it really good fun, but it's so good for you. The lessons are for just over an hour and you never stop moving all that time. So you are using lots of muscles that you usually don't use on a day to day basis. At first I was a bit self conscious as I had to learn an awful lot, as there are lots of different dances to lots of different songs, but once you start getting the hang of it it's really good fun! I think I am the oldest in the class, but that doesn't bother me as they are a really great bunch of people. Now I just need to find somewhere over here that does line dancing. My saying for this month is:

Goodness lovelies they all have fabulous qualities. so if you are lucky enough to have a birthday in April maybe you should get one or all these stones.


ell lovelies let me tell you all about my new hobbies. I started doing line dancing whilst I was in Tenerife earlier this year.

On that positive note I will leave you until next month. Goodness knows what I'll be up to by then. so watch this space! Much love and God Bless





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Fully qualified & Insured Hypnotherapist

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Sally - Louise

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UNISEX MOBILE HAIRDRESSER 30yrs EXP Hairdressing in the comfort of your own home

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For All Aspects of Hair Dressing


Lawnmower & Garden Machinery Service/Repairs & Sales

Topsoil / Turf / Small Loads a Speciality Garden Products & Tools Good Old Fashioned Service Established for over 40yrs

D&P Gardening Services Commercial & Domestic Properties

Friendly, family run, local business.

Orders now being taken for grass scarifying & mowing

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Tree Work Grass Scarifying Clearance Hedge Trimming Grass Cutting 6”Chipper Hire Block Paving

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RNJB GARDEN SERVICES Professional & Friendly Services

All general garden maintenance, fencing, patio’s & driveways, external property maintenance, fully insured.

Discounted Rates for O.A.P’s

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NOW Supplying & Fitting Artificial Grass

M. WILD Building & Roofing

Established Tradesman since 1980 - No Job too small ~ Chimney Specialist

~ UPVC Windows

~ New Roofs & Repairs ~ Insurance Work ~ Chimney Pots Removed

~ Fascias, Gutters ~ Alterations ~ Fencing Brickwork & Concreting etc

Unsafe chimney stacks removed or rebuilt

For a FREE Survey & Quote with NO VAT call:

Misted Glazing Replaced

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Are Your CARPETS Looking worse for wear? Room Cleaned From


No Hidden Extras

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Since 1984 DEEP CLEAN QUICK DRY FREE De-odoriser

FREDS Carpet Care

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• Painting & Decorating • Specialist Paper Hanging

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Tony Hawkins


Tel: 07977 826 187

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Clothing Alterations and Repair Service Available in Hasland...


rading since 2010, Threaded Needles of 25 Eyre Street Hasland offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to clothing alterations and repairs. Kath has been sewing for many years and started her own business eight years ago working from home. Specialising in clothing alterations and repair service, Kath offers a wide range of services including curtains, soft furnishings, gents tailoring and weddings. Whether its a large project or just a zip replacement, Threaded needles offer free simple consultation and a friendly reliable, local service.


stablished at 25 Eyre St East in Hasland, Kath offers here expertise and friendly advice. With years of experience and an eye for details you can be sure of an excellent local service. Why not call Kath on 01246 239480 or mobile 07889 760452 for a chat.

Threaded Needles

Clothing Alterations & Repair Service • • • • • • •

Clothing Alterations Repair Service Weddings Curtains Soft Furnishings Gents Tailoring Zip Replacement etc

Please Call Kath for a Free Consultation & Friendly Advice

01246 239480 / 07889 760452 25 Eyre Street East, Hasland, S41 0PE

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How to play: The numbers 1 through 9 will appear once only in each row, column, and 3x3 zone. There are 9 such zones in each sudoku grid. There is only one correct solution to each sudoku. Good luck!

Down 1. Bush (5) 2. Indignation (7) 3. Encounters (5) 4. Improved (6) 5. Crevice (7) 6. Jumped (5) 7. Thin (7) 12. Kind of syrup (7) 13. Despots (7) 15. Cure-all (7) 16. Assisted (6) 18. Play (5) 19. Planet (5) 20. Happening (5)

Answers from last MONTH!

Across 1. Tempest (5) 4. Perplexes (7) 8. Fall back (7) 9. Portion (5) 10. Boasts (5) 11. Compared (7) 12. Pact (6) 14. Pique (6)

17. Certify (7) 19. Meeting place (5) 21. Mountain range (5) 22. Flair (7) 23. Passed by (7) 24. Begin (5)

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Chesterfield Shoppers Guide Magazine – APRIL 2018 - (Edition 153) OUT NOW!  

Chesterfield’s largest circulated FREE monthly magazine - Received directly through the letterbox by over 85000 local residents every month!

Chesterfield Shoppers Guide Magazine – APRIL 2018 - (Edition 153) OUT NOW!  

Chesterfield’s largest circulated FREE monthly magazine - Received directly through the letterbox by over 85000 local residents every month!