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5 Helpful Accessories You Can Use for Backpacking Go the distance with these essentials!

Your hobbies can either make or break you. They can dictate the kind of life you will lead and, ultimately, the overall state of your health. Though you might be young and currently in “the prime of your life,” it is never too early to start living it to the fullest in all aspects. But as young professionals who have jobs to keep and relationships to maintain, what is an effective yet not too demanding hobby that you can take on? The answer is backpacking. Much research has been done to show that this activity comes with benefits not only for physical health but also for one’s mental wellbeing. Some of these benefits include a lowered risk of heart disease, improved blood pressure and sugar levels. Backpacking also helps release serotonin to help improve your mood. But before you get onto this activity, here are some of the items you need to make your first time more convenient and memorable:

1. The North Face Borealis Backpack Price: PhP6,490

The North face Borealis backpack has a storage capacity of 28 liters.

Every backpacker needs a trusty backpack that is not only durable but also big enough for essentials. The North Face Borealis backpack features a main compartment with a padded, fleece-lined laptop sleeve which will protect your device from scratches. It is made using Cordura Ripstop Nylon, a highly resilient, abrasion-resistant fabric. It is also equipped with an external fleece-lined pocket and a removable waist belt. It comes in both men and women’s sizes and has a lifetime warranty. Read: 4 Awesome Backpacking Routes You Can Accomplish this 2018

2. Sony A5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera Price: PhP21,850–PhP34,999

The camera can also be connected to the Wi-Fi for easy sharing and control.

The sights you are bound to see during your adventure will be nothing short of magical so a good item to bring along is a high-performing, easy-to-carry camera, such as the Sony A5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera. It measures 4.3x2.5x1.4 inches and weighs only 14 ounces. It features a 24.7-megapixel sensor, an autofocus of as quick as 0.06 seconds, and lens with a focal length of 16 to 50 millimetres. Its video specifications feature a frame rate with a maximum of 60 frames per second. Read: Consumer's Guide: Best Pocketable Point-and-Shoot Cameras

3. Aquazorb Microfiber Towel

Price: PhP120–PhP600 (depending on size)

Aquazorb towels come in a variety of colors such as red, blue, white, and green.

Even mundane items are crucial in backpacking to make your trip easy and comfortable. Aquazorb ’s microfiber towels are made from a microfiber material that absorbs liquids and dries very fast. The towels from its Ultra Thin series have these features and are thinner than usual, making them ideal for travelling. The towels are lightweight and compact and come in three sizes: face (23x23cm) at PhP120, hand (75x40cm) at PhP330, and body (130x63cm) at PhP600.

4. Paccube Full Set Packing Cubes Price: PhP850

When not travelling, the cubes have other miscellaneous uses such as home storage.

Backpacking is all about travelling light and orderly. Keeping items organized is essential. Paccube’s Full Set Packing Cubes can be used to store clothes in an organized manner while occupying the least amount of space possible. Made out of mesh fabric, the cube is breathable and the contents could easily be seen. The cubes can also be used to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones. Each purchase of the packing cubes comes in a set of four: an 8x3.5x1.75-inch small cube, a 10x7x2.5-inch medium cube, a 14x10x3-inch large cube, and an 18x13x3-inch extra-large cube. Check out our list of shops in Metro Manila selling bag organizers or browse the Specialty Goods category of the ShoppersGuide Directory.

5. Naturehike 3-in-1 Outdoor Raincoat/Tarp/Ground Mat Price: PhP795

Both models have a size of 230x140 centimeters.

Multifunctional items are a big win in backpacking trips because you’ll get to carry fewer items but for more usage. Naturehike 3-in-1 Outdoor Raincoat/Tarp/Ground Mat can be transformed into just that: a raincoat for when it rains, a tarp to keep you protected from harsh weather elements, and a ground mat you can use to cover your sleeping bag on. It comes in two models made with different materials. The NH17D002-M model is made out of polyester, comes in green and blue, and weighs 300 grams. Meanwhile, the NH17D003-M model is made out of nylon, comes in green and orange, and weighs 200 grams. Read: 7 Handy Travel Gears You Need This 2018 While backpacking may result in fatigue and adjustments at first, it is a giant step into a stronger, better you. And the items mentioned above will do nothing but help you get one step closer into becoming a backpacking pro.

5 helpful accessories you can use for backpacking  

Make the most out of your trip in or out of the Philippines with these must-have best travel gadgets for backpackers!

5 helpful accessories you can use for backpacking  

Make the most out of your trip in or out of the Philippines with these must-have best travel gadgets for backpackers!