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10 Unexpected Tiangge Finds in Metro Manila under PhP500 Fill your shopping bags without emptying your wallets.

With the day-to-day stressors you have to face and overcome, it is important to have your own set of go-to activities to help calm your anxieties and give you a breather. Engaging in a sport or a crafting hobby can relieve stress, but according to a study made by the School of Economics and Management at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, one other activity that is known to reduce stress is shopping. You might think that nothing feels better than getting your hands on new pieces of clothing to flaunt or new thingamajigs to post all over social media, but there is something even more rewarding and exciting than that: tiangge (bazaar) shopping on a budget. This’ll be a win-winwin situation because 1) you’ll get to enjoy yourself; 2) you’ll score unique finds that cannot be easily found in all commercial malls; and 3) you won’t tear a whole through your wallet and regret your purchases later on. For under PhP500, here are the things that can fill your shopping bags.

1. Footwear Where: Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City

Shoppesville has a total of 299 stores.

Even though Greenhills Shopping Center is filled with many activities to try and do, it’s known best for its shoe collection. While there are stores that offer expensive branded footwear, Greenhills also has Shoppesville section. It occupies three floors in total and has a chain of stores which offer different kinds of footwear priced between PhP250 and above. Aside from shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories can also be found within the shopping center. How to get there: From MRT Ortigas Station, walk towards the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration across Robinsons Galleria. From there, ride a jeepney headed towards San Juan and get off at Greenhills.

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2. Textiles Where: Divisoria, 557 M. De Santos Street, San Nicolas, Manila

Divisoria is also the gateway to high-traffic malls such as Tutuban Mall and 168 Shopping Mall.

Divisoria, popularly called Divi, is known as the tiangge mecca of the country and is almost always bustling with shoppers and foot traffic (especially during the holiday season). You are likely to find anything and everything you could ever need in Divi, such as all kinds of fabrics at very cheap prices. Specifically found in Ylaya Street, yards and yards of textile which can be transformed into curtains, table cloths, or even dresses are priced between PhP20 to PhP50 per yard depending on the type.

How to get there: From the MRT Taft station, walk through the connecting bridge headed to the LRT 1 line. Take the LRT 1 and get off at Doroteo Jose station. Walk towards Claro M. Recto avenue and then take a jeepney ride headed to Divisoria.

3. Rubber mats Where: Divisoria, 557 M. De Santos Street, San Nicolas, Manila

Bulk buying is always encouraged in Divisoria.

You can also find various home essentials in Divi. There are many other mats, rugs, and carpets which can be found within the place, but rubber mats won’t hurt your wallet as they go for only about PhP100 to PhP200. While in Divisoria, you can also find more stuff for your house, such as pillow cases, kitchenware, and lanterns. How to get there: Follow the instructions mentioned previously.

4. Instagram-worthy Outfits Where: Taytay Tiangge, Manila E Road, Taytay, Rizal

Most stalls also offer wholesale. Image: Taytay Tiangge Online Store Labelled as the “garments capital of the Philippines,” Taytay Tiangge is where most clothing bazaars in the Metro buy their supplies. Having just started in 2014 thanks to the efforts of the Taytay local government, an entire head-to-toe outfit can be bought here at very low prices. Tops and skirts range between PhP0 to PhP100 while denims and overruns are priced between PhP250 and PhP350. A variety of shoes are also sold with prices that start at PhP150. How to get there: Get off at MRT Ortigas station and exit at the Robinsons Galleria side. Ride any bus with a Taytay signboard located at Robinson’s Galleria.

5. Asian delights Where: Cartimar, 2075-f Recto Ave, Quiapo, Manila

Cartimar also has a wet market section. Image: Marcelo Akihiro Oka Cartimar is known for selling pets and plants but it is also the home of many Asian grocery items and products. One of the grocery stores in the area is Masan Grocery, a Japanese-Korean grocery which offers their products individually or by bulk. An example of what can be found in the grocery store is Cledor Bar, a Korean brand of ice cream priced at PhP55 per piece. How to get there: From LRT 1 Libertad station, take a left going to A. Luna. Cross the street, walk for about a block past Barangay Mabolo. Cartimar is located at A. Luna corner Mabolo.

6. Herbal concoctions Where: F-R Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila

Aside from herbal concoction vendors, fortune tellers can also be found in Quiapo. Image: Joel Oleson Quiapo Church has been one of the most well-known and most visited churches since its construction in 1586. Aside from having devout Catholics as its visitors, Quiapo is also flocked by individuals who are searching for natural herbal remedies sold at very cheap prices. Some available concoctions are the comfrey, a medicine believed to be able to cure all illnesses, and the Pito-pito, which is believed to bring back a person’s appetite if ingested. Love potions are also rampant within the area and are priced starting at PhP100.

How to get there: From LRT 2 Recto station, walk towards the corner of Quezon Boulevard and C.M Recto, where Isetann Mall is a landmark. From there, walk southwards until you reach Quiapo.

7. Placemats and coasters sets made from capiz shells Where: F-R Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila

The world-renowned Quiapo church, which could also be found in the area, is one of the most visited churches in the country. Image: Rikka Villarey Capiz shells come from a type of edible oyster whose shells have a glass-like translucency. Specifically in Quiapo, placemat and coaster sets to embellish your dining room table can be found and are sold at PhP250. Other items that are made out of capiz shells include alarm clocks, lamps, and wind chimes.

How to get there: Follow the directions mentioned above. Read: Quiapo: Your All-time Giveaway Shopping Destination

8. Inexpensive silverware Where: Dapitan Arcade, 37 Dapitan corner Kanlaon Street, Laurges, Quezon City

Dapitan Arcade has many stalls selling different items. Image: @berniengwe A truckload of Christmas decorations aren’t only what you’ll find in Dapitan Arcade; the place is also filled with silverware choices to complete your home without burning a hole through your

pocket. Dapitan Arcade contains many stalls selling many different items, but specifically in Stall 40 plates are sold for as low as PhP40 each and coffee set mugs for PhP60. How to get there: From the MRT Quezon Avenue Station, ride a jeepney going to Quiapo. Get off at Welcome Rotonda then look for the jeepney terminal called “Del Monte Mayon Dapitan Welcome Rotonda.” Ride the jeepney and alight at Dapitan Arcade.

9. Novelty items Where: Dapitan Arcade, 37 Dapitan corner Kanlaon Street, Laurges, Quezon City

Some stalls open as early as 8 AM. Image: @ianpambuan Dapitan Arcade’s other budget-friendly item which falls under PhP500 are flea market-like finds which can become quirky decorations priced for less than PhP100. Other notable items found

within the area which are worth the mention include wood and metal furniture, and faux leather jewelery boxes, but these are a bit pricier. How to get there: Follow directions given previously.

10. Overrun clothing Where: Roxas Boulevard, Baclaran, ParaĂąaque

The famous Baclaran church is also within the premises.

Wanting to own and wear branded clothes will require a hefty amount of money, so buying overruns is a good idea. Overruns are authentic items made by the brand themselves which are slightly damaged or did not pass the quality assessment of the manufacturer. These pieces are perfectly wearable as the damages are hardly even noticeable and they cost a quarter of how

much they would be worth in malls. Some brands that could be found are H&M, Tribal, and Puma and their shirts go for about PhP140 each. How to get there: From MRT Taft Station, walk through the bridge connecting the MRT and the LRT 1 lines. Ride the LRT and get off at LRT Baclaran station. From there you can already see Baclaran tiangge. Needing a break from your demanding life shouldn’t automatically mean overspending. These finds and many others in these tianggestores are not only affordable but rummaging around and bargaining for lower prices are adventures within themselves.

10 unexpected tiangge finds in metro manila under php500  
10 unexpected tiangge finds in metro manila under php500  

Tiangge in Metro Manila are known for bargains and cheap items. Read on to see the things you can buy with only PhP500!