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Congratulations to the runners-up of our November Cover Competition and thankyou to everyone who entered!

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Welco m e to th e third edition of Sh opol at...

Summer = sun, beach es, family, fun, holidays and parties. The last thin g you want to be doing is to be stuck in a shopp ing centre with hordes of people all battling to find that perfect Christmas present or oth er essential shopping. So you know what I am going to say next, right? Make it easy an d fun and jump online! Sit back, relax and sho p where there’s no crowds, no kids and no headaches. In this issue of Shopola t, we have assembled a fantastic assortment of fabulous online shops – some you may alrea dy know and love, and some we are introduci ng you to for the first time. And you may have notice d that Shopolat looks a little different this iss ue, because we’ve gone green and digital! We are all so excited with the possibilities this brings, and it will make the shopping experience eve n easier for you. You can now click straight into the store you are looking at and you can “share” a store with someone who might ne ed some help with their online shopping.

Editorial and Articles Alison Paul Design Sarah Epstein Advertising Enquiries Kathryn McKinnon Front Cover Photo by Melanie Linklater Issue 3 - November 2010 © 2010 Shopolat. All rights reserved.

And of course, we are helping the environmen t by not having a printed publication, and using up all of the resources that go into producing it. So we can all be tree-h uggers (and onlineshopping huggers) tog ether! Have fun shopping online , have a great summer and we will se e you for the autumn edition of Shopolat.

Th e Sh opolat Tea m xx

lls Vivien Companion Do t hair and sof h hig m 42c , ied bod ft So 3+ $69.95 made in Italy. Ideal for age

Ulubulu Silicone Designer Pacifie rs Orthodontic silico ne nipple, non-toxic , natural bite-resista nt materials. Size 3 months+ $6 .99


The green grass and the happy skies...

Get a free necklace

worth $25.00 All you need to do is catalogue. Email inf request La Bella’s m with your name an or call 02 6162 1121 d postal address, . Valid until 30.1.11 .



Bags sed Swim Personali bag for carrying le A great litt & towels $32.00 wet togs



one click is never enough

Bracelet Pink Princess Namecrystals, ki vs aro Sw Fuchsia beads sterling silver satin e with embedded ros ads e be crystals, pink cats ey ads. and sterling silver be $70.00

.au 0418 147 747 Ph:

Kicky Pants Dress Made from bamboo, this dress is super soft and perfect for twirling. $34.95


...court the fluttering butterflies.

- Astrid Alauda

Cupcake P Red for C ettiskirt h cupcake ru ristmas, triple laye ffles and a r bounces. of flounces & From $80 .00 and $5.0 0 for sequin ov sparkle erlay





Maze Magnetic Marble Educo Sea Turtle nd-eye coordination ha e Helps improv . rn recognition skills and colour & patte 95 $34.


one click is never enough

A world of fu n a nd learning for u nder 5's PlanToys Wooden Baby Car $23.55

Pl u s

a h u g e ra n g e

Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bug House $22.75

of C h ri st m a s g ift

fo r u n d e r $ 2id0ea! s

Quercetti Georello Jungle Park $29.70

Micador Underwater Besties Markers $12.00

Djeco Wooden Chunky Puzzle Little Beasts $27.70

Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Gardening Tote Set $31.50 Gloves $10.90

Djeco Wooden Coconut Skittles $48.60 Djeco Poem Tree Wall Stickers $43.50

jo i n o u r

bi rt h d a y cl u b fo r f re e g ift s!

Santoys Wooden Ice-cream Set $39.40

10% off storewide! Valid until 31.1.11. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout


one click is never enough p: 0431 431 473

It’s easy to be green !

Green Kids nappies are: Easy to use & care for, no pins or soaking! Unique stay dry layer keeps baby dry and comfy Gentle on your baby & the environment Trim fitting and stylish, great range of colours and prints Can save you thousands of dollars! One size fits most from birth until toilet training Discounted nappy packages from $67.00 ea Absorbent inserts from $6.00 ea

Huggalugs Bubblegum Pink Leg Ruffles $19.50


Minkytimes Nappies $2

n ew

Latest prints now in store!

Funtimes Nappies $25.00

FREE regular shipping! Valid until 31.1.11. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout.


one click is never enough

handcrafted accessories for mu ms, bubs, tots, kids & tweens!

Handmade from the Heart Boutique Rhinestone Flower Clip $6.50

Alice in Wonderland Button Bracelet $18.50

Kimono Girl Button Clippie $5.00

Christmas Clippie Set $12.50

Itty Bitty Lace & Pearl Set of 3 Clips $8.50

Glittering Unicorn Jewellery Gift Set $15.00

Firecracker Bow $8.00

threelikeme Handbag Bling Top $25.00

10% off storewide! Valid until 31.1.11. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout


one click is never enough

Baby Swimming Seat $13.50

My White Horse Handmade Soft Toy $29.00 Silicone Bib (from USA) $10.99

Swimming Wear 5 animal designs 2-piece set $29.00

Ballet Dancing Dress white or navy $36.00

15% off storewide! Valid until 30.11.10. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout. Fantastical. Whimsical. Beautiful. Where fashion and fantasy meet. Cupcake Pettiskirts from $80.00 Accessories and bespoke wear to provide fun in dance and play.

Beanies from $22.00

Handmade in Australia, these inspired outfits will add a little extra sparkle to little girls everywhere!

Ruffle Socks from $5.95

Perfect for weddings, birthdays, christenings and parties. Join the Pretty Pixies Club Accessory of the Month over a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

Hair Accessories from $2.00

FREE Shipping! Valid until 31.7.11. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout.

engraved & Keepcakes amond or set with a di erry on top! ch ne sto rth bi

Sterling Si lver Harm Ball Pen ony dants fo r Mum and Ratt les for Bu ma bba BeBe Blo cks with Birthstone s and Lett

Gorgeous keepsakes and personalised jewellery to tell the stories of your life

sculptures Funki Fungi ly sit on! al re n ca you

g Solid Sterlin Engraved ld go t 9c or Silver Rings Bangles &


Keep-forever gifts personalised with birthstones, initials and names.

art Keepsake He elets ac Br or s le Bang

Oh My Giddy Aunt’s original jewellery creations are designed and custom made in Australia by Master Jewellers in sterling silver and solid gold. Range also includes an extensive collection of ready-to-send jewellery and gifts.

iry's The Tooth Fa e to shop! favourite plac

ckets lockets, lo arms! Lockets, ch s, rm a h s, c & charm

My First 1ct Diamon d Neckl ace

Personalis ed Puzzle Link Pendants and Cha rms

FREE Sterling Silver Charm with your order Valid until 31.1.11. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout.


one click is never enough

g online, La Bella After a mere 14 months of bein worn by celebrities. is has already won awards and . why see to And it’s not hard

gorgeous but strong, La Bella’s jewellery is not only al jewellery can’t. norm gs thin d and made to withstan er/designer Kylie It is so unique that owner/found like it in the world. ing noth is e Watson believes ther

is called Tiny Tot Tug The La Bella signature range of being trademarked ess Proof™ which is in the proc designed to be worn is ry elle jew This lly. internationa lers. Best of all it todd by mums around babies and lead free, nickel is and l droo t stan can survive con free and tug proof™. ellery, designed to be La Bella also has Durable Jew r fashion jewellery to worn by women who like thei Teething Jewellery also is re last a little longer. The ies and children. and Cute Kids Jewellery for bab ght and La Bella put a lot of careful thou from the beads ign, des h eac into n consideratio ds and necklaces bea the to the materials used. All ority of the maj the and e, Kyli by are designed a. They are also trali Aus in necklaces are hand-made and carers s Mum by ings sett -life tested in a real before being sold online. at: See the full range of products

Milla Ruby’s philosoph y is simple and sweet : a gorgeous, handmade boutique without the pric e tag. They want to make it very affordable for everyone so you can dress your little darling s in special, quality handm ade clothing and access ories. Caddie, the talented lad y behind Milla Ruby Designs, definitely inh erited the creative gen e. She is self-taught, buy ing her first sewing ma chine when her firstborn wa s six months old. Now she loves sewing and creatin g so much she does it for a living, which enable s her to be a work-at-hom e Mum (WAHM). Milla Ru by also offers a great selection of handmade products made by oth er creative Mums. Milla Ruby’s most pop ular items are the Cheni lle Owls - so much so tha t Caddie finds it hard to keep up with the demand. Th ere are also some ver y lovable toys, rattles, sof ties and amigurimi cre ations. Milla Ruby also makes clothing for babies, boy s and girls such as an ado rable pleated vintage-s tyle pini with matching blo omers. You will also find beautiful singlets, an imp ressive selection of hai r accessories, hats, bib s, booties and shoes. We like the very funky jew ellery for boys! Milla Ruby Designs can also custom-make you r order in the colour and style you want.

www.millarubydesig specialising in bamboo, organic & eco friendly clothes & accessories for your little one soft, safe,

stylish B.



A. Blue Trike Baby Tee $19.00 B. Bamboo Baby Chocolate Dress $49.95 C. Cuski Cuskiboo Comforter $44.95 D. Bamboo Zoo Giraffe Shaker $21.95 E. Jazzy Toes Red Mary Janes $7.50 F. Baby Jo Bamboo Beanies $19.95 G. Kicky Pants Coveralls $29.95

F. D. E.


15% off storewide! Valid until 31.1.11. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout


one click is never enough

Puzzle Links Available in Pendant or smaller Charm sizes. Made in Australia. d. Sterling silver or 9ct gol ed. mp sta or Engraved From $24.95


Missie Munster Ri ng Around Tank Dres Cool tank dress wi s th a buttoned front pocket, a dropwa ist elasticised band, and curved hem. 100% cotton. Sizes 2-7. $49.95

www.frocky .au Ph: 0439 353 645

Childhood is the most beautiful...

Pop Prince Gorgeous soft tulle ss Rockette Tutu an Yellow/Hot Pink or d elastic waist for easy fit. Aqua/Hot Pink. $5 5.00 w


pc) and en Cars (6oden Tray d o o W ry o Fun Factos (10pc) Set in W m $19.95 c n 3 ig x S m ic c ff 2 2 Tra 25.5cm x Measures y b a .b .au w m ww info@bab

one click is never enough

ur choice of colours Custom made in yo se pocket nappies the o, lcr ve with snaps or ftest microfleece, are lined with the so oo insert and are bamb come with a thirsty grow with your baby. ll one-size so they wi der $40.00 Made to Or


Personalised Bag The perfect ID for kid’s Tags holiday bags and backpacks $8.00

...of all life's seasons.

- Author Unknown

Schnapt is new way an exciting and We guara to grab a fantasti innovative n c only be av tee you a “crazy de bargain! a a there will b ilable for a 24 hour l” which will a week. Yo e new deals to view time frame & u really ha ve to “schn up to 5 days apt” them www.sch up! napt.c


0.00 Scroll Unframed $3 Black Family Rules Print and Initial Print Personalised Birth $38.00 Unframed


one click is never enough

Do you have an online store, or are you thinkin g about setting up an on line business? Do you need a little boost, som e pizzazz or just som e good old-fashioned he lp? Enter Ms Charlipops Online Consulting (ak a Kathryn McKinnon). Ms Charlipops is a clever duck - she has original ideas and solutions for anyone and anything !

to display your Are you looking for a new way , scrapbooking, photos, artwork, kids’ drawings Do you want lay? disp il shop advertising or reta tired of the bit a ’re you and look n a fresh, clea e? traditional old photo fram

ern and affordable Photo Blockmounts offer a mod very cost effective are y The alternative to framing. frame a photo! and actually easier to do than as display mounting, Block mounting (also known g) is sticking photos, photo mounting or art mountin ks. This allows Bloc F MD prints or artwork onto creating a very out, d stan to ge ima or to your pho art. of e piec ern sleek and stylish mod

high quality product, Made in Australia and a very ted like cheaper pain not are Photo Blockmounts edging making d blocks – they use a strong, soli n. They clea to y eas and them very durable blocks and nted mou l wal , kits age coll come in d on a shelf or desk. double-sided blocks that stan

with every set and they Full instructions are provided peel off the backing ply sim : are very easy to use acid-free adhesive, paper, place your photo on the place on the shelf. or g han to y trim, and you are read a 2 year warranty. Photo Blockmounts come with kit - you can get We recommend trying a collage l touch that will ona really creative and add a pers istmas. Chr this gift cial make a really spe


Kat McKinnon is the dir ector of Charlipop Kid s online clothing boutiq ue. Starting over 5 yea rs ago by selling kids clo thing on eBay, Kat the n opened Charlipop Kid s and built it up to becom e a very successful and well known online desig ner clothing store and Fa cebook page. Ms Charlipops has a background in photogra phy, graphic design, retail and teaching, and knowledgeable in all aspects of running an online business. More recen tly she has set up an online business forum, is the creator of Shopolat an d is partner in another exc iting new business ven ture called Schnapt. If you need help organ ising your website, shopping cart, ideas for promotion, competitio ns, sales, advice, taking product photographs, mentoring or direction , then Ms Charlipops is the woman for you. Email sales@charlipop to book.

www.mscharlipops p: 0402 840 623

Shop Online 24/7 from over 750+ Kids Products from 70+ Bra nds Earn Rewards Points $1 = 1 Point / 100 Points = $5.00 to spend!

Radio Flyer Classic Red Tricycle $139.95 Sevi Pull Along Animals $29.95 ea

Djeco My Florist Shop $69.95

Sweet Treats Wooden Tea Party Set $89.95

Clutch Bags $19.95

Mamas & Papas Soft Rattle Toy Scrapbook Girl $24.95

Agoo H2O Water Bottle & Leg Warmer Set $29.95 Baby Shoes $19.95

Mini Automoblox 3 Pack Cars $49.95

FREE postage in Australia on all orders over $50.00 Valid until 31.12.10. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout.


one click is never enough

Create Your Own Dolls Tutu Kit $20.00

Kids Cooking Kit $45.00

FREE gift on all orders over $50!xxxxxxxxxx Valid until 31.12.10. Xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Visit our website for more fantastic Christmas gift ideas!


C. B. A.


G. A. Poplin and Piquet Red Set $39.95. B. Blue Plaids Shirt $34.95. C. Puppy Dummy Carrier $17.00. D. Pink Viole Dress Jumper $34.95 E. Light Blue Christening Set $99.00. F. Handmade Pink Sapling Jumpsuit $75.95. G. Baby Blue Ships Set $39.95.

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Thanks to Lincoln’s Laundry for the great outfits and models

christma s colour i n to:

1. Print out this page 2. Colour in and cut out your gif t tags 3. Attach to your Christmas g ifts!






to: from: Artwork courte

sy of Crackers

Art www.crack


Cakewalk Print Tee was $80.00 now $35.00

Bridget B Girls Vintage Floral Print Dress was $77.95 now $35.00

Cakewalk Girls Floral Shirt was $120.00 now $58.00 Cakewalk Coral Stripe Waist Pants were $155.00 now $75.00

IKKS Girls Singlet was $74.00 now $35.00 IKKS Coral Pink Mini Skirt was $108.00 now $55.00

Cakewalk Cropped Long Jean Shorts were $180.00 now $85.00

Confetti Boys Check Dress Shirt was $98.00 now $46.00 Confetti Rust Long Shorts were $110.00 now $55.00

Get an extra 20% off storewide!

Valid until 31.12.10. Enter the code ‘Shopolat’ at the checkout


one click is never enough

Melina Zipparo started Stellina Cute Couture after finding online sho pping for children’s for mal clothing to be terribly outdated. Melina has created a one-stop shop for spe cial occasion children’s wear labels for girls and boys aged 0-14 years. You’ll find everything fro m dresses and suits, to shoes, belts and hair accessories, and even ring bearer cushions.

sand words, so a great They say a picture tells a thou y. If you take a look photo should tell a beautiful stor per ‘flying’ in his Coo of at the extraordinary photo case. It sums the y ainl cert is this it, Superman outf perfectly – to y aph up Dale Taylor’s style of photogr . way ical record life in a mag

t, colour, happiness, Dale describes her style as ‘ligh re are no studios, The ’. msy whi sunsets, magic and parks. Dale prefers only the outdoors, beaches and instead of posed, to ral natu everything to be real and ion, a smile or a kiss. capture a moment, an interact family photos, as Dale specialises in children and art photography. and ding wed cy, nan well as preg popular sunset the is One of her signature styles tos. When pho tte oue silh iant sessions and brill a stunning ome bec printed on a large canvas, they piece of art. bourne and travels Dale is based in Bayside, Mel ropolitan area and met rne bou widely within the Mel offers “mini Mornington Peninsula. She also bookings, she will ed firm con sessions”, and with six interstate. and oria Vict l ona regi to also travel l as the latest news, For details and pricing, as wel tography workshop pho s, tion peti com client shoots, visit: k, information and personal wor

au email 827 797 3 041 ne pho

As well as an elegant online boutique, with hig h quality photos, a zoomfunction, dressing room and optional made-to-measu re service, Stellina Cu te Couture also has a sho wroom located in North Balgowlah (15 mins fro m Sydney CBD). Here, you’ll find everything from the website on display, so you can touch and feel the gorgeous fabrics and get a one-on-one consultati on. This is ideal for brid es to bring in their flower girl s or page boys and ma tch the perfect outfit to the ir wedding dress. If you can’t get to the showroom, Melina offe rs impeccable personalis ed service over the pho ne or by email where she will help you with everyth ing from size chart inform ation to assistance wit h co-ordinating accessorie s. With the festive season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to have a look at the excellent ran ge of party wear available at Stellina Cute Couture.


Gi ng erbrea d M en

Preparation Time 15 minutes es 20 Cooking Time 10 minutes Mak


Melted butter, to grease 125g butter, at room temperature n sugar 100g (1/2 cup, firmly packed) brow 125ml (1/2 cup) golden syrup 1 egg, separated 375g (2 1/2 cups) plain flour 1 tbs ground ginger 1 tsp mixed spice 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda Plain flour, to dust Smarties, to decorate


h 2 baking trays 1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Brus ly grease.

with melted butter to light butter and sugar 2. Use an electric beater to beat theAdd the golden my. crea and pale until l bow a in bined. Stir com until beat and yolk syrup and egg and bicarb of soda. in the flour, ginger, mixed spice and knead until Turn onto a lightly floured surface er with plastic Cov . disc a into h smooth. Press doug tes to rest. minu 30 wrap and place in the fridge for ng baki of ts 3. Place the dough between 2 shee a Use . thick 4mm t abou until out paper and roll es. shap out cut to r 9cm gingerbread man cutte Repeat with any Place on trays about 3cm apart. excess dough. or until brown. 4. Bake in oven for 10 minutes to a rack to cool. sfer Tran . oven from ove Rem 5. Decorate with icing and smarties.

Recipe courtesy of the Kid’ s Cooking Kit by K aboodle Kits for Kids

Main photos by


one click is never enough


Hunt Ahoy!

If you love searching for clues, scrolling through lots of fabulous online stores for bargains, and winning fantastic prizes, you will love every moment of our Shopolat December Treasure Hunt. Held every 2 months, this will be our most exciting hunt to date!

If you would like to join the Hunt, sign up to receive daily emails at our Treasure Hunt Page [click here]


! Dec 1st Businesses interested in advertising in future Shopolat Treasure Hunts, please CLICK HERE for more information. Only $30.00 to enter! Bookings are being taken now for the February 2011 Hunt!


While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about. - Angela Schwindt

Photography by

Shopolat November 2010 - Issue 3  

Summer Edition

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