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You Create The Occasion, We’ll Make It Just Right.

Party Platters...If you love hosting parties but not the work, we are ready to help. You schedule the event...We’ll make it just right.

The Entertainer Platter Everyone’s Favorite. A delightful combination of Virginia Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast, Hard Salami and Provolone, American, Swiss and Muenster Cheese

Deli Fried Chicken

Our moist and crispy fried chicken is mouth-watering convenient and affordable. The perfect crowd pleaser for your entertaining needs.

Meat & Cheese Nibbler Cubes of assorted meats and cheeses surround a delightfully semi-sweet mustard, great for dipping

Convenient Fresh...Freshness is the key to good taste. We offer freshness and quality in every ingredient of our platters. Then, we plan eye-pleasing arrangments that will impress your guests. For your party, only the best will do.

Sandwich Ring

Loaded with everyone’s favorite assorted meats and cheeses. Topped with lettuce and tomatoes, accompanied with your choice of potato salad, macaroni salad or cole slaw.

Cheese Pleaser

A delicious variety of sliced cheese that includes Pimento, Brick, American, Hot Pepper, Longhorn, Provolone and Swiss that complete the perfect sandwich.

Cracker Snacker

A delight to the eye as well as to the palate. Cracker size slices of assorted cheeses artfully arranged with sliced pepperoni to tempt your snack attack.

Special Occasion


Large Chocolate Chip Message Cookies are fresh baked and sure to please any crowd.

Let our decorators assist you in designing a cake that will make your event special. Select from a wide variety of moist batters and delicious icings that will please your guests.

Cookie Trays A great dessert for any gathering, freshly baked cookies decorated and artfully arranged that will surely be the center of attention

Photo Cakes

What better way to celebrate that special person than creating a “one of a kind� Photo Cake. An extra special way to make the event unique.


Always in Season

Festive & Fragrant • Holiday & Everyday •

• Traditional To Trendy • Locally Grown to Globally Sourced

Premium Quality • Outstanding Variety • Value Priced •

We can do it all... • Fresh Cut Flowers

• Designer Bouquets & Arrangments • Blooming and Foliage Plants • Balloons, Gifts & More Available at select stores

The Gift Of Food...For Any Occasion

Excel Fruit Basket Serves 2-4

Serves 18-20

Supreme Fruit Basket

Maxima Fruit Basket

Serves 16-18

Serves 12-14

Majestic Fruit Basket

Custom Fruit Baskets...Made To Order Our fresh fruit arrangements are brimming with the best seasonal fruits, including Washington State apples, Northwestern pears, California grapes and Sunkist navel oranges. Let our produce professionals help you create your own special “gift of food”.

Great Snackin’...For Any Occasion Fresh nt ie Convenand Fruit s Are le Vegetab A Party Always orite Meat Fav

Farm Stand Vegetable, and Cheese Trays Available in 22-40 oz trays - Serves 6-14

Garden Highway Fruit Trays

32 oz - 64 oz • Serves 6-14

Garden Highway Bean Dip Trays

24 oz - 40 oz • Serves 6-12

Quality Meats

Years of experience...

and a reputation for quality meats are what you expect from the


Meat Department. Let our experts at SHOP’n SAVE help you prepare your entertaining or holiday feast with the best U.S.D.A Choice Meats, Grade A Poultry or Natural Government Inspected Pork.

Fresh Seafood Everyone’s party favorite... Shrimp Rings. This is a great choice if you are looking for a quick and easy way to offer delicious shrimp for your next party without the hassle. Several sizes to choose from.

Your Party Shopping List Salads



Celestial Seasonings Tea

Bread Sticks


Brown & Serve Rolls

Cocktail Drink Mix


Sparklings Beverages

Beef Sticks


Old Bay Seasoning



Cold Cups


Hot Cups





Cocktail Sauce


Hot Sauces


Honey Mustard

Holiday Cards

Dijon Mustard


Gourmet Mustard

Wrapping Paper



Gourmet Jelly & Jams

Party Favors

Cheese Balls-Logs

Stocking Stuffers


Holiday DVDs


Lottery Tickets











Premium Ice Creams


Ice Cream Toppings

Scented Candles


Cleaning Supplies



Gourmet Coffee

(great gift)


NO. Of People

10 20 30 50

Deli Meals


Deli Pickles

3 oz./pers. 11/2 oz./pers. 6 oz./pers. 3 slices/pers.



13/4 lb. 1 lb. 33/2 lb. 2 loaves 33/4 lb. 2 lb. 71/2 lb. 3 loaves 51/4 lb. 23/4 lb. 111/4 lb. 5 loaves 83/4 lb. 5 lb. 183/4 lb. 10 loaves












Fruit Platter Serves 25


Approximate Yield

1 lb. Strawberries

20-25 Large Berries

1 (2 lb.) Honeydew

36 Pieces

1 (4 lb.) Cantaloupe

36 Pieces

1 (4-5 lb.) Watermelon Piece

48 Pieces

1 lb. Seedless Red Grapes

12-25 Clusters

1 lb. Seedless Green Grapes

12-15 Clusters

1 (3-4 lb.) Pineapple

20 Triangular Shaped Pieces

With large knife, cut pineapple into fourths from base through green top. Remove core and loosen pineapple from shell using a grapefruit or paring knife. Slice each quarter into 5 triangular shape wedges; cut down center to make 10 wedges, leaving them in place in shell. Place a cocktail pick in each. Peel and cut melons into pieces. Snip grapes into clusters. Leave strawberries whole, stems on. Arrange fruit on large platter. Serves 25

Gift Cards Are The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion. Earn 10¢ Off Plus... Per Gallon Of Gas For Every $50 Spent On Gift Cards

* Hundreds Of Cards To Choose From

Party Planning Pudding/ Dessert Chips

Cookies/ Coffee Bars

6 oz./pers. 1 oz./pers.


Fresh Hen/Tom Bone-In Fruit Turkey Ham

2/pers. 8 oz./pers. 6 oz./pers. 21/2 oz./pers. 11/2 lb./pers. 1/2 lb./pers.

33/4 lb. 10 oz. 20 3/4 gal. 1/2 gal. 1/4 gal. 71/2 lb. 11/4 lb. 40 11/2 gal. 1 gal. 1/2 gal. 111/4 lb. 2 lb. 60 21/4 gal. 11/2 gal. 3/4 gal. 183/4 lb. 3 lb. 100 3 gal. 21/2 gal. 1 gal.

15 lb. 5 lb. 30 lb. 10 lb. 45 lb. 15 lb. 75 lb. 25 lb.

Raw Vegetable Favorites

No. Of Prepared Vegetable Weight/Pieces (approx.) Celery

13/4 lb.

100 - 4x1/2” sticks


43/4 lb.

75 - 3x11/4” flowerets


1 lb.

65 - 3x1/2” sticks

Baby-Cut Carrots

1 lb.

About 40


23/4 lb.

45 - 11/4” flowerets

Bell Pepper

7 oz. (1)

24 - 31/2”x 1/2 sticks

Cherry Tomatoes

1 pt.

25 - 1” tomatoes


13/4 lb. (2)

45 - 4x3/4” spears, seeded


1 qt.

50 (1 tbsp.) servings

Give The Gift Of Good Taste!

Gift Cards

Having trouble deciding what to give family, friends or employees this holiday season? We have the perfect answer, a SHOP’n SAVE gift card, it’s the ideal gift. Your recipient can select any items they want from any department in the entire store! Our SHOP’n SAVE gift cards offer the finest selection, quality, value and service. They’re sure to be appreciated.

With great benefits like these,

we make it easy to be a SHOP’n SAVER. E-Coupons

Mobile Club

Exclusive E-mails

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SHOP 'n SAVE Holiday Entertaining  

A holiday entertining guide from SHOP 'n SAVE

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