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Will There Be Energy Regulation in Florida? Deregulation of energy is a state-by-state issue. The lawmakers of each state have the power to allow consumers to have a competitive market for energy suppliers. Over half of the states in the country have deregulated electricity, gas, or a combination of both. Utilities that are available are provided by investor-owned providers, independent electricity service providers, and local public electricity providers. The public sources are often the original provider during the time of regulated service. In essence, deregulation diminishes the control the government has over the state utilities. The Federal Energy Regulation Commission started the original push to lessen its control over retail utility sales. FERC limits authority to wholesale regulations. Florida Regulation The state of Florida has a state deregulation of gas energy. Customers can shop around to select the gas provider and prices they want. Electricity is still regulated in the state. Energy regulation gave customers one local energy source to purchase electricity and gas from, but prices were controlled and customers simply had no choice. In 1998 the Federal Government enacted energy deregulation. All 50 states must comply by 2015. In 2006 Florida enacted the nuclear cost recovery clause. Energy customers are forced to pay for nuclear plant projects – in advance, at the risk of the project never being completed. Deregulation allows customers to choose from third party providers or stay with the original service provider. Energy companies are no longer allowed to create monopolies and control pricing. Florida is in essence complying with Federal law, in the fact that gas is deregulated, but is walking a line with the regulation of electricity, its other dominant energy source. Florida Law With the 2015 energy deregulation deadline for compliance of the federal law looming, and the building dissatisfaction of a few lawmakers and citizens, resolutions to the amendments of the Florida constitution are being written to make changes. Florida law prohibits utility sources to directly offer renewable and alternative energy to consumers. Solar energy installed on the roof of a building is not allowed be sold to tenants who reside or rent within that property. Military solar installations on a base may not be shared or used to save funds with a local facility. Florida has no significant renewable energy policy or renewable energy goals to benefit citizens, now or in the future.

The Initiative If lawmakers and citizens are unsuccessful in bringing resolutions to the current Florida law, a ballot initiative to allow the states’ citizens to vote on the issue of energy deregulation is in the planning stages. This would be an uphill battle, as history shows the Florida Legislature is known to support and preserve the energy monopoly. The fight to bring the issue to vote will require over six hundred thousand signatures of registered voters. Each signature will have to be checked by voter registrars or clerks and proven to be legitimate. It will take dedication and a lot of work to bring this to a future ballot. Shop My Power is an online tool, available to citizens of many states, and which has information about green energy, prices, and fixed or variable rates offered to customers. Check out their website for more information. If changes are made to Florida energy regulation law, provider information will become available on the Shop My Power site. Company Bio Shop My Power is an independent and free, non-biased, comparison tool to allow consumers to learn about energy companies that provide electricity and gas services in the state where a customer lives. To access information, the zip code of the user is put into the tool. Information such as green energy, price, fixed or variable rates will then be offered to the customer. Summary If Florida energy regulation is a concern, it is important to know the battles that are in process. This is an important issue that all 50 states are facing during the next year. If changes are made to Florida energy regulation law, provider information will become available on the Shop My Power site.

Will There Be Energy Regulation in Florida? | If Florida energy regulation is a concern, it is important to know the battles that are i...