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Stoner Music: Improving the Ambiance of Coffee Places through Good Coffee Shop Music Coffee Shop Music Suggestions Offering competitive prices and delicious blends of coffee are some of the elements that make a coffee shop successful and loved by customers. As such they use all kinds of comfortable chairs, sofas, tables, and even lights just to convince customers to keep coming back for more. Coffee Shop Music However, another element that makes coffee shops really successful is the music playing in the background while people are having their favorite blend of coffee. This is the reason why most coffee shops play the most soothing and relaxing music so customers could relax while drinking their coffee. Lacking music in the background makes the whole coffee shop really bland and uninteresting for a coffee drink. Thus it is very important to utilize melodies to add harmony and good vibration for the benefit of the customers. Playing the Right Kind of Music Playing music must not be main idea just to convince customers to stay. It is the right kind of music that will convince customers to go back for more. Remember that customers are there to relax while they are taking their favorite blend and they can enjoy their drink even more if you play the right kind of music. You can play different genres of music as long as it is not irritating to the ears. An upbeat or mellow sound will definitely entice customers because the beats of these melodies are certainly soothing to the ears. Right now, there is a genre called coffee house music which may be composed of house music, down tempo, instrumentals, and other genres with good melody. It is also important that the melody is ideal for the customers currently dining inside the place. The music must remain just a melody for the environment. Therefore it must not overlap or too obvious because customers might think that your music is overwhelming. Remember that people go to drink their favorite blend and relax. As such, the music must enhance these elements so people could enjoy their time inside the coffee shop. The role of the music must be an enhancer to the vibe being given by the smell of coffee and the overall design of the interior. The success of a coffee shop is not only attributed to the price and great blends offered to consumers. It is also linked to the ambiance created by the set as well as the background music. A good background music creates a welcoming atmosphere inside the coffee place. The melodies improve the overall experience of coffee lovers as they take a sip from their favorite coffee blend. If you ask any coffee shop owner, they would also credit their success on the music playing on the background. As such, if you plan to run your own coffee place in

your area, you should always include a good melody in the mix. Here are some of the music genres that make great background melody for coffee shops. Acoustic/Instrumental One of the best music genres to play inside a coffee house is acoustic or instrumental melodies. The beat is subtle and soothing to the ear plus the music creates a positive ambiance especially when the piece plays live instruments. Acoustic and instrumental versions of popular songs are usually played in coffee shops. This is so people could easily relate to the music being played while they remain calm all throughout the experience. As a result, coffee house owners always play acoustic songs inside coffee shops. It is because the music generates a relaxing melody, ideal for coffee lovers. Jazz Jazz is another popular genre used in coffee shops. Jazz is described as a mixture of different elements. You will notice the diverse instruments, the singer's amazing tone, and the improvisation that creates the genre really distinct. All in all, jazz melodies create a positive and soothing vibe that makes listeners relaxed and comfortable. Bossa Nova Bossa Nova is quite new in the coffee shop scene but the genre is gaining popularity especially among coffee house customers. The music is originally from Brazil and it is a fusion between samba and jazz making Bossa Nova perfect for comfortable and relaxing places like coffee shops. The beat is quite fast and it is usually comprised of guitar, percussion, piano, and strings. As such, it makes an interesting music for coffee places. Ambient Music Ambient music is a music designed to be part of the environment, heard but not really the main focus of listeners.

Stoner Music: Improving the Ambiance of Coffee Places through Good Coffee Shop Music  

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