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Tips For Choosing A Professional Moving Company How to make your move as stressfree as possible

Tips for Stress-free Moving Moving home from one place to another is a stressful time for anyone whether they are moving across the street or across the country. Packing up everything we own, getting rid of anything we can and entrusting the whole process to strangers can be nerve wracking. There are a few tips that can help people who are faced with finding professional movers make a good choice.

Services Offered There are many moving companies ready to help, but each person has a unique situation and needs to choose a company that best serves those needs. Movers offer many different services such as storage facilities, renting packing material, house cleaning, arranging items in the new home according to the client’s instructions or simply hauling your boxes. The more services used, the higher the cost for the move.

Some things to consider before choosing a company:

• Are storage facilities required for extra stuff? • Are there valuable or fragile items to be moved? • Is the move local or long distance? • How much moving insurance will be required?

The Best Time to Move Movers have busy times of the week, month or year and slower times. It is worth asking when the slow times are and if they offer a discount for moving during those times. Fridays, weekends and the end of the month tend to be busy for moving companies and they may charge more to move at those times. It is best to plan several weeks ahead. Research should be done at least three months before the moving date, and the moving company should be chosen from four to eight weeks before the move.

How to Choose a Professional Moving Company Word of mouth is one of the best ways to select a moving company. Someone who has experience with the company and is willing to give information may be the best recommendation. There will be customer comments on social networks that will also help.

How to Choose a Professional Moving Company A company that has a good recommendation for moving across town may not be the best bet for moving across the country. It is also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see the rating of a company. This can be done online where there is a list of legitimate, licensed moving companies.

The mover should be licensed, insured and registered. The company should have physical offices where clients can talk to representatives. If they offer to meet in a cafĂŠ, find another one. Also, if they give an estimate for moving a household full of furniture and other things without a personal visit, forget them. They could give a low quote, load the furniture on the truck and then refuse to move until a higher amount is paid. Legitimate moving companies will not ask for a down payment before any work is done.

With a short list of moving companies, the client can select the one they like the best and ask them if they will reduce their estimate. If another company that is the same caliber and size of the chosen one gives a lower estimate, they will most probably also offer a discount.

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Tips For Choosing A Professional Moving Company