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Keys To A FUN tradeshow giveaway

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You decided to buy tradeshow giveaways…

Now what? 

You need to ask yourself 4 questions

4 questions to ask 

1. What is my overall goal for the tradeshow?

2. Who will receive my giveaway?

3. What is my budget?


1. Goal 

What do I want to accomplish?  Choose

an overall goal

Brand Awareness

Generate Leads

Social Buzz

 Choose

quantifiable goals

Talk to 8 key clients

Increase Facebook Likes by 100

Raise Brand Awareness by 10%

2. Recipients 

Who will be receiving this promotional product?  Your

Target Market

Stay within your brand

Don’t mistake giveaway for careless

What would your typical consumer think of giveaway product?

 Tradeshow


Will your target market make up large %?

If not, reconsider goal for the tradeshow

3. What is your budget? 

With literally hundreds of tradeshow giveaway options, your budget is KEY 

Being cost effective (ex. BIC Clic Stic) will allow you to

purchase more with your budget – leading to more people seeing your logo and more impressions

High quality Custom Polo Shirts may be kept longer by

recipient. These can also be worn by your team or given out to key clients

4. What to buy?

So many different options!


It depends on your goal and target market!


4. What to buy? 

Here are some suggestions: 

Custom Tote Bag

Sports Water Bottle


Custom Polo Shirt

Colors 

Unlike a clothing line, you can’t offer many different color options  Does

it compliment your logo design?

 Does

it fit within your brand colors?

Sizes 

If you don’t know exact sizes, choose a nice distribution of sizes  XS


Variety 

Don’t forget to get Men’s, Women’s and Youth TShirts if applicable!

Final tip Have fun! Tradeshows are the perfect time to work AND play ď Š

Presented by Shoplet Promos For all your promotional product needs!

Keys To A Fun Tradeshow Giveaway  

Have a tradeshow or networking event coming up? Read these important keys and your business will be the talk of the event!

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