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Healthy Office Habits

For many, the office routine is practically second nature: wake up, commute to work, chug through a five hour day, commute back home, repeat. However, sitting or standing for 8 hours a day at your desk is undoubtedly detrimental for your health. Research has repeatedly reported that sitting for 11 hours or more a day makes a person four times more likely to die within a three year span, whereas those who sit fewer hours are morel likely to live longer and healthier lives. Aside from maintaining a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine, is there anything else that you can do to ensure your body’s well-being? Here are a few guidelines for you to follow to combat the consequences of a sedentary, office lifestyle.

1. Give your brain a break. Often, life at the office is not physically demanding, but mentally draining. The pressure to meet tight deadlines can not only take a toll on your mental happiness, but also on your body’s physical comfort. The effects of stress are never positive. People who are stressed out are less productive and energetic in the workspace— characteristics that no boss appreciates in his or her employees.

a. To reduce stress, it is recommended that you create a “zen” space in your office. Keep a plant, goldfish, or a couple of sentimental pictures in your cubicle; such desk items will, guaranteed, make you feel more at ease in your office space. The more relaxed you feel at work, the more level-headed you will be when completing important work-related tasks. b. Take full advantage of the office supplies around you during your work breaks. You can use an office chair to stretch your abs, back and legs (ergonomic office furniture is great for these exercises). It might sound totally silly, but you can even use a bunch of copy paper to do arm lift-ups! Don’t forget to stretch your neck and wrists as well. All of these exercises are crucial to your body’s well-being.

2. Drink lots of water. Make sure that you are drinking enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Water helps each cell in your body absorb nutrients and expel waste products. Moreover, drinking water can help you lose weight! Sitting for long periods of time makes you easily gain weight around your waist and legs. Water can help suppresses your appetite, so that you don’t mindlessly snack and pack on the pounds!

3. Eat right Keep some healthy break room supply snacks with you while working. Popping a cherry tomato or baby carrot into your hungry mouth might quell the urge to purchase a Snickers at the vending machine. 4. Keep germs away from you! To keep germs away from you, follow these tips: (1) wipe your desk with disinfectant wipes; (2) don’t eat at your desk without a paper plate or paper towel; (3) wash your hands before and after leaving work; and (4) sanitize often.

Hopefully, these tips will help you build up healthy working habits!

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