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Improving Your Bathroom Décor without Renovation We all reach the point where we’re looking to change things up when it comes to our home décor. Whether you’ve just grown tired of the décor you chose many years ago, or you’re looking to completely transform the overall look and feel of your home, the bathroom is definitely a space you won’t want to ignore. This important area of our homes is where we spent a great deal of time – getting ready, using the shower and preparing for the day. While you may want to transform the look of your space, not everyone is ready for a total renovation project. But rest assured, you can still get the redesigned space that you crave without turning your home into a glorified construction zone. From bathroom accessories sets to a fresh coat of paint, you’ll be amazed at what these little touches can accomplish. Choose Your Theme For a bathroom, it’s crucial that you have a game plan in mind just because the space is so small. Whether it’s a color theme or an actual THEME (ocean, flowers, kid-friendly, etc…) – this is something you’ll want to decide before you head out to buy bath accessory sets or anything else. Once you have a direction determined, you can start accessorizing. Surprisingly enough, creating cohesiveness in a bathroom is easily done through small details. Coordinating soap dispensers, towels, toothbrush holders and maybe an accent piece on the wall can quickly change the overall look and feel of a smaller space.

A Little Paint Once you have narrowed down your selection from the many bathroom accessories sets available, you can think about a complementary wall color. If painting a room seems like a hassle to you, think about the wall space in your bathroom. In most areas occupied by tiling or the shower/tub area, there’s not much you’ll have to paint! In fact, many people get away with using as little as a half-gallon to give their bathroom a makeover. Weekend Warrior The truth is, once you’ve sorted through the bath accessory sets and chosen your paint color, there’s not much left to do! That’s why bathroom makeovers make fantastic weekend projects. Don’t put off this item on your to-do list any longer – get your game plan in line and make it happen!

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