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The weather doesn’t say Spring, but our stores do.

UP TO $150 WORTH OF SUNSHINE SPEND $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $1000 *

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Spring arrivals from perennial favorites like Missoni, Theory, Diane von Furstenberg, Max Mara, Equipment, and Vince. Debuting this season at Faye’s? Collections from Clover Canyon, Tasha Polizzi, Rebecca Minkoff, Feel The Piece, Hudson Jeans, Badgley Mischka and more!

*For one shopping trip, make it count! Offer expires March 16, 2014. Cannot be used with any other offer. Not valid on event or trunk show. RPRO 26-31.

LOCAL is the new

BLACK by CJ Otto Marketing Manager


Our “Be Loyal. Shop Local.” campaign has created A LOT of buzz. We’re so thankful for those who are MINDFUL to our message and TAKING ACTION. Because of your patronage, we get to celebrate major milestones as your Hometown Stores: Mequon celebrates its 23rd Anniversary; Brookfield its 10th. And we’re not stopping. Just like sports, when you choose a local business over a national chain it’s a hometown advantage. Keeping it local allows the character and economic climate of your city to flourish (I’ve got proof). Local First Milwaukee, an alliance of over 250 local businesses, recently participated in a Civic Economics study about the real benefits of keeping it local. The most astonishing find? If our city shifted an additional 10% of their annual shopping and dining from national chains to local businesses, we would create $311 million in new economic activity in our local economy every year*. Mindful mindbomb! And there’s more... *Source: Civic Economics Survey of Independent Businesses for “Indie Impact Series: Milwaukee, Wisconsin”


Hometown vs HOMOGENIZED $100 spent $45 stays local

(45% local recirculation of revenue)


$100 spent $13 stays local

(13% local recirculation of revenue)

Donates more than

twice as much per sales dollar to local non-profits, events, and teams compared to big businesses



needs a lesson in sharing NEEDS TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT

• consumes less land (small footprint) • more likely to carry local or USA made • central locations create less traffic • low transportation/ freight requirements


We live here, too! We are invested in the community.


• high land usage (large footprint) • high transportation/ freight requirements (more pollution) • Did you know that the average distance a holiday dinner travels from farm to plate is 1,500 miles?

Off-site executives visit occasionally to decide what happens in our town.

Enough said!

We remember your name (and your husband’s…and your kid’s… and your dog’s)

Now that you know the realities, think about which three local places you’d miss the most if they were gone. Why not stop in, say hello, and pick out something that will make you or someone smile. It’s one of the most impactful things you can do for our community. 3





Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick are muses. Black and white rein as the prominent color scheme. Graphics are head to toe, and materials shine shine shine. There’s a Space Age feel to fabrics, and futurism is interpreted in clean lines, and hologram effects.

Take a trip back to the ‘90s: pretty in pink! But pastels have never looked less innocent. School girl innocence is counterbalanced with blacks and dark gothic hues. Nineties-style combat boots and plaids keep the princess in check. Playful prints and unexpected combinations expand everyone’s fashion horizons.

Materials and prints: mesh nylon…geometric shapes... striped patterns...coated surfaces...vinyl...neoprene/

Materials and prints: polka dots... lace...denim...floral prints... plaid...leather.


Fashion is easier to understand if we corral a season’s myriad of trends into a catch phrase or two. Accessories Magazine always does a “colorful” interpretation.

ANCIENT ODYSSEY The drape of the fabric evokes a Greek goddess; gladiator style sandals ground the look. Colors are sun-bleached or blinding white against a background palette of beige, terracotta, gray, limestone and clay. Materials and prints: chiffon...linen...suede... gauze...distressed crepe de chine...embossed and distressed surfaces.

ZEN RETREAT Strong influences from Eastern retreats inspire this trend. Silhouettes are evocative of pagodas and Asian interior décor; draping of Geisha satins; and precise origami pleating. Nature’s strong influence is evident in floral prints and bamboo fabrics. Materials and prints: silk...printed chiffon... Asian floral prints... printed satin...embossed stitching on chiffon.


VIRTUAL JUNGLE Shocks of tropical colors splash throughout and against a dark background. Jungle foliage, fruits and animals abound in digital prints. Materials and prints: tropical..geometric floral and palm prints...exotic... mesh and netting.

CareerDressing No Hard And Fast Rules...

The days of a closet full of formulaic matching 2-piece suits are long gone. But, what to wear instead? We dress a lot of powerful women. These clients understand that while they know how to run a company or a department, they don’t have the knowledge (and/or time) to dress themselves! What they do understand is that they owe it to their clients and to those they mentor to look their very best each and every day. Career dressing varies by industry. Bankers, financial advisers, and healthcare employees are in a conservative environment. Women in advertising, interior design, and real estate have more latitude in the way they dress. There is no doubt that things have become more casual in all work environments. I’d say “dress like your boss,” but I’ve seen some really powerful women (The Bosses) dressed in power suits from the ‘80s! I subscribe to the axiom, “When in doubt, overdress.” (There’s nothing wrong and a whole lot right with being the best dressed woman in the room.) While there are no rules, there are pragmatically stylish guidelines: • An updated matching 2-piece suit can still be the core of a working wardrobe. Big client meeting on Monday? Wear your suit but with a colorful or creative blouse (animal print?). On Tuesday wear the suit jacket with a more casual pair of pants (or dressy jeans, if your dress code allows). Wednesday, pair your suit trousers with a crisp white shirt, cardigan, and a beautiful necklace. • The aforementioned crisp white shirt is a wardrobe staple. Replace it at least once a year - no matter how great a laundress you are, it gets dull and dingy. Sending it to the cleaners is the fastest way to turn it from white to gray. Oh – and this white shirt ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE IRONED!


• A sweater set is easy and pretty. • A cardigan is the new jacket. • A lightweight leather jacket is the new cardigan. • A pencil skirt is flattering on every body type and always sophisticated. • A smart tote that serves as your briefcase keeps you fashionably organized. • Understand the power of scarves and jewelry to transform an outfit. • Good shoes...good shoes...good shoes... • A belted trench coat is a modern classic. It’s important to own a few good pieces. Inexpensive (or even cheap) is ok for costume jewelry and underpinnings, but when it comes to that pair of black trousers you’re going to wear a couple of times a week, don’t scrimp. Amortize the price over the number of times you’ll wear them, and you’re down to pennies. In business, there’s a lot of talk about being accountable. And, that includes being accountable for our wardrobes. It is our responsibility to look our best whether we’re the Intern or the CEO. It is our responsibility to be aspirational and inspirational to those around us. The bottom line is that there is no excuse for lazy dressing. Dress for the job you want...not the job you have. Yours in (career) fashion,


Resolution? Revolution.

As 2014 approached, I decided to replace my usual New Year’s Resolution with a New Year’s Theme...I’m going for FEARLESS. After all, I’m a ripe 21, so there’s no time like the present to take a few risks (yes, Mother, within legal boundaries) And the perfect place to practice risk-taking? My wardrobe, of course. Instead of reaching for my default ensemble of oversized top/jeans/flats, I vow to choose pieces this season that are outside my comfort zone. Neon was all the rage on the Spring ’14 runway, seen in everything from trim accents to complete head-to-toe looks. While studying the new Faye’s spring arrivals, an electric tangerine crochet top from Joa sparked interest. It’s in the exact opposite color palette I normally gravitate towards, but paired with crisp chinos, a denim jacket, and simple sandals, I see a winning ensemble. And at $55, I’m not making a lifetime commitment.

Another look gaining momentum is white-on-white. The neutrality is comparable to wearing all black (a favorite), so this is a trend I am willing to experiment with. I always look to Miilla for feminine tops that are not only beautiful but affordable ($50-$60 range). My favorite this season? A long sleeve henley lined with an uber-soft shell. Gauzy and angelic, this beaut paired with white boyfriend jeans will have me stepping out of my dark-hued box. Ok, now let’s face it: athletic-wear has morphed into street wear. For example, a sneaker worn with a trouser pant is no longer taboo. And even Karl Lagerfeld paired the most pristine of gowns with glorified running shoes at his Chanel runway show. But as much as wearing my Asics would provide me with comfort and agility doing my usual tasks around the store, they’re not quite work appropriate. Needless to say, I am thrilled to see Sam Edelman’s Becker slip-on sneakers in our stores. Black crocodile, leopard...the options are plentiful. Hovering around $100, they are the ultimate in stylishmeets-affordable. I can now retire my go-to ballerina flat and embrace this sporty-chic craze. Taking a fashion risk can be scary, but the joy and excitement of trying something new makes it well worth it. As Faye always says, “Change your lipstick, change your life.” ~ Loredana Farhad, Assistant 7

clean YOUR



Practice ZPG (Zero Population Growth).

But, it NEEDS to be done. Your quality of life will be better for it. Trust me on this.

Buy 3 new items? Three (or more) items have to go.

Chip away at the project –

Contain the chaos! Only deal with

subscribe to the 5/5 RULE. Every day: 1. deal with 5 items

one season’s worth of clothing at a time. Put the rest at the back of the closet or in storage.


Make peace with imperfection!

Decide if you should TOSS, CONSIGN, or DONATE.

Trying to do a perfect job is the easiest way to get bogged down. Very often “good enough” IS “good enough.” And a whole heck of a lot better than when you started!

At the beginning of the season,

Separate emotions from possessions. It’s healthy to be attached

2. spend 5 minutes in your closet.

all hangers face the back of the closet. After you’ve worn something, return it to the closet facing forward. The hangers still hanging backwards at the end of the season? Well, you get the picture.

Do the same with shoes:

stick a piece of masking tape inside a shoe. When you wear that pair, take the masking tape out. At the end of the season, you have a decision to make with the shoes that still have tape: TOSS, CONSIGN, or DONATE.

to certain items like your grandmother’s pearls. But, holey concert tees or cheap earrings that you’ve never worn? The longevity of any item is pretty much 5 years. Styles change and even a “timeless” article will show its age. TOSS, CONSIGN, DONATE.

Know what you own! Hang all like silhouettes together: all jackets; all blouses; all pants, etc. Then hang by color, light to dark.

Buy organizing containers,

gadgets and shelving AFTER you’ve got a handle on what you need. 8


Do buy matching hangers. I use 4 kinds: wooden (for sleeveless); wooden hangers with clips for pant; padded (to avoid hanger marks in items with sleeves); skinny velvet covered (to fold sweaters over).

You will never be satisfied that this job is done. In truth,

keeping your wardrobe in shape is an ongoing process. But knowing what you need makes you a better shopper, one who is less likely to succumb to impulse buys.

Having an organized wardrobe (or, as I like to call it, “curating

your closet”) is not about being spoiled or self-obsessed. It’s about looking the best you can, every day, with minimal fuss. Knowing what you have (and where to find it) saves precious minutes during the morning rush. And when you’re doing a quick change from work clothes into a party ensemble and need to look especially good, it’ll keep the stress level down so you can feel good as well.


ON THE ROAD AGAIN… Faye’s Fashion Fund for Women and Children, and our Event Crew, really have people buzzing. It’s the best feeling when we hear, “You guys are everywhere!” Odds are you’ve had a chance to partake in an event we’ve been part of within the last year? (If you haven’t make your reservation now.) Because of your positive feedback, Faye’s has made a dedicated decision to focus even more energy and time on community outreach. Being mindful of our community and what organizations our customers are passionate about is of utmost importance to us. Take a look at what we’ve got cookin’ so far...

Community Outreach and Sponsorships WED, MAR 5...........Sponsor, Mt. Mary’s Voice of Leadership Luncheon featuring Lauren Bush Lauren, entrepreneur and Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett-Packard) SAT, MAR 8............ Fashion show to benefit Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, ..................................Intercontinental Hotel SUN, MAR 23..........Fashion show for The Milwaukee Yacht Club THU, APR 3.............AWEAR Fashion Show to benefit Sojourner Family Peace Center, ..................................Harley Davidson Museum SAT, APR 26.............Fashion show for The South Shore Garden Club Luncheon, ..................................Wisconsin Club WED, APR 30...........Fashion Show for The Marquette HS Mother/Son Luncheon, ..................................Woman’s Club of WI

Upcoming Events & Trunk Shows* THUR, MAR 6, 6-7 PM............ Wardrobing & Accesorizing Workshop ..................................................... Café 1505, Mequon THUR-SUN, MAR 6-9............... Lafayette 148 Fall Trunk Show & ..................................................... Blessing in Disguise Jewelry Trunk Show, Mequon THUR, MAR 13......................... Aviva Rose Jewelry Trunk Show, Mequon FRI, MAR 14............................... Aviva Rose Jewelry Trunk Show, Brookfield MON-SUN, MAR 31-APR 6...... Pink Tartan Spring/Summer Event, Brookfield MON-SUN, APR 7-13................ Pink Tartan Spring/Summer Event, Mequon THUR-SUN, APR 10-13............ Lafayette 148 Fall Trunk Show, Brookfield THUR-SUN, MAY 1-4............... Kalibré Jewelry Trunk Show, Mequon THUR-SUN, MAY 8-11............. Kalibré Jewelry Trunk Show, Brookfield *Event dates subject to change. Please visit for up-to-date info. 10

Faye’s Fashion Family

Maggie Gorchoff Sales Associate – Brookfield Maggie joined us from Kohl’s Corporate where she officially began her fashion career as a product development coordinator in handbags. Maggie impressed us from the start with her desire to get out from behind a desk to be front and center with the customer.

On February 2nd, Faye’s celebrated our 10th Anniversary of the Brookfield store. On the same day, our Mequon store celebrated its 23rd Anniversary. Our Faye’s staff feels privileged to be a part of the communities we serve. Welcome, new and returning Faye’s Family members.

Maggie graduated from Indiana University in apparel merchandising. Maggie also loves hanging with her family and her dog, Stanlee. Shopping is a favorite pastime as well as watching her Hoosiers play basketball.

GRETCHEN MILLER Sales Associate – Brookfield

Annie Vihtelic

Gretchen will graduate from UW Milwaukee with a business major in May. This is a young woman with talent, drive, energy and a great work ethic. She is passionate about the fashion business because it gives her the opportunity to “help women feel good about themselves.” “Every woman deserves to be beautiful,” says Gretchen. Sales Associate – Brookfield We were absolutely delighted when Annie called before the holidays to see if we needed any help. Of course we did...especially since it was Our Annie. Annie was instrumental in the early years of the Brookfield store. Then, she took a sabbatical to focus on her writing. Her passion is young adult literature, and I have no doubt she will eventually be recognized as a real talent. Move over, Hunger Games!

When not studying or working, she loves to spend time with her family including her dog, Hank. She’s also an avid athlete who enjoys water skiing, running and kayaking. Did I mention playing the piano? Like I said, she’s a young woman with energy.

During her sabbatical, Annie got married (!), worked at Whole Foods, and continues to free lance as a writer for health care and other industries. Annie has a very special way with our customers. Welcome back, Annie. 11

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