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Fall 2013 Newsletter

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The Fashion Industry’s


Faye’s has always sought to educate our customers – whether it’s the latest fashion or the reasons to shop locally. The latest issue on my radar is the need to raise our consciousness around how and where we source our inventory. And, as we educate ourselves, we educate our clients. Fashion is is fun...but, at the end of everyday, it is a business. Everyone in the fashion supply chain needs to make money: the designer; the manufacturer; the seamstress; the manufacturer’s rep; and the seller. In the case of companies that have PRICE as their major (only?) value criterion, things can get less than glamorous. They can get downright ugly. Case in point is the tragedy and controversy surrounding the off-shore garment industry. These stories remain the headlines in all our fashion industry publications, but they were mere mentions in the mainstream press. Here’s the backstory: The death count in the April Bangladesh Rana Plaza garment factory fire was 1127, and hundreds were injured. This was not an isolated tragedy. At least 40 incidents causing death and injuries as the result of fires and explosions at garment factories have occurred. Undoubtedly more will follow unless the major fashion brands change their business models. Women’s Wear Daily reports, “The majority of workers at these factories are young women and mothers trying to eke out a living working 12-hour shifts for pennies a garment (about $37 a month). They produce clothing under contract for corporations like Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, Bennetton, H & M, The Children’s Place, GAP and Dress Barn. George Miller, the senior Democrat of the House committee on Education and the Workforce says, “( is underway on an agreement that) contains urgent elements necessary to tackle these garment industry dangers. Experts believe that this agreement will only cost ten cents a garment over five years to make needed safety upgrades at these factories.” If we are consumers of “fast fashion” (cheap, trendy, “disposable” clothing), we need to begin to think about where it is sourced. 2

In more upscale, specialty boutiques like Faye’s, our designers are smaller, more exclusive. Our main concern is not that something is cheap – but rather that it is quality, current fashion. So this is far less of a dilemma for us than it is for the stores quoted in the WWD article (Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, H&M, etc.). For instance Lafayette 148 is one of our showcase collections. Rather than contracting work in China, Lafayette 148 owns its Chinese factories. They have complete control and oversight over their supply chain, and they afford their factory workers an excellent quality of life. Our new collection, Donna Degnan, is designed and manufactured totally in New York. But, there are times when “local” sourcing can mean paying more! Case in point is one of our other popular collections, Hard Tail. Hard Tail makes more of a “commodity” product: cotton/ spandex yoga/active wear. A basic legging from Hard Tail retails at $85. Why? Because it is designed and made in L.A. factories where the quality of life is good and workers are compensated fairly. If Hard Tail made this same legging off-shore, it would probably sell for half the price. See the quandary? The 1911 Triangle Factory Fire in the garment district of New York where 140 women, ages 14-43 were killed, resulted in a complete overhaul of manufacturing business practices in our country. We can all play a role in the off-shore manufacturing revolution by understanding what is behind our purchases and making responsible and ethical decisions. Over the years, more and more of our customers are curious about sourcing and the business of our business in general. By shopping at stores like Faye’s you help us and our vendors begin to insist workers making our clothes are safe and fairly compensated. As retailers and consumers, we have a great deal of power and the moral imperative to use it wisely.




As the season transitioned at Faye’s, the bird’s eye view of the merchandise was interesting. Summer SALE merchandise was colorful and whimsical; the new fall arrivals were primarily black and grey – quite somber, really. While this is always the case, it seems to be more pronounced this year. We know that there usually is a wide swing in the pendulum. So, are the rich fall accent colors of Bordeaux, moss green and cobalt blue a backlash to the neons and pop colors of the past couple of years? Probably. Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, says, “If you ever walked in the samba forest or the woods

MYKONOS Turbulence

vvi acious







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in the fall when the leaves have fallen, there is such a gorgeous mélange of color. This fall’s palette reflects those wonderful fall colors but at the same time there are colors that bring a certain sturdiness and structure.” If colors are lacking vibrancy, the season more than compensates with richly textured fabrics and embellishments of fur, leather, jewels, and embroidery. The trends range from Country Gentlewoman to Galactic Goddess. You can find yourself somewhere in this spectrum. I promise! 4

DANDY LAND Business is the name of the game, and this gender mix takes us down city streets – Carnaby Street, to be exact. Softer interpretations can be traced to the Downton Abbey countryside. This trend thrives on contrasts: part work; part play. City meets country as deep autumnal hues of brown, burgundy, and camel are contrasted with shocks of yellow, orange, blue and purple. Make no mistake! This is a polished presence – we’re talking a “dandy,” after all. In its strictest interpretation, Dandy Land is a pantsuit, structured briefcase, tied jabot and bowler hat to match. Seventies silhouettes and upholstery patterns are influences, as well. Materials? Houndstooth; herringbone; tweeds; plaid prints; paisley and status prints; repetitive small scale “tie” prints; menswear suiting; silk and satin.





colored fur knit collar with buckles • plaid and menswear print ponchos • cashmere wraps • wool capes • fur trims and leather/fur combos

fedoras, oversized brim and short brim • newsboy hats • bowler and cloche styles • top hats • asymmetrical fedoras • structured riding caps

briefcase styles doctor styles and structured duffel roll bags • top handles and frame tops • croc, snakeskin, plaid and quilted materials • clutches with hardware closures • heritage and vintage styles fabric, metal and feather plume brooches colored pearls • metal links • silk rope and stone combos • watch links and fobs • sweater and tie clips •


jabot ruffle style scarves • pocket squares • cashmere/wool tie print scarves • silk printed scarves and menswear ties • driving gloves • quilted and snakeskin gloves •


great shape Sports styles have left the track and stepped onto the runway! Gone are the days of literal sport-inspired designs. Sophistication is the name of the game. No longer does this trend headline with logos, eye-catching colors or flamboyant designs. Now it’s simple and streamlined with extra attention towards soft shapes, sporty stylistic elements and clean lines. Inner health is as important as outer – the desire for purity and restraint is a backlash to an over-stimulated high-tech lifestyle. Balance is the toughest game! Materials: Cashmere; stretch spandex; nylon; boiled and felted wool; woven, perforated, smooth and patent leathers; plastic, high-tech fabrics.



thick resin chokers • link jewelry and metal name plates • leather double-wrap bracelets with buckles • men’s watches and watchbands • resin, enamel and metal cuff bracelets • metal collars and tubular metal necklaces •

color-blocked fur cocoon shapes • nylon puffed scarves, jacket and gloves • fur and knit neck rings with buckles • fur stoles • cashmere and knit-fitted hats • •


stripes fine-ribbed socks • color-blocks • zippers • •


minimalistic styles oversized clutches and laptop cases • clutch straps • transparent bags and color-block styles • backpacks • structured totes, satchels and trapezoid shapes • •



patent gloves two-tone gloves • elbow length gloves • striped and color block silk print scarves • cashmere scarves and wraps • •

Nomad’s Land Head-to-toe dressing in everything cozy. Soft blue shades of sky, green moss – a flora and fauna color palette. Camouflage plays a big role, as do flowers, feathers and fur. This trend is an evolution from the “campfire chic” of the last two fall seasons. Materials: wood, clay and tortoise; raw stones; shearling, fur and pony hair; suede; distressed leather; nubby knits and merino wool; tweed.



wood grain printed leather and suede • fur trim and all over fur bags • woven and etched leathers • etched metal buckles • tortoise and wood detailing • wood and tortoise and shell buckles • patchwork totes • woven, braided and fabric straps • soft-structured duffels, backpacks • raw stone buckles and clutches • stretch belts with bows • paisley, floral and earth-inspired prints • stones and chains • animal and insect motif hardware • wood links •


geodes, agates, obelisks, and stalagmite shapes • tortoise shell links and disks • brushed and burnished metals • wood jewelry • leather and suede trims • flower, leaf, bird and animal motifs •


shaggy fur vests, stoles and jackets • nubby knit infinity scarves and trapper hats • oversized knit wraps and ponchos • knit and fur combos • fur, shearling, pony hair vests, jackets, neck rings • ear muffs and fur hats •


cable knits mohair and wool knee high socks • knit socks • tweed and woven leggings • graphic nature prints on opaque tights • •


STAR WARS It’s a tough, futuristic world. And the uniform? Armor-like jewelry, protective headgear and spikes to ward off any aliens. Hard lines, durable high-tech materials and leathers are best for intergalactic battles! Materials: Crinkle and smooth patent; metallic, iridescent and pearlized surfaces; stingray and croc; fused fabrics and yarns; netting; digital prints.


ultra-wide corset styles wide peplum shapes • grommet and nailhead embellishments • strappy bondage styles • croc, snake, ostrich and patent finishes JEWELRY • armor-inspired metal bib necklaces HANDBAGS • jet and black stones • minaudieres and hard case clutches • metal collars/chokers and cuffs • structured duffels • rough geodes • haircalf, croc and patent materials • blackened metals • spikes, studs and metal hardware • spikes, skulls and metal disks • structured computer and attaché cases • crosses, jaguar/cheetah heads • •

Decadent Doll Opulent dressing in rich, sumptuous fabrics of damask, jacquard and embellished with embroidery and jewels Rich burgundy, deep emerald, and royal purple remind us of Renaissance tapestries. Porcelain white provides the contrast. Materials: jacquards, damasks, brocades; velvet; taffeta; lace; curly lamb; fox and mink (real and faux).



leopard print fur • estate jewels • jeweled fur collars and stoles • pearl and rhinestone combos • fox scares, neck rings and oversized • antique styles and filigree metals hats/head wraps • oversized earrings • embellished lace wraps and shrugs • satin choker necklaces with pendants with fur trim • cameos and cherubs • jeweled ear muffs • cocktail rings and cabochon bracelets •


SCARVES AND GLOVES • embellished

scarves and gloves lace and velvet gloves • taffeta scarves • brocade and floral print gloves • velvet embroidered oblong scarves with silk fringe trim • infinity scarves •

From Pauline Nakos, owner and creative director of Lilla P, “Trend may be trend, but at the end of the day, a woman wants what looks good on her.”


By Chantal “CJ” Otto, Marketing Manager

I can get really worked up on this tech boom sometimes. What is all this stuff? And why do people put the pound sign (alias: HASHTAG) in front of everything? If you asked me what a hashtag is, my definition would be: an internet culture phenomenon that allows us to sum up a thought, experience or occurrence by using the # sign in front of our words. Other people can then look for this metadata (what?!) online. For instance, on instagram, I’ll post a picture of Christian Bale and me, together, on the beach in Maldives, and I’ll add the hashtag #blessed. (This may actually happen, so watch for it!) If you go on a hashtag search engine and look up #blessed you’ll see all kinds of interesting posts, comments and photos. It’s a way to see who’s talking about what. Faye’s has started their own hash phenom with #shopfayes, so please use it when you feel like posting about us – whether it’s on instagram, twitter or any other social media site. I’m into it. username: Look for us on: shopfayes

Username: shopfayes INSTAGRAM

username: shopfayes PINTEREST 9

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Broad Spectrum

The Faye’s Staff is a lovely, diverse group of women. We range in size and body type. And, our personal tastes are widely divergent. We’ve all watched each and every piece of fall merchandise take its place on our floor. Here’s what we lust after for our personal wardrobes:

Faye, Owner/Founder: A leather tote from Annabel Ingalls. I really really really NEED one of these. But, which color?

Linda, Head Buyer/Sales Associate, Mequon: It will have lace on it or ruffles. Land of the beautiful people.

Tiffany, Sales Associate, Mequon: What I really want is a Hermes Birkin Bag. We know that isn’t happening, so my must or lust is to be able to rock leather jeans or leggings. Michele, Sales Associate, Mequon:

Skinny jeans and edgy motorcycle boots! Paired with my new Lafayette double breasted velvet jacket! Can’t wait!

Jill M, Admin, Brookfield:

A Leather Jacket...or Faux! – dressed up or down – perfect piece to shake up an outfit!!

Gretchen, Sales Associate (New Kid!), Brookfield: I really need a pair of the AG Jessie Bootcut jeans. They are extremely flattering and comfortable.

Jen, Head Stylist /Visual Merchandiser:

I cannot live without a HAT this season. Fedora, floppy knits or even a cute baseball cap.

CJ, Marketing Manager: A vegan leather baseball cap, and a pair of tech-friendly driving gloves...I feel like a superhero suiting up when I slide them on. I’m into the accent pieces for fall. Oh, and a really good book.

Rose, Sales Associate, Mequon: Everyone knows that I need/want/gotta have a new fabulous bag. I know I will find one here!

Loredana, Intern, Mequon

: Mixed media is THE trend for fall, and I’m all about it...the Vince sweater with leather sleeves is calling my name!

Linda Z, Sales Associate, Mequon:

I’m currently lacking camo in my wardrobe. But, I’m sure to find the perfect piece this season: TOMS booties? Monrow sweatshirt? I’ll be chicly prepared head-to-toe whilst I obtain my concealed carry permit! (She’s kidding, of course.) 10

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FAYE'S Fall 2013 Newsletter  
FAYE'S Fall 2013 Newsletter