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Reduce your Electricity Prices by being a smart consumer

Hike in Electricity prices is the major concern of all the Houston consumers. All of them are desperately looking for ways and all the possible options to save up on their electricity consumption that can help them lower their utility bills. There are many Houston Electricity Providers that offer very cheap rates that can help these consumers to cut down on their expenses to greater extent.

Apart from this, the consumers can take some simple steps to avoid extra usage and to save up their energy consumption whenever needed like: 

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Turn off appliances that are not in use like TV, lamps, computers, VCR’s, ovens, and other appliances. This helps in saving up to much extent as these appliances are much in use in day to day life of every household. Turn off lights when ever leaving a room. Unplug cell phone and electronic device chargers when they are not in use. Chargers use electricity even when the devices are not plugged into them. Select a refrigerator or freezer that is just large enough to fit you and your family needs. Also, allow hot food to cool down before putting it in the refrigerator. Do not put uncovered liquids into the fridge. Their evaporation will make the fridge have to work harder. If your appliances are more than 10yrs old, consider replacing them with new Energy Star models, which use considerably less energy. Use your microwave oven whenever possible, as it draws less than half the power of its conventional oven and also cooks for a much shorter amount of time. Do not leave your television etc in standby mode. Devices use up to 90% as much power in standby mode as when they are on, so it is a waste of energy when a device is left constantly on standby. Cut down on your air conditioning use by closing curtains on the sunny side of your home. For even more savings, consider installing tinted window film.

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Turn down your heating system thermostat, as every degree you lower your heat between 60° and 70° F you can reduce your heating bill by up to 5%. Rooms that are rarely used can have their heating turned all the way down or off. Purchase an insulating jacket for your hot water heater to prevent heat loss. Use washing machine whenever required, if your clothes are not that dirty avoid rinsing too much. Also, try to use it when there is extra load of clothes. Vacuum clean the condenser coils at the back of your fridge freezer. Accumulated dust reduces its efficiency by up to 25% adding that cost to your electricity bill. Make sure you have adequate weather stripping on your windows and doors, and keep them closed when running your AC or furnace. Replace Regular Night Lights with LED and CFL’s. This consumes less energy when compared to the ordinary units and also have longer lifetime. Set the washing machine temperature to cold or warm and the rinse temperature to cold as often as possible. Also, avoid over drying as this not only wastes energy, but harms the fabric as well. Keep your appliances always under the shade. A unit operating in the shade needs up to 10% less electricity than one exposed to sun.

Every consumer can cut down on their huge Electricity Prices by considering these simple ways in their household. Also, Houston Electricity Providers now offer flexible plans for their consumer to save the energy consumption as well decrease the wastage on huge long term plans. Be smart and choose smart! Learn more about Shop Cheap Energy by visiting us at

Reduce your Electricity Prices by being a smart consumer