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PPL & PECO consumers save on electricity

PPL electric utility is the basic electricity provider in many areas of Pennsylvania, United States which is currently serving over 1.4 million customers around. This utility provider also manages over 19000 megawatts of generating electricity in the United States of America under its span. Roughly over 48000 miles of power lines are owned and maintained by PPL in central and eastern Pennsylvania. With extensive set of services and electric options it is serving the consumers with efficient power supply.

However, PPL Electricity offers low prices than all the regional average suppliers of Pennsylvania. If you are a resident of PA and serviced under PPL you also have an option to compare and switch your electricity supplier thus saving you on your electricity consumptions. PPL utilities shopping for an electric supplier can save your money on electricity consumption by offering the consumers to shop for a supplier based on their own needs and preferences. No longer now consumers have to stick to a single utility provider and go on pay huge fix rates, with this power to choose every consumer can have a smart choice and can save up on their bills. PPL Electric Utilities will both supply and deliver the electricity to homes and businesses around Pennsylvania.

PPL Electricity advanced metering system is an innovative change in the history that enables them to store and manage usage data of each customer for each hour. This information will allow the company to customize different packages for each and every household and offer them with low rate packages to save up on their expenses, also it facilitate them to choose plans that reduce their electricity bills by their own choice.

PECO Electricity is the largest investor owned utility company in the state of Pennsylvania which is a Philadelphia based company and a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation. PECO is

known as the safest electric company in the Pennsylvania as its offers many cheap rates for its plans with efficient power supply. It offers electricity to meet both residential and business needs. Also, the company has incorporated several save energy and money practices that offer energy and money saving schemes for customers along with tips to save on their consumptions.

PECO Electricity also offers time-of-use pricing options recently approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in their plans. This is another option for customers on efficiently spending the electricity along with the opportunity to save even more money by switching to another supplier of their choice if they feel the current supplier is charging high prices and is inefficient on services. Because time-of-use prices differ throughout the day, customers have an opportunity to save money by shifting electricity use to off-peak hours when demand and prices are lower. The new options does not open space for competition between service providers but it defines better prices of using electricity and spend less by switching to a competitive supplier.

However, when shopping around for electricity customers should look for more than just the price. As saving money and getting uninterrupted supply is not a smarter option. Remember some companies in PA purchase energy from wind, solar or other green power generators and customers who deal with them will pay higher rates, but help bring more green power into the grid. Anyhow State law requires all companies operating in Pennsylvania to obtain at least 8 percent of their power from green sources. So getting the best discount on electricity purchase depends on your own choice now with the power given to you, so shop around for the best and cheap rate without compromising on the quality of service with PPL Electricity and PECO Electricity. Learn more at

PPL & PECO consumers save on electricity  

PPL electric utility is the basic electricity provider in many areas of Pennsylvania, United States which is currently serving over 1.4 mill...