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03 SIGNS OF THE TIMES Aki Kalliatakis

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Vol 102 | February 2017 |

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OFFICE TRENDS A look at the latest in office furniture trends


THE AGE OF TRUMP What will Donald Trump’s presidency mean for South Africa and the world at large?

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editor’s letter

February: short, sweet and powerful


ebruary: the month of love, and the shortest month of the year – the only one to have fewwer than 30 days to its name. In our part of the world, February heralds the end of summer, the beginning of the university year and lots of heart-shaped paraphernalia in the shops.

But February was not always the month we now know. According to Wikipedia, the Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa held on 15 February in the old lunar Roman calendar. “January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period. They were added by Numa Pompilius about 713 BC.” February was originally the last month of the calendar year, and it consisted of 23 or 24 days, but with the Julian calendar came the order of months familiar to all of us. Leap years occurred regularly every fourth year, and in leap years February gained a 29th day. Even during the Middle Ages, when a new year began on 25 March or 25 December, the second month remained February.


my office magazine

By the time Gregorian calendar arrived, leap years were pre-determined and a 29-day February was instituted. Despite the fact that February is so short, a lot happens in South Africa during this month. On 9 February parliament opens and President Zuma will deliver his State of the Nation (SONA) address. On 22 February Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will deliver his budget speech. Both of these events will impact business and industry in South Africa. We may only be in the second month of 2017 but, if January is anything to go by, there promises to be a lot of change. President Donald Trump has only been in office for a month, yet his stream of policy changes will affect us (see page 16 for more). More changes are on the horizon now that POPI regulator Pansy Tlakula has been appointed. See page 12 for advice on how to choose a shredder that is suitable for POPI compliance. And finally, as the year moves ahead we look at some of the upcoming trends in the office furniture space (page 8).

Lei g h

Until next time

Vol 101 - February 2017

customer care

Signs of the times


Are the signs in your business made by the Chief Petty Rules Officer?

ave you ever noticed how many businesses and retailers seem to go out of their way to make petty rules and processes that lead to a lot of customer frustration?

They place obstacles between their customers and great service – most noticeable in the signs and instructions displayed in the business? I sometimes imagine that there is a special director in charge of creating as much difficulty as possible for customers. Here are examples of just a few of these, observed recently: • Stand behind the line until you’re called. • Absolutely NO PARKING: Reserved for Directors • These tills reserved for staff only • Only food purchased here may be consumed by customers • By Order of Management • Business Banking Customers ONLY. • No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service! (On a beach at a coffee shop, for Heaven’s sake!) • Abuse of our staff by any member of the public will not be tolerated! • No substitutions will be allowed on orders. • Breakfast served strictly until 11:00 a.m. SHARP! Harsh words like “should”, “must” and “only” are likely to offend your customers, as does the use of copious exclamation marks. Apart from the fact that nobody talks like this in a normal conversation, they also sound as if they are acts of vengeance against the tiny percentage of customers that do make trouble, and that your business is trying to teach them a lesson. I accept that there are times when you need to inform customers of certain

things, or to highlight other things – especially when other customers are affected – but discourtesy and abruptness have no place in creating positive customer experiences. These dangerous signs and instructions symbolically lead to many negative emotions that destroy relationships and goodwill, and they make customers feel irritated, stressed, neglected, disrespected, hurried and generally disappointed. After all, what does “until further notice” mean? And who are the managers that ordered this? And why shouldn’t a customer substitute salami on their pizza for artichokes if they want to, or have breakfast at three o’ clock in the afternoon? Gear your business up to be able to deal with this. Your signs need to include words like “welcome”, “please” and “thank you”. They should be conversations rather than barked out in military fashion. You need to question why you need to say this and who it is for. Read your signs and instructions out loud again and again, and ask: “Do we sound angry?” You also need to think about the impact of this on customers. Your business may pay a heavy price. Let’s rewrite a few and put a positive spin on them: • “Hello dear customers! To keep our premises clean and well maintained for you, we close our premises between midnight and the crack of dawn so that you can see our place sparkling and squeaky clean when you arrive.” • “Goodness gracious! Of course we know that you are not a cheat or a thief, but our bank manager always gives us a hard time about cheques. We don’t care how you want to pay, but please bear with us when you prefer a cheque payment.” • “Please, please, PLEASE, let someone here know if you are in a

rush, and we promise we’ll do our best to get you outta here as soon as is humanly possible.” Sometimes humour can be used to soften the message on a sign. I saw a sign at a hospital on a maternity room door which said: “Push. Push. PUSH!” And another one in a non-smoking area: “If we see smoke, we will assume you’re on fire and take appropriate action.” And what about: “No returns! No refunds! No exchanges! (Of course, we’re just kidding.)” Here’s another one I saw on a bench right outside a women’s fashion shop: “For bored husbands.” Some companies get this right most of the time, but you have to be very careful with humour if your customers are frustrated by a flight delay or similar. There is also a fine line between humour and irritation. One of those which I personally don’t like is mostly seen in gift shops that sell delicate items: “Lovely to handle, delightful to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold!” Although I guess that’s still better than “All breakages will be added to your account!” Of course, this whole article assumes that you have decent signs and instructions in the first place. There are so many businesses with no indication of where things are and how things should be done. That just leads to confusion for customers. So, do your signs and instructions say what you want them to say – or are they just another indication of your pettiness and cynicism? You can replace your products but you can never replace your customers. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AKI KALLIATAKIS

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labour law

Employers still bungle retrenchments


e have regularly reminded employers of the factors that render dismissals for operational requirements (retrenchments) fair and unfair. Despite this, employers continue to get it wrong and land up paying a very heavy price.

At the CCMA or Labour Court it is the employer who has the duty of proving that: • There was a genuine and valid reason for retrenching; • The employees chosen for retrenchment were fairly chosen; • The retrenchment procedure as laid down in the Labour Relations Act (LRA) has been followed properly and in good faith by the employer; and • The employer has shared with the targeted employees (or their representatives) all documentary and other information pertinent to the retrenchment. Despite the fact that retrenchment procedure is clearly spelt out employers are still being caught out at the CCMA and Labour Court. For example, in the case of NUMSA and others versus Dorbyl Ltd and another (2004, 9 BLLR 914), 176 employees embarked on a protected strike. Thereafter, the plant was closed down and 122 employees were retrenched.


my office magazine

The Labour Court found that: The decision to retrench was taken at an executive meeting held before the employer consulted with the employees regarding the retrenchments; • This rendered the consultations meaningless as the employer had already made up its mind; • The retrenchment was procedurally unfair; and • The employer was required to pay each of the 122 retrenchees two months’ remuneration in compensation. In the case of Masilela versus Leonard Dingler (Pty) Ltd (2004, 4 BLLR 381), Masilela was retrenched from his position as an industrial relations manager after the employer hired a human resources manager with industrial relations experience. The possibility that a more junior post could have been created was not discussed before the retrenchment took place. Instead, after the retrenchment, a junior post was created but this was too late to avoid the retrenchment. The court therefore found that the retrenchment was unfair and awarded the employee eight months’ remuneration in compensation. There are a number of possible reasons for the fact that employers are still not complying with retrenchment law, including: • Employers know the law but do not believe it will be applied to them; • They hear about the law but do not believe it; • The operational circumstances of •

the employer are so dire that the pressure distracts the employer from the legal aspects of the retrenchment; • The mistaken belief that, if there is a good reason for retrenchment, the court will be lenient on the procedural side of the case; • Employers misuse so-called retrenchments to get rid of undesirable employees. As their priority is getting shot of such undesirables the legal requirements are given little consideration; and • Employers are given poor legal advice regarding retrenchment law and implementation strategy. Although the courts have become stricter over time in applying retrenchment law, employers still implement retrenchments without giving thought to labour law compliance. As I have repeatedly warned employers, the courts see retrenchments as no-fault terminations. This means that the employee is losing their job through no fault of their own. In addition, the unemployment rate in South Africa is extremely high and it is very difficult for retrenchees to find new jobs. For these reasons the courts have no hesitation in protecting the rights of retrenchees and making employers pay heavily where they deviate from the law. n

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DR IVAN ISRAELSTAM This article first appeared in The Star.

Vol 101 - February 2017


The Gs&Cs How to turn the compliance burden into competitive advantage


ast month we looked at the new King IV Report, and this month we further explore the terms governance, risk and compliance (collectively GRC) that are used in many organisations.

GRC can still be a confusing acronym to the uninitiated. What are the implications of GRC, particularly for SMEs and entrepreneurs? In addition, what’s the relationship between compliance between governance and legislation requirements and competitive advantage? Governance principles can apply to all organisations. These principles are probably best understood in the light of the new King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, 2016 (, and can best be summarised as “the exercise of ethical and effective leadership by the governing body towards the achievement of the following governance outcomes: Ethical culture, Good performance, Effective control and Legitimacy” (King Report, 2016, page 11). Risk management also applies to all organisations and is essentially about dealing with uncertainty in all its forms: future events which may have a positive or negative impact on the ability to achieve a set of objectives, on the future of the organisation as a whole. Compliance, however, applies to those individuals and organisations which fall under the scope of one or more pieces of legislation or regulation or code, whether enacted in law or as the result of a voluntary action, such as joining a professional body or other institution which has a set of rules which must be

complied with. Of course compliance can also apply to meeting the requirements of governance frameworks such as King IV, where compliance or non-compliance may not have any legal penalty but is nonetheless a desirable goal. For the purposes of this discussion let’s focus on the G and C parts of GRC. Now we know what the G and C represent, how can they be turned into a competitive advantage? To many organisations, particularly SMEs and entrepreneurs, they look and feel more like a burden than a benefit. Competitive advantage is a somewhat nebulous concept. It certainly relates to being in an advantageous position, and this may apply to an organisation, its products, its services, its people and a whole host of other factors. The challenge is not just to create but to sustain a competitive position. This is where compliance comes in. Whether it is compliance with a code of governance or with a piece of legislation, experience has shown that value can be both created and destroyed through an appropriate, valueadding, approach to compliance or an inappropriate value-destroying approach. It is true that compliance with codes (such as King IV) and legislation (such as the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, 2013) usually has a cost of achieving compliance. The smart thing to do is to spend time identifying how to turn this cost of compliance into a benefit, and then into a competitive advantage. In a previous article that I wrote and was published by MoneyWeb, I told just such stories about a number of organisations that I have worked with on their POPI compliance journey; the same might well have been true for

For more information about grow your business whilst spending time on compliance, visit the SME Toolkit for South Africa on www.; or e-mail Dr Peter Tobin directly on .

other legislation they were dealing with. Examples of competitive advantage by-products from compliance come in many forms: new or enhanced products or services; improved operating processes and procedures; increased customer, supplier, partner, investor and employee confidence; superior reputation compared to competitors who can’t demonstrate a similar level of compliance; ability to enhance the customer’s compliance status through being compliant oneself; ability to compete where compliance is a requirement; ability of demonstrate characteristics not normally associated with the size of one’s organisation (“punching above one’s weight”); brand and reputation enhancement; and creation of value-adding media coverage through early adoption of compliant behaviour. In summary, compliance can be a competitive advantage, not just a burden. You just have to know where to look: understand your organisation and its stakeholders and you are on your way to finding the competitive advantage in compliance. n


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business savvy

Go your own way Life is the longest con known to man


often get the feeling that we’re all being conned. Taken for a ride. Shown a shiny silver coin that’s brass under a bit of silver plating, and nowhere near as valuable as it seems.

Who’s conning us? Big business. Universities. Consumer product companies. Time share schemes. Gyms. The world at large. And it’s definitely a long con. It’s not a short play, otherwise we’d have figured it out by now. For me, the essence of the con centres on delayed gratification, which is not a bad thing but, for the sake of argument, is used to the advantage of others. So, the con goes something like this: We attend a sausage factory school that treats us all the same, even though we are far from carbon-copy-clones. We work really hard at school. We focus more energy on the subjects that we are not doing well in so that we can get an excellent matric (as opposed to learning to excel at what we’re good at). We spend the final three years of school stressing about what we are going to study (because God-forbid you should not step into an institution of higher learning at age 19, straight out of school). We study something that will be our first step into the business world, even


my office magazine

if by the end of year two we are starting to believe that a life working as the content of this degree will probably result in early hair loss or repeated trips to a psychiatrist. So we get a job, start at the bottom, pay our dues, work our way up while learning and sucking up to everyone, and then we change jobs a few of times to move up in the world, get better titles, earn more money, grow a pension and afford better holidays and holiday homes. At a certain point, we may have children and be introduced to the cycle of play areas, school events, PTAs, prizegivings, galas, soccer, rugby, tennis, hockey and netball matches, school plays, irritating parents, annoying parentteacher meetings, acne, cool clothes, the need for new mobile phones, under-18 parties, Matric Rage (and rage), subject choices, exams and a level of contextrelated teenage stress that could fell a wild bull. And then kids head to varsity to start the same routine we have; they’re out of home and we can start having an out-ofhome experience. At this point we’re in our best earning years and work 12 hour days to fit in all that we have to. After retirement, we embark on the downhill slide through the 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s; and finally a few more holidays, family time and then,

ultimately, death. Sounds like a pretty normal life, right? Not at all like a con. Well, what if we don’t need to follow this path? What if we can walk a road that we want to? Do you want to stroll along this traditional route and get caught up in the rat race, grinding away each day to bring food to the table and never having any fun because you have responsibilities? If you’re happy, don’t read any further, it’ll just annoy you. The con involves all manner of tie-ins like where we live; what we buy; how we spend our leisure time; what we invest in; why we let social media tell us that everyone is living a better life than we are; that the quick fix is just around the corner; hard work is the only way to get ahead; life is fair and just; a gym membership is worth it; and so on. My point is that if we can see that we are living a con and that there is an alternative, we are better off than we were yesterday. I’ve said my bit. Now, it’s up to you. Do you choose to continue living your life in the Matrix or would you prefer to take the red pill? n


Vol 101 - February 2017

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office trends

The on-trend office What does the office of 2017 look like?


sla Galloway-Gaul, CEO of Ditulo Office Engineers, recently visited Orgatec – a leading exhibition of office furniture – to uncover the primary trends for the year ahead.

Flexible layouts “As reiterated at Orgatec, the boundaries between fixed workstations and communal areas are becoming more and more blurred, and the shift of modern work environments towards a culture of collaboration continues to be on the increase. This means that office furnishings need to be more multi-functional than ever before, with clever furnishing solutions that must adapt to meet the given requirements. Developing areas that can be easily adapted to suit changing requirements, such as an impromptu brainstorming session or breakaway sessions with colleagues, is an essential element of workspace design in 2017 and beyond.”


Colour trends According to the NeoCon Furniture Fair 2016, which took place in Chicago earlier this year, one of the dominant office space colours for the year ahead is pink. “Whilst pink is one of those colours than some people are not sure about – particularly in a business environment – it does bring a fresh and optimistic feel to an interior,” says Galloway-Gaul. “Light dusty pink pairs beautifully with greens, as well as with copper and gold. Dusty pink and charcoal colours make for a modern pairing, and warm wood furniture maintains an urban mood. On the other end of the scale there is hot pink, which combines well with grey and really stands out in any décor scheme.” If painting the walls in your office pink is not an option, then Galloway-Gaul recommend accents of pink, which is an effective way to introduce this happy colour. “Pink feels right for today’s less conventional, more quirky and welcoming office interiors.”


Flexible office must-have: Product lines such as FRAME _ S from Austrian office furniture brand Bene and Epik Co-space by South African brand RAW have been created to address this trend. “Frame _ S is a system of wall-mounted flexible workstations and shielded team zones that can be customised for a variety of spaces and settings, which allows for changing things up as and when you need to. “Epik Co-space includes multi-functional semi-private pods which can be customised for brainstorming, meetings, and connected work or changed for breakaway functions for groups and individuals.”

Pink office must-have: The Bene Bay chair, which is available in pale dusty pink.

Design embracing technology Workspaces that take rapidly evolving technology and its requirements into account is a design trend that is on the rise. “We can expect to see wireless charging points for devices becoming commonplace. Office furniture with built-in power adapters and multimedia capabilities have been seen in well-designed, flexible work environments and going forward this will become the norm not the exception. Other technological revelations from Orgatec 2016 include desks with surfaces that charge cell phones and laptops via induction, a computer monitor that disappears without a trace into the desk top, and a new climate chair with a heating and ventilation function integrated into the seat and back.”



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Technology trend must-have: The Humanscale M/Connect, which is a USB, dual-video docking station is a unique innovation which merges ergonomics and technology. M/Connect sits on the desktop while the dock stays below the desk surface. The majority of cables are connected under the desk, providing a clean look and instant accessibility to high-speed charging ports.

Vol 101 - February 2017

office trends Private space must-have: Bene has launched what is essentially a room within a room called the NOOXS Think Tank. NOOXS has high sound absorption, integrated ventilation and lighting, complete technical infrastructure and a high degree of comfort – all of which creates effective temporary private areas in open spaces. Glass elements provide visual lightness, and curtains and blinds offer screening when needed. Buzzispace have a range of acoustic solutions, such as the Buzzitwist, which is a sound absorbing curved screen which serves as a free standing room divider. Private spaces within open-plan offices Whilst the new breed of open-plan workspace is evolving and sees open plan areas shared, in all working environments there is still the need for private break-away zones and quiet rooms.


“Acoustics play a role here as noise within open spaces can become a problem,” advises Galloway-Gaul. “Orgatec reiterated this with much focus being placed on acoustic design and the use of modern noise-dulling materials.”

WEALTH must-haves: The Float, QuickStand and QuickStand Lite Sit/Stand desks from Humanscale, as well as a Humanscale Monitor Arm, not only creates a clutter-free workspace but also promotes a healthier, more ergonomic working posture.

Designed for employee WEALTH “The office of 2017 will continue to focus on the well-being and health (WEALTH) of employees, and items such as sit-stand desks, monitor arms and a quality chair remain ergonomic necessities,” says Galloway-Gaul.


Green office must-have: Buzzispace have produced design elements of the outdoors to be used in offices – such as the BuzziJungle with its soothing tropical palm-frond backdrop that allows employees to take some time out and to interact socially.

Outdoors are in Galloway-Gaul says that bringing the outdoors inside is an office trend that she believes is here to stay. “With many people spending more than eight hours a day in the office, and with it forming a nucleus in most people’s lives, there are clear benefits to bringing more natural elements into the workplace. “The greening of our offices plays an increasingly huge role in our physical and psychological well-being. Plants can be especially important in open plan offices because they can be used to help define space and create zones of calm – helping everybody to be more productive at work.”


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Ready, steady, shred! 1

Choose the perfect shredder for your business needs

Select a type of shredder

The most important step in purchasing a shredder is to determine which type of shredder you will need. Shredders range in size from small, inexpensive units designed for light office use to large commercial shredding units. Shredders are classified according to the size and shape of the shreds (or chad) they produce. Strip-cut shredders These are the least secure. They use rotating knives to cut narrow strips that are as long as the original sheet of paper. Because the strips are neither compressed nor randomised, they can easily be reassembled by anyone with time and patience. An A4 sheet of paper will be cut into 39 strips. This level of security is acceptable for home use, where general information is being shredded. It is not ideal for personal information such as bank statements or passwords. Cross-cut or confetti-cut shredders These have a medium level of security. They use two contra-rotating drums to cut rectangular, parallelogram or diamond-shaped shreds. These strips are very difficult to reassemble, as an A4 page will be cut into approximately 300 strips. Cross-cut shredders cut paper into smaller pieces and five times as much chad can fit in the waste bin, which means that you will have to empty it much less often than with a strip-cut shredder. Cross-cut shredders are suitable for disposable of confidential documents, including personnel details and sales and marketing plans. Particle-cut or micro-cut shredders These create tiny square or circular pieces of paper that are almost impossible to reassemble. If you are shredding highly confidential documents, such as those that would jeopardise personal or institutional safety, a micro-cut shredder is ideal. It will cut an A4


my office magazine

sheet of paper into more than 3 700 particles. Disintegrators or granulators These repeatedly cut the paper at random. They have a single cutting shaft called a rotor. The material to be shredded is cut into different sized pieces, much like happens in a wood chipper. Shredded material is passed through the holes of a mesh screen. These screens are swappable and have different sized holes, creating finer or courser chad. These machines are used in highly-secure environments, such as government departments. Hammermills Similar to disintegrators, they pound the paper through a screen. Rotating hammers pulverise the material to be shredded and pass it through a sizing screen for highlevel destruction. The hammers may be blunt, have blades or a combination of the two. Users can change the screen size to fit their particular needs. A hammer mill can reduce paper to dust if the right screen is fitted. Pierce-and-tear shredders These have multiple rotating blades that pierce the paper and then tear it apart. These types of shredders are used primarily in industrial applications and manufacturing operations, to dispose of cardboard or specialty papers like newsprint. Pierce-and-tear shredders are usually used by mobile shredding companies. Grinders They have a rotating shaft with cutting blades that grind the paper until it is small enough to fall through a screen. Cardboard shredders These are designed specifically to shred corrugated material into either strips or a mesh pallet.

Vol 101 - February 2017


Select a security level Your security needs will depend on the confidentiality of the materials you are shredding. There are four main levels of security: low, medium, high and very high. The higher the level of security, the smaller the cut size. There are numerous standards for the security levels of paper shredders. DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) standards are used to indicate the level of shredder security in South Africa. The levels according to DIN 66399 are: • Level P-1 (strip shredders) – ≤12mm wide strips of any length; • Level P-2 – ≤6mm wide strips of any length; • Level P-3 (cross-cut shredders) – ≤2mm wide strips of any length or ≤320mm² particles (of any width); • Level P-4 – (micro-cut shredders) ≤160mm² particles with width ≤ 6mm; • Level P-5 – ≤30mm² particles with width ≤ 2mm; • Level P-6 – ≤10mm² particles with width ≤ 1mm; and • Level P-7 – ≤5mm² particles with width ≤ 1mm. DIN-66399 is also helpful when considering the sensitivity of the different types of data to be destroyed. • Classification Level 1 deals with normal sensitivity of internal data which would have limited negative effects should there be unauthorised disclosure or loss. Classification Level 1 involves Level 1 or 2 methods (traditional ribbon or strip-cut shredding) and this is inadequate for POPI Act needs. • Classification Level 2 deals with higher sensitivity information, where “unauthorised disclosure would have serious effects” and “may lead to violations of laws or contractual obligations”. At Classification Level 2 protection of personal data will meet “stringent requirements”. • Classification Level 3 addresses confidential and secret information where unauthorised disclosure would have “serious existence-threatening effects” and protection of personal data will be absolutely guaranteed. Only Levels 4 to 7 should be used for the highest Classification Level 3 information destruction. POPI and shredding The degree to which a piece of paper is shredded is important for two main reasons: confidentiality and legislation. Sensitive papers, such as bank statements, credit card bills and tax returns, can be used to steal identities. Therefore they should be shredded in such a way that the information cannot be reconstructed.

Aside from confidentiality, legislation is another key aspect of shredding. Many organisations have begun to consider how best to comply with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act in terms of erasure or destruction of personal information (PI). The POPI Act says deletion or destruction must be done “in a manner that prevents its reconstruction in an intelligible form” (Condition 3, section 14). This includes the ability to erase, delete or destroy PI once there is no justifiable reason (based on legislative compliance or business need) to retain the PI any longer. Included in this is the need to comply with requests from data subjects to have their PI destroyed or deleted (Chapter 2, section 5). A useful first step is to identify the different data media which need to be destroyed. There are a number of identifiable categories of media: • Information in original size, for example paper, films or printing plates; • In miniaturised form, for example microfilms; • On optical data carriers, for example CDs/DVDs; • On magnetic data carriers, for example id-cards or diskettes; • On hard drives with magnetic data carriers; • And on electronic data carriers, for example flash drives or chip cards. When proper consideration is given to applying these standards, simply attempting to tear up or manually shred the various media types becomes unworkable. Even worse, incinerating the media may be dangerous and environmentally unacceptable. An additional consideration is whether the destruction or deletion complies with any other constraints which exist, such as a records management policy (RMP) which the organisation may have in place. Part of an RMP, or a standalone policy or procedure, could contain practical advice on destruction aimed at staff who need to decide what to destroy and when. The choice then exists as to whether to shred on site or to use a service provider. In summary, the POPI Act requirements place obligations on organisations to plan and implement effective PI destruction, and most organisations will likely adopt a hybrid approach, combining the cost-effectiveness of on-premise shredding with the use of specialised digital shredding services for their advanced needs.


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Determine your additional requirements Aside from the main specifications of a shredder, there are other features that you need to consider when you’re purchasing a device: Volume To purchase the right shredder for the job, you will need to ask yourself just how much shredding will be done weekly. If you’re only shredding a ream a week, your requirements will be much lower than if you are shredding a tonne of paper a month. Correctly identifying what type of machine is required will enable you to determine the work load the machine will need to handle. Also consider how many people will be using one shredder. One user, fewer than five users, or five or more users will help to narrow down the ideal machine for you, so you will have the correct size motor for the job. Some shredders require a warm-up and cool-down period, while others can work continuously. How frequently the machine is in use will determine the type of machine required. If many people are using it, an auto-feed machine is ideal, as it saves time. Anti-jamming technology is important for shredders that are used in an office environment and have heavy duty cycles. This feature will eliminate paper jams, and some shredders are even able to reverse a paper jam before it occurs. Location Where are you going to put your shredder? If you have limited space, you will need a shredder with a smaller footprint than if you have a large area dedicated to shredding. The size of the available space will determine how big the bin size, weight and dimensions of the machine should be. Versatility What type of materials do they want to shred? Some machines are capable of shredding staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs and DVDs in addition to paper. This is an important aspect to consider in an office environment. n


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Vol 101 - February 2017


Diarise this

A list of industry-specific events and exhibitions to mark on your calendar 02 - 05 March

HOBBY-X JOHANNESBURG TICKETPRO DOME, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA Hobby-X is SA’s premier exhibition of equipment, materials and supplies for the hobby and craft industries. Exhibitors are manufacturers, importers and distributors who are able to interact with trade buyers as well as with consumers over the fourday show.

07 - 08 March RETAIL WORLD AFRICA JOHANNESBURG SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA This event deals with retail products, trade products and services, logistics services, marketing services and technologies; and allied products and services. It is the largest retail show that is dedicated to emerging trends in customer satisfaction, customer feedback and other customer engagement activities. It bridges the gap between commerce and retail, and brings out the most innovative products and services across the globe.

07 - 08 March ECOMMERCE SHOW AFRICA SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA This leading retail trade show features logistics products and services, supply chain products and services, commercial services, security services, personalisation products, retail design and much more. It is a vast retail forum that is dedicated to customer servicing and customer satisfaction. The show also holds conferences that cover various customer-oriented and commerce-related topics.

16 March MY BUSINESS EXPO JOBURG GALLAGHER CONVENTION CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA This one-day event showcases products aimed at business owners, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs looking to see the new trends, experience the most innovative business solutions, and seize amazing opportunities, ideas and professional advice from our wide range of exhibitors in the business services industry.

15 - 16 March

BUSINESS START UP EXPO JOHANNESBURG GALLAGHER CONVENTION CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA This two-day event showcases products from the office and commercial supplies; business services; and HR consultants industries.

18 - 21 March

DECOREX DURBAN DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA Decorex Durban is a four-day event that showcases products from the building construction, home furnishings and home textiles, business services, architecture and design, and furniture industries.

Got something going on? Upcoming event? Send the details and an image to for publication on our Events page.

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industry insights

The age of Trump T What will Donald Trump’s presidency mean for South Africa and the world at large? wo major issues arise from the election and subsequent inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the president of the United States of America.

The first is the rise of populism, conservative thinking and right-wing politics; and the second is the massive shift in US “defence thinking” from a


my office magazine

“national security” strategy to a “trade security” strategy.

The global impact

Political commentator Dave Weinbaum argues: “The world is changing and has become very high risk, and the black swans are circling. We just entered a major inflection point in history. In Europe the right wing is ascendant. Le Pen is likely to win the French election next year. The EU is going to come apart once

that happens, and now with Trump in power that trend will accelerate. The EU will realign into blocs and there will be massive turmoil as things sort out over the next several years. The French will go back to the Franc. Germany will shift right as the refugees create social, crime and fiscal issues. As ISIS gets destroyed they will try to wage war in Europe through more terror attacks. You do not want to invest in Europe. The world is rapidly shifting right and the changes will be Vol 101 - February 2017

industry insights generational. Brussels will be neutered. NATO countries will invest much more in defence and will be forced to build up their armies.”

The implications for the US In the United States itself, Trump will make a number of major changes in the first two years. Out with the old Obamacare will be replaced with some type of more free market plan. Corporate taxes will be reduced to 15%, or more. All executive orders by Obama will be reversed. Most of the massive regulation Obama put in place will be cancelled. The courts The Supreme Court will get a conservative justice right away and Ginsburg will try to hang on to deny him her seat. She will not last four years, and Trump will get at least two judge picks. The Supreme Court will be much more pro-business. As a consequence, antitrust cases will go away. Borders and treaties The border will somehow be secured and Mexico will not pay. Border Patrol will be materially increased. Gang members will be arrested and deported but everyone

else will get to stay here. Ryan will stay as Speaker. Trump will redo NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement – affecting Mexico and Canada in particular) and will walk from the table if he does do not get what he wants. There will be a revised NAFTA but Mexico will suffer a lot because many US companies will not move plants there until they see what revised NAFTA says. They will also not defy Trump early on and risk his wrath. Mexico will take a big hit. Defence The Pentagon and US defence contractors are big winners. Defence spending will ramp up by huge numbers. The military will add over 200 000 people over the next two years. Weapons spend will dramatically increase. This will add a lot of new jobs between the additional military and the added jobs in defence plants. There will be an infusion of another 5 000 US soldiers into Iraq and more into Syria to back up the destruction of ISIS. The bombing campaign will be stepped up. By March ISIS will have been defeated. They will try to carry out major terror attacks, but now the world will call Islamic terror what it is and there will be a more aggressive, co-ordinated fight. Putin and Trump will get along. Putin will

realise he cannot push Trump around like he did Obama, and he will work out a modus vivendi because he knows he has at least four more years to deal with a new US president. The Iran nuke deal will get torn up and Iran will find itself back under sanctions. In the US, “defence” moves from a “national security” strategy to a “trade security” strategy. John Robb says, “Since WW2, US foreign policy has been completely dominated by national security policy. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a US policy that doesn’t view the world through a militaristic, cold war lens. This means that all other aspects of foreign policy are conducted in support of national security policy. In particular, US trade policy is configured to promote the economic growth of allied nations (originally to fight the cold war) even if this trade relationship damages US economic performance.” Trump inverts that policy relationship. In Trump’s post-cold war world, US foreign policy will be dominated by trade policy. Even national security policy will be subservient to trade policy. If trade policy is dominant, we’ll see China, Mexico and the EU (Germany) become competitors. Russia, in contrast will become an ally since it doesn’t pose a trade threat.

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industry insights National security under this regime will be used to reinforce and grow positive trade relationships. For example, military tension with China creates the opportunity for sanctions that simulate the function of tariffs (allowing the US to circumvent trade organisations and domestic resistance to tariffs). In a national security policy slaved to trade, any and all security guarantees extended to other nations will require a positive trade arrangement with the US. The US simply won’t protect or extend security guarantees to any nation that has a nonbeneficial economic relationship with the US (that is, runs a trade deficit). This trade-centric approach suggests growth in naval spending. Finance Private equity will take a big hit with carried interest going away, and this will make a small part payment for the tax cuts. Estate taxes will mostly go away. Cops will be respected again and racial strife will end as Trump tries new ideas to build charter schools, and rebuild the ghettos. The downtrend in crime will be re-instated. Rules of engagement will be changed to confront the enemy instead of cater to political correctness. In Germany, Merkel will be in a very weak position so she will not be able to stop Trump from re-imposing them – at least for US companies and anyone wanting to do business in the US, especially banks. This will be world changing. Climate change The Saudis won big on this; Israel won huge. Climate change legislation is dead and the Paris pact will be defunct. Most importantly, the entire world is about to change – whether for better or worse, we will only know in years to come. The tide of anti-socialist, anti-PC, anti-diversity, anti-entitlement, anti-establishment of the past 70 years is washing across the world and Trump is simply the ultimate example of what had already been happening in Europe, with Brexit.

Implications for South Africa Ranjeni Munusamy of the Daily Maverick writes: “And in terms of how the United States will relate to the world, Trump said: ‘We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones, and unite the world against radical Islamic terrorism which we will eradicate from the face of the earth.’” Around the world, government officials


my office magazine

will be trying to decipher what this means for bilateral and multilateral relations. In South Africa, officials say they are hoping that not much changes in the relationship between Pretoria and Washington in the course of this year. There is hope that once a new leader of the ANC is elected, a new relationship with the US could be forged. Government insiders say South Africa had a better functioning relationship with the Republican government under George W Bush than with the Obama administration. The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which provides antiretroviral treatment to South Africans, and the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which allows African countries to export duty free to the US, were introduced during Bush’s term. A dispute arose with the US when the AGOA agreement was to be renewed. After months of head-butting over American chicken imports, during which time Obama threatened to revoke the duty-free status of South African agricultural produce, an agreement was finally reached. Some of the Republican bureaucrats who were in the Bush administration, and had retreated to think tanks, are now

returning to the State Department. South African officials say they hope that they will resume a good working relationship with such people and thus be able to smooth over any problems with the Trump administration. But this is a time of great volatility for the world, particularly with Trump and his officials’ proclivity to attempt to alter reality – “alternative facts” as Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway puts it. Thus, many countries are uncertain about how to relate to Trump. Other than the congratulatory message, South Africa has not made any statements on Trump’s presidency. It remains to be seen how long it would take before there is contact between the two administrations, and what the relationship is likely to be like between Trump and Zuma. What are the bets on President Zuma meeting with Xi Jinping of China before he meets with Trump of the USA? As the world watches and waits nervously, the “America First” campaign is set to clash with China’s “Free Trade” overtures at Davos. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT STEUART PENNINGTON

Vol 101 - February 2017

eco news

Watch your water usage Water w

Provinc atch e to seve s currently e xp re 66 Mp water shor t eriencing mi ages a ld u re: 66 Lim malanga p 66 Ga opo uteng 66 We st 66 Fre ern Cape e 66 No State r thern par ts o f KwaZ ulu-Na tal


espite the recent rains in parts of South Africa, residents are urged to adhere to existing water restrictions. The water crisis experienced in large parts of the country is not yet over: the Vaal Dam’s levels are currently at 52,8%, which is not enough to be considered “safe”.

Parts of Mpumalanga, such as the Govan Mbeki Municipality (the Bethel area), still need to save water, as do large parts of Gauteng, the Free State and the Eastern Cape. Though more rain is forecast for the first few months of this year, it is unlikely that reservoir and dam levels will recover fully. Residents therefore need to focus on saving as much water as possible – and local municipalities will thus be intensifying the enforcement of water restrictions in an attempt to stretch available water supplies.

In areas where water restrictions apply, the following is mandated: • Washing of vehicles, including recreational vehicles and watercraft, is only allowed with hosepipes fitted with automatic self-closing devices or with waterless products; • No washing or hosing down of hard-surfaced or paved areas with municipal water is allowed; • All taps, shower heads and other plumbing components should be replaced with water efficient parts/ technologies; • Watering of plants in nurseries, farms and vegetable gardens, among others, for commercial gain will be exempted from the water restrictions subject to approval; • The watering of suburban gardens is prohibited during daylight hours. Gardens can be watered before 6am or after 6pm with a watering can; • Informal car washes must only use buckets and not hosepipes; • No automatic top-up systems are allowed for swimming pools. It is recommended that all swimming pools be covered with a pool cover to avoid evaporation when not in use; • Ornamental water fountains/water

features may only be operated by recycling the water; • Industries are encouraged to use recycled water or grey water for activities not requiring potable water; and • If a resident or business uses borehole water, there must be a clear sign displayed on the outside of the premises. Failure to comply with these will result in on-the-spot penalties or increased municipal water tariffs. Communities across South Africa continue to misuse and waste water, despite the penalty tariffs imposed. The government has urged the public not only to report anyone failing to comply with these restrictions, but all water leaks as well. n

Did you know? Cape Town’s dam levels are expected to dip to around 20% in the next few months and experts warn that the city has only enough water stored for the next 100 days. Source: TimesLive

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arts and crafts

Waste not, want not Need to empty your shredder? Don’t throw the paper away – use it instead


hredded paper (chad) should be considered an asset, rather than a liability, in the home or office. There are so many ecofriendly uses for it that it seems a shame to throw it out in the rubbish.

Increase your efforts to reduce and eliminate household waste by using your chad in 14 innovative ways:


Make fire starters by moulding shredded paper around old candles.

Use it as kindling for a fire. Hold it in place by using a quarter of an egg carton, or stuff it in a paper envelope. Place wood kindling over it and light.


Make your own paper using the waste paper from your shredder.

Make it into Papier-mâché by mixing it with glue and water, making a dough and forming it in something you can use, such as a basket, jewellery or a lamp. The shortness of the paper fibres makes it perfect for this use. To provide strength in your product, put the pieces of paper in the same direction, or let one layer of Papier-mâché dry before adding another.




Shredded paper makes a great base for a nodig veggie garden bed, in place of newspaper or cardboard. Just give it a thorough wetting and it won’t go anywhere.

Use it at the bottom of your bean or pea trench to retain water. It retains moisture and keeps beans happy.



Recycle it in the compost bin. Equal parts of grass and shredded paper will work all by themselves, or add it in place of other carbon materials in the garden bin. Be sure it gets mixed in thoroughly; once wet, it has a tendency to mat together and suppress oxygen in the pile.

Use as flooring in pet’s cages, such as for hamsters or birds.



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Don’t use just any kind of paper There are a few kinds of paper that you want to keep out of your garden because they do not break down easily, or may contain harmful chemicals. Just sort the glossy paper, and that pesky envelope plastic, out of your shredding paper. It can be included in the things you will burn but not in your garden or compost.

Vol 101 - February 2017

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arts and crafts


To protect newly sown seeds in the garden, cover them with a small amount of paper from the shredder.

Scare off those hungry birds by stuffing a scarecrow.



Use as a mulch in the garden to keep items like strawberries off the ground and as mulch where ever else it is needed. The best use of the paper is as mulch under shrubs and trees around the home or office. Spread it out, wet it down and cover it with a bit of straw. The result is essentially Papier-mâché that will prevent weeds better than most other mulches, and will let water and fertilizer through just fine.

Make paper bricks to use for braais and fires during winter.




THE LABEL SPECIALIST Stick with the best!

Use as a bedding base for your worm compost bin.

Make seed starters out of shredded paper pulp.


14 21

industry news

Up, up and away with RBE

Jacques (instructor), Helen (our lucky winner), Roger (RBE) and Gabbie (RBE)

On Sunday 22 January 2017, our RBE competition winner Helen Motsepe of Seeff was treated to a flip in a Piper Warrior at Baragwanath Airfield.

History of the Johannesburg Light Plane Club The airfield is host to the oldest continually active flying club in the world, known as the Johannesburg Light Plane Club, which has been in continuous operation since 1926. The club is based at Baragwanath Airfield, south west of Johannesburg, where flying continues in the tradition of the old Baragwanath Airfield (1919-1981): enthusiasm, common sense and safety-conscious fun prevail. The name, Baragwanath, is synonymous with one of the biggest hospitals in the southern hemisphere, but for two generations of pilots and airmen it will always be affectionately known as “Bara-G�. Baragwanath had the distinction of having the first aerial transportation company in South Africa. It was registered as SA Air Transport (South Africa) Limited with Major Alister Miller as one of the directors. This outstanding pioneering pilot was also instrumental in forming Union Airways, a precursor of the present South African Airways. During the 1930s, the airfield itself underwent some difficulties due to the effects of the Great Depression. In the 1940s, the airfield was used by the RAF after the outbreak of World War II. In April 1982, the airfield was closed after Baragwanath was closed down and the club was forced to move to a new piece of land called Syferfontein. The new airfield opened on 23 October 1982.


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On her way...

Instrument checks... Vol 101 - February 2017

industry news

Jacques and Jacques

....and off they go! Jacques the instructor, Jacques Germishuys (Seef) and Wendy Dancer

Roger Bozzoli (RBE)

Martin Groenewold (Rexel) and family after their flip

Steven Groenewold (Pilot Pen) and family

Naphtilie (BSC) and Steven (Pilot Pen)

Steven and family (Pilot Pen) and Wihan and family (Office National)

Wihan Oosthuizen (Office National)

Wihan and wife (Office National)

We’re next...

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PENS BIC South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Clic, Crystal, Orange and Prismo Palm Stationery Manufacturers Penflex - Penflex ballpoints and rollerballs Pentel S.A (Pty) Ltd - Superb Ballpoint, Energel Pen Power Stationery - Powerstar Staedtler SA (Pty) Ltd - Ball point, Fineliner, Gel and Pigment liner pens

PEN CARBON BOOKS Power Stationery - Powerstar RBE - NCR Business Books

PERSONAL STATIONERY CTP Stationery - Home office and personal filing system, diaries Grafton/Star

PLANNING BOARDS AND ACCESSORIES Parrot Products - Range of year planners, term planners, maps and in/out boards. custom printed boards designed to specification. Rexel Office Products - NOBO planners

PRINTER CONSUMABLES KMP - For computer consumables. Kolok - Epson (inkjet, large format etc), Lexmark, HP, Brother (Toners and Inks), Oki (Toners, inks and Ribbons), Tally Genicom (Ribbons), Seikosha (Ribbons), Panasonic (Toners and Ribbons), Kyocera (Toners), Printronix (Ribbons), IBM (Ribbons), Ricoh (Toners), Fujitsu (Ribbons), Pantum (Toners) Royce Imaging Industries Remanufacturers and suppliers of inkjet and laser cartridges Technical Systems Engineering Suppliers of quality compatible cartridges and bulk inks for Epson, Canon, Lexmark, HP and Samsung PUNCHES AND PERFORATORS Krost Office Products Parrot Products - Parrot range of punches Power Stationery - Powerstar Rexel Office Products - Rexel


R RUBBER STAMPS Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co. - Trodat RUBBER STAMP MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - AZ Liquid polymer, TROTEC laser engraver, flash system


PRINTING Kolok - Epson, Lexmark (Hardware), HP Printers, Oki (Hardware) Pantum, Samsung Olivetti Imports - Distributors of Multifunctional Printers / Copiers

RULERS Palm Stationery Manufacturers Power Stationery - Powerstar Penflex - PENFLEX rulers

Star Stationers and Printers Unicopy & Stationers CC - for all your printing & stationery requirements

Working for you

Fusion 3100L

Fusion 5000L

Fusion 5100L




SLATES Parrot Products - Whiteboard and chalk board

SCHOLASTIC SUPPLIES BSC Stationery Sales - Treeline CTP Stationery Empire Toy & Stationery - Butterfly Flip File - Flip File display books A5, A4, A2, A3 Gordon’s Productions - contact paper woodgrain, marble, pattern designs. Magic cover back to school clear and coloured self adhesive paper. (4M rolls, A4 and lever arch). Plastic coated brownkraft rolls and pre-cut polythene covers. Grafton Paper Products Palm Stationery Manufacturers Parrot Products - chalk boards/slates Power Stationery - Powerstar Pyrotec - Tower Adhesive Book Cover 45cm x 2m

STAMPS, STAMP PADS AND INKS Kemtek Imaging Systems - Distributor of Brother Stampcreator PRO Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Trodat, pre-inked stamps, stamp and fingerprint pads STAPLING MACHINES AND STAPLES Interstat Agencies - Genmes Krost Office Products Parrot Products - Parrot range of staplers Rexel Office Products - Rexel range

SCISSORS AND CUTTERS Palm Stationery Manufacturers Power Stationery - Powerstar Rexel Office Products SCRAPBOOKING Rexel Office Products - Trimmers and guillotines Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Making memories, Clearsnap, Marvy, Ranger, Bazzill, Carl SHREDDERS AND ACCESSORIES AZ Trading - DSB, Kobra, Roto, Repairs to all makes D.O.S - Kobra Kolok - GEHA entry level and high-end shredders Nikki Distributors - Nikki shredders Parrot Products - Parrot range of value shredders Rexel Office Products - Rexel range Maynards Office Technology - IDEAL Shredders & Guillotines – SA Distributors

STATIONERY SUNDRIES - SCHOLASTIC CTP Stationery - DONAU Scissors and cutting knives Palm Stationery Manufacturers - New Wave Power Stationery - Powerstar

STORAGE SYSTEMS CTP Stationery - Archiving Systems Suspension Files Kolok - Verbatim (hard drives, USB sticks etc), HP, Sandisk Rexel Office Products - Storage boxes Specialised Filing Systems - Filing Tidy Files - Filing solutions

THERMAL ROLLS Rotunda (Pty) Ltd. TONERS AND CARTRIDGES KMP - Computer consumables Kolok - Penguin (Inkjets and Laser toners), Epson, Lexmark, HP, Canon, Pantum (toners), OKI, Samsung TOP RETRIEVAL FILING Optiplan a div of Waltons - Paper based top retrieval filing systems Specialised Filing Systems - Total Solution and more Tidy Files - Complete onsite and offsite filing solutions TOYS, HOBBIES AND GAMES Pyrotec - Toby Tower Stickers and Activities TRANSFER LETTERING AND SIGNS Parrot Products - Vinyl lettering TRANSPARENCIES Kolok - Penguin transparencies for inkjet and laser OEM, Penguin and HP Transparencies Rexel Office Products - NOBO range

T TAPES Palm Stationery Manufacturers TELECOMMUNICATIONS Nikki Distributors - Siemens office phones TELEX ROLLS AND TELETEX PAPER Rotunda (Pty) Ltd.

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DID YOU KNOW? • The Buyers’ Guide is an affordable way to highlight your brands while simultaneously introducing up-and-coming stockists to the trade. • The Buyers’ Guide is a valuable sourcing tool to market your business and the brands that you carry. • To book space, contact Wendy on or (012) 548 0046.

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CONTACT DETAILS HERE African Filing Systems

Kolok - Port Elizabeth


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AZ Trading (

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BIC South Africa (Pty) Ltd ( 7

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PO BOX 43144, Industria, 2042 16 Maraisburg Road, Industria, 2042

BSC Stationery Sales (

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Box 278, Brakpan, 1540


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CTP Stationery (

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Dis Cartridges (

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D.O.S (Denton Office Solutions) (

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Empire Toy & Stationery (

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Flip File (

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Rotunda (Pty) Ltd. (

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Kolok - Botswana (

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Krost Office Products (

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P O Box 41259, Rossburgh, 4072


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Maynards - Olympus Audio S.A / Olivetti Distributors


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Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Cape Town (

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Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Durban (

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South African Diaries (

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Staedtler SA (Pty) Ltd (

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Specialised Filing Systems

Global Envelopes


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Technical Systems Engineering

Gordon’s Productions ( 7

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Grafton/Star Paper Products

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Nikki - Cape Town


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Hortors Stationery (

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Interstat Agencies - Port Elizabeth (

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Palm Stationery


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Press Products (

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Pyrotec (

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Kolok - Durban (

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my office magazine


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Reboni Furniture Group (

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Redfern Print Services - Cape Town (

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Redfern Print Services - Durban (

031 205 9598

Vol 101 - February 2017

crime alert

Parliament to table new Cybercrimes Bill


he Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, John Jeffery, has announced that the country’s new Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill will be tabled in Parliament soon.

The Bill has already been approved by Cabinet. “The Bill aims to put in place a coherent and integrated cybersecurity statutory framework to address various shortcomings which exist in dealing with cybercrime and cybersecurity in the country,” states the South African Government Web site. The purpose of the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is to: • Create offences and prescribe penalties; • Further regulate jurisdiction; • Further regulate the powers to investigate, search and gain access to or seize items; • Further regulate aspects of international co-operation in respect to the investigation of cybercrime; • Provide for the establishment of a 24/7 point of contact; • Provide for the establishment of various structures to deal with cybersecurity; • Regulate the identification and declaration of National Critical Information Infrastructures and provides for measures to protect National Critical Information


Infrastructures; Further regulate aspects relating to evidence; • Impose obligations on electronic communications service providers regarding aspects which may impact on cybersecurity; • Provide that the President may enter into agreements with foreign States to promote cybersecurity; and • Repeal and amend certain laws. Despite the government stating that the new bill will not give powers to the State Security Agency to control the Internet or spy on local users, many South Africans are concerned about how they are going to be affected. Michalsons law firm has provided an overview of the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, explaining why it is needed and who will be affected by it. The bill is aimed at keeping South Africans safe from cybercrime and consolidates the country’s cybercrime laws in one place. People who will be affected by the new bill include “everyone who uses a computer or the Internet”, along with: • People involved with IT or POPI compliance; • Electronic Communications Service Providers; • Providers of software or hardware tools that could be used to commit offences; • Financial services providers; • Owners of copyrights and pirates; • Information Security experts; and • Anyone who owns an Information •

Infrastructure that Government could declare as critical. The bill creates around 50 new offences, which are related to data, messages, computers and networks which include: • Using personal information or financial information to commit an offence; • Hacking; • Unlawful interception of data; • Computer-related forgery and uttering; and • Extortion or terrorist activity. The penalties for these offences range from one to 10 years in prison, or a fine of up to R10-million. The bill also aims to protect critical infrastructure of a strategic nature from interference and disruption. This infrastructure includes that which aids in keeping the country’s security, defence and law enforcement operational; and provides essential services. “The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill gives the South African Police and the State Security Agency extensive powers to investigate, search, access and seize just about anything – like a computer, database or network,” says Michalsons. As part of the requirements of the bill, the Minister of Police must establish a National Cybercrime Centre and a Cyber Response Committee, of which the chairperson will be the Director-General: State Security. The Minister of Defence must also establish and operate a Cyber Command, while the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services must establish a Cyber Security Hub. n


Keeping shop-sa members abreast of criminal and fraudulent activity in the stationery and office products industry. To sponsor the Crime Alert page contact 082 963 7441 or 012 548 0046. REPORT CRIME TO Renew your Crime Alert sponsorship today! Call Wendy Dancer on 082 963 7441 or 012 548 0046 to book your logo placement on the Crime Alert page as an industry leader in transparency, information sharing and anti-crime business ethics.

my office magazine



Caption this!

Send us your funniest caption for the photograph below and you stand a chance to win a Rexel Joy A4 Laminator valued at R2 000. Send your Punchline and contact details to competitions@shop-sa. with Punchline in the subject line


Be Brighter with JOY! Brighten up your laminating with this simple colourful modern laminator. Ideal for occasional use in the office or home environment. Featured with hot and cold settings, it has been designed for use with A4 size pouches up to 2x125 microns. With a compact, slimline design it’s easy to store. • • • • • •

Max Micron pouch 250 Hot and cold settings Occasional office/home use Jam release Colours: Pretty Pink and Blissful Blue Compact slimline design for easy storage


WINNING CAPTION DECEMBER ISSUE Winning Caption: “Coffee makes me Mallow in the marshy mornings” – Gail George

WINNING CAPTION JANUARY ISSUE Winning Caption: “Racing toward the weekend!” – Candice Bergh

For the BRIGHT T at heart!

Rexel PUNCHLine Working for you

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Vol 101 issue 02 2017  

February issue of My Office Magazine - 2017

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