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12 THE STATIONERY INDUSTRY: ICE AGE OR GOLDEN AGE? The second in a two-part article exploring the future of the stationery industry 16

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editor’s letter


Welcome to 2017! s we usher in a new year, it is time to put the trials and tribulations of 2016 behind us and focus on a fresh start in 2017.

Businesses should endeavour to make the following resolutions for the growth and prosperity of their company in 2017. 1. Get your affairs in order. Running a business is easier when all your paperwork is in order and up-to-date. No business will truly prosper without strong financial documentation that allows the owner to measure results and performance over time, and make changes accordingly. 2. Focus on running your business. Many small business owners try to do it all themselves, but end up generating a heavier workload than if they had just asked for help in the first place. When deciding on the way forward for your business, it’s important to look at the bigger


my office magazine

picture (where is your business going?) and delegate accordingly, freeing yourself up for other, more interesting, tasks. Let each employee handle their own area of work. 3. Get in the experts. Delegate tasks to the best person for the job, so that the business can grow. When it comes to areas like financial management, unless you are a financial professional, bookkeeping, accounting and tax are best left to the experts. 4. Commit to promotion. Use marketing staff or outsourced agencies and create a plan for promoting your business in 2017. The truth still holds that no matter how amazing the product or service is, if it’s not in the public eye then no one will remember it. Promoting your business needs to go at the top of your to-do list as an integral part of your business plan for the new year if you’re planning long-term success. 5. Get together. Whether it’s a power group, an industry body or a

networking initiative, it’s important to stay in touch with where your industry is headed and to add to meaningful discussions around your work. Networking is a great way to gain support, make contacts, get referrals, and boost creativity and innovative thinking. These opportunities are important for keeping your business fresh and relevant. Our focus this month is back to office, and you can discover a simple guide to all the things you need on page 16. Part two of our Industry Insights article on page 12 focuses on a positive future for the stationery industry, while our Trends feature on page 8 gives some guidance as to what we can expect in the coming year. The team at My Office would like to wish all our readers a happy and prosperous new year.

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Vol 101 - January 2017

customer care

Unhappy customers, unhappy life


ne of the most surprising stories I heard recently was about a client of one of SA’s oldest and most respected insurance companies whose claim was repudiated – and he wrote a very positive comment on

How could such a thing happen? He lost a lot of money, and he was also convinced that the “small print” did not include the condition that caused him to have his claim rejected. But what made the biggest difference was the person with whom he spoke, because with great empathy, compassion and patience, and taking the time to explain things properly, she clarified why the company had taken this action. He was so pleased with the service interaction that he wrote a glowing recommendation on the complaints Web site, and that in turn led to a review of his case by a senior manager, who decided to approve an ex-gratia payment to the policyholder anyway – a win-win situation. In last month’s column I listed many of the negative consequences of having dissatisfied and disappointed customers. The desire for revenge occurs when people feel betrayed or wronged by a person or an organisation. Businesses pay a price: financially, reputationally and emotionally. Some giants and the executives who lead them have been brought down – and indeed ruined – by people who used to be powerless. So what can you do to recover from unhappy, angry and upset customers who complain?

Respond quickly. It has been shown over and over again that dealing with complaints and problems urgently is not only impressive to customers, but gets them to forget about it sooner too. Respond with care, compassion and empathy. Listen, and show them that you understand what it’s like. Thank them for bringing this to your attention. Remember, you and the customer are not mortal enemies: the common enemy is the problem, so use your joint energy to fight that. Apologise. A genuine, sincere and heartfelt apology can work wonders. If it’s not your fault you can still say something like “I’m so sorry that you are so upset”. If they are wrong, let them be wrong with dignity and respect. Explain what you can do. Offer the unhappy customer some choices. Customers hate feeling powerless. This particular step of the complaint management process re-empowers the customer by letting them feel in control again. Notice, I didn’t say explain what went wrong. Customers often don’t care about what they see as your “excuses”. If they want an explanation, by all means do so, but don’t offer it to them unless it’s crucial to resolving the problem. Fix the problem. It is up to you to be creative enough to come up with something that makes both your business and the customer happy. But be fair and decent, not stingy and grudging, and negotiate if you have to. Never, ever ignore it and hope it will go away. Instead, make it easy for customers to complain. No one likes complaints, but they can help you to fix it, to discover if other customers

have experienced the same, and to take action and which will turn the customer. Do something, but never do nothing. • Follow up and keep reminding them how much you appreciate their custom. • Don’t take revenge on customers. Suing them, fining them, spitting in their food or coffee – if you do, it will explode in your face, and the trust will be gone. • Get clever by doing as much as you can to prevent recurrence. Mitigate customer frustration and make it easy for them to do business with you. Does everyone in your organisation profoundly understand the ROI of taking care of loyal customers? Do they have all the skills, knowledge and competences they need? Do all your systems, processes and “rules” work for customers, or are they designed around your needs? • Just roll with the punches. Customers may not always be right – but you need them more than they need you. And even though it sounds like they are attacking you personally, it’s about the problem, not you. Defensiveness and aggression rarely work. It may not be your fault – but it is your problem. Whatever you do, you have to get them back on your side, or get rid of them. (Yes, there are some customers we just don’t want.) But to leave them seething and feeling poorly treated is not a desirable option. It will do too much damage in the long term. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AKI KALLIATAKIS

my office magazine


labour law


it’s a double-edged sword


uring retrenchment exercises it has become a fairly common practice amongst employers to terminate temporary contracts as a first option. That is, the employer often terminates all temporary contracts and reallocates the work of the temps to permanent employees.

There could be a variety of factors contributing to the need for operational requirement dismissals (retrenchment). These include: • Faulty or archaic equipment or technology, ineffective management systems or under-skilled/demotivated employees can increase financial losses and affect jobs; • Employers may need fewer employees due to labour-saving devices or technology; • A desire to evade labour legislation might result in the contracting out of work instead of giving it to employees; • Bankruptcy or losses caused by mismanagement or misappropriation of funds; • Strikes and lockouts that weaken your company and chase customers and work away; • A drop in sales due to economic factors such as the weakening of the rand; and


my office magazine

Rationalisation to shed “surplus” employees resulting from buy-outs or mergers. Beware, retrenchments for reasons related to a takeover as a going concern will be automatically unfair. However, the above factors will not automatically render a retrenchment fair. The courts have traditionally taken into account four key factors emanating from the LRA when deciding whether a retrenchment is fair: • Was there a sufficient operational reason for the retrenchment or was it a sham? • Was a fair criterion used for choosing the employees to be dismissed or should others have been retrenched instead? • Before deciding to retrench, did the employer consult properly with the employees or trade union on measures to avoid or reduce the number of retrenchments as well as on other related issues ? • Did the employer give the employees or union all the information relevant to the retrenchment and to the consulting process? However, there is a fifth factor that must be taken into account. In the case of Buthelezi vs Municipal Demarcation Board (2005, 2 BLLR 115), the Labour Appeal Court found that retrenchment of an employee prior to the expiry of their fixed-term contract was unfair. Buthelezi had a five-year fixed-term contract with the Demarcation Board but was retrenched one year after

commencement. Prior to retrenchment, he was invited to apply for an alternative post but was unsuccessful. The Labour Appeal Court found that the employer did not have the right to terminate the fixed-term contract before its natural expiry date. This decision is most surprising because, where the job of a fixed-term employee genuinely becomes redundant, what is the employer required to do? Did the Court expect the employer to keep the employee on its books and, despite the absence of work, continue to pay the employee for four years until the contract expired? Labour law gives an employer the right to retrench for good reason. The Court’s startling decision means that: • As regards retrenchment, a temporary employee with a fixedterm contract has stronger rights that a permanent employee; • The practice of terminating the contracts of temporary employees in a retrenchment exercise as a means of saving permanent jobs needs to be urgently reviewed; • The terms and wording of fixedterm contracts need to be radically revised; and • No employer should enter into or terminate a fixed-term contract before consulting with a labour law expert. n

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DR IVAN ISRAELSTAM This article first appeared in The Star.

Vol 101 - January 2017


The King is dead, long live the King


ood Corporate Governance is something that should resonate with readers of My Office, as it refers to the structures and processes for the direction and control of companies.

“Corporate Governance (CG) concerns the relationships among the management, board of directors, controlling shareholders, minority shareholders and other stakeholders. Good corporate governance contributes to sustainable economic development by enhancing the performance of companies and increasing their access to outside capital.” In essence, good CG is powerful medicine. In early November 2016, while many South African executives and small business owners were preoccupied with the looming threat of a ratings downgrade and the continuing uncertainty over the fate of the Minister of Finance in South Africa, the latest version of the local code on Corporate Governance (CG) saw the demise of King III as King IV was launched. The event held in Sandton was well supported but sadly, given the high attendance fee, was barely accessible to many small and medium enterprises that the new CG code is intended to address. The foundation of success lies in assigning responsibilities for activities that will contribute to effective governance.

It is no different when establishing governance mechanisms for laws such as the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) and the Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA) Acts. The first step in preparing for compliance with these Acts is to identify the elements of governance that will be required to prepare for and maintain an appropriate level of compliance with the Acts. In principle, it is best to start a POPI Compliance Preparation Project (CPP) which incorporates PAIA. The project should aim to understand your current level of readiness for compliance with the Acts, identify the relevant stakeholders, assign responsibilities for carrying out compliance preparation tasks and ensure that these are completed within an agreed timeframe. In many larger businesses there is a board of directors, an executive committee and functional or departmental managers who make up the main layers of senior management who are involved in good governance practices. For the small or medium businesses, the reality is that there is often only one level of management: the small business owner. Whatever your size of business there should a formal, written commitment to comply with the POPI Act and PAIA. SME owners should appoint a project manager (potentially themselves) who will be responsible for identifying project team members as well as to allocate project tasks to them as part of their compliance project. During the CPP, roles and responsibilities for managing the

processes for maintaining compliance once the project has been completed should be defined. There is an essential role required by both the POPI and PAIA Acts, namely the information officer. By default, this is the designated head of an organisation, typically the CEO or business owner. The POPI and PAIA Acts make provision for the appointment of deputy information officers to whom the information officer can delegate the day-to-day tasks of managing compliance activities. This individual’s role may even be carried out by an external service provider, already a common practice in smaller financial services businesses. It is useful to have a comprehensive, structured assessment of your governance. This of course can be applied to other aspects of your SME business, not just POPI/PAIA. In our work with our clients we have identified as many as 30 POPI/PAIA governance elements for consideration. In summary, when an integrated approach is used to address the role of your business and the way you treat stakeholders, whichever King sits on the throne, good corporate citizenship and POPI Act compliance will all help to make your business stronger in these uncertain times. n Don’t forget to follow @sapopitalk on Twitter. For a free download of King IV visit ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PETER & JOHAN CATO. FIRST PUBLISHED IN THE RESIDENTIAL ESTATE INDUSTRY JOURNAL, VOL 3, 2016 my office magazine


business savvy

Less talking, more doing


recently had the privilege of being part of a panel discussion at TEDxJohannesburg: Abundance. The topic was The University of Tomorrow and was within the context of the #feesmustfall protests of 2015 and 2016. The mandate of the panel was to approach the topic with new eyes.

This was easy to do because each participant was not directly involved in the education sector. This struck me yet again as a great way to tackle a problem – new faces, voices and ideas. It is often the outsider’s voice that is empowered and enabled to ask the “stupid” and innocuous questions that everyone assumes they know the answers to. Often these questions reveal more than they should, merely because they have not been asked. In the case of the panel discussion there were numerous points that were made that could have a significant impact on the education crisis that faces our country. These included a complete revamp of primary education; a democratisation of education; decentralising it; and holding educators more accountable for results. Nothing felt earth-shatteringly original


my office magazine

yet, in the context of the panel discussion, they were great ideas that, if activated, would see results. My main take-away from the session was that much had been discussed, many ideas had been provided and sound suggestions made – but very little has been done since April 2015 when much of this was hashtagged. So what? All the best ideas in the world are just that, unless they are put into practice in some way or other. I am not talking specifically about #feesmustfall but more about lethargy and #talkshop. We can all agree that tough topics must be talked about, regardless of the discomfort the conversation may create. It’s one of the few ways to get ideas out there, share them and create a feedback loop so that improvement can take place. But, and it’s a big “but”, this kind of conversation needs to turn into some form of solid action within a reasonable time frame, or else the #talkshop results in nothing more than a feeling of disappointment and the burial of a topic that will later resurface as a problem. How can a student movement like the one that arose around the hashtag – or the hashtag that arose around the movement – turn those ideas into something solid and doable? There are more than enough ideas to be able to get a solid grounding to ensure that future

generations of potential students do not face the same problem. How do they turn the movement into results? I don’t have a magic wand to wave but would suggest that you need a respected someone to spearhead the campaign; you need committees to do the work; you need meetings for engagement and decision-makers who can and will make decisions. In the case of #feesmustfall it felt as though the will to get results and change was not sufficiently present on either side. So my question to the organisers of TEDxJohannesburg: Abundance panel discussion would be much the same as if I was addressing the #feesmustfall leaders or those responsible for driving any initiative within a business: now that you have talked, what’s next? Without action that produces results we’ve had a great conversation and raised issues worthy of investigating – but we have not changed the world. And, isn’t that what we’re here for? To change the world and to leave it in a better condition than we found it? Action. That’s what is needed. n


Vol 101 - January 2017

2017 trends

Top trends for

2017 A roundup of the top business and technology trends to expect in 2017 Subject matter experts rule Subject matter experts who understand and can help guide the sales process drive growth in top performing B2B companies. Businesses used to throw bodies at sales goals, and accepted that most of the people would fail. With SMEs, businesses place a premium on proper lead qualification and narrow focus on the right opportunities to make efficient use of scarce, yet highly effective, resources. SMEs won’t tolerate wasting time pursuing bad opportunities.


my office magazine

Crowdfunding used as validation When you think of crowdfunding, you might envision films or artisan leather wallets. To the surprise of many, crowdfunding is trending globally to surpass venture capital by the end of this year. According to crowdfunding and marketing expert Clay Hebert, “Smart companies are using crowdfunding to not only raise capital, but to validate products before making substantial investments in product development.� Big companies are capitalising on this

trend as well. From watches to washing machines, using crowdfunding for product validation allows any company to engage and learn from a small and passionate user community earlier in the process, speeding up time-to-market, and reducing both the cost and risk of new product innovation. Integration of sales and content marketing As customers and buyers continue to do more online research, top performing Vol 101 - January 2017

2017 trends

organisations continue to integrate sales and content marketing. The goal is to ensure that when customers search for risks, challenges and implementation strategies associated with your solutions, they will find your content to address their questions. Top companies engage their front-line sales teams to identify topics for content marketing, and the content marketing team helps sales professionals to effectively use content in the sales process. Video is essential According to a recent Forbes study, video is becoming a critical source of information for executives: • More than 80% said they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago; • Three-quarters (75%) of executives surveyed said they watch workrelated videos on business-related Web sites at least weekly. More than half (52%) watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly; and • Overall, 65% have visited a vendor’s Web site after watching a video. If you want your entire message to be consumed, video tends to be the preferred medium. New collaboration tools supplant e-mail Collaborative tools like Slack are replacing e-mail for internal communication. Started in 2013, Slack surpassed 4-million daily users in October 2016. Though this does not mean that companies will abandon e-mail all together, it does change how you need to think of e-mail. In an organisation where internal and external communication happens within e-mail, you can count on the fact that most users will spend much of their day with their inboxes open on their desktops. Organisations using tools like Slack for internal communication might have less need to have their inboxes open throughout the day.

Reach your B2B audience by using precision targeting with Facebook and other social media tools. Valuable content will attract and self-serving hype will repel customers. Bricks-and-mortar stores without expertise disappear Brick and mortar stores that merely offer merchandise without expertise or curation will continue to suffer. The best retailers will curate a narrow set of the best products at a great price and stand behind them with exceptional service. Brick-and-mortar retailers that let you find things on your own will continue to lose market share to Amazon and others. Subject matter experts get sales support With a shift in subject matter experts (SMEs) to grow revenue, organisations understand that SMEs might not have the ideal professional or interpersonal skills to drive the buying steps for customers. Without proper support and training, SMEs could miss opportunities. However, customers still prefer to work with SMEs over traditional salespeople. Top organisations recognise that SMEs often have broad roles in the organisation. Their time is valuable, and you cannot afford to have them work inefficiently. Narrow segments capture attention Marketers and sales professionals are aiming for personalised messaging. You can tell when you get a mass-generated e-mail or see generic content marketing articles. Even if the topic may be of interest, you’ve been conditioned to ignore generic messages. Whereas automation had been used for delivering the same message to thousands at a time, innovative companies have embraced automation for one-to-one messaging. This goes beyond inserting the recipient’s name at the top of a message. Rather, by asking the right questions and knowing their interests, market leaders

tailor content to exactly what each recipient wants. Recurring revenue Companies continue to shift from single, up-front payments for products to recurring revenue for a service. Financial markets reward predictable, recurring revenue. Whether it is monthly or annual, smart companies recognise that recurring revenue with a high renewal rate demonstrates perceived customer value. High renewal rates become an incredible marketing message. Look for innovative vendors to waive long-term contracts and put their money where their mouths are. When sellers either feel a need to lock you into a long-term agreement or get payment up front, they are implying that you might find a better alternative. If the vendor assumes the risk of delivering and maintaining value by not requiring the long-term commitment, then the customer will reward the seller with more trust. If you give your client the choice to renew or leave every month, then you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your market. Millennials groomed for leadership Millennials now represent the largest segment of the US population, and they will emerge as the next set of managers and executives. Top performing companies will work to magnify their strengths and build systems to compensate for their perceived deficiencies. This same evolution has happened in past generations, too. Millennials are more inclined to embrace fractional or shared usage versus purchasing. Over 55% said that they either had no plans to purchase a vehicle or were indifferent. Many feel that using services like Zipcar or Uber when they need transportation is more convenient. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SARWANT SINGH AND IAN ALTMAN FOR FORBES

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2017 trends

Top tech trends to look out for 1. AI personal assistants boom – Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa: the titans of tech have laid the groundwork to gain control of our emerging primary digital interface. 2. Smart homes move to connected living solutions – focus will fall on expanding the smart home ecosystem. 3. IoT pivots to sentient tools – as the Internet of Things (IoT) goes mainstream, companies will turn their focus to sentient tools – tools that are aware of their context, environment and social interactions. 4. The industrial IoT ecosystem play – 2016 saw the launch of multiple IoT ecosystems for industrial applications. In 2017 we can expect even more players to enter this market, creating congestion in the space, thinner margins and greater segmentation. 5. IoT platforms become a commodity – 2017 will be the year of the platform play. Every industry and organisation that is not currently in the market with a platform will develop one. 6. Cognitive is the new smart – what was once “smart” is now “cognitive”. We are witnessing relatively simple smart devices such as meters, lighting or machines evolve with artificial intelligence enhancements that provide more sensory, context-aware and complex capabilities. 7. Horizontal realisation – the digital revolution is breaking down silos. Cross-pollination between functional roles, products and industries will hit its stride in 2017. 8. AR goes mainstream – 2016 ushered in the mainstreaming of augmented reality (AR), epitomised by the runaway success of Pokémon GO. This year, we expect to see that success translate into the mainstreaming of augmented reality for business-to-business applications. 9. Data-as-a-service explosion – as the cost of collecting and storing big data grows, companies offering to do the hard work for you will proliferate. 10. China to become a hyper-robotic society – China has already positioned itself as the biggest robotic market on the globe. With significant gains expected in human-to-robot ratios next year, China may begin to exert its potential as “untouchable” in robotics. 11. Drone deliveries surge – with Amazon expected to complete its first drone delivery in the UK and Walmart expected to begin deploying them in the US next year, 2017 will be a turning point for the skies. 12. Space exploration takes off – space exploration is reaching a tipping point. Reduced costs are being driven by reusable flight systems, increased payloads and machine-learning algorithms. NASA will also be launching missions in 2017, further advancing the opportunities in space. 13. Autonomous vehicles on the move – 2017 will usher in the launch of the first level-3 autonomous vehicle – a vehicle that is able to fully take over from the driver. n


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Vol 101 - January 2017


Diarise this

A list of industry-specific events and exhibitions to mark on your calendar 10 - 12 February 2017

21 - 22 February 2017

22 - 23 February 2017

EXPO SUMMIT AFRICA CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Expo Summit Africa 2017 will provide the necessary platform for the African exhibition industry to expand with bigger, world-class exhibitions. The event will bring together exhibitors and the international organisers who are interested in launching their shows in Africa, and those who are looking for local partners. The conference will help local organisers to improve their internal processes and expose them to the latest exhibition trends. The balanced mix of international and local speakers will make the event worthwhile to attend.

AFRICA ENERGY INDABA SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG This two-day event will cover power generation products and services; oil and gas products and services; nuclear power; hydroelectric power; wave and tidal power generation services; geothermal technologies and services; bio fuels; lighting efficiency services; and related products and services. The show also presents renowned delegates and speakers, and will create a space for business meetings, technical workshops and business management programmes.

E-COMMERCE AFRICA CONFEX CAPE TOWN INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE In 2016, global e-commerce sales are expected to reach just shy of $2-trillion, yet Africa represents only about 2% of this. The third annual E-commerce MoneyAfrica Confex track will focus on innovations in African FinTech products, from payments and lending through to a plethora of financial and consumer services currently shaping commerce on the continent.

Got something going on? Upcoming event? Send the details and an image to for publication on our Events page.

28 Feb - 01 March 2017

MEETINGS AFRICA JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA Meetings Africa is a two-day event addressing Africa’s diverse offering of services and products. African associations and African meetings industry professionals can partner to help transform the continent.

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industry insights


my office magazine

Vol 101 - January 2017

industry insights

The stationery industry: Ice Age or Golden Age? The second in a two-part article exploring the future of the stationery industry

The Golden Age There is a way forward for the industry, but it will involve a lot of hard work on behalf of both retailers and suppliers. The “showroom effect” – where retailers provide all the services necessary to make a sale, only for the customer to order directly online or place their order with another retailer offering a discount – is a very real issue. Many retailers are ready to throw in the towel because they cannot continue to operate in such an unsustainable environment. The better the retailer, the more they seemed to suffer: the best retailers invest a great deal of time, money and energy to create systems and processes for in-store operations like appointments, education, and order processing; in hiring individuals who are highly personable and extremely attentive to detail; in paying higher wages to retain those valuable employees; in extensive training to ensure the delivery of exceptional service and expertise; and also in marketing to attract and retain an end customer. Undercutting retailers By offering Web promotions, like free shipping and online-only products,

customers create an uneven playing field for retailers, undercutting them and reducing their sales. Suppliers need to avoid helping consumers undercut retailers. Discounting Discounting dilutes brands, diminishing their value. It also impacts retail partners by contributing to the “showroom effect”. When one retailer offers a discount unavailable through the retailer who had provided all of the service to the customer, the customer is incentivised to spend money elsewhere. Retail partners Suppliers should identify their topperforming retailers. Typically, 80% of product sales come from just 20% of product retailers. There are a set of characteristics common to top-tier retailers: • Systems for customer appointments, order submission, proof review and approval, and order tracking; • Employee hiring and retention practices that result in a stable, dedicated team of individuals who are both personable and detail-oriented;

Extensive staff training on products, ordering processes and general sales techniques; • A strong commitment to customer service, exhibited in staff training and high customer satisfaction ratings; • Systems for marketing that are effective in identifying, attracting and retaining the retailer’s ideal customer; • Systems for promoting a brand and products through e-mail communications, blog posts and social media efforts; and • A spirit of partnership to create success. Top-tier retailers should be rewarded for providing exceptional service and sales. This can serve as an incentive to improve their processes and even to take part in outside training to enhance their marketing and sales efforts. Commission Even if the majority of incentives for customers to engage in “showrooming” are removed, there still a reason for customers to order online: sales tax. The issue of collecting sales tax for online transactions is extremely complex. However, suppliers could pay retailers my office magazine


industry insights

commission (less the credit card fee). For example, when a customer purchases something they could be required to select from a drop-down menu of retailers answering the question “which of our retailer partners should we credit with this sale?”. The drop-down list will be populated with retailers in the customer’s geographic area, based on their postal code entered for shipping the order. “Other” and “Not Applicable” options are also available. In the next stage of the process, the customer is asked to provide a quick rating of their experience with the selected retailer using a 5-star scale. This data could then be fed into a retailer incentive programme. Retailer-friendly marketing tools Suppliers need to make it easier for retailers to sell more of their product. They can do so by: • Creating effective in-store promotions and publishing them on social media and online channels; • Providing retailers with links to


my office magazine

• • •

download any professional-quality images of products for use in their social media outreach; Creating ready-made blog posts that retailers can use to quickly and easily publish a blog post about supplier products, the company and the promotion; Providing templates for Facebook and Twitter posts; Ensuring retail partners are easy to locate online; and Providing ideas for visual in-store displays and unique store window ideas, so as to better merchandise and feature products. This can include signage that gives the customer more information about the product and brand.

Conclusion The current way in which the stationery industry is operating with a lack of clarity of long-term goals, a lack of alignment in incentives, and a lack of mutual support between trading partners is not sustainable.

The good news is that the situation is not irreparable – yet. It just takes one key player in any industry to take a bold stance and lead the way forward. Their clarity and success will then inspire others to follow suit. Before you know it, we will find ourselves in a Golden Age of abundance and success in the stationery industry. The key is that, for a significant shift like this to take place and produce the intended results, retailers and manufacturers alike need to bring clarity and an unwavering commitment to excellence in their sector. And, once they demonstrate that commitment to excellence, they need to be rewarded fairly. The reality is that we are creating our own destiny through our collective actions and inactions. So, let’s consider both scenarios and then make a choice as to the future we’d like to create. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HOLLY BRETSCHNEIDER, FOUNDER AND CEO OF BLUE SKY BUSINESS ACADEMY

Vol 101 - January 2017

Funky staplers and punches for the BRIGHT at heart!

Working for you

back to office


my office magazine

Vol 101 - January 2017

back to office

New year, new gear Start 2017 off on the right foot with all the back-to-office essentials Stationery One of the best ways to reduce stress in the new year is to know where everything is. Use these handy tools to ensure your desk is always neat and orderly. Desk organisers Desktop organisers are key for keeping a variety of smaller items in order and within easy reach. Circular or square in shape, desk organisers are made from steel, plastic or eco-friendly, recycled materials and bamboo. They are offered in a range of styles and colours, and have separate compartments of varying sizes that are designed to hold rulers, pens, pencils and erasers, and organise smaller stationery items such as paper clips and rubber bands. More sophisticated desk organisers can even include tape dispensers and built-in clocks. Paper clip holders Paper clips have a bad habit of getting into every nook and cranny of the office. Paper clip holders are small boxes that are either magnetised or non-magnetic. Magnetised paper clip holders are more useful as paper clips are made of metal and stick together. Many offer non-slip rubberised or felt bottoms so they stay in one spot. Clipboards These handy items help to keep documents grouped together and provide

a flat, hard surface on which to write while on the move. Clipboards are made from a variety of material, including PVC, chipboard and wood. The clipboard contains a clip mechanism along the top which opens to receive paper and closes to hold it in place. Clipboards are ideal in warehouse-type environments or for people on the go, such as couriers. Letter trays Before the advent of e-mail, letter trays were the original inbox and outbox. They are important items that help organise the documents on your desk into two simple categories: to be done and finished. They generally come as separate units which are stackable to make up multiple tiers for people who have more than two categories in mind. Letter trays can be open-sided or be closed with sliding drawers. They are made from a range of materials, including plastic, wood, wire mesh and pressed metal. Business cards and holders Business cards are a must for most employees as it is an easy and convenient way to give out necessary information about a business, while displaying the company’s identity. Traditional business cards measure 89mm x 50mm and are made from card that is usually 300gsm. When having a business card designed, remember that it should ideally be able to fit into a wallet without falling into the fold. If your business card is bigger than a my office magazine


back to office bank card, it is unlikely to fit into a wallet. Business card holders are useful for staff members who hand out business cards on a regular basis, such as those who work in reception. There are a number of different types of holders. At its most basic, a business card hold is a plastic box or stand that supports a number of cards at once. These are easily accessible for both staff and members of the public. More sophisticated holders are created in album form, with individual plastic pockets for each card. This is more suited to people who have collected cards for the purpose of lead generation or the creation of a contact list, and want to store them in a way that will protect them from dirt, light and moisture. Paper cubes Paper cubes are handy boxes of paper that have been cut to a uniform size (usually 7,5cm x 7,5cm). They are ideal for having next to the telephone so you can jot down messages, phone numbers and other information to pass on to someone else. Paper cubes and their refills come in a range of colours, including plain white, pastel or neon colours, or in mixed colours. The paper cube itself has a cut-away on the front so that the paper is easy to access even when the paper is nearing the box of the box. A paper cube refill usually comes in 600 sheets. Post-it notes Post-it notes (or sticky notes) are small pieces of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue at the back. This pressuresensitive adhesive allows the notes to be easily attached, removed and re-posted a few times without leaving residue. They are made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces, and are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Post-it note dispensers are ideal for the office environment as they provide an easily-accessible box to house the notes, preventing clutter. Envelopes It is a good idea for any office to carry a range of envelopes for use on a daily basis. Envelopes can be padded with additional material, such as bubble wrap, for fragile items. These are used most often for posting multiple items. Normal envelopes are unpadded. Some of them have a clear window through which the address is displayed. The envelope flap may be on the top or along the side of the envelope.


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Envelopes come in a vast array of sizes. A letter-sized envelope is usually 110mm Ă— 220mm. These take a sheet of A4 paper folded into three, and are ideal for posting letters. Other useful sizes to have are A5 (162mm x 229mm) and A4 (229mm Ă— 324mm). Envelopes are usually white or brown, but can be found in every colour of the rainbow. Some envelopes have an adhesive gum on the back that requires a liquid (such as saliva) to make it sticky. Others are self-adhesive, and come with a strip which you peel off to expose the sticky area.

Technology Mouse pads A mouse pad is a useful and convenient tool for those who use a mouse every day. It works by providing the mouse with a better surface to move over, preventing jitters. Modern mouse pads are typically made of lesser-density rubber composites with fabric bonded to the upper surface. However, many other types of material have been used, including fabric, plastics, recycled rubber tyres, silicone rubber, leather, glass, cork, wood, aluminium, stone and stainless steel. Some mouse pads include a padded wrist rest to. 3G modems These are extremely useful tools for workers who are on the move. Available from most computer shops, 3G modems

require SIM cards to work because they connect to a cellular network rather ADSL Internet. Many businesses take out contracts with cellular providers in order to get preferential rates. Modems have an internal antenna with which to acquire signal, but they can be purchased with additional external antennae for use in areas with poorer signal. Styluses A stylus is a hard, pointed tool used as a method of input on touchscreenenabled devices, such as tablet PCs, to accurately navigate menus. It is useful in dirty environments as it helps to prevent the device’s screen from getting dirty. Styluses are also used by courier companies so their customers can sign electronic delivery forms. Many smartphones have a built-in stylus which tucks in behind the back cover. Some styluses may extend and contract into small, pen-like cylinders. Styluses can be passive (or capacitive) which means that they act just like a finger when touching a screen. There is no electronic communication between a passive stylus and a device. An active stylus includes electronic components that communicate with the touchscreen controller on a device. Active pens are typically used for note taking, on-screen drawing/painting and electronic document annotation. These styluses can be found in many different styles. Vol 101 - January 2017

back to office Wrist rests Wrist supports are essential for employees who spend most of their day using a mouse or typing at a keyboard. The additional supports provided by a wrist rest can minimise pain and mitigate the onset of carpel tunnel syndrome. Wrist rests can be small and square to fit in front of a mouse, or long and rectangular to fit in front of a keyboard. They are usually made of durable, comfortable materials such as highquality foam or silicon. Copy holders Also known as typing stands, these useful 1items attach to a desk or computer and are used by administrative staff that need to read from and type out documents while working on a computer. Some copy holders are standalone items. In general, a copy holder offers vertical or horizontal rotation, line guides for easy place-holding and clips to hold documents in place. Computer stands Computer stands are essential for the correct positioning of the head and neck for anyone who uses a computer all day. They ensure ergonomic positioning of the

body, which helps to decrease aches and pains while boosting productivity. A simple computer stand is available in the form of a laptop tilt. These are ergonomically angled pieces of moulded plastic which allow ventilation of the device. A more complicated computer stand holds a computer screen, allowing it to be lifted via an adjustable arm. The screen is then angled in an ergonomic fashion, or rotated vertically or horizontally. iPad covers also provide an upright stand adjustment, allowing the device to stand vertically on the desk for easy reading. This relieves both neck and back strain. Cable organisers Cables tend to clutter up a workspace, and many of the devices used in the office environment have at least one cable for charging. These days, one worker can have a PC, a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet. To prevent getting tangled in all these wires, make use of a cable organiser. They come in the form of wire clips, clamps or plastic sleeving which is run behind the desk to the plug point. They are used for bundling desktop cables together, protecting them and keeping them neat. Not only do

cable organisers keep your desk tidy, but they also form part of occupational health and safety regulations. Multi-chargers These handy devices allow for the charging of multiple devices at once. Especially useful for mobile work environments, they offer high-speed charging for multiple devices at once. They can be device agnostic and work in a range of environments, such as vehicles. They keep the modern worker connected at all times. Docking stations A docking station (or port replicator) provides a simplified way of “pluggingin” an electronic device to common peripherals. Docks are not standardised because of the wide range of dockable devices, which all have different connectors, power signalling and uses. Bear in mind the types of devices you have when choosing a docking station. Docking stations are mainly used for charging devices, offering media output (such as playing audio) and enhancing connectivity by providing additional ports. n

LEITZ ILAM TOUCH A4 TURBO LAMINATOR Fully automatic A4 high speed premium laminator with unique sensor technology. Recognises document thickness and automatically selects the best speed. Only 5 min. warm-up time. For professional use. No complicated settings – all you need to know is on and off • Max Pouch 250 (500) micron • 25 seconds to laminate one 80 (160) • Auto Reverse Function micron A4 sheet • 4 Rollers, no carrier needed • Low Energy Consumption, auto shut-off • Photo Friendly • 3 Year Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty • LED countdown

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ISTAY NON SLIP STAP The non slip strap prevents your bag from falling of your shoulder. UK Chiropractor approved to help reduce back problems. Ideal for someone on the go or just to improve the look of your existing laptop or tablet bags. The full range of iStay bags available at D.O.S. • Multiple colours – Red, White, Grey and Black • Web finish to allow air through strap reduce heat • Double stitching • Fits any D-link on any bag

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arts and crafts

Why craft?

There are numerous health benefits to crafting


articipating in arts and crafts has many benefits for both the mind and the body. While there is no extensive research specifically on crafting yet, neuroscientists are beginning to see how studies on cognitive activities like crossword puzzles could also apply to complex quilting patterns.

Experts are touting the mental health benefits of the zen-like state that can be reached while painting or sewing. “When we are involved in [creativity], we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life,” says psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. “You know that what you need to do is possible to do, even though difficult, and sense of time disappears. You forget yourself. You feel part of something larger.” Improve your mood Whether you are by yourself, crafting with your significant other, or having a craft party, activating those creative juices can be a great mood enhancer. When you craft with other people, it can turn into a social


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affair. Even after you finish, the sense of pride you’ll have when people ask you about your piece will improve your mood. Boost your brainpower The focus required while crafting is an effective way of exercising the brain for people of all ages. There have been many studies done that connect crafting with the reduced chances of mental deterioration over time. Also, crafting activates areas of the brain that are not as active during the routine work you may be used to. When you start crafting, you have a certain target in your mind and there’s a certain outcome that you expect. The next step is using trial and error to figure out ways of achieving that final product. You learn from your mistakes; you know what you did wrong the first time which you’ll remember to bypass the next time. Your brain remembers these steps, invigorating your mental capacity and improving your ability to remember and retrieve information. Grow your support systems Crafting provides a unique social atmosphere where not only are you focusing on your craft, but you are also connecting with the people you are crafting with. Crafting promotes natural conversation through the pieces you are

creating and the questions and answers that come along with it. Being involved in crafts with others ensures you will have similar minds working with you. It will make you happier, and you’ll meet new creative people and make new friends. You will also learn from and share with others. Improve hand-eye co-ordination The physical movements that are required in crafting develop your hand-eye coordination, improving your spatial senses and making you mentally active and sharp. Whether you are working on a large woodworking project or a delicate dream catcher, careful hand-eye co-ordination is required. Modern lifestyles dictate that many of don’t get to use our hands and make something as often as we would like. Crafting gives us a way to use those hands for something else besides typing. We learn our hand-eye co-ordination early in life while crafting at nursery school, but these skills need to be maintained. Fight aging Crafting helps to keep the mind young through focus, meditation and improved visual-spatial co-ordination. The social aspect of doing crafts together improves your mental state and keeps your people skills up-to-date. Vol 101 - January 2017

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arts and crafts

Meditate and focus Activities like knitting, crocheting or sewing follow a certain rhythm and pattern. This rhythmic flow of movements is a form of meditation, and makes you feel relaxed through productive distraction. Crafting is also being called the “new yoga” because of its healthy effects on the brain. When you are working on a certain project, you need to focus on it completely to get the desired result. A wrong stitch can have you restarting the entire piece, so you have to focus all your attention in one place. This improves your focusing skills in the long run, helping you in other areas of your life. A sense of achievement Crafting lifts your mood and spirits. A feeling of achievement is created by meeting the challenge and having the end product in front of you. Being accomplished at a craft provides a sense of pride and boosts self-esteem. Increase patience and persistence Initially, when you start creating things you might not get the hang of it as quickly as you expected, or you may get it wrong the first few times, you may get frustrated. But as you continue you learn patience and persistence, and you learn not to give up. This is another skill that is applicable in multiple areas of your life. Discover new aspects of your personality Many of us don’t know what we are capable of until we actually start doing it. You will never know your own abilities until you truly challenge yourself, set new standards and work towards them. Don’t restrict yourself to a certain “type” and be willing to learn new things. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PNA



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industry news

Waltons, Mondi initiative helps the rhinos

PNA opens new store in Umhlanga

A joint initiative by Bidvest Waltons and Mondi Rotatrim saw the Pilanesberg National Park & Wildlife Trust receive R52 645 from reams of paper sold during September and October. The money was used in part to successfully notch and DNA two rhino: a female called Wandi; and a male calf called Molton. “Without financial support from companies like Waltons, this work would not be possible and rhinos would be that much more vulnerable,” said the Pilanesberg National Park & Wildlife Trust in a statement.

PNA has opened a new store in the Pearls of Umhlanga – a resort style residential development in Umhlanga, north of Durban. The new store is located at the Pearls Shopping Centre, on the corner of Lagoon Drive and Mc Causland Crescent.

Black Friday discounting shows retail malaise After Checkers pioneered the introduction of Black Friday – the US shopping day after Thanksgiving – in South Africa in 2014, we’ve seen other retailers steadily adopt the sales “event”. This year, however, practically every retail chain in the country hopped on the proverbial bandwagon. Seen through the lens of sales falling off a cliff, as they have, it’s not hard to arrive at the conclusion that retailers are completely desperate for sales growth. Statistics South Africa revealed earlier this month that retail sales were up only 0,9% year-on-year in the third quarter. The textiles, clothing, footwear and leather goods category (with the second largest weighting (about a fifth), was up only 0,1% in that period. The numbers for this sector are boosted by a 3,8% jump in July (perhaps the effect of the late arrival of winter). Since then, the decline has been accelerating, with a 1,4% drop in August and 1,5% in September. The furniture, appliances and equipment category is enduring an even more torrid time, with a third quarter decline of 5,8%. Mr Price Group, in its horror show of an interim results report this month, painted a bleak picture of the South African consumer. They “are feeling the strain” and “diverting spend to essential items”, while “durables and semi-durables are under intense


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pressure” and the “basket value increase [is] lower than retail selling price inflation and customers [are] shopping less often”. It’s not facing these intense headwinds alone. Results from Holdsport, Edcon, TFG, Truworths International and even supposedly “resilient” market-darling Woolworths have (largely) revealed declining so-called “comparable sales”. The only growth has come from inflation and expanding store bases (which have also, mostly, hit a ceiling). Keith McLachlan, of AlphaWealth, detailed on Wednesday just how alarming these warning signs are. The Black Friday mania, therefore, should be seen in this context. Even large shopping malls like Menlyn Park (which open after a substantial refurbishment and extension), Sandton City, Canal Walk and the V&A Waterfront got in on the action (Rosebank Mall offered zero-rate parking for the day). The theory is, quite obviously, simple: drive sales and footfall by sacrificing margin, and bank on those extra customers shopping more (and, as a bonus, possibly buying items not on sale). You can expect that suppliers, in the grocery space, have been squeezed to provide even larger volume discounts (a trend that has become entrenched in the market in the past year). For clothing retailers, in particular, heavy discounting

in a promotion like this helps move stock that isn’t exactly flying off the shelves – a problem, given the seasonality inherent in the industry. Shoprite Group’s Checkers, Pick n Pay and Massmart’s Makro, Game and Dion Wired were all in on the action. In the clothing space, TFG’s brands including Foschini, Markham, Fabiani, Totalsports and Sportscene have seemingly stolen a march on their bricks-and-mortar rivals. All heavily promoted Black Friday-related sales, as did Superbalist, Spree and Zando in the online space. Some, including Game, Makro as well as the country’s largest online retailer, Takealot, ran sales from Friday to Monday (Game actually started on the Thursday night). Edcon’s CNA ran promotions on its technology products, as did JD Group’s (Steinhoff) Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp. Even Dis-Chem and Clicks – and Wimpy – ran Black Friday deals. If the activity is this frenzied this year, what will it look like if the wheels really fall off the retail sector in the next 12 months? With shopping mall developments peaking and that market reaching saturation, you can bank on centres increasingly driving (and banking on) this promotion from 2017. Source: Hilton Tarrant for www. Vol 101 - January 2017

eco news

Go green at the office in2017 Make helping the environment one of your New Year’s resolutions


ith the average work week tallying up to 40 hours per week, office workers need to think about the effects their energy consumption and operational habits have on the world around us.

Below is a list of simple things you can do to ensure your office is more environmentally friendly this year: XX Copy and print on both sides of paper. XX Shut off electrical equipment when you leave work. XX Reuse items such as envelopes, folders and paper clips. XX Use mailer sheets for interoffice mail instead of an envelope. XX Set up a bulletin board for memos instead of sending a copy to each employee. XX Use e-mail instead of paper for correspondence. XX Make use of recycled paper. XX Use discarded paper for scrap paper. XX Encourage your company to print documents with soy-based inks, which are considerably less toxic. XX Ask your employer to consider flexible work schedules or telecommuting to save on carbon emissions. XX Recycle printer cartridges.

XX Fix any company vehicles with high smoke emissions. XX Use solar power for office and water heating. XX Use low-VOC or water-based paints, stains, finishes and paint strippers in the office. XX Paint with brushes or rollers instead of using spray paints to minimise harmful emissions. XX Consider purchasing furniture items from a second-hand store – items are often in excellent condition since they are used for such a short period of time, and the store will generally buy them back when you no longer need them. XX Invest in a reusable ceramic coffee cup, which not only cuts down on waste, but keeps your beverage hot for a much longer time. XX Consider if you really need a paperback phone book, and if not cancel your copy. Some estimate that telephone books make up almost 10% of waste at dump sites. XX Use an e-ticket when flying for business – the cost of processing a paper ticket is approximately 10 times the cost of producing an e-ticket. XX Download your software instead of making use of CD-ROMs. XX Receive and pay your bills online. XX Use rechargeable batteries in office items. Introduce these simple practices into your everyday work life, and before you know it you will see that going green in your office has become second nature to you. n ACKNOWLEDGEMENT WWW.DRIVESOUTHAFRICA.CO.ZA

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PENCIL LEADS BIC South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Criterium 0.5mm leads Pentel S.A (Pty) Ltd - Ain lead, standard lead - various grades

PENS BIC South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Clic, Crystal, Orange and Prismo Palm Stationery Manufacturers Penflex - Penflex ballpoints and rollerballs Pentel S.A (Pty) Ltd - Superb Ballpoint, Energel Pen Power Stationery - Powerstar Staedtler SA (Pty) Ltd - Ball point, Fineliner, Gel and Pigment liner pens

PEN CARBON BOOKS Power Stationery - Powerstar RBE - NCR Business Books

PERSONAL STATIONERY CTP Stationery - Home office and personal filing system, diaries Grafton/Star

PLANNING BOARDS AND ACCESSORIES Parrot Products - Range of year planners, term planners, maps and in/out boards. custom printed boards designed to specification. Rexel Office Products - NOBO planners

PRINTER CONSUMABLES KMP - For computer consumables. Kolok - Epson (inkjet, large format etc), Lexmark, HP, Brother (Toners and Inks), Oki (Toners, inks and Ribbons), Tally Genicom (Ribbons), Seikosha (Ribbons), Panasonic (Toners and Ribbons), Kyocera (Toners), Printronix (Ribbons), IBM (Ribbons), Ricoh (Toners), Fujitsu (Ribbons), Pantum (Toners) Royce Imaging Industries Remanufacturers and suppliers of inkjet and laser cartridges Technical Systems Engineering Suppliers of quality compatible cartridges and bulk inks for Epson, Canon, Lexmark, HP and Samsung PUNCHES AND PERFORATORS Krost Office Products Parrot Products - Parrot range of punches Power Stationery - Powerstar Rexel Office Products - Rexel


R RUBBER STAMPS Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co. - Trodat RUBBER STAMP MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - AZ Liquid polymer, TROTEC laser engraver, flash system


PRINTING Kolok - Epson, Lexmark (Hardware), HP Printers, Oki (Hardware) Pantum, Samsung Olivetti Imports - Distributors of Multifunctional Printers / Copiers

RULERS Palm Stationery Manufacturers Power Stationery - Powerstar Penflex - PENFLEX rulers

Star Stationers and Printers Unicopy & Stationers CC - for all your printing & stationery requirements

Working for you

Fusion 3100L

Fusion 5000L

Fusion 5100L




SLATES Parrot Products - Whiteboard and chalk board

SCHOLASTIC SUPPLIES BSC Stationery Sales - Treeline CTP Stationery Empire Toy & Stationery - Butterfly Flip File - Flip File display books A5, A4, A2, A3 Gordon’s Productions - contact paper woodgrain, marble, pattern designs. Magic cover back to school clear and coloured self adhesive paper. (4M rolls, A4 and lever arch). Plastic coated brownkraft rolls and pre-cut polythene covers. Grafton Paper Products Palm Stationery Manufacturers Parrot Products - chalk boards/slates Power Stationery - Powerstar Pyrotec - Tower Adhesive Book Cover 45cm x 2m

STAMPS, STAMP PADS AND INKS Kemtek Imaging Systems - Distributor of Brother Stampcreator PRO Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Trodat, pre-inked stamps, stamp and fingerprint pads STAPLING MACHINES AND STAPLES Interstat Agencies - Genmes Krost Office Products Parrot Products - Parrot range of staplers Rexel Office Products - Rexel range

SCISSORS AND CUTTERS Palm Stationery Manufacturers Power Stationery - Powerstar Rexel Office Products SCRAPBOOKING Rexel Office Products - Trimmers and guillotines Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Making memories, Clearsnap, Marvy, Ranger, Bazzill, Carl SHREDDERS AND ACCESSORIES AZ Trading - DSB, Kobra, Roto, Repairs to all makes D.O.S - Kobra Kolok - GEHA entry level and high-end shredders Nikki Distributors - Nikki shredders Parrot Products - Parrot range of value shredders Rexel Office Products - Rexel range Maynards Office Technology - IDEAL Shredders & Guillotines – SA Distributors

STATIONERY SUNDRIES - SCHOLASTIC CTP Stationery - DONAU Scissors and cutting knives Palm Stationery Manufacturers - New Wave Power Stationery - Powerstar

STORAGE SYSTEMS CTP Stationery - Archiving Systems Suspension Files Kolok - Verbatim (hard drives, USB sticks etc), HP, Sandisk Rexel Office Products - Storage boxes Specialised Filing Systems - Filing Tidy Files - Filing solutions

THERMAL ROLLS Rotunda (Pty) Ltd. TONERS AND CARTRIDGES KMP - Computer consumables Kolok - Penguin (Inkjets and Laser toners), Epson, Lexmark, HP, Canon, Pantum (toners), OKI, Samsung TOP RETRIEVAL FILING Optiplan a div of Waltons - Paper based top retrieval filing systems Specialised Filing Systems - Total Solution and more Tidy Files - Complete onsite and offsite filing solutions TOYS, HOBBIES AND GAMES Pyrotec - Toby Tower Stickers and Activities TRANSFER LETTERING AND SIGNS Parrot Products - Vinyl lettering TRANSPARENCIES Kolok - Penguin transparencies for inkjet and laser OEM, Penguin and HP Transparencies Rexel Office Products - NOBO range

T TAPES Palm Stationery Manufacturers TELECOMMUNICATIONS Nikki Distributors - Siemens office phones TELEX ROLLS AND TELETEX PAPER Rotunda (Pty) Ltd.

Spend 98% less time shredding*


AUTOFEED *Max saving when using an Auto+ 500X compared to a traditional feed shredder in a similar price level.

Auto+ 60X

Auto+ 80X

Auto+ 100X | 100M

buyers’ guide

See page 46 for contact details


DID YOU KNOW? • The Buyers’ Guide is an affordable way to highlight your brands while simultaneously introducing up-and-coming stockists to the trade. • The Buyers’ Guide is a valuable sourcing tool to market your business and the brands that you carry. • To book space, contact Wendy on or (011) 781 0088.

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Auto+ 200X

Auto+ 300X | 300M

Auto+ 500X | 500M

Auto+ 750X | 750M

CONTACT DETAILS HERE African Filing Systems

Kolok - Port Elizabeth


011 614 9445


086 540 6892

AZ Trading (

086 111 4407


011 792 9732

BIC South Africa (Pty) Ltd ( 7

011 474 0181 011 474 6068

PO BOX 43144, Industria, 2042 16 Maraisburg Road, Industria, 2042

BSC Stationery Sales (

011 086 2900

Box 278, Brakpan, 1540


011 420 3322

CTP Stationery (

011 226 5600

Box 43501, Industria, 2042


011 474 9242

Dis Cartridges (

011 609 3437/9

PO Box 75881, Gardenview 2047


011 609 3448

D.O.S (Denton Office Solutions) (

086 000 7468


086 237 4614

Empire Toy & Stationery (

011 614 2243

Box 261524, Excom, 2023


011 614 3075

Flip File (

021 638 3105

Box 2190, Clareinch, 7740


021 633 6942



041 406 9900

Box 3163, North End, 6056


011 837 4119

Box 1445, Crown Mines, 2025


041 406 9920


011 837 8917

Rexel Office Products

Kolok - Namibia (

00264 (61)370500

Box 40797, Ausspannplatz, Namibia


00264 (61)370525

Kolok - Nelspruit (

013 758 2233

Box 4338, White River, 1240


013 758 2235

Kolok - Bloemfontein


011 226 3300


011 837 2781

Rotunda (Pty) Ltd. (

021 799 5770


021 761 5601

15 Hillstar Avenue, Wetton, 7780

Royce Imaging Industries (

011 792 9530


011 792 9480

Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Head Office


051 433 1876

PvtBag X01, Brandhof, Bloemfontein


051 433 2451

Kolok - Botswana (

00267 393 2669

PvtBag B0226, Bontleng, Gaborone


00267 317 0762

Krost Office Products (

011 626 2067

Box 75401, Gardenview, 2047


011 626 2912


031 465 3992

P O Box 41259, Rossburgh, 4072


031 465 1669

Maynards - Olympus Audio S.A / Olivetti Distributors


011 262 1400

Box 931, Wendywood, 2144


011 262 1414

Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Cape Town (

021 448 7008

Box 931, Wendywood, 2144


021 448 7014

Rubber Stamp & Engraving Co - Durban (

083 377 4109

Box 931, Wendywood, 2144


031 266 1082

South African Diaries (

021 442 2340

Box 4862, Cape Town, 8000


021 442 2341

Staedtler SA (Pty) Ltd (

011 579 1600


011 608 3497

Specialised Filing Systems

Global Envelopes


011 477 0640


011 477 3528

Star Stationers and Printers


031 465 5544


031 465 5634


Suite 69, PvtBag X4, Kloof, 3640

Merpak Envelopes


031 569 1061


011 719 7700


031 569 1094


011 885 3174

Technical Systems Engineering

Gordon’s Productions ( 7

031 705 8713 031 705 8714

Grafton/Star Paper Products

0860 00 1922


011 262 0777

Box 550, Bergvlei, 2012

Nikki - Cape Town


011 708 2304

Box 1532, Northriding, 2162


011 262 0780


0860 006731


011 708 1799


0800 204868

Tidy Files

Hortors Stationery (

011 620 4800

Box 1020, Johannesburg, 2000

Nikki - Durban


086 612 4663


0860 006731



0800 204868


011 837 8045


011 837 7442

Ink Spot Suppliers (

011 854 3013


011 852 3013

( 7

031 569 6550 031 569 6559


Nikki - Johannesburg

Interstat Agencies - Durban

011 943 4210


0860 006731

Tower (Division of Pyrotec) - Cape Town


0800 204868


021 787 9600


021 787 9791

PvtBag X1, Capricorn Square, 7948

Box 201707, Durban North, 4016

Nikki - Pretoria


0860 006731

Tower (Division of Pyrotec) - Johannesburg


0800 204868


011 611 1820

59 Lepus Rd, Crown Mines, 2025


011 611 1834

Interstat Agencies - Cape Town (

021 551 9555

Box 36696, Chempet, 7442

Optiplan a division of Waltons


021 557 5456


011 620 4000

Pencil Park, Croxley Close, Herriotdale

Tower (Division of Pyrotec) Durban


086 681 8256


031 701 0192

Box 594, Pinetown, 3600


031 701 1285

Interstat Agencies - Port Elizabeth (

041 453 2558

Box 27693, Greenacres, 6057

Palm Stationery


041 453 8504


031 507 7051

Unicopy & Stationers CC


031 507 7053


031 201 8415

122 Che Guevara Road, Glenwood, 4001


031 201 8672

Kemtek Imaging Systems (

011 624 8000

Box 86173, City Deep, 2049

Parrot Products


0866 101 185


Kemtek Imaging Systems - Cape ( 7

021 521 9600 021 551 5032


011 607 7600 011 615 2502



011 226 5600

Box 43501, Industria, 2042


011 474 9242

Box 181, Cape Town, 8000



021 521 2400

Box 36964, Chempet, 7442


021 521 2402/3

Kemtek Imaging Systems - KZN (

031 700 9363

Box 15685, Westmead, 3608

Pentel S.A (Pty) Ltd


031 700 9369


011 474 1427/8

Box 202, Crown Mines, 2025


011 474 5563

Kemtek Imaging Systems - PE (

041 582 5222

Box 15685, Westmead, 3608


041 582 5224

Kemtek Imaging Systems - PTA (

012 804 1410

PO Box 816, Silverton, 0127


012 804 4286


021 709 0190

Box 183, Steenberg, 7947


021 709 0199

Kolok - Head Office (

011 248 0300

Box 4151, Johannesburg, 2000


011 248 0381

Kolok - Cape Town

Powerhouse Dictation (

011 887 1056


086 555 3833

Power Stationery (

032 533 4003

Box 1305, Verulam, 4340


032 533 3254

Press Products (

011 493 6332


011 499 1019

Pyrotec (

021 787 9600

PvtBag X1, Capricorn Square, 7948


021 787 9791

RBE Stationery Manufacturers (Pty) Limited


021 597 2700

Box 6385, Roggebaai, 8012


021 297 2799

Kolok - Durban (

031 570 4900

Box 4206, Riverhorse Valley East, 4017


031 569 6880

Kolok Polokwane


031 205 7092

Redfern Print Services - Johannesburg


015 298 8795

Box 862, Ladanna, 0704


015 298 8315

my office magazine


011 793 7321


011 793 7348

Reboni Furniture Group (

086 173 2664


086 627 7737

Redfern Print Services - Cape Town (

021 552 9680

Box 403, Milnerton, 7435


021 552 9681

Redfern Print Services - Durban (

031 205 9598

Vol 101 - January 2017

crime alert

South Africa Phishing Scammers use phishing (an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or credit card details for malicious reasons) in order to obtain access to a victim’s money. To avoid being a victim of phishing, follow these tips: • Do not rely on SMS messages alone to confirm transactions (especially when selling goods online and expecting funds from third parties). These can easily be falsified. • Keep an eye on your monthly statements to identify unusual/ unauthorised transactions or behaviours. • Do not use public computers (such as at an Internet cafe) to conduct online banking or other sensitive tasks. Whaling Whaling is a specific kind of malicious hacking within the more general category of phishing, which involves hunting for data that can be used by the hacker. In general, phishing efforts are focused on collecting personal data about users. In whaling, the targets are high-ranking bankers, executives or others in powerful positions or job titles. Fraud Criminals frequently use tactics that play on


people’s emotions to commit fraud. They also use the tried-and-tested 419 scam – the kind of scam that informs you that you have inherited money from a benefactor; or that you have won a prize and to claim it you need to click on the link provided. During tax season, bogus e-mails supposedly sent from SARS telling you to click on a link to claim your refund abound. These criminals are usually trying to get hold of personal information, or attempting to gain access to sites that are password protected like Internet banking, mobile banking apps and online investment sites. They use the innocent victim’s identity details to commit ID fraud. Advance fee fraud This type of cybercrime results in the loss of significant amounts of money through the use of sophisticated social engineering techniques to trick people into making upfront payments for products and services; prize and lottery winnings; or various other opportunities which are never procured. Online scams Online scams are many and varied. Here are a few different types: • Online classified scams – scammers

pose as buyers and sellers on free classified ad Web sites such as Gumtree. They often enlist the help of a third party to handle payment or have excuses for not meeting face-to-face. Tip: Avoid offers for shipping and only pay when you have physically inspected or received the goods. • Online shopping scams – scammers use fake retail Web sites to advertise goods at low prices. The site looks legitimate, but the payment process will be suspicious. Scammers often ask for payment via money order/ transfer and do not use a secure online payment system. • Dating and romance scams – scammers create fake online profiles and lure in prospective romantic partners. They often pretend to be travelling or working abroad and play on emotions to get you to send them money. Online and SMS scams continue to be the most prevalent types of scams. A lot of Web sites that sell goods/ services have been hit by scammers who pose as prospective sellers or buyers. Most of these scams are after money and, in more severe cases, they want to steal personal information to commit identity fraud. n


Keeping shop-sa members abreast of criminal and fraudulent activity in the stationery and office products industry. To sponsor the Crime Alert page contact (011) 781 0088. REPORT CRIME TO Renew your Crime Alert sponsorship today! Call Wendy Dancer on (011) 781 0088 to book your logo placement on the Crime Alert page as an industry leader in transparency, information sharing and anti-crime business ethics.

my office magazine



Caption this!

Send us your funniest caption for the photograph below and you stand a chance to win a Rexel Joy A4 Laminator valued at R2 000. Send your Punchline and contact details to competitions@shop-sa. with Punchline in the subject line


Be Brighter with JOY! Brighten up your laminating with this simple colourful modern laminator. Ideal for occasional use in the office or home environment. Featured with hot and cold settings, it has been designed for use with A4 size pouches up to 2x125 microns. With a compact, slimline design it’s easy to store.

• • • • • •

Max Micron pouch 250 Hot and cold settings Occasional office/home use Jam release Colours: Pretty Pink and Blissful Blue Compact slimline design for easy storage


For the BRIGHT T at heart!

Rexel PUNCHLine Working for you

Matching staplers available

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Pushing innovation to the edge. Still the most powerful XPS, now also the smallest 15-inch laptop on the planet. With the latest Intel® Core™ processors, Windows 10 plus a virtually borderless InfinityEdge display with an UltraSharp™ 4K Ultra HD option, XPS 15 brings you both powerhouse performance and cutting-edge design. Find out more about the new XPS 15 at

The new XPS 15.

• 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor • Windows 10 Home FLEX COPY • 4GB Memory • 500GB Hard Drive

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Vol 101 issue 01 2017  

January issue of My Office Magazine - 2017

Vol 101 issue 01 2017  

January issue of My Office Magazine - 2017