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My Brothers and My Sisters Inc Edifying ~ Educating ~ Empowering My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. is a purpose driven ministry focused on encouraging, up-lifting, and educating individuals to become more like Christ. We believe in setting a new standard of ministry that will allow for new believers in Christ and seasoned individuals to change cultural perspectives and standard belief systems through educational venues, ministry moments, and cultural perspective outlooks. My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. will educate, build, up-lift, encourage, motivate, edify, cultivate, and invigorate all people associated with the ministry.


My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. is a ministry that is dedicated to encouraging, up-lifting, and building individuals within the faith that will be propelled to new levels in Christ. This ministry is seeking to change the world with new exciting tactics for God that will turn the Christian community upside down. My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. is predicated on educating, and reaching people of all ages that are looking to grow within the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. This ministry focuses on individuals who are looking to grow within the faith, and therefore have an understanding that this ministry will be prevalent within their lives. Purpose The purpose of this particular ministry is to educate people across the world that we live in a world that full of misconceptions, secular substitutes, and satanic plots looking to take you off track from what God is trying to do in your life. This ministry is meant to be a place of outlet for so many, therefore My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. is looking to bring individuals into a new and exciting place that will allow for change and a renewed sense of direction to take place within that person’s life. This ministry will offer new perspectives, questions, and topics that will challenge the believer and those who do not know Christ. It is our prayer that everyone involved with the ministry will be blessed by our efforts and therefore will be able to advance the kingdom in a way that believers have yet to see.

Ministry Outlook My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. has a plan that will expand to the World Wide Web, media outlets, and public events. We are looking to build a new standard among the Christian community and believers abroad. Vision

My Brothers and Sisters Inc. envisions a web-site that will be able to host the ministry and create an atmosphere that will be conducive to learning, worshiping, and celebrating Christ. As well, this ministry is looking to expand through public events, missionary opportunities, charitable events, conferences, empowerment sessions, seminars, and ministry moments. My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. is fully dedicated to completing the vision in which God has set before the leadership of My Brothers and My Sisters Inc. With this in mind, the ministry is embarking on a new venture that will be able to propose new technological advances through the church and the ministry as a whole.

My Brothers and My Sisters, Inc  

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