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I have always had an interest in photography and I have always admired taking photographs of buildings, sceneries and interiors of restaurants, shopping centres etc. the next 4 slides will showcase some of my final edited photograph pieces that I am most proud of! All photographs have been taken by myself.

CENTRAL LONDO I took a trip to London last year and found plenty of great opportunities to capture some of what I think to be quite amazing shots! Edited on software's like adobe Photoshop and illustrator I played with contrasts, saturations and different volumes of light to create some of these looks you see on my images! I thought I’d test my skills on the second image by making the people black and white to add a little something different to my usual style of editing.

N AND MANCHESTER In Manchester I stopped by a bar where I thought the interior design was well thought out as the design style was very abstract and the use of colour also stood out to me as red was a trending theme throughout the bar, secondly I thought building in the second photograph looked incredibly fascinating due to the delicate yet intricate design on the building facing front, there is a lot of structure and detail in this photograph which I like.


Last year was the year of travelling as I ended up flying out to Portugal! All 3 of these photographs were taken in Algarve, where I aimed to take pictures that had lots of the bright blue sky in as well as lots of group buildings as the brickwork they used there was colourful and much appealing, very different to the type of buildings and structures we see here in the UK!


In this instance I find this photograph that I took in Sheffield to be one of my favourite buildings, it is well known as being called the ‘cheese grater’ It was designed by architects Allies and Morrison. It holds the title for being one of the worlds most striking car parks and also came 3rd place in the “Inaugural World’s Coolest Car Park Awards” I think that this makes me proud as Sheffield is where I was born and I have a love for building like these, everything about the deign is detailed and well thought out, this photograph I took definitely gives the building the justice it deserves!