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{Spring 2009} UK ÂŁ14 / AU $30 A Big Breath Florence and the Machine Can we weather the storm? David Johnston Essay The man who built his own house Visionaire Danish fashion photographer Lars Hansen

{Spring 2009}

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42 Visionaire Danish photographer Lars Hansen

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Danish fashion photographer Lars Hansen remembers the day he was bitten by the photography bug like it was yesterday. . .

“I was thirt e e n y e a rs ol d a n d I h a d a gir l f r ie n d li v ing fif t e e n mil es away. I was r iding m y bik e to he r pl ace , A n d was in a speci a l mood, r e a dy to e x plor e the wor l d w ith m y n ew ca m e r a st r a ppe d a rou n d m y n eck. A f t e r t e n mil es I took a r est in the gr ass, ly ing the r e look ing at the su n. The r e w e r e flow e rs a n d insects so I sta rt e d ta k ing pict u r es of a lit tl e fly on a flow e r. I got ca r r ie d away. The light, the com posu r e , the colou rs, the sm e l ls... ev e ry thing! I w e n t on a n d on for hou rs. I cou l dn ’t stop. I r e a l ly lik e d m y gir l fr ie n d bu t because of M Y ope n ing to the photogr a ph y wor l d I ca m e six hou rs l at e .”

Girlfriends may have had to take a back seat in Lars’ life but only because his work appears to be a naturally occurring obsession; the need to photograph flows and art ensues. Lars’ work has a timeless quality and an aching moodiness, the narrative performing on the page. He plays beautifully with light and shadow. Shafts of light falling onto his models with inspired precision and his use of muted, murky colours set against splashes of colour, creates a nostalgic glamour. Educated in Denmark and graduating in 2000, Lars started his studio the same year with a portfolio that includes work for magazine titles like Esquire (his ‘playground’), Arena, Harpers and Queen and portraits of some big personalities, including the late Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode and Will Smith. Though his style is his own, Lars studies the way different artists go about their craft. Subtle traces of those he admires can be found in his own work. Steven Klein’s stories, Paolo Roversi’s romantic flair, Anton Corbikn’s highly contrasted

portraits and David Sims’ ability to capture movement are inspirational to Lars and manifest themselves in an ingenious, understated manner. Lars creates fashion photography with a story. Much of his work in menswear has the shadowy film noir feeling of the 1940s. Elegantly handsome men against dark cityscapes and rustic backdrops; the contrast of a striking ‘signature’. The look was created working at night using film lighting techniques. Typically, when lighting a fashion shoot the model is illuminated, then the background. To get the essence of film noir the traditional concept was inverted. The room was dimly lit with spots of light and the model worked into the various light settings. Lighting technique and the use of contrast is an important aspect of Lars’ photography and one that allows him to produce emotionally moving images wherever the location. Although having worked in stunning settings, Lars maintains, “most of my best pictures are still made in a stinky back alley near my home - good pictures are everywhere.” If you have Lar’s talent, that is…

Words by Elly King | Styling by Augur Inc. | Photography by Lars Hansen

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