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Down-Sizing Scheme Do you have bedrooms in your home that you no-longer need? Would you be interested in moving to a more manageable property?

Down-Sizing Sche We want to support more families to find housing and at the same time we can help if you have a property that is too big for your needs. You could potentially save on your heating, rent and other bills, giving you more money for life’s essentials. Many people consider moving from larger homes because: • children / others have left and the property is too large; • it can save on the costs of running a large house; • it can save on the cost of decorating, cleaning and the upkeep of a garden; • it can help you overcome mobility problems or the struggle with stairs; and • it can enable you to move to another area of your choice. As long as you are moving to a property with less bedrooms we can help you find a Stockport Homes property in an area of your choice. We can also support you to make your move as smooth as possible, by helping you with: • removal costs • gas, electric, and other utilities;

eme • ensuring a modern kitchen and bathroom is provided or planned; • adapting or renewing carpets or curtains; • decorating; • the condition of the garden; and • a package of furniture where required. You will receive a cash incentive of up to £3,250 depending on the number of bedrooms you surrender. You can either take the full amount, or choose to spend some or all of it on a range of removal services or furnishings for your new home. If you are interested, please contact the Housing Projects Officer for a no-obligation chat about the Down-Sizing Scheme. Heidi Stewart, Housing Projects Officer Tel: 0161 474 2975 Email: If you are 60 years or over, you can also be considered for one of our excellent sheltered schemes. The schemes offer you additional support and companionship with the option to socialise with other people where there is a community environment.

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Ref: 551 / October 2009

This leaflet tells you about moving to a smaller property if your property is too big. If you would like a copy in large print, Braille, on audiotape or CD, please contact the Service Improvement Team on 0161 474 2860, email:, text: 07891 949 399 or fax: 0161 474 2869.

Down Sizing Scheme leaflet  

Doyouhavebedroomsinyourhome thatyouno-longerneed? Wouldyoubeinterestedinmovingtoa moremanageableproperty?

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